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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weapon, Kol Yaakov

One of the secrets to spiritual strength is speech. However low you fall, in all circumstances, you still have the faculty of speech. You should use it! Speak words of truth: words of Torah, words of prayer and the fear of Heaven. You should speak to G_d. Speak also to your friend and especially to your teacher. The power of speech is such that at all times it enables you to remind yourself of the closeness to G_d, and so to bring strength to yourself, even in places which seem furthest from holiness.

Speech is the "mother of children" (tehillim 113:9). A mother goes everywhere with her children. She can never forget them, even if they are in the filthiest of places. In the same way the power of speech goes everywhere withe a person, even into the filthiest of places. There, too, one is able to utter words of holiness. The faculty of speech will never abandon a person or allow him to forget G_d. Understand this well if you truly desire to acquire your share in the world to come.

-Meshivas Nefesh

May we all be zoche to bring our battles with the yetzer out of our minds and down to our mouths, where we will surely be victorious.

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Dun Aryeh said...

Ilan, good Torah, you should publish more often.