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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nanch in England

This year Purim became a little lively in the UK, when a group of boys went around the city in a realistic looking Nanach car.

They even made a website

Keep up the good work,
the UK needs a lot of Na Nach


NaaNaach said...

it looks like one of our Nanach in London just made another Nanach video on the youtube, look at the channel nanach101


Anonymous said...

nice pics!
keep up the amazing work!
p.s. Im Nanach101

NaaNaach said...

yes, but in one of your last videos I'm almost sure you had the London Nanach in it.

Thanks for putting up all the stuff.


Anonymous said...

No problem, I though you were referring to me as someone from the UK i didnt no you were talking about the guy in the video

rabbinachman said...

this is cool

nothinbut100% said...

i posted a comment on the other uk post...
but anywayzzzz,
i wanna send u guys some shirts for hafatza. check out my vids on youtube "nanach clothes" and send me ( ur address and ill send u whatever i can.
chazak and ematz in ur avoda guys.
airan (israel)