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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


He passed away,The Rebbe said,"I have already reached such a level that I can no longer advance while still clothed in this earthly body."I yearn to put this body aside, for I cannot remain on one level."
Although the Rebbe attained the highest levels, he still strove to reach the next step. This was true throughout his life. He finally reached so high a level, that he could no longer advance while still in a mortal body. He therefore had to leave this world.He said,"I would like very much to remove this garment.For I cannot remain on one level.Ich valt shoin gegeren das hemdel ois ge-tan. Varein ich kan oif ein medregah nit shtein."

1 comment:

aninanach552 said...

he never left this world as is written n likutei teffilote 147 B the soul of the one true tsadik fills the whole world most of the prayer is written/spoken to Rebbe shimeon bar yochai .... Rabbein never leaves us we only leave him.