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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Hagada is meant to be said with Nanach!

The Hagada of Pesach only mentions Moshe Rabainu (Moses) once. So all the litvishe (haraidim) are saying that this is so that people do not confuse Moshe with God, G"f. This is very sad that they have such a shallow perception of the awesomeness of God that they are so worried that people will mistake a person for God. The reality is that the reason that Moshe isn't mentioned, is because Moshe is the one doing the speaking! The first night of Pesach, all of the Jews, after eating the Pesach, were busy getting to Moshe, and Moshe began to take them out of Egypt. This makes it quite clear that the main thing to do on the Seder night is to prepare and to get over to Moshe Rabbainu - who in our times is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman. [The actual author of the Hagada is not known, most people say that is was composed by Eliyahu Hanuvi - Elija the Prophet - who Kabalistcly is the mouth of Moshe Rabbainu].

The main thing to do on the Seder Night, is to sing and dance Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman! Keep singing and dancing Nanach as Rabbainu frees you and takes you above and beyond....

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

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