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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finding G-d

If the veil before are eyes,mind and heart could be lifted, how vivid would be our awareness of G-d! How could are hearts not yearn to reach out for Hashem, and our mouths to speak to Him with expressed longing? Sadly, most people today are busy running away from G-d. They are primarily involved with the pursuit of pleasure and self gratification, rather than in service of the Creator. As Rebbe Nachman said, "The sin of a person makes him deny G-d"(sefer Hamidos,Chap. Faith,Cit. 22). And furthermore, it is written in Yeshayahu, "Your sins have created a barrier between you and your G-d"(59,2). The more a person indulges in the pleasures of this world the more difficult it is for him to relate to spiritual matters, and hence to relate to G-d, let alone to speak to Him. The further a person drifts away from G-d, the more he reinforces the impression in his mind of the impossibility of reaching G-d. But in reality its just a matter of misperception. G-d may seem far away, remote, abstract, uninvolved or simply unreachable, yet He never left or abandoned you. Its possible to reach G-d! He can be found anywhere, right by your side! Its just your mind that is shutting Him out, so why dont you reach out and get back in touch with Him. "But where do I begin, I cant see G-d?" you ask. The answer is that despite the popular notion that "seeing is believing" when it comes to connecting to G-d, "believing is seeing"!

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