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Friday, April 30, 2010

Saba Daily

The Gemarrah says: "Its forbidden to harbor doubts about the Rebbe!" He is my Rebbe and your Rebbe and that of all Israel. He is the Rebbe, Rosh Bnei Israel (the head of the children of Israel) -the initials spell Rebbe. Rabbeinu revealed this in Likutay Moharan. (Israel Saba conversations page 464)

Rebbe Nachman daily

Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai promised that the Torah would not be forgotten b/c of him as it says in Shabbos daf 138b. (intro to Likutay Moharan)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Na Nach store

I will be opening up a Na Nach store real soon.

Saba Daily

Rabbi Israel Karduner ate bread with tea, without sugar, and he was always healthy. (Israel Saba conversations page 389)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Why pray if in essence everything is for the good? Davening enhances the good that comes to you, and sweetens the bad one gets. (Hishtapchut hanefesh 100)

Improved Wikipedia Article. Petek on Wikisource.

Someone improved the intro and some other parts of the article. It's up to us to do it; we just need to respect the Wikipedia rules and format. This is a place many people turn to for information so chazaq w'ematz, Na Nach!

Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser (Hebrew: ישראל דב בער אדסר‎) (1888 – 23 October 1994), also known as Reb Odesser or Sabba (grandfather in Hebrew), was an influential figure in the Breslov movement. He claimed to have received a "Letter From Heaven" sent directly to him by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, who had died 112 years earlier, revealing to him a new remedy for relieving the world's suffering and illness.[1] This remedy is the song and name Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, which he revealed in his old age to newfound followers throughout Israel. His following developed into the Na Nach movement, Breslovers connected to the song Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman and who joyously publicize Na Nach and distribute Breslov books. Some controversies surround the origin of the Letter, Rabbi Odesser's bold claims regarding Na Nach Nachman Nachman MeUman, and his position in the Breslov movement.

Meanwhile several English translation books have been started on WikiSource The Petek is there.

Saba Daily

I laugh at craving, laugh at it, "Go, go, I don't need you, go!". (Israel Saba conversations page 544)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

We have to have a lot of belief in ourselves that our prayers really work, that we make a difference.(Histapchut Hanefesh 92)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nanach van

Nanach graff

The Story of the First Tora in Likutay Moharan “Fortunate”

This Tora (lesson, teaching) is based on an adage of Rabbi Nachman: What is there for a man to do; praying and studying and praying. When Rabbi Nachman was still in Medivedivka, someone came to him complaining that he doesn’t know even if his prayers are accepted by the Holy Blessed One because he sees that he doesn’t have any grace or status with the townspeople for his lengthy prayers. Our Holy Master of Blessed Memory told him that he should see to it that immediately after praying he should learn any session of Mishna or Gemura (Talmud) or any Holy study, and he could be certain that his prayers would be accepted, and he would attain favor and importance in the eyes of God and men (it seems to me, Simcha, that Rabbainu’s words are somewhat founded on the Talmud, Brachos 32.; whoever lengthens his prayers and anticipates their acceptance, in the end will come to heart ache … how can he be rectified, he should involve himself with Tora, as it says (Proverbs 13) and a tree of life brings one’s desires…. This dictum of the Talmud is followed by another; one who prays and wasn’t answered should return and pray – this is similar to the continuation of the story as you will read).

After some time the person returned to Our Holy Master OB”M complaining that he was unable to properly clarify what he was studying in such a way that it would illuminate for his the way of serving God, bright as the sun, as the Tora is likened to the sun. Rabbainu answered him, if only first it would be as radiant just like the moon, and then after it would be bright to you like the sun, so as long as you study with strength and you have life and satisfaction from the learning, and the main thing is wholesomeness – to humble the evil inclination which makes a person literally crazy.

After some time the person returned again to Rabbainu, very happy, and he told Rabbainu that the advice Rabbainu had given him shines for him all his ways.

After Rabbainu revealed this Tora, he then said: What does a man have to do in this world: praying and studying and praying. Whoever is familiar with the first Tora of Likutay Moharan can have some conception of how all that is explained there is similar and hinting to what had transpired with that person.

On a similar vein it is explained in Sipuray Maasiyos – Tales of Ancient Times, in the Story of the Rabbi and his only son (8), the son wasn’t feeling anything in his devotions and worship and was given council to go to the Tzadik, but the evil inclination overcame the father – the Rabbi- who didn’t go with wholesomeness, because … Fortunate are the ones that go with wholesomeness in the Tora of God, delve deeply into this, and a hint is sufficient for the wise.
Tovos Zichronos (Good Memories).

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Torah says "You should study the mitzvos" and only afterwards it says,"You should keep them".Learning is mentioned before doing, because knowledge helps you to do things the right way, but by doing you dont increase your knowledge. The Sages put it this way,"Learning leads to doing"(Kiddushin 40b).

Saba Daily

Rabbeinu-learning his holy books is all our life, all our vitality. (Israel Saba conversations page 164)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Even if we aren't Zocheh to holiness or Avodah, never give up or fall from anything in this world. Always be strong! (Sichot HaRan 120)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rabbi Nachman is the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower in the age of Cyberspace Transportation.

It's a fascinating story of how Gustave from a wealthy-middle class family in Alsace-Lorraine worked his way up through engineering (which he liked less then the liberal arts) to create a tower used for develloping steel technology and construction the world over. He was the engeneer behind the Statue of Liberty, which symbolized a glow of light from afar for travellers coming to the shores of freedom (the USA).
The Statue brought many tourists and boosted the New York economy which was suffering under the blow of impoverished Russian Immigration in unheard of quantities. Something needed to boost the moral and bring in the much needed cash.

It worked so well, that USA made a 1/4 sized bronze Eiffel Tower and placed it by the Seine river in Paris to express their gratitude.

I am amazed at the diplomatic value of Eiffel's work. It is the symbol of the industrial revolution and the enormous boost in the need and use of transportation and energy.

Finally, in this optic let's understand Rabbi Nachman better.

Today transportation can take place in cyberspace highways. Rabbi Nachman isn't against printing, letters are like people and live forever! It is "holier" to read the letter as it is being typed, then a long time after. I believe fully that Saba can reprint letters in Ebay Ha Nachal at will long after they left the press, which makes them as new as if they were being printed in the sky the instant "after" you read them!

The Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are getting old and close to retirement. Time to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel and send the world spinning into a New Economic Boom increasing the "quality of life" on this planet, just before all the doomsday profets take the center stage.

Please send all your ideas concerning this to

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - preparing for Lag BuOmer - next Sunday B"H

This song is also available as an audio track at the music site.

Special Thanks to Uzi for organizing the amazing Lag BuOmer party last year at the Toronto Nanach Center (OBM), also thanking Airan and the others who pitched in.

50 Gates of Na Nach

As we are in the middle of the 50 Gates of purification that open up the 50 Gates of Holy Light, I would like to share an amazing Torah I just read in the classic Kabbalah sefer Sharey Orah, The Gates of Light by Yosef Gikatilla.

"The simple NUN is the secret of the drawing down of shefa bracha and rachamim from sephira to sephira until it reaches the sephira of MALCHUT...the double NUN is the secret of MALCHUT." (Sharey Oray, Gate YUD: AYIN)

In Kabbalah there are five partzufim which are five stages describing the path of Hashem's Holy Light from Keter which is an expression of Hashem's Infinity into Olam Ha Ze (this world) or Malchut.

Tiferet (Zeir Anpin)

This is also expressed in the Holy Name יהוה as it is written out simple, double, triple, quadruple, which is the name of 72. The yud in parentheses is an expression of the infinite keter.

י ה

The True Tzaddik is the living manifestation of this Kabbalistic reality. And this is the secret of Na Nach and something that Sharey Orah hints at. This path of 50 Gates which is NUN, gematria 50 is the path of simple and doubled NUN, beginning with the simple NA and ending with the double or 2 NUNs in NACHMAN:


By following the holy path of Rebbe Nachman, we seek to purify ourselves and receive the light of the Tzaddik and fulfill our Creator's desire to make make man in His image and likeness.


Saba is King!

The most simple way of understanding this is that Saba was a master of the Tora, this is what the Talmud says: Who are the kings - the Rabbis (real ones), Rabbainu mentions this dictum many times. In last weeks Parsha (Tora portion), Achray Mos, the Zohar says this explicitly. The Zohar says that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is the King, because he is the master of the Tora and Wisdom. Here are the the holy words of the Zohar:

זכאה דרא דרבי שמעון בן יוחאי שארי בגוויה, זכאה עדביה בין עלאין ותתאין, עליה כתיב (קהלת י) אשריך ארץ שמלכך בן חורין, מהו בן חורין, דזקיף רישא לגלאה ולפרשא מילין ולא דחיל, כהאי דאיהו בן חורין ויימא מאי דבעי ולא דחיל. מהו מלכך דא הוא רבי שמעון בן יוחאי מארי דאורייתא מאריה דחכמתא, דכד הוה רבי אבא וחברייא חמאן לרבי שמעון, הוו רהטי אבתריה, ואמרי (הושע יא) אחרי ה' ילכו כאריה ישאג (אחרי מות דף עט, חק לישראל פרשת אחרי מות ליום חמישי), ע"כ.

Friday, April 23, 2010

da nanach

da lecha
she kol nanach ve nanach
yesh lo nigun meyuchad mi shelo....

da lecha....
she kol roe, ve roe
yesh lo nanach meyuchad mi shelo,

na nach nachma nachman meuman
yesh lo nigun meyuchad mi shelo....

shabbat shalom



Saba Daily

I heard that when the grandfather of Rabbeinu, Rabbi Nachman Hordinker, traveled to the land of Israel, along the way to Istanbul, he married a Sephardi woman. (Saba Israel conversations pg. 303)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

R' Nachman said even if your only able to say one word (by Hibodidut) to Hashem that is also very good! (Hishtapchut HaNefesh 4)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Michael (W) has donated another $45 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Repent for others!

Repentence is a great thing, for an individual who repents will be forgiven and will bring forgiveness to the whole world (Sefer Hamidos, Repentence 96, Talmud Tractate Yuma 86b). The Talmud derives this from a verse (Hoshaya 14) in which God says; I will heal them from their repentence, I will love them as a philanthropy, for my anger has been abided from him, since the single “him” repented God says he will heal everyone considering them to have repented as well. From here it is clear that one person can repent for someone else, this is a JEWISH concept!

When a person brought a sacrifice to atone for a sin, he would do ‘smeecha’ rest his hands on the animal’s head and confess his sins. One can not make a messenger to do smeecha, it has to be done in person. Public offerings did not have smeecha, except for two, the cow that was brought from the public transgression of an unknown sin, i.e. something that was thought permissible, and later realized to be prohibited, 3 members of the Sanhedrin would do smeecha for the whole of Israel, and the goat that was sent to Azazel on Yom Kippur – as discussed in this weeks Parsha (Tora Portion) Achrey Moas, the High Priest would do the smeecha for all of Israel. These are cases where we see leaders taking the responsibility to confess for the crimes of the masses.

The story is told of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichav who saw on Rosh Hashana that the scales were showing the incrimination of Israel C”V, so he “stole” the bad deeds. There was a heavenly proclamation: “who stole the bad deeds”, the Berdichever replied, it was I, Levi Yitzchok the son of Sara Sasha (a good name to remember, because he promised to help whoever called to God and mentioned his name – may the God of Levi Yitzchok the son of Sara Sasha help me). The Heavens called out: “can you pay for these bad deeds”, and the Berdichever replied that he could not. The Heavens ruled, a person who steals and can not pay is sold as a slave as payment, there was a Heavenly proclamation, God hereby acquires Levi Yitzchak the son of Sara Sasha as His slave. This is was enacted and transpired during the recital of the prayer: To He who acquires slaves on the Day of Judgement, to He who has mercy on his slaves in Judgement.

How does someone steal someone else’s sins. There are a couple way. One is to look deeper into the person and realize that the sins are not really a part of him, and can not rightfully be pinned to him. Another is to realize that what you see wrong in the other person is really just a mirror of your own personal flaw, and you realize that what seems wrong in the other person is due to your own inadequacy, deficiency, or guilt.

In this vein we find that Rabbainu (LKM 282 and other places) and Rabbi Nussun stressed that when one judges someone favorably he actually helps the person become a better person. This is the most powerful way to improve people and change the whole world for the better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saba Daily

Rabbeinu is the father, he is the mother, he is everything. He is the Torah, he is the faith, he is everything. Everything is Rabbeinu! (Saba Israel conversations pg. 472)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

We have to renew (Michadesh) ourselves constantly. (Likutay Moharan 156)

Books are alive.

They say each Jew is a letter in the Tora, but it's too awsome to describe what this is referring to.

In Sichot I read today that the relationship between the moon and the sun is like time of printing and time of reading the letters. The closer they are, the higher the level of holiness. Does this mean that with text messaging we have it made? When the black ink hits the white paper it forms for a flashing instant the color techeles (sky blue).

What is left after the Tzaddik are his letters and his talmidim. Through both he is still alive. The moment the book is opened ANYTHING can happen, either the perfect letter was chosen for you- or the Tzaddik reading into your thoughts has composed and printed a completely new thing while the cover of the book was still closed or even while you were reading (but you couldn't notice). Someone who nullifies his will to the Tzaddik will be just like that book.

Look up sefer ha midot on books and you will be amazed that printing (good) books causes barren women to have children! How more alive can they get?

Na Nach Van

Na Nach Van

Kids are no longer chasing after the ice cream man
they are now chasing after The Na Nach Van!

Write up on Nanach

Just found a very well written, kind of comprehensive article on Nanach (wikipedia has a lot to learn from these guys) -

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Saba Daily

I saw this and I see this. No, without any exaggeration, I see that we have nothing to do, this world is all vanity, there is nothing in it. Money is not money and everything is nothing, only the Torah and the Mitzvot. (Israel Saba conversations pg. 377)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The main thing in Davening is to understand the words you say. (Sichot HaRan 75)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The only way to make it today is with Nanach!

Rabbainu said that for him seeing a man or a woman was equal, even still since Our Sages have warned against looking a women, he would not look.

In today's society, it is almost impossible not to be exposed, on a very regular bases, to sites that in previous times, and according to the Holy Tora, are completely impure and damaging. Our only hope is to stick to the tzadik that revealed that he was above being effected by these sites. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

A light unto nations

There is a new trend in universities and colleges for youth to get drunk and have anonimous sex. It's a very good plan for Amalek. Nanach can reverse this trend better then the tikkoun ha klali. It's time to help ALL our brothers out of this descent into hell, booze is not better then books no matter how mistaken they are. According to Saba the US is the Kingdome of Kindness, if not the Kingdom of Truth, it is better then the Kingdom of Sadisim (which are our common ennemy) and from Avraham who converted from Idol worship at great personal cost, eventually Jacob emerged. By Jacob's merit both Juda and Josef were saved.

Although we Judeans want truth, may we never abandon the Kingdom of Kindness, but help to purify her and help to save her by the awsome merit and holiness of Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman.

Praise the Lord for Nanach!

Rebbe Nachman

Once said that BReSLoV has the same letters as LeV BaSaR - the "heart of flesh" that the prophet Ezekiel (11:19) said that every Jew must have.
He said that his followers would always be known as Breslover Chasidim.


A Big Thank You! to the anonimous guy who sent me the Be Happy song!
Great Blessings Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!! =]

Na Nach crazy colors

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Free Voice of Nanach

B"H it seems that there is finally a site for the Free Expression of Nanach -

Enjoy the candor of this new Nanach site!

this is an amazing video!!!

please ive been looking for this song for along time
can anyone who has it be willing to send me it through email
so i can download it on my ipod?
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

hillbilly Na Nach

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lip-racy and Nanach

The key is obviously the number 7 and it's ability to regenerate a bad situation into a good one.

7 x 7 gives 49 which brings us to Shavuos and the right to receive the Torah. This is based on a three day seperation from charnal "enjoyments".

7 x 7 x 7 gives 350 which in four words is na nach nachma nachman (354), turning the greatest descent into the greates ascent. No one in the world is too low to be saved!

No need to find Cohens in order to sacrifice pigeons today we say Na Nach and dance the touma (death) away.

Hope everybody enjoyed Shabbos which is also a tikkoun with 7 in it.

May this blog be my "8" (corban) for seuda David Ha Malech.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Likutay Eitzot

New Graphic on on the page of Likutay Eitzot
The site is now functioning and we have already sent out dozens of Book.
Order Sefri Rabbanue Today!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman overcomes distortion

5 Levels of the Soul - NarNachEy

One of the most frequent words used by the Risha"sh Kabalists is: NaRNiChEy – נרנח"י, which is the acronym for the 5 levels of the soul, in ascending order: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida. The letter Resh reversed spells Shir – song, thus the word NaRNiChEy eludes to the progression of NaNach, starting with Na, to make the Song, one progresses to NaCh, completing the full 10 letters – means of song. The numerical value of Na Nach Nachma Nachman is ‘chamisha’ – five!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Na Nach is the right key, it opens all the doors effortlessly!

In this weeks Haftora (section from the Prophets) Naamon has leprosy, he goes to Elisha to get healed, Elisha tells him to dip in the Yarden, Naamon doesn't think that could possibly help especially since he had tried what he considered better rivers, Naamon's servants tell him, if Elisha had told you to do something hard you were prepared to do it, so why don't you just do the simple thing that he told you. Naamon goes to the Yarden, dips 7 times and is healed. From here we learn that doing the right thing does not necessarily mean that it is hard, if you have the right key you don't have to break down the door. The main thing is to listen to exactly what the Tzadik says, which means that the main thing is to sing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Getting Ready For Nanach

The UK no longer recognizes the Kosel as being rightfully Israel's. Could it be that this is because it is illegal to give charity there?
Recently Israel suffered tremendous reprisals around the world for their use of false identification, could this be because they persecute the acceptance of Jews in the land?
Don't worry!
Don't despair!
All is preperation for the homecoming of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Matter is in disgrace, but with Great Honor - Rabbainu

This quote was just published on the Hebrew and I thought it rather apropiate.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

This Song is Dedicated to the Yeshiva Bochurim - aspiring to be Nanach

Still don't have music accompaniment, but it's still a great song about learning Gemura - Talmud.

Enjoy Nanach!

Make this Month New and Glorious for Us with Na Nach

Roshay Chadushim - New Months

Let's get more first hand stories of Saba from Yitzchak Jowey

Someone at the Kossel told me that there is someone in Tsfas that has many stories of Saba. He is originally from France. His name is Yitzchak Jowey his telephone number is 050 415 1102.

Saba is King!

The Talmud, often quoted by Rabbainu, says, “who are the kings, the Rabbis (real ones)”, so it comes as no surprise that Saba announced that he’s the King (also see Rambam, Hilchos Miluchim 11:4 that if a King from the house of David forces all the Jews to keep the Tora and conquers all the surrounding nations, builds the temple, and gather all the scattered Jews, he is certainly Mushiach, but until he is successful or if he is killed, it is known that he’s not the awaited Mushiach, just another King, like previous Kings from the House of David who were wholesome and proper and died, and God raised him to test the masses). One of the chaverim (friends) pointed out to me that the acronym of the first 3 words of the holy Petek spell out הקם – which Rabbainu in Likutay Moharan says is a Divine Name used to coronate Kings. This would fully empower the Saba to proclaim himself King.

Proper Speech

The Tora strongly forbids improper speech. The main distinction of the Human over animals is the power of speech, and it is therefore extremely important to speak respectfully. All speech emanates from a person’s soul and thus is a reflection of his soul. Thus the reverse is also true, by speaking holy words one can sanctify his soul. Obviously the highest and strongest impact can be made with the recitation and singing of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

The prohibition of slander, or saying to someone bad things about someone or even something else (as the case of the spies that slandered the Holy Land), is often hard to abide. Keep in mind that the bad that you saw was probably only because of you and only for you to have seen. Let’s say for example you visited a group of friends and found them doing something distasteful, and you desire to inform your other friends, stop and consider that before you had arrived they probably weren’t doing what you found distasteful and as soon as you left they stopped, it was only in your eyes, what you wanted or were supposed to see played out. What you should do is hisbodidus, inner contemplation and prayer and supplication to figure out why you were faced with such a problem and and how you can rectify yourself.
Another example a person goes to a Mikva or Maayon (spring) and sees that it’s dirty or some other shortcoming, it is forbidden to pass over this bad information to someone (unless it is for a constructive purpose), chances are that before he arrived the Mikva was still clean (or had hot water….) and right after he left it was cleaned (or the hot water was restored….), and by passing over the slander he is just passing over the shortcomings of his own self, and bringing down others with him. Obviously H”Y wanted to test him or punish him with the discomfort, but this is no reason or permission for him to do so to someone else, or even to hold a negative attitude on the Mikva.

This is something I’ve experienced and have seen firsthand on many occasions, prompting and urging me to share this with all of you.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Who Is Considered to be a Breslever - i.e. A Nanach

It seems to me that in the past – before the revelation of the Petek, the most serious criteria for someone to be considered a Breslover Chusid, was the acceptance and full belief that Rabbi Nachman is the supreme Tzadik of our times. This means that the person will have strong desires to fulfill the teachings of Rabbainu, but whether or not he merits to actually doing so will not undermine his status.

Today, to be considered a Breslover Chusid is to be Nanach. This entails belief in the Holy Petek and its recipient - Saba. Believing in the Petek means that the true continuation of the holy ways of Rabbi Nachman is through his precious student – Saba.

For the Nanach, as it should be for everyone, it is very important to be familiar with what Saba was promulgating. Saba lived a very long life and also wrote a whole book of letters, there are many teachings and lessons which he spoke and wrote about. First and foremost is the all reoccurring principle, that Rabbi Nachman is the supreme Tzadik; all must abnegate themselves, their knowledge and opinions, to the words of Rabbi Nachman. Everything must be done to spread the knowledge and awareness of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman and the fulfillment of his teachings and ways. Hisbodidus, Chatzos, the incessant study of Rabbainu’s Tora, and the praying of Likutay Tefilos are nonnegotiable. Saba established that the proliferation of Nanach is the height of fashion, with special vehicles circulating broadcasting lively music, and dancing on the street. Saba was emphatic that all the followers of Rabbainu are equal, no one is greater than another, and that the proclaimed Rabbis are perpetuating falsehood [Rabbi Nachman said that one thing he had achieved for his followers, that no mefursam would be able to fool them]. Another item which is predominant in the conversations and writings of Saba is that it is critical to live in Israel, and the extreme importance of spending one’s time by the Holy Tzadikim and the Kossel. Saba was also very big on the Mikva. These seem to me the strongest campaigns of Saba.

There is one other strong facet of Saba showing everyone the true light of Rabbainu. Saba was free of all types of stringencies and impositions demanded by society. He saw the good and potential even in people the world wrote off, valuing the breeding and cultivation of true life – daas – of Rabbainu. Saba stood alone against the whole world upholding the flag of Rabbainu. This is something every Nanach has to do in his/her own way, no one can do it for anyone else and it is very hard to even get insight from someone else on how it is to be done. Nanach is about being the real thing, or rather the real thing is about being Nanach.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Vov

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since each of the 12 months correspond to one of the letters of the Alef Beis, the following is a teaching starting with the letter Vov that corresponds to this coming month of Iyar.


Vie-yeh-hee - "And he (Moshe) remained with his hands in faithful prayer until sunset":For there are a number of types of faith. There is faith which is only in the heart. The main thing is that one needs to have such faith until it spreads throughout the limbs, as brought in the writings of the Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria), that one needs to raise his hands facing the head at the time immediately following ritually washing his hands, in order to receive the holiness.

It is thus found that for this, one needs faith in the hands, to believe that due to raising one's hands corresponding to the head that he is receiving the holiness, for without faith - there is nothing, as is written in Tehillim (Chapter 119): "All Your commandments are faith". And as there is faith for him like this, coming from the faith to the intellect, and to the extent of strengthening oneself with faith, he comes to more intellect. For the matter that one needed to believe from the start, now he comes to more of a greater faith, he understands the first matter with intellect.

This is what is written about Moshe, "He remained with his hands in faithful prayer" - for Moshe had so much great faith until it spread throughout his limbs. For even in his hands was there so much great faith, until sunset - meaning, for the intellect of the matter, and the sun is the aspect of wisdom, as brought to us. (LM 1:1, 1:91)

My Soul Thirsts For Nanach

Children Love Nanach - Me Too

The Complete And Faithful Truth - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

In the Omer we count 7 weeks of 7 days, which correspond to the Sphiros of Chesed SheBiChesed through Malchus SheBiMalchus, a total of 49 days. The number 9 can correspond to the first 9 Sphiros, from Kesser to Yisod – symbolizing a masculine approach without the Malchus. Multiplying 49 by 9 results in 441 {7 * 7 = 49 * 9 = 441}, the numerical value of Emes – truth, a masculine trait attributed to Yakov, as it says, “give truth to Yakov”, also it says “truthful seed”, seed which grows from the earth, the earth being the Malchus.
Malchus is also known as Tzedek, strict justice. Tzedek with Emes brings to the completion of Malchus as Emuna, Faith. There is a higher Malchus of Ema which is the 50 gates of understanding. Adding 50 to Emes, 441, results in 491, the numerical value of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, which the Vilna Gaon says is the secret of Tikun Habris, the Established Covenant manifested in the garment of the soul, כסותה= 491.

Thus multiplying the 7 by 7 lower Sphirot by all 10 Sphirot, including the Malchus {7 * 7 = 49 * 10 = 490} and adding the All Inclusive, yields 491 = Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman.

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It's written in Proverbs 15:15: "A fool believes all things."
It is good to be such a fool.

If you believe even that which is false and foolish,
you will also believe the truth. You are better off
than he who is sophisticated and skeptical of

One can begin by ridiculing foolishness and falsehood.
Eventually he will ridicule everything and end up
denying even the truth.

As one of our esteemed sages once said "better that I
be called a fool all my life and not be wicked
even for one moment before G-d."
- Sichos?

The Saba


I got a password, without giving in. Hallelujah praise the lord

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Hashem's greatness

check out
amazing 10 min movie clip about the genius of this world and our universe.
click on the left side of the page, from the list, "watch powers of ten".
see how amazing and intricate Hashem made our world.
na nach nachma nachman m'uman !!! :)

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The Point of No Return - Marriage by the age of 20

The Talmud says that a person who reaches the age of 20 without getting married, will always be hounded by thoughts - hirhurim, may H”Y have mercy on us. Unfortunately getting married before the age of 20 isn’t really the decisive factor to be saved from being confounded by the torment of hirhurim. The criterion of marriage implies also the consummation of the binding to the Shechina (Divine Presence). Likewise, age in spiritual terms means levels of understanding (as explained in LKM2 Tora 7), 20 refers to the level of Kesser (crown) as explained in LKM Tora 6. This is what the Seer, Abraham Abulafia taught in the introduction to his guide to attaining the Divine Flux, Sefer Hatziruf (the book of permutations), all who enter the pursuit of attaining the Kesser can have no recourse, it’s all or nothing, Kesser – כתר, or kurais – כרת, C”V.

With this principle we can understand the concept of Lag BuOmer, the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, the Holiday of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. The first 13 days of the Omer are under the aura of Pesach, the first 6 are actually Pesach and the next 7 are halachicly considered part of Pesach regarding the obligation to bring certain sacrifices. Thus just like a boy only becomes independent when he is 13 years old, the Counting of the Omer only stands on it’s own after the first 13 days. 20 days later, the counting reaches the point of no return: Lag BuOmer – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

To read the rest of this article please click here: The Point of No Return!

Na Nach - over 43,000,000!

B"H amazing I just googled Na Nach and got over 43 Million links, it seems that Nanach is beginning to start.

Randomly scrolling through some of the sites I came across:

There it talks about some actress:
"In August of 2009, she performed as Mona Lisa in Na Nach Nachma Nachman, a night of works by Sam Alper."

This is one Nanach I'm not familiar with, maybe the publisher is a secret Nanach trying to insert the holy Nanach wherever he can.

Power of a Woman's Prayers

Once the son of R’ Shimon the Shamash (attendant) of Rabbainu got very sick, in distress R’ Shimon approached Rabbainu and asked Rabbainu to pray for his son, Rabbainu didn’t reply. R’ Shimon understood that his son was in grave danger, arriving home he told his wife, “if you want a live son, don’t sleep tonight!”, so she stood near her sick son’s cradle the whole night crying and praying to God for his recovery. The next day, when R’ Shimon met with Rabbainu as was his custom, Rabbainu turned to him and said, “I didn’t know that a woman’s prayers were so important by the Holy Blessed One! – With her prayers she secured recovery for the boy and in truth also long life – “. (Siach Sarfey Kodesh 1-100).

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alien neon nanach

more graphology

some holy hevron nanach graff

Uman/Jerusalem Nachman meBreslev/meUman

Sichot 153 refers to how LM Tanyana 78 was revealed...I only went to Uman once, it was the year that Saba died (I never saw his holy countenance except as a Tsiloum).
I left on 9be av BEFORE midnight and did SHabbos Nachamo towards the end of my journey, just outside Odessa. The story of the Tam was revealed on this date as well. I had studied nothing but this story for a year (when I realized about the peace process going on where I was living in Olso).

It occures to me that this is the date when Nachman Natan's house was selected by Rabbi Nachman for it's garden. it's view and it's air in addition to other mystical things such as the placement of his bed in the place of a large closet etc...

The House, the room, the location of his death are absolutely no less important then the bones themselves. We already know he was no longer Rabbi Nachman Me-Breslev, he had already become Nachman MeOuman (the simpleton?)(from the letter found recently).

He states here (sichot 153) that he finds his vitality only in the fact that he has been to Eretz Israel! The path to Israel (on foot 354 km like Nanachnachmanachman or 7x 7x 7 with the kolel for each word- the distance from Odessa to Uman...Odesser na nach nachma nachman Meuman) Simple isn't it? THe world was created only for him so let none of this be a suprise.

This was one of Rabbenu's holiest days no less! He exclaimed "there is no despair in the world at all!"

Saba was alwayse at the level of Ayno Yodea!

Rabbi Natan experienced Rabenu telling him that he himself had written this torah.

Similarily, If you believe in the Petek, then according to Moshe Nanach, Saba wants you to know that you yourself received it. No doubts in my mind this is true.

In short- EVERY PHYSICAL STEP ANY G-d fearing person takes is towards G-d, it is therefore towards Israel, IT IS THEREFORE A PRAYER. The key is to be G-d fearing, to have faith, as perfect and all demanding faith as possible, life itself is trivial in comparison to such a faith. As the marching armies of old knew quite well.

The greatest Tzaddikim in history were not Zoche to see copies of the Petek or pictures of the Tzaddik, much less bathe in the sheer joy of studying with their students.

Ashrenu ashrenu ashrenu ashrenu ashrenu - May the revelation of this light empower all the Chaverim to fire the furnace even now on the 12th day and may we truely say that on the 17th of Tammuz, you aren't dead and you answer, because by then we will all be real Chaverim. 51 (the number of words in the Petek is 3 x 17 or tov tov tov) The day of Shavuoth is number noun, with Pesach it is Noun Alef 51- like the Petek)

The Michtav IS THE PETEK given by G-d to Moses with the first tablets- the Petek was destroyed by fire but the tzelem it's US! Hello Bal Davar..."en garde!"

Young Lad Joyously Reciting Na Nach by the Western Wall

The Point of No Return - Marriage by the age of 20

Trepidate and don't sin - interupted by the Rabbi of the Western Wall

Prison Break - Why didn't you escape to the reality of Nanach?!

Because of our sins we were exiled, but now we have Na Nach

tikunei hapetek

נם ואמן מחנם חן חנן
nam v'amen, m'chinam (machanam) chen chanan
וקלו קם שיגדו אלם
v'kolo kam, sheyagido illem.

Its around the corner, N a N a c h

Na Nach Beatbox

Ki Ani Nachman Rofecha

I recall a story I heard from Saba when he was in Los Angeles. Saba would pray loudly where even the neighbors could hear. Two Goykas went up to the lady where Saba stayed and said to her in amazment;”His prayers move us and touches are souls. Now we know we are married to chamorim(Jackasses).”
This is another story which happened in Eratz Yisroel.I had spoken to people who lived in the same building with Saba telling me how every night Saba would say Chatzot whereby, all the neighbors woke up. I asked the person so why did’nt you make a complaint? He said to me;”There is no way you can change this old man, thereis no one to talk to.”
Once I came back from the Kotel with Saba we were singing Na Nach(with the known tune).But upon entering the apartment building where Saba was staying(at the time in Har nof, six o’clock in the morning) Saba kept on singing loudly. I said to Saba;’Saba people are sleeping? Saba said to me; “It’s time for them to be awakened, there is Na Nach and kept on singing.” I was astonished at his simple answer and grinned. His sharp answer surely woke me up.
To comments I received in the last story, as why I associate myself with certain Na Nach groups. Many times I spoke to Sabba complaining about certain attendants, complaining they can cause a bad name for Saba. Saba would not listen and always told me to be in achdut with all the Na Nach’s.
As a child I fell many times trusting the wrong people until I learned to limit myself and be alone one against the whole world; ‘Ehad haya Avraham.”Cause in the time of need there was never anyone there to help me. I was all alone, the friends that I thought were friends and I would stand for them in their times of need were not there for me. I realized they used me for their own honor, they never thought to give honor to Hashem.
But I did trust Saba completely. I knew he was perfect, but could not understand Rebbe Nachman’s works, due to this Littvish brainwashing I got in the Yeshiva world. Till I understood slowly that Rebbe Nachman and his true talmidim were Moshiach. The whole torah has more meaning and all the secrets are revealed through Na Nach as the Zohar prophesized. I thought I understood Rebbe Nachman’s works, but the more I got rid of the brainwashing in the 18 years I learned by littvoc Yeshiva world, the more I was able to accept others from all sects. I can truly say, although I learned Rebbe Nachman’s works I never understood them. Now I can actually say that almost every month(sometimes a few times a month) Hashem helps me realize I do not know anything. Whatever I knew about Rebbe Nachman in how to serve Hashem is worthless in comparison to what was just revealed to me.
This is another incident when Saba was in Har Nof by Rueven’s house (I would visit frequently). On arriving one morning, I entered Saba’s bedroom, he was alone in the room, sitting on the bed with his feet on the ground. I think he told me to sit on a chair across from his bed and remembered him gazing at me with this special smile and knew he was about to tell me something. Saba was very choosy with what he uttered, and rarely would show off how learned he was. The main topic was always about Rebbe Nachman and how Rebbe Nachman can rectify the world, how much Hashem loves us that he sent this light to us.After a minute of silence finally Saba with his sweet mezmorizing voice, said to me;”Moshe you received a Petek! I answered;”Saba I did not receive a Petek." After another half a minute Saba with that same special grin, would tell me again;”Moshe you received a Petek! Again I sternly answered;”Saba you received a Petek, I did not receive Petek!’ Another half a minute pause, Saba with that same smiling gaze, and sweet gentle voice, said;”Moshe everyone that believes in the Petek is as if he received a Petek.” I felt this awe and awakening, how Saba's words penetrated, as if Rabbenu came to me this moment and revealed himself to me, with a special love that I never had seen before. I never knew there was such a love and mercy to be had.
Saba continued and said;"The Petek was written to all those that believe in it."

Today I came to a realization, there is no one with a head. Everyone in the world comes up with their philosophy, each person inconsistent with the other. There is no one with real love that can unite all the Israelites as one nation with one heart besides Na Nach. Na Nach does not take away a person's freedom of choice. By Na Nach’s I have come to finally see true love, simcha, and hope. One’s imbalances cause the distortions and darkness. Imbalances are caused by stubborness, where one wants his way. I am sure each person thinks his way is virtuous, but Rebbe Nachman said i want a chassid fried in oil. The Daat of Moshiach is not in accordance with our understanding. In order to receive this higher wisdom we need to throw our mediocre understanding by clearing our heads in preparation to receive a higher wisdom. i.e. This cop did this to me for no reason or this person...Whenever a person thinks someone is infringing on his space and somehow should complain or retaliate...That's when one needs to do hisbodedut and realize;"Hey I still have my space I should'nt even complain about this. Rather should feel I am not missing anything.
The beracha Refaeinu the eight benedictions in the silent prayer (refers to the sphere of emanation tiferet-the abdomen) which comes after the two prior benedictions consisting spheres of chesed and gevura. Being balanced is a refuah, and that’s the ten letter song. Which according to the Tikkunei Zohar page 3, the ten letter song is in contrast to the ten spheres of emanation. Through Rebbe Nachman’s advice and his true talmidim...and the Petek is what can balance us. There is nothing else and there will never be.
Our object is balance by throwing our ego, which is very hard. One must feel he has everything and accept all types of oppressions without retaliating, thereby, letting go of the ego.
We need to release these imbalances and accept Moses, and no one else. Our task is not wisdom; wisdom is what destroys simple faith. As sited in Sippurey Massiot; The Seven Beggars. Our task is to turn our heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Breslev
You should merit true salvation
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman
I speak at times with Christians protestants and I show them their faults, i.e.; Jesus kept Shabbos…But it’s hard for them to follow pure truth and leave their social lives they built behind and free themselves from slavery. It’s pretty much the same with the Rabbi’s and the Yeshiva world. Actually the Meam Loez Parsash Ki Tisoh, says, that only 7 jews believed in Moses after the golden calf.Thak hashem Yisborach that sent Rebbe Nachman and his true talmidim and most of all Saba Yisroel Baal Hapetek Na NAch.

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Tzion Bal Hapetek Hakadosh

Letter from Rebbe Nachman

Here is the letter that NaaNaach mentioned in his post a few days ago, it is a letter from Rebbe Nachman that was just recently discovered.

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Parshas Shmini: Beginning and Recovering New

When assessing physical fitness more important than what a person can perform is the consideration of how long it takes that person to recover from the performance. Under stress, especially in emergencies, people can muster up hidden reserves of strength and have the ability to pull off amazing feats, also it is possible to strain oneself achieving desired results but destroying the body, so what determines the state of fitness is the period required to recover, if they take the performance in stride and keep going that is evidence that they are in truth fit for such performance. If the person really wasn’t up to such a performance but managed to pull it off, it will take a while till that person regains his strength.

The same is true in spirituality, there are constant struggles, trials, and tribulations, there is a cyclical occurrence of highs and lows compromising the background in which a person stands aiming to achieve and succeed. After the highs and accomplishments there will come lows and lulls, the question is how long will it take to start again. The healthier the person is the faster he will get back on his feet and go for another shot. Rabbainu was a complete novelty at this, in his youth he was able to start from the beginning even many times in one day, and at the end of his life, every second he was creating completely new approaches to the Holy Blessed One.

When a person is faced with a setback, this is an aspect of embarrassment; it shows his weakness and inability. All our shortcomings are based on our entrapments to the pulling of the desires of this world, this is the pulsing of the blood (dum- דם) in the left vassal of the heart. The first step is to acknowledge the situation, his very embarrassment (the rushing of the blood) serves as the Chamber of God (Ohel), and if he is able to wait there, to hold on to his hope and conviction in the Goodness of God, he will merit hearing the word of God. His silence (dohm - דם) in the face of his inadequacy will be crowned with the Throne of God, he will achieve the status of Man (אדם) which is the power of speech, ultimately the word of God (this can be understood from LKM Tora 6, examine and delve into those holy words).

It is necessary to be proficient and experienced in the above ways of repentance. When successful, it is important to be aware that the success itself will obscure greater attainment, and it is necessary to be silent. When falling and fallen, it is necessary to realize that it is God who is willing the fall, and be silent. God’s honor will then reign supreme (LKM Tora 6).

The Holy Tora begins: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth”, Shlomo Carlbach is asking, that it’s superfluous to say “In the beginning”, when else would the beginning be? Our Holy Sages are teaching that “Biraishis” – means “for the beginning”, God created the world for the Beginnings! Our Holy Sages have taught furthermore “Bi – Raishis” 2 Beginnings (the Hebrew letter Bais is the second letter), for the Tora and for the Jews who are called the Beginning. Being Jewish means having this quality of always looking at the world in a brand new light, always accepting new challenges, and always aiming for new horizons. The Tora is always new, brand new.

The first step is to silence one’s self in the presence of the circumstances that are distancing him from God. This silence, as it is prolonged longer and longer, secures his position of holiness as the names of God are built, single double triple etc. – for every prolongation of the silence is drawing back from the start of his silence, for all is contingent on the beginning. He is then readied to hear the Goodness of God; Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman (this can be understood from LKM Tora 62, examine and delve into those holy words).

In this weeks Tora Portion, Shmini – The Eighth day Moshe put up the Mishkan (tabernacle)- Rosh Chodesh Nissan which is the first month (and has 10 crowns etc.) Moshe took it down every day and built it anew the next day- Nuduv and Aveyhu the children of Aron brought an undesired offering of incense and died. Moshe told Aron, I knew that great personage would die, because God said I will be sanctified by those close to me, I thought it would be either me or you, now I see that your children were greater than both of us. The Tora says that Aron was silent, Rashi immediately informs us that Aron was rewarded for his silence, God spoke and relayed the portion of the Tora regarding the prohibition of alcohol for working priests solely to Aron.

Aron was confronted by the great tragedy of the deaths of his children and on the other hand Moshe revealed to him how much more he should be aiming to attain. Aron was silent, and merited to hear the word of God. The disciple, even upon his successful silence and repentence, should receive the word of God from his master, Moshe. However Rabbainu explains that on the day that Moshe died, rising to higher worlds, Yehoshua entered the ohel, God spoke directly to Yehushua, because Moshe was totally abnegated to God – not retaining any source of rulership. Here too, by the death of Nuduv and Aveyhu – who are the extra souls of Eliyahu Hanuvee – the mouth of Moshe, it is an aspect of the total abnegation of Moshe, thus Aron would directly receive the word of God from God. This is why Rashi is so quick to inform us that we must know that Aron was rewarded for his silence, other than the words of comfort that Moshe offered him. Because Moshe’s words, telling him that his children attained higher heights than him, were coming also as a test to him, even as the act of God – the death of his children. Only after Aron was silent, did he merit to hear the word of God, and then he heard the actual word of God from God Himself.

The Tora Portion of the prohibition of alcohol on operating priests is told to Aron to reveal to him a further step in the worship of God. The main ways of God in repentance begin with silence. The silence secures ones place in holiness, in the highs and lows. There are however times when one must summon up all his strength and unleash an all out attack of holiness. This is how Pinchas – who is Eliyahu Hanuvee – merited to attain the souls of Nuduv and Aveyhu, when he made the most brazen assassination of Zimri and Kuzbi (Rabbainu says – LKM2:8 says that this was an aspect of Tefila Badin, which heralds the Shir Pashut Kaful Shalush Miruva). This was God’s message to Aron that this could not be done from a state of drunkenness. Although Pinchas acted spontaneously, he first approached Moshe with the proposition, and only afterwards proceeded to avenge the honor of God.

Sometimes we can really make a power play and call into action all our resolve and make a giant leap, like the Merchant who rescued the Poor man’s wife from the general in Rabbi Nachman’s story of the Merchant and the Pauper. On the other hand, the story is told of a widow whose son was kidnapped to be conscripted into the army (which usually meant that they would never be heard from again…), she cried her heart out to God until her soul expired. Rabbi Natan remarked that had she sought his council, he would have instructed her to make set times every day to cry and supplicate, and in this way she would have accomplished much more and her prayers would have a continued effect to help others. Rabbi Natan was saying that the woman should have been more silent, waiting to hear God, and then she would heard God give her back not just her son but many other precious souls.

When is action required as opposed to silence? When it is God’s will that the act should be performed by the zealous. When the act is a new action not a means to recover, because recovery also has to be done “new” from the beginning, this is done by first being silent, the silence being new. If there is a need to recover, than it is necessary to first be silent, anew (the act of the merchant Rabbainu says was in fact crazy, but even still since it was a complete novelty, the aspect of new and beginning, he succeeded). God however doesn’t need to be silent to achieve His honor; He is silent only for our sakes, to give us a chance (as explained in LKM Tora 6). Therefore Pinchas acted for God and silenced Zimri.

This is the aspect of today’s day, the tenth of the Omer, the Givura – strength of Tiferes – splendor – the middle path. Knowing how to use Givura in balance for the glory of God.

The main thing is to sing and dance Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Hashem through Moshe

The most common way of referring to and addressing God is with “The Name” – Hashem – השם, which has the same letters as Moshe – משה (Ramchal, Yichud Hayira), this is because the only way to have any true conception of God is through His true tzadik – Moshe.

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New Letter found from Rabbainu, signed "Nachman MiUman"!!!!

You can check this out on our Hebrew Nanach site. ( - there's a link on the right side of this blog).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

The World is a very cold place, Every Jew is a little oven to warm it up... - Shlomo Carlbach

Good Days and Bad Days

Mazal Tov to Alexander the Great Nanach!

On his marriage in Yirushalayim right now!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

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bsd Open Breslev Project is launched

Open Breslev Project is started.
We need
1) people who are good at organizing the Wiki to get it organized
2) people to translate into all languages, and
3) people to read the translations and refine and edit them.

The goal is translation of sifrei breslev (into english, and all languages) for hafatzat shem hatzadik haemet l'amito.

I just copied the page for Open Mishnah Project
and replaced Mishnah with Breslev

Page needs editing and fixing,
so please join in, edit, contribute, be happy!

If not now, when?

Forward to friends!

chazaq we'ematz beavodatekha,
y yk ykw ykwk

Dive into Nanach

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Nanach Music Site hits 30,000

B"H over 30,000 songs have been downloaded from the Nanach Music Site

4 Cups of Moshiach Seuda

Today at the Moshiach Seuda with Nachman K and Gedalya G we came up with a very good question.

During the Seder we drink four cups of wine, since there were four elements of redemption in the geula from Egypt. What however do the four cups of the Moshiach seuda represent? What four elements will be applicable to the final redemption?

We then concluded that it must be a representation for the 4 parts of the song of redemption that will bring about the final geula: Na Nach Nachma Nachman (Muman).

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lik.Moharan Tanyana 67/Immediate strat. for redemption

Although G-d redeemed Am Israel with the slaying of the first born of Egypt-(reshit am Am-halek)the Exodus from Egypt didn't materialize until the next day when the "head of the household," Josef came up from the bowels of the G0-d of Egypt (Pharoh-Nile).

Why and how to do this again...

A) Why (LM 67)

Rabbi Nachman is extreamly obvious about his own role as head of the household ansd as his own role in/as the torah (of Moshe) in LM 67.

Look up the conclusion that begins with "Vezehou: Bereshit rosh bait...." we learn here:

1 The Tzaddik HA Emet IS
"the beauty and the glory of the world" the same phrase as LM A,a. There it is
mentioned that the Tzaddik can be found where he has fallen, with the Goyim.
(like Josef during the Egyptian period of g-or-y)

2 This Tzaddik is like Josef

3 Because of this Tzaddik, the Beit Hamikdash is built!

5 Because (of theses houses ) the eyes of all Israel open.
(Jacobs eyes were opened when the head of Esav joined him--and-- received
his blessing?)

4 Because of this tzaddik all the houses & apt. of Israel are built!

6 The end and beginning of the Torah come in here hinting "Israel Ber"
fixing the 32 (heart) forming a third 32 with Exodus (names) 32/32 (3x32 Hazaka!)

7 Bereshit it's all about Noah- the name!

8 The orphaned generation (the Nanachs) children of the tzaddik are described

9 All the generations come and depend on THIS tzaddik

10 Falshood (cheker) can only exist outside when there is NO LEADERSHIP/no unity

B) How? from sichot ha ran 147
Story of the son made completely of good stones.

Rabbenu Knew the name of the 42 except for the 6 and the 90 forming the word Tzav in Hebrew- like the "will" of R. Israel forming the "keren" for selling books.
When Rabbenu told the story of the son made of stones he knew the secret so it was revealed here. Also the way to bring the redemption.

If you read this story you will see a daughter and a son. The son at first appears to be sick. but then the very desies brought on by the jealousy and the witchcraft of his fallen sister make his disguise fall off and reveal his true identity and role as the savior (for the King at very least).

Not one jew(even tov) is left out of his service.

Please continue this if you have time.