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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the encounter Saba Yisrael had with Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Due to demand I am writing the encounter Saba Yisrael had with Rabbi Moshe Feinstein A”h, as I heard it personally a few times from Saba.

It was in April 1985 (Iyar (שדמת, approximately a few years before Rabbi Feinstein decease. Due to Rabbi Feinstein’s health, Doctors gave strict orders for him to rest and forbade him to have any audience. But upon hearing of Saba Yisrael, who just arrived from Israel, possessing with him a letter from heaven, Rabbi Feinstein ordered his son, Rabbi Dovid saying; “I want to see Saba Yisrael together with the original letter.”

Saba Yisrael in a wheelchair, was approximately ninety five years old, arrived that evening the 7th of April. Rabbi Feinstein took the letter from heaven and read it. But when he started reading the letter again, his son Rabbi Dovid remarked; “ Daddy didn’t you read it already? “ Rabbi Feinstein answered; “this letter has magnetism.”

Saba Yisrael had brought a present to give Rabbi Feinstein, a big likutei Moharan (original Torah discourses by Rebbe Nachman hakadosh). Upon hearing Rabbi Feinstein’s statement that the letter has magnetism, Saba randomly opened the sefer to Torah 70 in Likutei Moharan, which speaks about magnetism (look in the book Ebay Hanachal letter two) and handed the sefer to Rabbi Feinstein. Rabbi Feinstein reads the discourse and was very amazed, how Saba Yisrael randomly showed him exactly the topic of discussion. In humbleness, Saba told me, although I only opened a page randomly which spoke about magnetism, Rabbi Feinstein wrote in a letter of approbation, that Saba is a Gaon in Torah. Sabs was implying Rabbi Feinstein probably said this about everyone (the truth is Saba was a great sage, you can see this from the letters he wrote to President Zalman Shazar, originally printed by the President himself. The book in Hebrew, is called Ebay Hanachal, or in English; Blossoms of the spring.

The first time I saw Saba, I said this is a person from times of our ancestors Abraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. I knew he was a hidden Tzaddik, serving God in simplicity with no ego whatsoever.
Rabbi Feinstein asked Saba Yisrael for a blessing, Saba said; “by Breslovers there aren’t any Admorim (those that act as the leaders and rulers of Israel, there is only one Rebbe, acronym Rosh Bnei Yisrael. The only one that can consider himself as the head of Israel is the one that can atone the world completely, and the Tikkunei Zohar says this is the one who will reveal the Song Pashut, Kaful Meshulash, Meruba; the quadruple song in ascending letters, can redeem the Torah, Teffila and the congregants of Israel.)

Rabbi Feinstein took Saba Israel’s hand and placed it on his head and took his own hand and placed it on Saba’s head and said to Saba; “repeat after me, ( the blessing of the priests to the Jewish people, found in Numbers[6, 24], transliterated, Yevorechecha hashem Veyimerecho, Yaer Hashem Ponov Elecha Vichunecha, yaer Hashem Ponov Elecha Veyasem Lecha Shalom! (Rabbi Feinstein lived a year and a half more from Saba’s blessing, doctors were amazed at the miraculous recovery.)

Than Rabbi Feinstein told Saba about two of his best teachers in his elementary school who became Breslovers. Rabbi Feinstein, at first wanted to fire them, but he reconsidered and decided in convincing them to follow the way of their ancestors and persuade them from teaching new ways. Rabbi Feinstein said to Saba, I confronted the teachers and at the end of the meeting they convinced me. Rabbi Feinstein said to Saba I kept them as teachers, but after a year the teachers decided to leave on their own accord. (Rebbe Nachman brings down in his book of Conversations one should not be a teacher as a source of livelihood.)

Rabbi Feinstein wrote a letter of recommendation in Hebrew and English asking the Jewish people to greet Saba Yisrael warmly and to donate for Saba’s cause to print Rabbi Nachman’s books. The lady secretaries who prepared the letters of approbation at the Yeshiva office, also asked Saba Yisrael for a blessing, which he gave.

Rabbi Feinstein asked Saba if there is anything else he can do for him. Saba asked Rabbi Feinstein, if he can make a meeting with him and the President of the United States (At the Time Mr. Ronald Reagan). Rabbi Feinstein used his connections and set up an appointment for Saba. Saba waited in America for six months to get audience. The American Government asked the caretakers of Saba Yisrael in a letter, what does Saba Yisrael want? The caretakers wrote a letter asking the American government to donate two billion dollars to print Rebbe Nachman books. The secretary of the President wrote back that they would have donated one or two million dollars, but two billion was absurd. When Saba Heard this he was very upset, and said if you would have asked wisely, the donation of the American government would’ve rectified the robbery Elifaz (Esau’s grandson) stole from Yaakov.

Saba returned to Israel with no money solicited, but pondered why he needed to leave Israel and be in America. Soon after, Saba understood why he went to America. The story is as follows; “Chasidic Na Nach put a loudspeaker on a car and went around announcing and singing Na Nach in Bnei Brak, Israel. Rabbi Shach heard all this tumult and without interrogating Saba like Rabbi Feinstein, accepted rumors that the Letter was not from heaven. He decided to call for the following day; a hundred Rabbis to denounce the letter, thereby, protecting the religious communities from cronies. The night before the meeting Chabad raided rabbi Shach’s property and put swatstikaa. The meeting for a hundred rabbi’s was canceled for the following day.

Surprisingly, a Rabbi that knew Saba, who was not able to come the previous day, came at the meeting the following day. When he heard Rabbi Shach’s will to denounce the Letter from Heaven, this Rabbi stood up and said; “Harav Shach, one cannot denounce this Letter!” Rabbi Shach asked why? Simply because Rabbi Feinstein accepted the letter as authentic and this is cited together in the letter of approbation that Rabbi Feinstein gave to Saba Yisrael at the time (at the time of this meeting Rabbi Feinstein was not alive). Harav Shach said people forge Rabbi Feinstein’s name and try to solicit monies. The Rabbi that reprimanded Rav Shach said; “I know for a fact that this letter is authentic and if you do not believe me call Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s son Rav Dovid who can testify to the authenticity.” Harav Shach calls the Yeshiva in America speaks to the secretaries, and asks them if they know about a letter of approbation to Saba Yisrael? They answer yes it’s authentic, but with stubbornness asks the secretaries to urgently locate Rav Dovid. Rav Dovid is located and answers to Harav Shach’s amazement; “Emes Veyatsiv Vekayam, it is true and firm and established...” Saba Yisrael told me personally, that the secretaries in the Yeshiva office by Rabbi Dovid Feinstein were appalled, commenting; “how could anyone have the audacity to say on Saba Yisrael that Saba forged Rabbi Feinstein’s name on a letter of approbation.” How dare he call Saba Yisrael, with arrogance a liar? As if to say, Rav Shach considers himself a leader of Israel but cannot discern where the truth is. These secretaries were able to see the injustice and were pained that their leader Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was not around anymore.

So Saba would tell us the whole reason he went to America was for a letter. If it was not for this letter from Rabbi Feinstein, the land of Israel the redemption and the Israelites would have been in grave danger.


Anonymous said...

I think it is time I replace the Picture of Reb Shach that is by my nerot of Shabbat? What do you think Moshe?


moshenanach said...

It's a great idea, I have a pix of Hor Hahar i can send you and a pix of Ha Habayit and a pix of Rebbe Nachman's tomb and a pix of Saba yisrael. I suugest the pix of Saba Yisrael.
Rabbi Shach showed arrogance in the way he carried himself out. Actually, Saba said that Rabbi Shach was not a Tzaddik but a regular Rabbi who went after honor and money. This is cited in the book Blossoms in the Spring.

Saba Hu Hamelech said...

everyone must accept this, and so it will be.

Chabad Ze Sheker said...

Moshe, did you hear from Saba what happened while He was in L.A. before he flew to N.Y. to meet Moshe Feinstein ?

nothinbut100% said...

amazing !
thnx for posting !

NNNNM !!!!!!!!!!

moshenanach said...

Dear Chabad Ze Sheker,
I heard it from Saba a few times while I was in Eretz Yisroel

Yisrael Nachman HaMoshiach said...

can you tell us what you heard about what happened in L.A.

The villager said...

People that help Saba are special- all of them. People that go against Saba are left for dessert!~

nissim said...

yes yasher koach, made my chol hamoed so freilich, i made printouts and also posted it on facebook (copy the status below!) along with the nice video assembled by yayin. we are a team, chazaq we'ematz b'avodatkha chaverim!
good shabos chol hamoed!
amazing story just republished on saba's meeting with r. feinstein!

Anonymous said...

Yeah thanx dude I mean I heard it from you in person over the day meal this past shabos(chol hamoed) but I appreciate it very much that it's in print. Be blessed.

moshenanach said...

I heard a few stories from Saba while he was in L.A.
I will try to write some more

shimonnachmanshilo said...

Amazing, Todah!
and thanx again for such a high Seder!

Dun Aryeh said...


This is great, thanks for posting it. To bad we were not together this Pesach.

If you have more stories from the Saba, it would be an amazing thing if you can post them as well.

I hate "naanaach" said...

Too bad the evil "naanaach" was at your place over the chag. He is so evil.

aninanach552 said...

Yeah get rid of "naanaach". Replace him with a better vice admin

aninanach552 said...

I like pig give me pig and I will stop bashing "naanaach"

Anonymous said...

The real aninanach552 says: no I won't. And furthermore why are you impersonating me

moshenanach said...

Azamera 262 in Likutei Moharan.
I went many times to Saba and complained about certain Na NAch's and Saa kept on telling me to be together no matter what.