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Monday, May 31, 2010

Saying or Singing Nanach

In Hebrew the word for song, Shir - שיר, can also refer to poetry. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is the "New Song" or the "New Poem", in most cases we find that the New Song should be song, like in the Psalms, King David says "sing to God the New Song", however in the special prayer "Al Hakol" (which the Noam Elimelech says that one should memorize) that is recited on Shabbos upon taking out the Tora, it says: 'and we will say before Him the New Song/Poem, as it says "sing to God..."'
The truth of the matter is that the Tora is called "shir", like it says "write for yourself this Shir" referring to the Holy Tora. When one recites the words of the Holy Tora even in the most toneless fashion, it aroused the most harmonious melody in all the worlds. Thus the same holds true to the root of the Holy Tora; Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, however one says it is arouses great melody and music in all the worlds.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Stories I experienced and heard while attending Saba

Saba’s mind was contemplating and was in another world when he brought this insight; "if people would know what we are missing now that Rabbenu is not here, if people would know who Rabbenu was." It’s hard to explain on paper Sabba’s agony, it’s the expressions one needs to see to understand. When Sabba would say something, the description he gave was comparable as if you experienced it. I felt Rabbenu's kever, but Rabbenu was laying down on the floor in Saba's room as if Rabbenu passed away this moment. It's hard to describe how many thoughts passes in your mind when Saba conveys his heart.Saba's heart was like the heart of the world. Saba is Rabbenu.

Saba once told me:"Rabbenu was born in the year,תקלב
לב Means heart, Rabbenu is the heart of the world.

I was once by Sabba and he said to me if there would not have been a conflict (machloket)on me do you know what I would have been today?

How Saba prayed to stop chillul Shabbos in Har Nof. The street Sabba was living in (Brand Street) got closed by the police for Shabbos. After the street was closed Saba conveyed to me how much infliction he suffered. I understood Saba’s prayers helped to close the street where Saba was living. Simply, the main streets were still opened, but the side streets (one of which Sabba lived) were closed

It was Shabbos at night, I went to Saba make sure everything was all right. As I came in the apartment I noticed a pool of water in the kitchen. After analyzing the root of the problem, I noticed water dripping from the gas heater right off the kitchen. I took an aluminum accordion chimney and let the water drip in, and attached the other side to a bucket. Then I entered Saba’s room and he said to me;”If you would only know how a small act of defaming Shabbos causes in the upper worlds.” I was shocked, and felt like an idiot, but at the same time was not able to accept chastity… Thank Hashem that through a lot of infliction I started learning meditation is the only answer, to connect to the next world and not to worry about trivial mundane worldly affairs.

Piano Nanach

Sunday, May 30, 2010

na nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman

ראיתי השאילות אלה אצל אמנון יצחק

על מי אפשר להישען ולסמוך?
על רבי נחמן סבא ישראל
האם אפשר לקחת בקלות ראש חיי נצח?
-אין יאוש בעולם כלל
מי קובע מהי האמת?
-נראה האדם בעצמו
רק על המקור
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

New Discovery!

"No need for a Reason to be Happy!! so Brother, Throw away your Brain and start moving your Feet!!" Shavua Tov!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

New English Nanach Song


light my candle
there's no way I can handle
being without Your light
show me your love and might

shining dazzling display of strength
this is not capablity of the arrogant
those who are haughty are ignorant
bad character breeds incompetence

kindness compassion strong as steel
reach out give heart to others feel
we're in this world together for just a short while
Nanach gives opportunity to help in style

I am a fisherman I hook the fish on the line. The fish they bite the hook, maybe just as a joke, but they are mine. I am a fisherman for Rabbi Nachman

When a person merits to say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, even in jest, he has been hooked forever to Our Holy Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Why did Miriam complain to Aharon about Moshe’s decision to separate from his wife and not ask Moshe directly?

One can simply say, Miriam knew that Hashem also spoke to Aharon and Aharon did not separate from his wife. Scriptures reveal although hashem spoke to Aharon simultaneously with Moshe thirteen times, Moses prophecy was higher than Aharon. Moses would speak face to face whereas Aharons’ prophecy would be in a dream like vision.

Why does the parasha talk precisely about the making of the Golden Candelabra? Have we not spoken about this in Parashat Teruma?

There is a rule when verses and chapters neighbor each other the ideas are transferable. Menoras today are sodered together, but Moses was commanded to make the candelabra by chiseling it out from a glob of gold. After hardship and failure, God told Moses to throw the glob of gold in the fire and miraculously the Menora was formed.
The following sentence talks about how Aharon had to light the wicks, while the wicks face the central shaft. I said to myself, even if the wicks are tilted to the right or to the left, when you light them they light straight up. So what’s so special to have the wicks tilted towards the central shaft, once lit there is no cognizance? I understood from the rule of semichot, adjacency, just like the Menora was miraculously made, the lighting of the wicks miraculously lit constantly towards the central shaft.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parashat Behaalotcha 5770

Parashat Behaalotcha 5770
1. The famous question; How was Aharon Hacohen appeased representing his tribe in the inauguration of the Tabernacle in just lighting the Menora? Actually, all the tribes offered sacrifices in the inauguration of the temple that Moses erected. Retrospect, Aharon the Representative of his tribe did not offer any sacrifices. Scriptures site that Hashem told Moses to appease Aharon, telling him that his part is greater because he lights the Menora.


1. Ramban writes an answer explaining the possible hint, remez. The appeasement was not referring to this Tabernacle but to the Temple in the time of the Maccabi’s. Where the Cohanim did partake in the inauguration after the temple was defiled. The Chanuka festival commemorates the jar of oil that was not defiled by the Romans, which lit for eight days until new undefiled oil was made.
I still do not understand how Aharon was appeased as the representative of his tribe? Blessed the lord, through Na Nach, Hashem graced me with a new perception. To understand the answer we need to know what the Menora represents.
I simply thought the Menora represents:”Or Ein Sof,” the ever endless constant light that sustains the world. This light is causing constant creation (every second).This is alluded in our daily prayers; “With his goodness does he renew the creation of the world every day constantly (renews creation every second).”
It’s brought down in Otzrot Chaim, the world was made through ten spheres of emanation: Crown, wisdom, understanding, kindness, might, magnificence, immortality, splendor, foundation, reign.
Picture ten circles one within the other and a line from the outermost circle drawn through and instead of splitting the circle in half it ends in the middle of the smallest circle.
Each circle represents a sphere of emanation and the line represents the eternal light. What connects and sustains all these spheres is the eternal light, or technically, the or ein sof. If you cut the circles in half you get ten half circles with a line (or ein sof), drawn through the center. This actually looks like a menorah.
The whole concept of the Menora is to merit balancing, whereby, our actions have the highest purest intentions. By clinging to God properly, the secrets of the torah are naturally revealed through our constant balanced actions.
It’s brought down in Chazal: “Tzedek Yalin Bah”, righteousness dwells by those who live in Israel. Being the morning sacrifice atoned for transgressions done the prior night and the afternoon sacrifice atoned for transgressions done that day. So a person would sleep in Jerusalem as a righteous person.
If we are not connected properly to Hashem, our actions are missing in purity and therefore the ultimate intentions are not revealed through our fulfillment of the Torah. Sacrifices are an aspect of Tzur Mera, depart from evil. This is not a level of fulfillment with the purest hearts intention. Whereas, the lighting of the menorah is an aspect of: “asay Tov,” doing good actions. This alludes to the fulfillment of the Torah with pure heart intention. This is all from Na Nach, but there is more.
But I need to side track first on a different subject. If the Menora represented Or Ein Sof giving constant sustenance to the ten spheres of creation.
Why is the Menora in the Tabernacle only having seven branches and not ten? In Chaye Moharan Rebbe Nachman says, all the Tzadikim are up to my shoulders, but I: raises his hands against his head. This means all the Tzadikim reach only seven spheres, but Rebbe Nachman reached perfection, which encompasses all ten spheres. Similarly, the menora has seven branches representing seven spheres which all Tzadikim can reach. Our task is to connect to Moses. If you notice the Menora stands on three round circular balls. I figured, that was the missing three spheres (Keter Chocma Bina). Now we can understand the Morning Prayer sited above: “With his goodness does he renew the creation of the world every day constantly (renews creation every second).” His goodness,”; refers to Moses, whose original name was Tuvia, meaning good. (I once came to Saba and he told me; “With his goodness does he renew the creation of the world every day constantly." Goodness refers to Moses and pointed his finger at me.)
Rebbe Nachman revealed that there were only five who had the neshama of Moses; Moses, Rashby, Ari, Baal Shem Tov, and Rebbe Nachman.
All our actions have to be directed to Moses and in only in this way we can perfect our actions with the purest heart filled intentions. So the lighting of the Menora represents the fulfillment of the Torah on the purest level. This can only be had if we follow the advice of Moses, and today the last soul of Moses is Rebbe Nachman. Na Nach refers to the ten spheres of emanation, which Rebbe Nachman perfected. Rebbe Nachman said now that they revealed to me from heaven the ten types of song, all the world needs me for rectification. Not only those from now to the coming of the Moshiach need me for rectification, but also from Adam till now (all the previous generations need me).
People in Yeshivas can learn Torah: It’s imperative to be happy, but the fulfillment of happiness is only found by Na Nach. Na Nach’s are connected to Rosh Bnei Yisrael, to Saba Yisrael. I hope this composition touches a person’s heart to search for Moses and eventually acquire fulfillment of the Torah.

Micha's new book

Rabotai we have opportunity to mishtatef in costs of printing for Micha's new collection, a book on the Petek including material on the Petek of Adam Harishon and many diverse sources, kitvei moharnat, etc. Based on Micha's previous two collections I think this will also be something very special. I was b'h able to help and other should do likewise. This is zikui harabaim, hafatzat shem hatzadik, tzedaka. The more we can contribute the more we can get the per-copy cost down. Call Micha 917 627 7403 (Boro Park). Kol Tuv Na Nach

The King is Dead, G-d save the King!

A tzaddik never dies...but his function of King passes on. Since King Shaul, there has been a line of Kings! Today the King revealed himself after the death of Amram ZTLB?

The only conclusion I can draw at this point is that Saba isn't telling us that he IS the FINAL King, he is telling us that forever he WAS and must not be forgotten or ignored in his role as KING. So who is the NEW KING according to Saba? This individual is probably a tzaddik, but not necessarily so--- I am sure he is NOT FAMOUS. This means that courters can be VERY INFORMAL and mustn't play the usual games and intregues that are played in courts. Plain, Simple, Get the Job Done is what this KING wants. If the KING hasn't revealed himself, then be sure that for the moment, his only concern is that the will of Saba be respected and therefore he hasn't come out to draw a new direction. Saba is a new direction with regards to Rabbi Nachman of Breslev who is "Gamar" whereas Saba is "Egmor".

Practical use of this logic...

It would be dissrespectful to the current King to act as if he doesn't exist. He certainly hasn't revealed himself, but this falsehood may force him "out of hiding" before he would naturally choose, if he sees that it takes us off the course set by Saba (since sheker/gahava and Saba cannot co-exist).

Read my previous BLOG and understand that each one of us today has a function and no more merit then any other "bria", because our generation has fallen to such a catastrophically low level.

So be like the TAM and like King Joshafat and be happy if you find one lonely real mitsvah in your actions of the day!

The tree of Life and the tree of Bad/Good

Moses and R. Nachman share the parasha Vayikra on their birthdays. In fact these two tzaddikkim could have received the first tablets (with the two handwritten notes)and they did. We the people were responsible for the Golden Calf (except for the Levites) so G-d had to destroy the Jewish Nation....(wait) creation's purpous is the Jewish Nation- lead by the Tzaddik, so if you need to destroy the Jewish nation, everything below also gets destroyed!

G-d is merciful so instead of obliviating everything, he threw "the truth" to the ground and the Torah began with Bereshit, and the man-carved tablets (the hands of Moses inherited from Josef have nothing to do with the holiness of the hands of R. Nachman--nu? in Josef's defense let's say that he had a very difficult family and was not surrounded by Talmidim of the Baal Shem Tov) If you read the beginning of Bereshit you will see that in a "sea" of darkness, light emerged. Bad and Good, but bad is not mentioned as bad, simply darkness. Only the mouth of the pure can begin learning with Vayikra, we begin with Good-bad like Adam and Eve.

What practicality has all this?

If you compare today to the past, it's my observation that the world is actually obliterated in the spiritual sense more the in the time of Pharoh and Babylon. These nations were creative in finding a way to create peace and prosperity in spite of complete lack of divine knowledge. Today there is no such excuse. In other words, the world only seems to exist, but in the spiritual sense it is ALREADY OBLITERATED and therefore, the first tablets can be handed down safely, nothing worth trashing!

Now that we can all see that we have no more merit then the shrubs and stones that surround us, there is a real possibility that we will be willing to choose to serve the better leader between Amalek or Rabbi Nanach since that is the root of all mitsvahs and ultimatly the only mitsvah. Imagine the thorn bush saying "I'll guard this turf until a fruit tree is planted here".

That's the attitude we must have, otherwise, you know, "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!" Only a problem for one's self by the way.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NO PROBLEM! We now have...

Today, when I was at Maccabee Kupat Cholim, there was a flyer in the shape of a brochure that read something like this (in Hebrew of course):

Not feeling good?
Temperature isn't going down?
The ears are hurting?
Stomach pains?


Then the flyer continues stating that now you can call 24 hours a day, and the doctor will be on his way to you. (For those who have Maccabee in Israel, this number is *5006)

While I am not trying to make a free publicity ad for Maccabee, though this is my health insurance, little does it know the real reason why they are having such a promotion to get others to join this Kupat Cholim (Note: In Israel, you have a choice of one of four Kupat Cholim).
You see, the phrase "No problem" is in big, red letters. To me, this is a red flag, but in this case, a good thing. Why? You see, for everything that you see in the physical world, there is a spiritual counterpart to it. And while Hashem is the ultimate Rofeh Cholim; in human terms, just like you have a physical doctor, so too do you have a spiritual doctor.

As we know at, the spiritual doctor is Rabbeinu Nachman (of course)! And the words Ein Bahyah (No problem) add up to the Gematria of Rabbeinu Nachman's name - 148!
For whatever spiritual ailments that a Jew has nowadays (Chas V'Shalom), at the end, there is NO PROBLEM follows the advice of Rabbeinu NACHMAN! Now, read two pages of Rabbeinu's teachings and call him in the morning...

P.S. As NaaNaach mentioned on this site before, when he was asked as to what color he wanted the Nanach logo to be on his Tallis, he asked for it to be red, based on what he saw when he opened up a Tehillim.

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Zayin

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since each of the 12 months correspond to one of the letters of the Alef Beis, the following is a teaching starting with the letter Zayin that corresponds to this month of Sivan.


ZOMEIM - "The wicked man plots against the righteous person and gnashes his teeth at him. My L-rd (Hashem) laughts at him, for He has seen that his day approaches."

The matter that these verses address is like this: It's hard to understand from where a foreign thought comes to a righteous person, for he wants to prayer with great devotion. Haven't our Rabbis of blessed memory said (Yoma 38b): One who comes to be purified is given Divine assistance?

The following will answer the above question like this: When the "shattering of the vessels" took place (at the time of Creation), the sparks of the Neshamos fell from all of the worlds, but through the prayers of the righteous, they go up little by little, step by step. Now, when a righteous person stands to pray and attaches himself to the spiritual measure that he is currently in, a foreign thought will fall to him from that measure. Consequently, when he comes to a much higher spiritual level, a foreign thought falls to him from the current spiritual measure that he is in.

Now, a righteous person needs to know from which measure, and from which world is this foreign thought coming from. He also needs to know how to elevate it to that world and that measure that he is currently in. But the problem is that sometimes, the righteous person wants to elevate it, but he is unable to. The reason for this is that a foreign thought falls to him from a higher spiritual level that he has yet to reach; therefore, it is impossible for him to elevate it, for he is currently in a spiritual level that is lower than the level from which the foreign thought came from.

Still, the question begs to be asked: Why does the foreign thought come to this righteous person before its time? Know, for I have a tradition (Rabbeinu's words), that when there is a dispute on a certain righteous person, a foreign thought falls from that dispute to another righteous person; but because he wants to elevate it, even though he doesn't actually accomplish this, he brakes with strength - the will of all those who create disputes.

This is the meaning of the verse: "The wicked man plots" - meaning, foreign thought. "against the righteous person and gnashes his teeth at him" - meaning, that the righteous person wants to elevate the foreign thought. "But Hashem laughts at him, for He has seen that his day approaches" - meaning, that he has yet to reach the spiritual level from which the foreign thought comes from. So, from where does the foreign thought come from?

The following verse explains: "The wicked drew a sword" - Rashi explains the word sword to be a terminology of war; meaning, that a dispute has been aroused on a certain righteous person. The verse after this continues "Their sword..." - meaning, the foreign thought resulting from that dispute. "will pierce their own heart" - meaning, in the heart of this righteous person. But by wanting to elevate the foreign thought, with the power of this will of wanting to do so, "and their bows will be broken"; that is, the dispute will be broken as previously explained here.

(LM 1:96)

Don't Rebuke, it Stinks!!

painting of Saba

Nanach Has Taken Over the Town - A New Nanach Song

happy, exactly, happy, immensely
dancing Nanach grooving immeasurably

up and down sideways all around
Na Nach has taken over the town

Nanach has nothing to prove - New Nanach Song

am I dreaming
this is amazing
charging rejuvinating

inspired, up to the beat
not an ordinary rap sheat
regulating intensity, on the move
Nanach has nothing to prove

Rabbi Nachman won a long time ago
he's going to win again so get rid of your ego
please join him in his world conquest
be a partner in winning the contest

Aron Our Nanach from Vancouver

B"H on Shavuos I met up with Aron, he told me he is in an anti technology mode, avoiding the internet and doesn't even have a phone, that's why we haven't heard from him in such a long time.

May H"Y bless him with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Exactly 1,000 Years Ago...

What took place exactly 1,000 years ago on Sivan 4770 that has to do with the Ba'al Shem Tov - and Rabbeinu Nachman? You will find out the answer only at one place - (#70). Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nanach Aiming for Perfection - New Nanach Song

Its going around
wherever you are found
its going to get you
make you brand new

Nanach the song of redemption
Nanach aiming for perfection
Nanach free choice for liberty
Nanach for you and me

Another New Nanach Store in Yerushalayim!

Today a 2nd Nanach store has been opened in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, B”H, may they be successful beyond all imagination.

It is located in the Square directly opposite – facing Rechov Chayay Olam.

Nanach consciousness is growing greatly Thank God

My father just told me that he told a certain Rosh Yeshiva that his son – me – was a Nanach, to which the Rosh Yeshiva told him that today Breslov is growing immeasurably, B”H!

Nanach on Israeli Television

One of our neighbors told me that last night at about 10:00 PM he saw me on TV – Channel 1 screaming Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, B”H!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Na Nach Invasion!!!

Movie about Nanach Graffiti

B"H today I got a call from some guys (from Slavania and Switzerland) that are making a movie about graffiti. Being that Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is by far the most prominent and prolific graffiti, and possibly the only international graffiti with a word message (there are symbols that are international) B"H Nanach will be a very domineering part of the movie. We made a meet at Jaffa Gate and proceeded to the Nanach store in the Jewish Quarter, discussing and filming Nanach for like over 2 hours B"H. This is just the beginning, B"H you'll be hearing alot more.

Live Nanach Performance in the Old City of Jerusalem

There was a second part to this song which I didn't capture, but maybe someone from the audience will put it up.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Build New Houses in Israel

The minhag - custom - of Breslov Chasidim is not to build new houses outside of the Holy Land, the main reason being that is now time to build Israel. Unfortunately instead of bringing the Holy Tzion of Rabbi Nachman to Israel the people of the charlatons are busy building all types of new structures to facilitate the captivity of exile. May we merit to sing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman by the Holy Tzion in Jerusalem very soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sipuray Maasiyos read in English

Someone asked me if there is a reading of Sipuray Maasiyos - Rabbi Nachman's Tales of Ancient Times - available in English, (I know that it is in Hebrew)- does anybody know?

Tugging my soul A distant goal Urging me on Nanach the holy song - New Nanach Song

till I have my feet back on solid ground
transfer going back and forth to be found
resting in one place alert in my space
deterence and obsticles leave a sweet after taste
need to hear my name called with grace

tugging my soul
a distant goal
urging me on
Nanach the holy song

ascending steps stretching into thin air
drawing ahead bravely there is no despair
life coursing pumping according to how much we care
capture eternity and forever be aware

passions creating new souls abounding
growing multiplying and accumulating
reaching a grand cresendo reverberating
hear Nanach song of creation harmonizing

caught up in all types of craziness
screaming to be free end to laziness
for unrestrained spirit and intensity
to lead the way and guide my destiny

I fell down Pieces of me all around - New Nanach Song


I fell down
pieces of me all around
now I realize it would have been a crime
for status quo to rule the whole time

assembling myself back together
attached now to souls like a brother
no longer standing proud and aloof
admitting I'm not beyond reprove

broken vessels need so much attention
yearning for the Infinite to teach them a lesson
bringing down the light ever so low
only the most powerful source can make them glow

self confident trusting in the trust imbued in me
rising to charter new courses above astronomy
no stars are sufficient to hold my direction
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is above conception

Electro Saba

New Saba-Psy Song.
folder: Ilan Nanach
song: Electro Saba

Na Nach

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Na Nach =]

Friday, May 21, 2010

Holding Hands

God and the Jews are lovers. Lovers hold hands (even though Jews are very careful not to show signs of affection in public, there is a Chasidic custom that bride and groom hold hands by their wedding, this might be the only exclusion to the normal vigilance). It occurred to me that the way that God and the Jews hold hands is through faith. Rabbi Nachman teaches in many places that the hands signify faith, as it says in the Bible when Moshe prayed for Israel’s success over Amalek, ויהי ידיו אמונה, and his hands were faith (our Sages taught that this means that his hands were spread out upwards in prayer). God also has faith in the Jews. R’ Shlomo Carlbach OBM was fond of quoting the Alexander Rebbe on this point based on a verse inTehilim (Psalms 92:3) להגיד בבקר חסדך ואמונתך בלילות, to recount in the morning Your kindness, and Your faith in the nights, from which we see that God has faith in us, the nights being a common scriptural allegory to the present long and dark exile, during which God places His faith in us knowing that we will pull through successfully. When our faith fulfills the faith that God has in us, this is the way that we hold God’s hand.
In this weeks Parsha (Tora Portion), Nussoh, God commands the priests to bless the Children of Israel, this is a daily commandment, the priest raise their hands positioning their fingers in the shape of the Nanach swipe (except that the Nanach is the root, so it is done primarily with just the thumb and first two fingers, where as the priests use all their fingers to each this formation). It is forbidden to look at the priests hands while they are stretched out in their blessing, the Zohar says that this is because the Divine Presence rests upon them. Rabbi Nachman teaches (Tora 24 – The Middle of the World) that the blessings of the hands reach very high and bring Emuna – faith. This is where we see God extending his hand out to us. Since this stretching out of the hands is an act of faith, we can not see the actual connection and clasp, only as much as we actually believe and have faith do we realize and feel the strong clutch of God’s hands on ours.

New English Nanach Song

Build the world mind your business
open gates of streaming consciousness
all the surroundings composing your office
what you make of it will be the compass

success builds ego that's a trip
this way then that way you flip
erect a platform allow perception
knock down the walls of self inflation

broken heart carries an infinite world
realization of good thought carry forward
building step by step mastering the fire
coordinating and syncranizing endless desire

Help me Help me I don't want to be here any more
Do you recognize me have you been here before
Rabbi Nachman guaranties that I'll come around
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is safe and sound

Nanach van

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Refuah Shelaima (Complete Healing - recovery)

Just now I was zoche (merit) to perform Nanach near the Western Wall, there was a guy without legs sitting in a wheel chair watching the show, on my way out he extended his hand to me and wished me a refuah shelaima.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the second tablets

Moshe rabbenu threw down the first- because of the calf. If he haden't (from likutey halachot) the world would not have survived. So the Mictave mictave (the petek) was hidden. Moshe and Rabbi Nachman both have their bar mitsvah on Vayikra, but the Tora can start for them there (with Vayikra)-- not for us (less pure)! Bereshit, G-d found a way to "throw the truth down to us" as Rabbi Nachman explains with the sofe tevot of the first three words forming EMET (truth) (In the Beginning..)

Those of us who believe in the petek should be truely greatful that G-d has decided we could be trusted with the first tablets!

I trust in his trust!


Have a wonderful Shavuot!
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Song about the Tora

The Tora makes you free
its the true reality
restores your soul normalicy
glowing sparking explosively

New English Nanach Song

however you present yourself to others
deep inside your true identity towers
shining from within can you project it
allow it to grow expand cultivated

society pressures one to capitulate
surrender conform and deteriorate
God gave us a soul unique and bold
Take control Break free from the mold

Free to be true and new
excited it's happening to you
Soaring up from the dive
Nanach striking alive

The world was created for the Tzadik
everyone else they're his puppets
pick yourself up decide choose life
fear of God - peace to inner strife

Everytime you think on your own
establishing connection control of what's yours alone
a personal kingdom under your leadership
completely under your command, master of the ship

Nanach Kibutz

B"H from what I understand there will be 3 major groups of Nanach this Shavueos in the holy ciy of Yerushalayim.

1. at Zvil - locatd between Shimon Hatzadik and the Mir Yeshiva, at the end of Rechov Shmuel Hanavi

2. Uri and his crew, at Moshe Nanach in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

3. Ambash, probably where he usually goes near Batay Machsiya in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Rabbainu Gave Us the Tora

In Breslov we refer to every discourse in the holy book, Likutay Moharan, as a Tora; Tora Aleph (1), Tora Beis (2) etc..

Yesterday I was in the Maya Shiurim Breslov Shul, and B"H I was getting everyone into Nanach, it was quite amazing. Someone there told me that the first time he ever went to a gathering of people studying together Likutay Moharan, someone entered late and asked him which "Tora" they were studying. This question astounded him, and he replied sharply, the Tora of Moshe Rabbainu, who else?!

Rabbainu had the soul of Moshe Rabbainu. In fact the Ohr Hachaim in the Tora Portion of Vayichee says that in the Exile of Egypt the Jews were exposed and sunken just into 49 levels of impurity, and even still if they would have been there one moment longer they would not have been able to break free, but after the Jews received the Tora they are able to be sunken even into the 50th level of impurity, may the Holy Merciful One God Save Us, and still have a fighting chance. Thus the revelation of Moshe Rabbainu to the Jews of his time was inferior to the revelation that is necessary in later exiles.

Moshe Rabbainu brought down the entire Tora, Written and Oral. In addition he gave the nation practical daily guidance, this guidance was the ways of prophecy. When prophecy ceased God sent us Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai to show the way, advise the daily conduct and practices, for a people bereft of prophecy. Later as we sunk to even lower depths and deprivations, H"Y sent us the Arizal, then the Baal Shem Tov,and finally Our Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Rabbi Nachman said that from him to the Mushiach there would not be any new leadership, his fire would burn till the coming of the Mushiach. When the world sunk even further into darkness and impurity, Rabbi Nachman reiterated his leadership in the Holy Petek which he wrote to the Saba, Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser, in 1922, signing his name - revealing that he is the New Holy Song - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman. This is sufficient! This is enought to restore the world in faith! This is the root of all the Tora!

May we merit to sing and dance Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman the whole Holiday of Shavueos, and forever!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!
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The Holiday of the Giving of the Tora

Our Holy Sage teach us that the Giving of the Tora is like the wedding day, God is the Groom, the Jews are the bride, and the Holy Tora is the Kesuva (wedding contract/agreement).

The custom of the Breslovers is to dance alot at weddings, especially at this incredible wedding of the Holiday of Shavueos. The Nanach are also very busy reading the Tikun - a selection of the beginning and endings of Tora portions and other pieces. The dancing is continueous, with people alternating between the recital of the Tikun and dancing.

Here in the holy city of Jerusalem the Nanach visit the Holy Tomb of King David (which isn't the actual place of his burial, but nevertheless hold signifigance since it was consecrated in his memory, and isn't too far away), to celebrate the Hilula of the Yartzeit (aniversary of death) of King Duvid. Many recite the entire book of Tehilim - Psalms, which were authored, revised, and canonized by King David. B"H there is wild mad dancing there and abundance of refreshments.

Before the crack of dawn, many Nanach run pell mell from King David down to the stream of the Shiluach (Siliwan), to immerse in preperation for the receiving of the Tora which is embodied at the reading of the Tora portion -the Ten Commandments. The Zohar teaches that the Jews underwent a process of conversion at the giving of the Tora, part of which is the immersion in a mikva. This immersion is of the highest holiness - the 50th gate, Rabbi Nachman also speaks about it (Likutay Moharan Tora 56).

Earlier I posted a song which reminds us that Rabbi Nachman taught that the main thing on Shavueos night is to stay up, where as on the night of Hoashana Raba the main thing is the recitation of Tehilim and other holy texts.

May we all merit to the great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman always, and especially this Shavueos.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Security and Wellbeing of those that say Nanach

Today by the Western Wall one of the attendants pointed out to me one of the bearded men praying in a Talis (prayer shaul) with tichailes, if I recall correctly his name is Tamar Cohen. He told me that they were together in the army and that the guy praying escaped death 4-5 times (once he was in something that flipped over and another time he was shot in head and the bullet was deflected by something on his head). The attendant told me that his friend was always saying the holy song: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, always, even for example when he played backgammon. This gave him the extra protection, miraculous salvation, general well being, and vitality. T.C. has a brother in Tsfas who is a very active Nanach known for radiating joy and happiness. May H”Y bless them with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman.

New Nanach Song in English

When a person shouts and screams to God Almighty,
people tell him to move his party (LKM 198),
this is what happened by the splitting of the Sea,
God said move right along why do you scream to me
When a person sings Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman
Everyone should sing along clap, dance, and join the fun

New Nanach Song in English

when a person wants and tries to do a mitzva but is unable
the Holy Tora considers it as if he was successful
But Rabbainu says (LKM 66) a Nanach should not be satisfied with as if
A Nanach certainly should constantly persist
A Nanach should aquire his actual desire
the Mitzva itself now this is much higher

Match Maid in Heaven

What are prayers ect we should say that The Rebbe said we should say to find are marrige partner? i know the 10psalms and the Song of the Sea...what are some others?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saba Daily

The full name of Shazar was 'Shneur Zalmon Radishov' he immigrated from Russia with his family. He was totally secular, without Shabbat, without any.....through Rabbeinu he became a Ba'al Teshuva! (Israel Saba conversations page 350)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The main weapon of Klal Yisroel is Tefilah. And with Hashems mercy our prayers get answered. (Hishtapchut HaNefesh 91)

We have made connection to YY Nanach B"H

B"H just spoke to YY Nanach, and you can too 718 871 2042, B"H he's alright but his parents are trying to keep him in America H"Y.

Another New English Nanach Song

Aches and pains familiar discomforts
buzzing distractions confounding our efforts
hisbodidus postponed put off again again
when will we invite clarity to happen

Put your foot down sieze control
Armed with Nanach on your patrol
The dice will be in your favor when they roll
Situations subjugated to your aproval

If you had a choice would you really want
to have to decide what to put up front
its easier to understand all is for the best
roll with the blows ride above the crest

holding out is sometimes all we got to do
not falling back holding on until we're through
then we're rocketing forward conquering height
soring up till we are way to dizzy to fight

getting to places, who's been there before
we are for real not just a metaphor
resembling fractions cut and played in time
celebrating continueity realizing a new paradigm

New Song in English

Talk to me let's reach an understanding
how long has it been with so much demanding
catch a break take time to reexamine
realign your goals in this spiritual famine

Holy words are free at your disposal
suspension provided for your jolting vessel
ride the waves of comfort in security
everything underneath settled for eternity

compassion companion for your loneliness
God loves you, He's with you, feel the bliss

Decide who to devote your attention
why invite strange delusions of deception
Be strong and hold true regain sanity
Restore your soul secure in God's totality

Chaye Moharan, 266, No difference between Moshiach and Rabbenu

C"M,229, "I finished and will finish." Tikkunei Zohar page 51b, the one who will reveal the quadruple song can redeem the torah the tefilla and the Congregants of Israel."
There is no difference between Moshiach and Rabbenu.
Letters of the Baal Shem Tov, found at the end of the book, Porat Yossef, Baal Shem Tov writes Moshiach will learn with the Seven Shepherds. C"M, 254, Rebbe Nachman says he will learn with the Seven Shepherds.
C"M,171,Rebbe Nachman said that Moshiach will write a commentary on his book called, Sefer Haganuz.
The burnt book was transcribed by Rebbe Nosson while Rebbe Nachman was reading.(C"M,170)Rebbe Nachman said;"If you only knew what you are writing..." Rebbe Nosson replied with a humble heart;"I don't know whatsoever." Rebbe Nachman replies:"You don't know what you don't know." C"M,171,The Sefer Haganuz was much greater than the burnt book. Rebbe Nachman said his body went out of his body (was not alive) while writing the Sefer Haganuz, adding, no one ever set his eyes on this book. (We heard of the soul leaving a body, but not being in his body while writing, is comparable when a person passes away, awesome. The Petek is an example of the Sefer Haganuz).

Chaye Moharan,254, explicitly says Rabbenu is an aspect of Moshiach, but the generation are not befitting for redemption.
Chaye Moharan 306, states: "My fire will burn until the coming of Moshiach." The letter from heaven states this passage and adds it was meant on his dear student Saba Yisrael.
There is a difference between Rabbenu's time and Saba's time.
By Rabbenu there is still freedom of choice, whereas by Moshiach there will be no choice.C"M;266
In Saba's time and now, we see freedom of choice has pretty much been taken away. A letter from heaven was sent after Rebbe Nachman's decease... Everyone chooses Rebbe Nachman with Saba Yisrael as the only heir. Oppositions will slowly diminish. As an attendant I look back and can say Sabba's prayers would conquer all his adversaries. I can say Sabba was identical to Rabbenu. There is a conversation recorded in Chaye Moharan that Rabbenu says I can make you exactly like me.
But when Moshiach (Saba told me, moshiach will be three or four years old when he will be revealed. I saw this also in Megillas Setorim. In Pirkei De Rebbe Eliezer, sites, "lifnay shemesh yinon shemo." Before the final geula, shemesh referring to the sun (the redepmtion here is a metaphor for the sun. As stated, the light of the moon will be as strong as the light of the sun),
his name will be Yinon." The chardal explains Yinon means a child. Moshiach will be a child.


whats the latest on Matis becoming Breslov?

Some of my recent adventures

On the way to the Ramchal, from the Rashbi, I got a hitch who left me off on a somewhat secluded road near the Kineret. All the beachfront was private, and I couldn’t imagine that I’d be able to dip. H”Y was good to me and strengthened my faith and I decided that if He brought me here maybe I would be able to dip. So I walked up to the gate of a nearby hotel, the gate was open, the guard booth unattended. So I walked through, pushing and carrying my bags. Proceeding I reached the hotel, there were cars parked, but not a soul in sight. So I walked past the hotel and rows of resort suites, still not a soul in sight. Reaching the beautiful well kept beach I proceeded to skinny dip to my hearts content. B”H, the whole hotel for myself!

Coming back from the Ramchal to Jerusalem I got a hitch with a French guy who was praying at the Ramchal with his young daughter attending to him. On the way we pulled into Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais, he offered a lady a ride up the hill, I took the opportunity to take a quick dip in the Kineret. Running to Rabbi Meir I couldn’t find my ride, I ran back to the Kineret, he wasn’t there either. I ran back to Rabbi Meir, still no sign of my ride, back to the Kineret, not there either. They had all my belongings – keys to my house, computer, tefilin, etc. – how could they have just made off without telling me. It was too much for me to deal with, so I decided I must just continue to live and pray as if nothing happened, not to think at all about my huge loss. So I prayed some prayers and Mincha by Rabbi Meir, as soon as I was done, the daughter came looking for me, she said that they were ready to go. Apparently they had parked far above Rabbi Meir, somewhere that didn’t occur to me to look. B”H. From there I went to Saba, B”H.

Further developements of the New Nanach Yeshiva in Talpiyot

Last week on Thursday the new Nanach Yeshiva had some guys from Tapuach (a yishuv near Shechem) demonstrate the operation of attack dogs. The arab neighbors felt very intimidated and made quite a commotion, I wasn’t there but I heard from Moshe Nanach that there were like at least 20 police men, in addition to army, and all the press and locals that the arabs brought. The police asked Moshe why they couldn’t be more peaceful, but afterwards when the police tried to take down a new illegal structure that the arabs erected, and were attacked and pelted with stones, they got a taste of their own medicine.
There have been some set backs, so pray for the success of all Nanach movements.

Friday, May 14, 2010

a guy with no arms and no legs has more simcha than me, will give YOU chizuk !!!

Ein shoom yeioosh ba'olam klal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YouTube - Videos from this email

Bless with all your words of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

In this weeks Parsha – Bamidbar (Tora Portion – In the Desert) the Holy Zohar teaches that when one mentions someone’s positive qualities and success such as, children, or wealth, he must agree that the person he is speaking of should be granted these blessings and he must bless him additionaly. He must do so with a ‘good eye’. If he does this, he himself will be blessed from on High. If he doesn’t do so G”f, he will be first to be caught up with.

B"H more to come, but I'm on my way to the Nanach Itamar for the Holy Shabos!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Songs in Honor of The Holiday of Shavueos

B"H at the Nanach music site, in my folder simcha there is a subfolder with songs I made B"H in Uman around Shavueos two years ago.

here are a few:

This song was song for probably at least an hour and a half before Mincha on the second day of Shavueos, right outside the Holy Tzion, there was mad pounding and dancing and anyone who wanted to go to the Holy Tzion had to pass through, one MFSS opted to return where he came from. After the Holiday we did a very quick recording just to give the song a rememberance.

New Article about Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

B"H the internet has sprouted yet another well written article about

enjoy Nanach!

Nanach kills they sheker!!!!!!!!!

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The way of Hashem is to look at the good in a person, even if bad is found. We can do the same. (Likutay Moharan 2, 17)

Nanach projection on Western Wall

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highlights from the Hebrew

There's a picture of a guy who carved out of his hair, "HuAish Sheli" in the classic symbol of the fire.

There's also a great clip of Saba on a radio interview.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

B"H New Nanach Yeshiva in Talpiyot

There's a building in Talpiyot, a few minutes away from the Itri Yeshiva, which is being offered to Moshe Nanach to facilitate a Yeshiva for the Nanach.

Anyone who is interested in joining or helping the new Nanach Yeshiva should be in touch with me.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Saba Daily

The Breslev people did not become this way on their own, they became this way through Rabbeinu, through his words. Each person in these generations, even at any time-one who truly wants and depends on and trusts Rabbeinu that he will bring us closer to God and to Torah-he has it in his hand. (Israel Saba conversations page 336)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

During the week we are busy working... Therefore our Daas isn't complete. However when Shabbos comes we are more complete b/c we have less doings. Therefore we can be very happy on Shabbos. (Likutay Moharan Tinyana [part 2] 17)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When I'm OK With Rabbi Nachman I'm OK With Everyone


When I'm OK with Rabbi Nachman
I'm OK with everyone
Willing to move along
Happy, Satisfied, and Strong

tenacity bravery subjected to reflection
constant struggle insurgent insubordination
your on your own the truth must be told
the world doesn't stand a chance your not going to fold

light radiating piercing finite armor
capturing elemental basic desire
the self opens up released giving over
joining the radiance of creation God is your lover

Wish You had Wish worthy to be anticipated
are you stuck in this existence have you been baited
Is there a way to percieve your struggles from a different angle
How can you get above, outside yourself, unravel untangle

When I'm OK with Rabbi Nachman
I'm OK with everyone
Willing to move along
Happy, Satisfied, and Strong

NaNach Is The Ticket It Will Set You Free


Na Nach is the ticket
For those stuck in the thicket
Grow tall shoot up like a tree
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman will set you free

tell me something I already know
deep down inside set it to glow
warm me up excite possibilities
inject holy expectations paradigms realities

white includes every color
a kalidescope without any cover
when we put it all together
God is one He was and will be Forever

Don't want it any other way
stopped second guessing back in the day
what I get is for the absolute best
often very interesting there's always a test

some people always make it on the first try
others get beaten over and over till they cry
don't consider giving up however things go down
there's absolutely no despair you'll never drown

If you held on to your hope then your the winner
someday it will be clear there never was a sinner
disruption augments best the grand master plan
keep your faith alive heresy is dark and bland

Na Nach is the ticket
For those stuck in the thicket
Grow tall shoot up like a tree
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman will set you free

Be`Avodatekha = Kat Dov A`B!

(6th line of the Petek Haqadosh),
read backwards, is
כת דוב ע"ב

The translation is:
The group of Dov (Israel Dov Odesser) of the 72 (Y YH YHW YHWH = 72)!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman!

Saba Daily

Happy are we that we merited healings and salvations. If one is suffering or someone has committed some sin, immediately say Na Nach, it already transforms everything. This is new, everything transformed to good. Nachman Meuman transforms everything! (Israel Saba conversations page 329)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Nitilas YaDayim in the morning, b/c sleep is 1/60 death, when we wake its an aspect of Ticheyat HaMaysim so we wash our hands (Liktay Halachot, Nitilat YaDayim)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 recent aquisitions

Thank God and Thanks to the generousity of our readers, has recently purchased a camera to provide you with more Nanach movies, some of which have already been posted.

B"H has initiated other Nanach investments which will B"H be disclosed shortly upon their success.
Why when Saba said Ani Nanach, do people think he was talking about himself, I just do not understand it.

Trial and Error - Hope to be Better - Friends But Not Together - Rabbainu Will Unite Us Forever

trial and error
hope to be better
friends but not together
Rabbainu will unite us forever

from places and events
connections irrevelent
souls spark up and fly
no one wins it's always a tie

metal on metal repeatedly converging
seventy faces of the Tora emerging
crystal clear the self is reflecting
one's own mind faithfully projecting

tragedy of unaccomplished goals
cravings and desires taking their tolls
what really counts is at the polls
NaNach successfully fills all the holes

Rabbi Nachman Saw You In The Past

if ever there was a chance
brave with resistance for a strong stance
if there is a definite way
today tucked down curled away

Rabbi Nachman saw you in the past
Na Nach catching wild fire is going down last
Brainwashed true colors shine threw
Screaming silence needing to be old and new
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is for you

Not despondant just arrogant that you will last
deception can not keep astride as you forge past
heading no where and every where fast
Your sailing you body like a ship from its mast

Rabbi Nachman...

Questions and Answers not withstanding
No shortage of intellect and understanding
Can you make it really happen is what you want to know
As you set out on your own two feet watch the show

Rabbi Nachman Makes You Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Test the air offered is it pure
good will as been expired before
spirits ascend attracted to the passion
committed unabliterated intensity of decision

Notions of contention split the waves with hate
ignore them and they will dissipitate
control the direction of the surges of your heart
invite guidance from your Godly part

circular motion surrounding existence is tight
forever circumscribed for you to highlight
I've been there before and I'm heading there again
See them both together the past and the present

What seperates is the attitude aspired
chance settles in when faith has retired
Strong heart knowledge and soul desires
restore trust and harmony sellers one with buyers

Ultimatum to live up the max
Accelerating ever faster not afraid to crash
Destiny might be your fate in black and white
But you can add the color if you are willing to fight

Rabbi Nachman Makes You Stand On Your Own Two Feet
Take Stock of What You Got and March To The Beat
How Will You Get Ahead or Even Just Hold Your Own
Na Nach is going to be your fortress the place you call home

Na Nach Chanting Jumping Up and Down

These are the lyrics:

Your not in terror and it's not like you're afraid
what does the future have instore, will you just fade
accomplishments earning interest from rejections must be paid
Do you just have to hold on or does something new have to be made

Should you reach out for attention or withdraw and settle back
let others do the leg work while from the rear you lead the attack
Havoc was created confusion settled in long ago
Clarity with perception is available if people would just be able to let go
Rabbi Nachman is the solution he's the alter Ego.

Na Nach chanting jumping up and down
dancing mesmorized until sun down
When midnight strikes Breslov is on the rise
Clouds of darkness house opportunity for the understanding and wise

Saba Daily

It is all miracles, every word that i say, it is all miracles, new miracles. I lie here, and my mind and heart are in the words of Rabbeinu. Only to think of one word from Rabbeinu-it is a sea. Every word.One word is the great sea, the sea of wisdom, such a sea.... A sea of healing and salvations, a sea of new salvations and healings the likes of which never were before, never before revealed in the world. (Israel Saba conversations page 112)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

We only have the second we live in now, we can't live in the past or the future. This can help greatly for Avodat Hashem. (Mishivat NaFesh 112)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

oz ve adar

CoOl Na Nach

Friday, May 7, 2010

The True King (practice run)

Nanach Kills the Sheker


Ana (P) has donated another $50 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Saba Daily

He said to me, yes, whatever you want, but not Breslov! (Israel Saba conversations page 61)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Someone who even comes close to Hashem for a small amount of time, it is very precious to Hashem. (Sichot HaRan 123)

New York - Where Is The Mass Outpouring For Our Lost Kids?

I just read this article about kids going off the derech en mass, and it reminded me of this .

May they all be zoche to find their way back to yiddishkeit.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


put the worlds biggest Na Nach kippah on the moon.

The Incredible Hulk Nanach

Stories I experienced and heard while attending Saba

I heard that Saba saw only by two Torah scholars, their rooms filled with an enormous amount of Torah study, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and the Stipler.

There was a private encounter with Saba and the Stipler. I do not know what happened, maybe someone knows. But this is known, that the Stipler said; “I did not accomplish my days toil in Torah study if I did not read Likutei Teffilot.”

There was an encounter with Saba and Rabbi Yisrael Abuchazera. Saba came to visit Rabbi Yisrael Abuchazera and showed him the Petek. Upon seeing the Petek, Rabbi Abuchazera kissed it twice and said;” the redemption is soon to come.”

I heard from my friends, Saba came to see Rabbi Abuchazera a few times, and said the service of Rabbi Abuchazera is similar to that of the Baal Shem Tov (the Baal Shem Tov was known to do open miracles).

But know: that in Chaye Moharan , Rav Boruch Rabbenu Hakadosh’s uncle, asked Rabbenu if he reached the level of the Baal Shem Tov? Rabbenu Hakadosh, answered,”That level I reached at the age of thirteen…”

I heard that Saba once tested Rabbi Abuchazera’s abnegation to the truth as follows. Saba came to greet Rabbi Abuchazera and shook Rabbi Abuchazera’s hand, but this time Saba did not let go of Rabbi Abuchazera’s hand. Rabbi Abuchazera felt humiliated and struggled to release his hand from Saba. Finally, Saba let go, Saba realized that the honor Rabbi Abuchazera had affected his simpleness. Saba understood that Rabbi Abuchazera would not hold up to Saba and Rabbenu all the way.

I recall Saba doing this same test with me. I entered Saba’s room one day and Saba put his hand out causing me to shake his hands. But when I was about to release my hand, Saba would not let go and held it harder. With a big grin I did not release my grip and held Saba’s handshake with the same strength that he held on to mine. Only later I understood Saba tested me and to this day I will never leave him. Because the truth is only by Saba and no one else and the Petek backs it up.
I was told first hand that the book;”Yemei Hatalaot was much bigger than what is known today (approximately fifty pages). The person who told this to me said he saw a paragraph stating that Rabbenu explicitly said that he would return. Saba Hu Rabbenu.

Years later after the death of Rabbi Abuchzera, the family Abuchazera came to beat up Saba's chassidim, which they later regretted...One of their children who raised his hand on one chassid passed away within 24 hours after catching a rare virus, May God save us. I will write the details a different time.

People of Breslov would say with Yisroel ber (Saba Yisroel) you do not start up with. Story of Saba’s endevours to bring Rebbe Nachman to Eretz Yisroel…Rabbi Beanstock went on television saying it was not Rebbe Nachman’s will to be buried in Eretz Yisroel (this is an outright lie, Biur Halekutim chapter 155 at the end says explicitly that Rebbe Nachman came to Israel and returned to Ukraine for the hour, being all his chassidim were there.

Rabbi Beanstock maybe succeeded for the moment to go against Saba, but his wife and his daughter were both pregnant in the house together and at the same moment both miscarried. Rabbi Beanstock closed the tomb of Rabbenu from coming to Israel and his wife and daughter’ tomb opened up instead.

B"H there is a new lead on the where-abouts of YY Nanach

Call the Greenbergs: 718 871 2042

Great New/Old Story/Joke just published on the Hebrew

Enjoy Nanach!

Do Not Promote, Acknowledge, or Heed the Charlatans

Tuesday by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, in the Bais Medrash on the top of the Tzion, a Meforsam Shel Sheker was conducting his chivalry, he motioned twice for me to come over and B”H I denied him the honor, after all Rabbainu says that the Meforsam himself isn’t so much at fault because he has an almost overbearing evil inclination for power, the main fault lies with those that feed and uphold his honor. Shortly thereafter I was recording a new song on my webcam using some effects and most of the Meforsam’s followers gathered to watch, the Meforsam motioned to them that this was degrading and that they should go back to join him, some hesitatingly did, and a few continued to watch the Nanach show.

Free Vs. Worthless

In this weeks Parsha (Tora Portion) – BiHar (at Mount Sinai) God commands that all Jewish Slaves go free at Shmita- ובשביעית יצא לחפשי חנם. The Holy Zohar asks what does חנם – free mean, that nothing is given to the master? The Zohar might be bothered by the seeming redundancy, it would have been sufficient to have said that the slave is to be set free, there would be no way to obligate giving any compensation to the master. The Zohar might also hold that the master is in fact granted compensation from Heaven. The Zohar seems to answer with a different way of reading the verse. The word חנם – free, is referring to the slave, as slaves are free of the yoke of Heaven because they are under the rule of their masters’. The Zohar brings an example of this from the complaining in the desert (Bamidbar 11); we remember the fish which we ate in Egypt for free, which obviously wasn’t completely free as they were full time slaves, the Sages interpreted that it was free of blessing, as they still weren’t obligated to make blessings on the food. Thus the verse in our Parsha reads: On the Shmita set the free ones לחפשי – to freedom.

The Zohar explains that just as an ox needs to be placed in a yoke in order for its’ work to be channeled and utilized, so to a person has to first accept the yoke of Heaven in order for his/her devotions to be recognized and effective.

Even though the slave hasn’t the yoke of Heaven, the Tora grants his freedom on the Shmita, so that he can get rest. After he is free and has rest, from the same place that freed him, he is placed in the yoke.

The Zohar is teaching us the difference between free and worthless. If a person is what the world considers free, he basically doesn’t have any value. Our sages teach that there is no free person other than he who studies the Tora, which in today’s terminology translates as a Nanach. True freedom means to be unconstrained in the ability to search for the Goodness of God. This is the meaning of the word לחפשי – to freedom, the root of this word is חפש – to search, it is also very similar to the word חפץ – desire, that is a person’s freedom is his passionate search for the Goodness of God.

Today, as in time immortal, most people are slaves to something or other; a parent, sibling, friends, society, money, or other desires. Their captivity and servitude to their masters doesn’t allow them to accept the yoke of Heaven, it doesn’t allow them to access and effect in the true reality and paradigm of God. The ramifications of their life are puny, insignifigant. When one understands and accepts the awesome reality of God, he gains freedom to begin the quest of true life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NaNach pandamonium Tel Aviv New Years

Some crazy Nanach climbs the street light too


I didnt want to post the video because it was to big and i did
not understand the beginning of the video the writing part.
the URl is below can someone tell me what they are trying to say?

Subversive Iconoclast Anarchist Nanach

Saba Daily

Breslov is Truth and everyone needs to recieve from Rabbeinu. If people oppose Rabbeinu, then they are false! The oppisite of the Tzaddik is a wicked person. The opposite of the truth is falsehood. (Israel Saba conversations page 466)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

One should know how far he is from Hashem, on the other hand he should know how close Hashem is to him. (Hishtapchut HaNefesh 79)

Saba Daily

Encouragement, be strong i fell in my spirit entirely and he says to me Be strong in your service. (Israel Saba conversations page 153)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

When R'Nachman wore his grey overcoat Friday night, he would say "I am dust and ashes". (Chayay Moharan pg. 335)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nanach Rednecks Do Hisbodidus

Nanach Kool Kat

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nanach Tomfoolery

Nanach Invasion

How To Overthrow a Yeshiva?

Nanach Busted

Mafiosa Nanach

Boojzie Boojzie Nanach

Little Video of the Nanach Shteibel in Meron

Supposedly Saba said that this Shteibel is a bechina- aspect - of the actual Tzion of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

It's Good to be Nanach - Really Good!

A Gutta Nanach Cup

Nanach Stickers in English

The Bezenson Nanachs want to print English Nanach stickers, they will be designer stickers - colorful and illustrated (so I believe knowing their other work). If anyone is interested in financing this endeavor please be in touch.

Nanach Hafatza in Thailand

B"H the Bezenson Nanach's just did Nanach Hafatza for 10 days (or more) in Thailand.

New Article about the Petek

Found this on an internet info site:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saba Daily

Saba met President Zalman Shazar in Meron, Saba was reading Likutay Tefilot in an awesome way the president was inspired....Na Nach (if you know the full story fill it in b/c i dont )

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The Zohar says that when R' Shimon Bar Yochai died a fire surrounded him, therefore we make fires to remember that event. Happy Lag Baomer!

Me-RoN/Kordoner/Yom Kipour

Me-Ron, Me Robbi Nachman! If Rabbi Shimon is Rabbi Nachman does it make sense for 500 000 Jews to unite with the Tzaddik on Lag B Omer? the Petek says that on 17 of Tammuz you won't be fasting...fasting for what? Because of the lack of Achdus (brotherhood) (many different head instead of one) which caused the seige of Jerusalem to take effect. Lag Ba Omer is the day that Hitler suicided! This rasha showed how he could unite our ennemies under his "furor-ship". If you don't get it yet, Rabbi Nachman informs us that rabbi Shimons soul and his are one and the same.

Kordoner (in French- "sandler" or shoe maker - the Tam) Saba says that Rav Israel Kordoner stayed in Meron ALONE for Rosh Hashana....did Rav Israel Kordoner know something we didn't? Plenty of people made fun of him for this.

On Yom Kippour it says that he who doesn't make Yom Kippour like a holy shabbos of rest from work is cut off from his people. If it is written that way then know that all those who respect Yom Kippour ARE STILL Israel. So Yom kippour being the conclusion of Rosh Hashana can we hope that all the followers of Rabbi Nachman will rest on this day and be Israelis even if they don't keep one single shabbos the rest of the year?
This is connecting to Moshe Rabbenu (parasha:Be Har)(who was another visit by the soul of Rabbi Nachman)

Lag B'Omer Quiz!

1. Whose soul did Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai attain and merge with?
  • Ans:Moshe Rabbeinu (Zohar, Raya Mi’emna; Sha’ar HaGilgulim #64).
2. Which of these points are brought in the ”Amud ha Tzaddik/The Pillar of the Tzaddik” in Rabbi Yitzchak Breiter's book: The Seven Pillars?
  • A. The Way of Truth was renewed in the world five times, and they are as follows:
    • 1. Moshe Rabbeinu
    • 2. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
    • 3. Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Ari
    • 4. Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov
    • 5. The "Flowing Stream, Source of Wisdom", Rabbi Nachman. And from him until *Mashiach*, there will be no other renewals.
  • B. In every place in Likutey Moharan that the Tzaddik is mentioned, it all refers to these five.

  • C. The soul of Mashiach preceded the world (Pesachim 54a), and he is the root of the souls of Israel, and the entire Creation was only created to serve his ends, and "the Tzaddik is the Foundation of the World"(Proverbs 10:25).

  • D. Fragments of the soul of the Tzaddik are within all creatures, and especially in the People of Hashem, and to a greater degree, in all the True Tzaddikim.
Ans: All four.

3. What acronyms were revealed for Rabi Shimon’s and Rabi Nachman’s names in the Tanakh?
  • Ans: […Rabi Nachman replied] Rabi Shimon himself is a different matter [than me], for Rabi Shimon is
    / a watcher and a holy one came down from heaven.(Daniel 4:10), עיר וקדיש מן שמיא נחית
    as printed there [Introduction to Likutei Moharan] but now there is
    / a flowing stream, the wellspring of wisdom (Prov. 18:4)! נחל נבע, מקור חכמה.
    [I.e. even Rabi Shimon receives from me]
    And it was already heard, that he said of himself,
    “I am a river that cleanses from all stains.” (Chayey Moharan 189).
4. What is the meaning of “Meron”?
  • Ans: In the English translation, Israel Saba page 267: When Rabbeinu came to the Land of Israel, he came with his first student [Rabi Shimon], and he came to the holy grave of Rabbi Shimon, then Rabbi Shimon asked Rabbeinu: "Me-ron (in Hebrew, 'Who is Ron' [apparently the translator forgot to translate that ron in Hebrew means singing, i.e. Rabi Shimon asked Rabbeinu who's singing]), who?" Rabbeinu said to him: I am 'Ron' [singing]! Rebbe Nachman ('Ron' are the Hebrew initials for 'Rabbi Nachman'). Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me Uman! Meron, who is 'Ron' [singing]? Rabbeinu said: "Who is 'Ron'[singing]? I am!" Rebbe Nachman! Who is 'Ron' [singing]? Rebbe Nachman! Me (I)!
Scoring: 1/4= Na, 2/4= Na Nach, ¾= Na Nach Nachma , 4/4 = Na Nach Nachma Nachman!