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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Fire will Burn!

Haesh Sheli Tukad
Ad Bias Hamoshiach.

Maybe when this fire gets put out moshiach will come.
(Yes thats an eruv pole)


Anonymous said...

When the fire of the 'Erev Rav' will be put out by the fire of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman then Moshiach will come.

Anonymous said...

The 'Eruv' Rav

The villager said...

I was walking back from Saba a few weeks ago and saw a large campfire in lifta. It seemed a bit too large and I noticed about 200 to 300 people filing past then gathering to watch about 50 meters away. I called the police and the fire department and moved on to catch my bus or a tramp. I then hear the idots shouting. Then I get a call from the fire department-- they couyldn't find the fire! I told them again where it was. They called me again ten minutes later--- they still hadn't found it!

Sorry, those 200-300 people knew they were not going to get caught!