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Monday, March 15, 2010

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Hei

As kabbalistically, the letter Hei represents the month of Nissan, the following is a translation of a teaching of Likutei Moharan from Rabbeinu whose birthday is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and is from a collection of teachings from Likutei Moharan compiled in order of the Alef Beis by Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK'L in Ner L'Tzadik.


HaNosein Tzedaka: One who gives Tzedaka is saved from Aveiros. For anyone who has mercy on Hashem's creatures, Heaven has mercy on him/her (Shabbos 151b), while it is forbidden to have mercy on one who has no knowledge (Berachos 33). And since Heaven has mercy on him, it has to be that Heaven gives him knowledge, and thus such a person is saved from coming into the clutches of sin, for one does not sin unless a spirit of foolishness has entered him/her (Sotah 3), but when one has knowledge, he/she is saved from Aveiros. Amen, So may it be His will (Part 1:116)

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Anonymous said...

i want to say that all the more so one who has no knowledge and gives charity to any creature he/she comes across all the more so has a the same judgement as one who knows what they are doingcharity is from the heart and most of us dont know where it comes from and where it needs to go.... nanach there are still people that even the holy ones who spread the name the whole day dont know who they are and still need money .. so dont hold back from doing charity and giving goodness and spreading the blessings Gods given to you to who your heart tells you that they need it 552........