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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nanach is "end of times"

1943 October ...The Nazis are going to destroy all Danish Jews in one night..7 000 souls. A handful of Danes hear the secret and decide that they MUST save these Danish Citizens (notice the difference in treatment with foreign Muslems in the wake of 9/11). The Norwegians have set a precedent and saved the men from Oslo from extermination by smuggling them to Sweden. It is going to require a vast sum of money and great sacrifices for these "goyim" to find 7 000 000 Danish Krones to fund and run the rescue operation. Dan Mark means the land of Dan and sure enough in Tora Dan is said to stand in the face of Amalek and knock the rider off the horse!

He set a precedent among nations that rallied and ratified the creation of the State of Israel. The "Judean" nation.

Dan and Juda build the Tabernacle. Juda who traded the Tzaddik for a pair of shoes. The shoes he will need, along with the money he will need in the future to build the land of Israel, the final resting place of "brother Josef" the "bread" of the whole world.

In the meantime Josef in his completed form, "Rabbi Nachman" is outside with Menashe and Efraim. It is by their zchous that the Geuoula can take place! I still don't know how, but they along with Benyamin and Naphtali are modern nations with constitutions and histories they can be proud of because these people have constently been on the side of Israel.

Alot of bad people want to create Machlokets, but there is no need to be swallowed by them. They will usually praise the person they are trying to court while badmouthing someone else (or another group). Why the praise? Because they want to knock a person off the path of EMES (truth) in order to lead them down the slippery slope to anger and depression in order to manipulate them for their own benefit (they think).

Do not let yourselves be flattered by people who give importance to deniers of the holy Petek. Tzadik ve ra lo at best. These people are living in an illusion and their praise is of no value anywayse. Just booring, like the cat calls in Pig Alley.

Real EMES (truth) can be found in each word of NaNach, I believe only Moses is on the level to really praise him. Out of compassion for us Saba praised himself so we could ape him and pick up a small amount of merit for speaking words of truth (which would otherwise be denied us).

Amazing that the Kingdome of Truth can only emerge from the greatest fall man has ever experienced. Saba said it all already including, the whole world will be Breslevers. Juda does tchouva and acquires royalty.

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