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Sunday, March 14, 2010


We all know that Rabbanue was against being obsessed with Chumros (extra halachic stringencies) with the exception of Shmiras Habris.

It is very interesting to know that the first sin, the sin of Adom was caused because of the use of Chumraos. Hashem told Adom that he could not eat from the tree of knowledge. Yet when Adom told over this commandment to his wife, he added an extra stringency from his own mind. He told Chava that not only was she not allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge, she was not even allowed to touch it.

It was from this that the sin originated, since the Snake leveraged this stringency against her to cause her to sin.

1 comment:

The villager said...

Adam, with all due respects thought that by putting a Chumra he could avoid doing his job, GUARDING and Working the garden. He would have been better off guarding Hava and finding out what the snake should have been doing instead of speaking with Adam's wife.

Brit Milla is to keep one's word. Since Adam haden't gotten a Brit (since Avraham was the first) can he be blamed for not having kept his word?

Women need attention- apparently, this is a law that has been around BEFORE the command of not eating the fruit of Good and Evil.

This advice from me is NOT a chumra!