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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Terrible Crime against Nananch

This Purim a Nanach had a hafatza table set up on Malchi Yisroel Street in Yerushalaim. Some Yeshiva boys came over and asked him to get rid of the table. When the mafitz refused they got into a car and drove straight into the table sending the entire thing flying. The mafitz was thrown into the air and landed on top of the car and was dragged for many feet. He has been hospitalized and a few of his kids had been wounded.

This is a call to bring those Misnagdim to Justice.
Anyone that has any information about this crime, witnessed it or has any pictures of videos of it is urged to immediately call 0506797114 with this information.

1 comment:

The villager said...

They think their car has more kick then a Nanach Mafits? We better get an apology from someone or a Machloket has turned into first degree murder. The Tora has non-violent ways to deal with that.