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Monday, March 15, 2010

Comment on the following Blog about the 10 Crowns

Rabbeinu's name is TEN letters when spelled as Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba - Na Nach Nachma Nachman.
Also, Rabbeinu's name begins and ends with a Noon, just as the name of Nachshon Prince of Judah who brought the Korbonos on behalf of his Tribe on the day that in the future would be Rabbeinu's B-day.

Along these lines, Yehudah - the name of the Tribe that Nachshon brought the Korbonos on behalf of -contains the Shem Havaya (YKVK), which is also spelled as TEN letters as Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba, the original Shir Chadash as mentioned in Tikkunei Zohar.

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