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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcoming Myself Back to Jerusalem and after a two week visit to the Holy Site of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

We need to be in Yerushalayim on Har HaMenuchot every time we have a urge to go abroad. Our emuna in Saba must be complete for us to be real. We most importantly must join forces in the American van from Tzfat, then wherever we go we will be saved, because the sticking together is the geula. We must first have our own NaNach gathering in tzfat, like the keren did, and even stay in the hotel. This issue should be, must be worked out this way or some way. Or even maybe a complete miracle success, something we do not foresee, in solving this issue. The issue, if you're unaware, is the fact that the Americans are not as close as they could be, to each other. The Bet Shemesh NN groupie would be there. So if this idea doesn't really interest you, and you are a NN groupie living in Israel, then you don't understand how if this gathering happened, and we all sat at the table to eat together Shabbos and hear what one another will say, and speak our minds..
heck I wasn't even at the keren gathering for more than a couple minutes motzay shabos. But that's in the past,...
and well.. We will only get the full blessing of the Tzadik when we sit down to a SULHA. Only hold yourselves together; and I will arrive to you.
if this were to happen, then the other side will fall and we will all merit to truly seek truth and really draw close to God's service. First step you can do right now, is start considering that there is a major issue of need for a powow to get our hearts back together; as in days of yore, even before we were born, like in the realm of the kingdom of heaven.
and if this issue weighs you down as if all of your life depends on this, dear reader, then start yearning for a solution to the distance, tooo much between the hearts of the few soldiers of the redemtion, that are few in number, and suffering for our sins, and as the Tzadik teaches us, the greatest pain and suffering, for a NN groupie, is a sin, for it is so lethal to our situations. This is the REAL root of all of our suffering. The separation between the hearts of the NN groupies in the land. Do a prayer under the walls of the mikva for hitkarvut of the men each other. Pray as you read this. The prayer is the way to make these things happen. I will sign off now and take a step back and possibly leave something out of the statement. But I pray this here comment becomes a great sanctification of God's name (NNNNM). Till next time.

Anonymous said...

Because the sin is so harmful we are suffering so. You might wonder, what sins? Good question.
The suffering needlessly is the greatest sin of all. The tzaddik wants us to live in Israel with perfect families, and not be stuck unmarried. This unneccessary "tikunim", the evil inclination of Jews that love life and the Tzadik, but don't really understand what the truth is regarding the geula. It doesn't matter Yerushalayim or Uman. For now, that is.
If you will join our quest to unite the NN powers. To do the most basic counsel or thing the Tzadik needs us to do to fix the world, starting with us. If you join us, then wherever you go to find Rabaynu, you will be with the ppl of the holy gathering, which is building the great sanctuary. Our hearts will be one, melded together for eternity, for one greater cause, the cause of the redemption. The way only NNNNM could do it. We don't know what it will feel like, but it will be kinda like dancing with 20 ecstatic NN groupies in kikar Shabat the week of Purim. But with everybody blessed with large families, houses, maybe goats and land. We will also live in the exact area of Israel preordained for our souls from it's individual root. Meaning every NN groupie will go live wherever God originally intended. Like his wife will sleep there, in a great tent or some structure, while we learn Torah and seek Gods sacred sanctuary for ever and ever.