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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A gift from Mrs. Clinton/Invitation to our crash course.

Jerusalem has become within reach for the US army, last week. With the lack of Palestinian leadership, and Obama administration interests in the middle east vaccuming stronger then ever, this situation is emerging.

My question is who but Rabbi Nachman can stop the Juggernut? So thank you for the gift Mrs. Clinton, frankly you picked yourself quite a match and you have made my work very easy.

I am for peace, and for the US Army, and for the US and all G-d fearing fearless people.

NA NACH is the King, the ONE, the ONLY, his president is Mr. Zalman Shazar who has become immortal. We ARE the Economy of the whole world and also the Law because such is the will of G-d.

All your theories and beliefs are going to fall apart (the curve starts now), but those who will kling to Na Nach will be saved by divine providence (allow for a difficult purification process).

Blessings from Saba's village in "Palestine", frankly we already have a ruler, who controls alot more then Palestine. With his prayers he and G-d run the show, so I encourage you to start the crash course.

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