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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the encounter Saba Yisrael had with Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Due to demand I am writing the encounter Saba Yisrael had with Rabbi Moshe Feinstein A”h, as I heard it personally a few times from Saba.

It was in April 1985 (Iyar (שדמת, approximately a few years before Rabbi Feinstein decease. Due to Rabbi Feinstein’s health, Doctors gave strict orders for him to rest and forbade him to have any audience. But upon hearing of Saba Yisrael, who just arrived from Israel, possessing with him a letter from heaven, Rabbi Feinstein ordered his son, Rabbi Dovid saying; “I want to see Saba Yisrael together with the original letter.”

Saba Yisrael in a wheelchair, was approximately ninety five years old, arrived that evening the 7th of April. Rabbi Feinstein took the letter from heaven and read it. But when he started reading the letter again, his son Rabbi Dovid remarked; “ Daddy didn’t you read it already? “ Rabbi Feinstein answered; “this letter has magnetism.”

Saba Yisrael had brought a present to give Rabbi Feinstein, a big likutei Moharan (original Torah discourses by Rebbe Nachman hakadosh). Upon hearing Rabbi Feinstein’s statement that the letter has magnetism, Saba randomly opened the sefer to Torah 70 in Likutei Moharan, which speaks about magnetism (look in the book Ebay Hanachal letter two) and handed the sefer to Rabbi Feinstein. Rabbi Feinstein reads the discourse and was very amazed, how Saba Yisrael randomly showed him exactly the topic of discussion. In humbleness, Saba told me, although I only opened a page randomly which spoke about magnetism, Rabbi Feinstein wrote in a letter of approbation, that Saba is a Gaon in Torah. Sabs was implying Rabbi Feinstein probably said this about everyone (the truth is Saba was a great sage, you can see this from the letters he wrote to President Zalman Shazar, originally printed by the President himself. The book in Hebrew, is called Ebay Hanachal, or in English; Blossoms of the spring.

The first time I saw Saba, I said this is a person from times of our ancestors Abraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. I knew he was a hidden Tzaddik, serving God in simplicity with no ego whatsoever.
Rabbi Feinstein asked Saba Yisrael for a blessing, Saba said; “by Breslovers there aren’t any Admorim (those that act as the leaders and rulers of Israel, there is only one Rebbe, acronym Rosh Bnei Yisrael. The only one that can consider himself as the head of Israel is the one that can atone the world completely, and the Tikkunei Zohar says this is the one who will reveal the Song Pashut, Kaful Meshulash, Meruba; the quadruple song in ascending letters, can redeem the Torah, Teffila and the congregants of Israel.)

Rabbi Feinstein took Saba Israel’s hand and placed it on his head and took his own hand and placed it on Saba’s head and said to Saba; “repeat after me, ( the blessing of the priests to the Jewish people, found in Numbers[6, 24], transliterated, Yevorechecha hashem Veyimerecho, Yaer Hashem Ponov Elecha Vichunecha, yaer Hashem Ponov Elecha Veyasem Lecha Shalom! (Rabbi Feinstein lived a year and a half more from Saba’s blessing, doctors were amazed at the miraculous recovery.)

Than Rabbi Feinstein told Saba about two of his best teachers in his elementary school who became Breslovers. Rabbi Feinstein, at first wanted to fire them, but he reconsidered and decided in convincing them to follow the way of their ancestors and persuade them from teaching new ways. Rabbi Feinstein said to Saba, I confronted the teachers and at the end of the meeting they convinced me. Rabbi Feinstein said to Saba I kept them as teachers, but after a year the teachers decided to leave on their own accord. (Rebbe Nachman brings down in his book of Conversations one should not be a teacher as a source of livelihood.)

Rabbi Feinstein wrote a letter of recommendation in Hebrew and English asking the Jewish people to greet Saba Yisrael warmly and to donate for Saba’s cause to print Rabbi Nachman’s books. The lady secretaries who prepared the letters of approbation at the Yeshiva office, also asked Saba Yisrael for a blessing, which he gave.

Rabbi Feinstein asked Saba if there is anything else he can do for him. Saba asked Rabbi Feinstein, if he can make a meeting with him and the President of the United States (At the Time Mr. Ronald Reagan). Rabbi Feinstein used his connections and set up an appointment for Saba. Saba waited in America for six months to get audience. The American Government asked the caretakers of Saba Yisrael in a letter, what does Saba Yisrael want? The caretakers wrote a letter asking the American government to donate two billion dollars to print Rebbe Nachman books. The secretary of the President wrote back that they would have donated one or two million dollars, but two billion was absurd. When Saba Heard this he was very upset, and said if you would have asked wisely, the donation of the American government would’ve rectified the robbery Elifaz (Esau’s grandson) stole from Yaakov.

Saba returned to Israel with no money solicited, but pondered why he needed to leave Israel and be in America. Soon after, Saba understood why he went to America. The story is as follows; “Chasidic Na Nach put a loudspeaker on a car and went around announcing and singing Na Nach in Bnei Brak, Israel. Rabbi Shach heard all this tumult and without interrogating Saba like Rabbi Feinstein, accepted rumors that the Letter was not from heaven. He decided to call for the following day; a hundred Rabbis to denounce the letter, thereby, protecting the religious communities from cronies. The night before the meeting Chabad raided rabbi Shach’s property and put swatstikaa. The meeting for a hundred rabbi’s was canceled for the following day.

Surprisingly, a Rabbi that knew Saba, who was not able to come the previous day, came at the meeting the following day. When he heard Rabbi Shach’s will to denounce the Letter from Heaven, this Rabbi stood up and said; “Harav Shach, one cannot denounce this Letter!” Rabbi Shach asked why? Simply because Rabbi Feinstein accepted the letter as authentic and this is cited together in the letter of approbation that Rabbi Feinstein gave to Saba Yisrael at the time (at the time of this meeting Rabbi Feinstein was not alive). Harav Shach said people forge Rabbi Feinstein’s name and try to solicit monies. The Rabbi that reprimanded Rav Shach said; “I know for a fact that this letter is authentic and if you do not believe me call Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s son Rav Dovid who can testify to the authenticity.” Harav Shach calls the Yeshiva in America speaks to the secretaries, and asks them if they know about a letter of approbation to Saba Yisrael? They answer yes it’s authentic, but with stubbornness asks the secretaries to urgently locate Rav Dovid. Rav Dovid is located and answers to Harav Shach’s amazement; “Emes Veyatsiv Vekayam, it is true and firm and established...” Saba Yisrael told me personally, that the secretaries in the Yeshiva office by Rabbi Dovid Feinstein were appalled, commenting; “how could anyone have the audacity to say on Saba Yisrael that Saba forged Rabbi Feinstein’s name on a letter of approbation.” How dare he call Saba Yisrael, with arrogance a liar? As if to say, Rav Shach considers himself a leader of Israel but cannot discern where the truth is. These secretaries were able to see the injustice and were pained that their leader Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was not around anymore.

So Saba would tell us the whole reason he went to America was for a letter. If it was not for this letter from Rabbi Feinstein, the land of Israel the redemption and the Israelites would have been in grave danger.

Monday, March 29, 2010

All Na Nach's invited to Seder

All Nanachs invited to the hills of Hevron for roots seder on the floor with lots of cushions soft matzahs and of course NNNNM !!!!
contact pluutoni at


Happy Pesach!
B"H will probably have Seder with S.R. and M.A.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Yeast in the Dough

L.H. Hilchot of the Morning Blessings H.5,22

This is what the Tana said: It is revealed and known before you that my will is to do your will only the yeast in the dough inhibits me.etc. Because the yeast in the dough is the opppsite of the supernal will, and it is impossible to nullify and sweeten (this impediment) other than through the illumination of the [metzah haratzon] (forehead) cerebral will. as was mentioned earlier. Therefore, in truth our master, teacher and Ribi Z’L warned us very very much that a person should always be careful to emphasize and literally take control of ones being with positive thoughts desires, and yearnings for HaShem may He be Blessed. Because the essence is the will etc…and like it is clarified inumerable times in his teachings. And even more than this he spoke with us constantly saying “even if a person is as low as he is, as long as he does not give up on himself, and conquers with positive thoughts and yearnings to HaShem may he be blessed and his Torah, through this he gives power to all the true Tzadikim who are constantly engaged in channeling the illumination of the [metzach haratzon], and through this they raise up a person from devastation to ultimate will. Understand this well. Also, this is what the Tana himself was doing speaking before HaShem in his prayer above “it is revealed and known before you”. etc… Through the very act of making this argument before HaShem he brought upon himself incredible yearning and desires for Hashem and was able to bring the illumination of the ultimate supernal will, and essentially nullify the yeast in the dough which is impeding him from doing HaShems will.

All of this is the realty of speaking directly before HaShem, which our master and teacher Z’L warned us constantly without measure that this is the main channel. The entire idea of this personal prayer is to renew and strengthen ones own will and desire to serve and come close to HaShem. Through this a person brings into his life the illumination of the supernal redemption [pidyon] that was mentioned earlier. One must be very very vigilant in this beyond measure. THen in the end finally he will certainly sweeten everything through the power of the Tzadik who is engaged in the universal redemption[pidyon hakollel] of souls. Then everything will be transformed into the good because in this place everything is rectified. NNNNM Gevalt!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nanach on TV (In English).

Your thinking your going .... Up!

When faced with new overwhelming desire and lust, if you are Nanach, Rabbainu says not to make the mistake of the Chasidim, feeling that you have fallen, rather be aware that you have risen to a knew level, and therefore must face a new the klipos (evil husks) that surround it.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

The Hagada is meant to be said with Nanach!

The Hagada of Pesach only mentions Moshe Rabainu (Moses) once. So all the litvishe (haraidim) are saying that this is so that people do not confuse Moshe with God, G"f. This is very sad that they have such a shallow perception of the awesomeness of God that they are so worried that people will mistake a person for God. The reality is that the reason that Moshe isn't mentioned, is because Moshe is the one doing the speaking! The first night of Pesach, all of the Jews, after eating the Pesach, were busy getting to Moshe, and Moshe began to take them out of Egypt. This makes it quite clear that the main thing to do on the Seder night is to prepare and to get over to Moshe Rabbainu - who in our times is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman. [The actual author of the Hagada is not known, most people say that is was composed by Eliyahu Hanuvi - Elija the Prophet - who Kabalistcly is the mouth of Moshe Rabbainu].

The main thing to do on the Seder Night, is to sing and dance Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman! Keep singing and dancing Nanach as Rabbainu frees you and takes you above and beyond....

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!


Pesach the Holiday of Freedom

The main theme of Pesach - Passover - is freedom. The only way to be free is with Rabbi Nachman (Nachman has the same numerical value, gematria, as Pesach = 148), in fact the main expression of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman is on the Seder Night (as it says in Issaiah, the song will be for like the night of the consecrated holiday). Until one comes to Na Nach he is subservient to all types of prevalent pressures and persecutions, from society, family, his peers, and his own small mindness. Nanach sets one free to be who he/she really is.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Welcome AYGS and family to Jerusalem!

B"H it was GIVALD to see them at the Kosel this Shabos.

Many Nanach, and possibly myself, will be joining them for the Seder (in Geula). [BTW the Levin family, including Y.A. are planning to be in Ramat Eshkol for Pesach].

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Friday, March 26, 2010

See Yourself See God, Sing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

If you make it to the end of these words you'll see how they are related to the weekly Tora Portion, Tzav, B"H, and Shabos Hagadol:

Rabbi Nachman says (Likutay Moharan, Tora 56) a person can forget and lose sight G"f of holiness, where what is wrong is hidden for him, even still this person can realize that he's in the dark and that he's mistaken. If the person doesn't move to set himself straight, to clarify and delineate his holiness then G"f he can fall into complete hiddeness, a state of unawareness that he's even in the dark. Even still, however hidden he is God is there and giving him life and support. This is true on every level of holiness, there are states of awareness of greater holiness and states of unawareness and utter darkness.

Rabbi Nachman says that obviously there is nothing that can exist outside of God, so the deeper and darker the abyss, the higher the source of Godliness is rooted and hidden there to give existence and reality. In places of awareness, the Godliness is present as it is manifested, but when a place is so dark and God's presence is completely hidden, God's presence there must be from a much higher and esoteric place, so much deeper and holier that it is not touchable by the darkness.

Rabbi Nachman says that when a person is in such a state of complete darkness and unawareness and he calls out to God, reaching out for holiness, he will reveal the highest and deepest secrets of the Tora, the most profound expression and experience of God.

What are the highest and deepest secrets of the Tora? Tora that is mamash personal, touching and embracing the soul. The Sulam explains that if you hear two people whispering, what they are speaking about doesn't interest you, but if you hear your name mentioned, then suddenly you want very much to know what they are talking about. The secrets and the real profundity of the Tora is when you hear the Tora calling you name, speaking directly to you, to your soul.

When a person is aware of God, he has a very limited sense of the greatness of God and how much God really means to him, how much he means to God, and the magnitude of their relationship. When a person is no longer aware of God, and can not detect God, God is no longer a superficial external presence to this person. God has, so to speak, entered the deepest place in this person's being, and just as a person can not see his own self, he can not see God. When this person calls out to God, reciting the holy words of the Tora, calling and shouting "Where is the place of His Holiness" (Likutay Moharan II Tora 12, and Tora 7), he will reveal to himself how he is in fact One with God.

Real holy people are always facing the darkness, the venue which they are lacking the appreciation of God, they are confronting the points where they are unconscious of God, and entering this abyss with prayer to shine the utter esoteric awesome hidden light of God into themselves, their souls, and the whole world.

This is what is said of our father Avrohom who walked before God, where as Noach just walked with God, content to know that he was doing good and holy things. That's why Noach had to be saved by entering an ark as the whole world was destroyed. Noach remained in the right, even as the whole world was destroyed, Noach held onto his holiness not succumbing to the darkness around him. After, when Noach drank wine, which reveals the secrets – the deeper self, Noach exposed himself to be very deficient.

The power of the charlatans, many of the most famous etc., is built upon their confidence of their present, previously achieved holiness (Sulam). They do not have the courage, the holy brazenness, to confront the darkness and reveal the deeper awesome presence of God, instead they use their brazenness to take power and control with the limited perceptions of holiness that they have already attained. [This is developed further in the next paragraph and in a later post: - based on the Noam Elimelech, parshas VuAira, "make a wonder for yourselves"]

Rabbainu explained that there are much greater levels than that of miracle workers. Rabbainu explained that this is the same concept of a king who appoints a simpleton to guard the treasury, treasures that have already been attained and just need to be guarded. When it comes to planning new conquests the king calls upon the wisest advisors. When guarding treasures, previously acquired levels, it is important to be simple, faithful and honest. Noach was this (until he drank the wine), the charlatans brazenly draw from the treasures for their own purposes. The real tzadikim give their treasures to the world (see Likutay Moharan Tora 20 and the correlating dream recounted in Chayay Moharan), as they courageously set out on new conquests.

Breslover Chasidim would say, the greatest miracle Rabbi Nachman did was to bring them to higher levels of awareness of God, instilling them with holy brazenness to stand up to the darkness, apathy, and hatred of the world, to believe and cry out to God, to reveal that they are in fact One with God.

Shlomo Carlbach relates a short story he read, about a couple who really love each other but found themselves constantly fighting, so they decided to separate for a while, the woman would stay with her family and the man would travel. The woman receives a letter from her husband telling her how he went to Milano and was partying and found a beautiful woman, and what a great time he was having. She was very hurt. A week later she gets another letter from her husband, telling her how he went to Madrid and was having such a good time with a pretty girl he met. The woman felt crushed. This transpired over and over again, and the woman was so broken she couldn't bear to stay with her family and opted to return to the solitude of her own house. Upon arriving and settling in, she detected a light in her husband's study, approaching the study she slowly opened the door and discovered her husband sitting there bent over his typewriter. Completely flabbergasted the woman gasps in shock, the husband becoming aware of his wife's presence rushes over to her and embraces her. He tells her, do you think I could have left you even for one second, I was here the whole time waiting for you.

Reb Shlomo says that this is exactly what happened with the Jewish nation, as we went into exile, suffering all the persecutions, the whole time God was waiting for us to return to him in Israel.

This is also true on a personal level. God is mamash with us, He is just waiting for us to come back to Him, do discover Him.

Rabbi Nachman related a parable about this. A person, Chatzkal, once dreamed that there was a treasure buried under the bridge in a distant city, he journeyed there and a guard told him that he's crazy, the guard told him, I had a dream that there was a treasure buried under the floor of Chatzkel's house. Chatzkal went back home and dug up the treasure. Our treasures are with us, but we need to come to the Tzadik to discover them.

Every time we say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman we build and strengthen our own identities, personality, and character. We are discovering the awesome God who is One with us.

The Tora Portion, Tzav – Command, begins with the commandment to always have a fire burning on the alter. In the first comment of Rashi, he explains that the language "command" conotates encouragement for something to be done with alacrity in the present and the future, Rabbi Shimon says, the Tora especially has to encourage this way in a place where there is loss of "keess" (wallet, i.e. money, Keess can also mean covering). All the commentaries are asking what is the monetary loss involved in this mitzvah, and why all mitzvos that do have monetary loss was this particular commandment given special attention.

B"H we can explain simply, the mitzvah of having a fire constantly burning on the alter doesn't allow for the presence and the setting in of darkness – the absence of covering. There is special need for encouragement that even in the lack of setbacks and darkness, there should still be complete and utter devotion to achieve the highest commitment possible.

There was once an extremely wealthy Breslover Chasid, R' Aba (if I remember correctly) who was a huge Ohvaid Hashem (servant of God) and Talmid Chuchum (Tora Scholar), he said that despite all his devotion to God he was not capable of sighing as R' Getzel (if I remember correctly) – a certain destitute Breslover Chasid. When all is well and all lights are green it is very hard, nearly impossible to elicit a cry from the very depth of our being. R' Aba desired to experience God in the deepest depth of a suffering man's sigh.

The Shabos before Pesach is called Shabos Hagadol, the Big Shabos, this Shabos corresponds to the preparation that the Jews made for the Pesach, a very brave and courageous task openly defying their masters. It also corresponds to the present day mayhem of preparation for the Holidays, the cleaning and general commotion. This is a time to achieve greatness.

Rabbainu said that he likes a "fried" chosid. Na Nach is the complete tikun (rectification and ordeal), for a person to experience and unify himself in God.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hash Sheli - Yayin Hungari

President of the Ukraine is Jewish (and not anti semetic)

About a month ago the Ukraine was having elections, one of the main candidates was saying very anti semetic things which invoked criticism from around the world. In the end that candidate didn't even make into the elections, and a Jew won.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Honest/Faithful Business brings true expression of the Love of God and lucid shining intellect – Likutay Moharan 93.

Resurrect The Dead By Pacing In Your Room

Rabbainu reveals the method in Likutay Moharan (Tora 92), it has to do with the fluctuating of the lungs, which represent the five books of the Tora and Jacob, which mitigate the all consuming heat of the heart which represents Joseph.

Rejoicing in God Brings Completeness

Rabbainu explains (Likutay Moharan 90) a verse in Tehilim (Psalms end of 104) “I will rejoice in God, transgressions will be finished from the land” the word for transgressions, chait, can also be translated as lackings (and the word for finished, yitamoo, can mean completed), thus the verse is saying that by rejoicing in God all lackings are fulfilled and completed. I.e. all the sparks that fell and broke from the Divine Presence are restored and elevated through the rejoicing in God.

Be Rabbainu For Just The Moment

B"H we are so blessed to have the awesome teachings and stories of Rabbainu and his holy followers. Often when we read them and gain enormous encouragement we think to ourselves that their holy ways are far above what we ourselves can achieve. There is some truth to this, obviously in our times we have our own tasks and functions to accomplish. However we do have the amazing ability to grab hold of Rabbainu's awesome status. When we are prepared to do something very holy and special, whether it be a prayer a thought of holiness or an act of kindness, and we bind ourselves and our souls to Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, we can attain, even if just for a fleeting moment, the actual reality of Rabbainu himself. This moment is eternal. Thus we have the ability of eternaly being Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tzfat - Yayin Hungari

Making wine at Hamaspik in Monroe

Lady who caused problems for the Nanach in Uman dies of a heart attack

Her name was something like Lapinsky and she was something like the deputy mayor of Uman, she caused alot of problem for the Nanach including the removal of an amazing Nanach Hafatza trailor, she got her just deserts about a month ago. She was very young, and allegedly she had killed her husband, running him off the road in order to get his money and power.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Excitement by the Rebbe's Tzion Motivated by the Writing of Na Nach on the Wall

New Nanach Posted on the Wall facing Rabbi Nachman's Tzion

New Nanach above the Holy Tzion of Rabbi Nachman

New Nanach Posted on the Wall facing Rabbi Nachman's Tzion

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Petek - Yayin Hungari


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

More Purim Nanach in the UK

To see all their videos click here.

A gift from Mrs. Clinton/Invitation to our crash course.

Jerusalem has become within reach for the US army, last week. With the lack of Palestinian leadership, and Obama administration interests in the middle east vaccuming stronger then ever, this situation is emerging.

My question is who but Rabbi Nachman can stop the Juggernut? So thank you for the gift Mrs. Clinton, frankly you picked yourself quite a match and you have made my work very easy.

I am for peace, and for the US Army, and for the US and all G-d fearing fearless people.

NA NACH is the King, the ONE, the ONLY, his president is Mr. Zalman Shazar who has become immortal. We ARE the Economy of the whole world and also the Law because such is the will of G-d.

All your theories and beliefs are going to fall apart (the curve starts now), but those who will kling to Na Nach will be saved by divine providence (allow for a difficult purification process).

Blessings from Saba's village in "Palestine", frankly we already have a ruler, who controls alot more then Palestine. With his prayers he and G-d run the show, so I encourage you to start the crash course.

Welcoming Myself Back to Jerusalem and after a two week visit to the Holy Site of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


becha rabeinu

Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking over the USA - Yayin Hungari

New Keren Book

The Keren has published a new pocket size Sefer Hamidos.

I believe that there is a dibbur from Rabbanue about carrying around a Sefer Hamidos in your pocket. B"H we will soon add this product to for now anyone who is interested in ordering it should comment on the post.

siman nanach tov orchestra

nahafochu !

at the times of mashiach purim, will be the only holiday observed.
the essence of it (purim) is that all the dark, all the garbage, all the
"why?!??!? is this happening?!?"
will be fliped, 180, to light and beuty and "ahhhhh, that's why (big sigh)..."
its the times of mashiach now.
flip it all around.
nahafochu !
NNNNM !!!!!!!!!!!!
[if u want a shirt or longsleeve shirt like this, write me and ill send u one, for the cost of the shipping. i got lots leftover from purim. :) nnnnm]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meeting Rebbe Yisroel Karduner - Yayin Hungari

Nanach is "end of times"

1943 October ...The Nazis are going to destroy all Danish Jews in one night..7 000 souls. A handful of Danes hear the secret and decide that they MUST save these Danish Citizens (notice the difference in treatment with foreign Muslems in the wake of 9/11). The Norwegians have set a precedent and saved the men from Oslo from extermination by smuggling them to Sweden. It is going to require a vast sum of money and great sacrifices for these "goyim" to find 7 000 000 Danish Krones to fund and run the rescue operation. Dan Mark means the land of Dan and sure enough in Tora Dan is said to stand in the face of Amalek and knock the rider off the horse!

He set a precedent among nations that rallied and ratified the creation of the State of Israel. The "Judean" nation.

Dan and Juda build the Tabernacle. Juda who traded the Tzaddik for a pair of shoes. The shoes he will need, along with the money he will need in the future to build the land of Israel, the final resting place of "brother Josef" the "bread" of the whole world.

In the meantime Josef in his completed form, "Rabbi Nachman" is outside with Menashe and Efraim. It is by their zchous that the Geuoula can take place! I still don't know how, but they along with Benyamin and Naphtali are modern nations with constitutions and histories they can be proud of because these people have constently been on the side of Israel.

Alot of bad people want to create Machlokets, but there is no need to be swallowed by them. They will usually praise the person they are trying to court while badmouthing someone else (or another group). Why the praise? Because they want to knock a person off the path of EMES (truth) in order to lead them down the slippery slope to anger and depression in order to manipulate them for their own benefit (they think).

Do not let yourselves be flattered by people who give importance to deniers of the holy Petek. Tzadik ve ra lo at best. These people are living in an illusion and their praise is of no value anywayse. Just booring, like the cat calls in Pig Alley.

Real EMES (truth) can be found in each word of NaNach, I believe only Moses is on the level to really praise him. Out of compassion for us Saba praised himself so we could ape him and pick up a small amount of merit for speaking words of truth (which would otherwise be denied us).

Amazing that the Kingdome of Truth can only emerge from the greatest fall man has ever experienced. Saba said it all already including, the whole world will be Breslevers. Juda does tchouva and acquires royalty.

chag kasher w'nanach!

Likutei Halakhot Hilchot Pesach Halachah 1
See the essay on “Three go out from one”[*see Zohar below] and the essay next to it [Likutei Moharan 58-59], for the two are one, for the two were said together, see there.
(1) And this is like eating matzah on Pesach, for its known that the Exodus is revelation of the da`at/Knowledge and therefore at that time we attained the three profusions, which are: the Well [of Miriam], the Cloud [of Glory], and the Manna, which go out from the Da`at. And this is like the three matzot of Pesach, which are compared to the three profusions mentioned above which go out from the Da`at, which is like matzah. For matzah is like Da`at, like MoSheH, like our Rabbi [Nachman] said (In Likutei Moharan 56) that matzah is like argument that is for the sake of Heaven, which is like M”ShH i.e. Machloket Shammai Hillel, see there:
And therefore the three matzot are Kohen Levi and Israel which are chesed-gevurah-tiferet, like the Three Avot who are like the Well, Cloud, and Manna, as is written there. And this is like the two cups we drink before eating, which we say the Haggada between; this is like “one goes between two” [Zohar Bereishit 32b] i.e. the Haggada, which is like rectifying the Da`at, rectifying the Brit/Covenant [of Abraham, i.e. circumcision, i.e. family purity and pure thoughts][goes between the two cups]. And therefore we say it in a loud voice. For the haGaDah is like “And He declared (wayaGeD) unto you His Brit.” I.e. like the War of Amalek, and therefore the whole Haggadah talks about this. And therefore it is said over the two first cups which are like “one… goes up between two.” For the cups are capable of repairing the Brit to fight the war of Amalek. For the wine is a repair of the Da`at (as Rabbeinu said). And therefore afterwards we eat the meal which is like the profusion, like lechem mishneh/double bread which is drawn down via a repaired Brit. And therefore we double the matzot and we eat from both of them, like lechem mishneh as mentioned above. And this is like the two last cups over which we say songs and praises. This is like “two feeding one.” For the first Haggadah which we say before the meal is like the War of Amalek as mentioned above. Like we say there “My father was a wandering Aramean and we cried out etc. and they were bad to us etc. and He heard our voice.” That all the afflictions and the wars that we had in Mitzrayim/Egypt were all in order to be saved from blemish of the Brit which is the impurity of Mitzrayim. But after the meal we say songs and praises for being saved from the war and attaining Tikkun Habrit/remedy of the Brit. And therefore it is like “two feed one” because Shabbat, which is the idea of annulment of the bad, and its resting/stopping derives the lechem mishneh through Tikkun Habrit through which is made Shabbat i.e. annulment of the bad, and this is like the seder that we say after the meal which are songs and praises for being saved from the War as mentioned above. Which is like Shabbat as mentioned and therefore we say most of the songs and praises that are said on Shabbat i.e. Nishmat and Hodu. And the aspect of Shabbat mentioned above receives lechem mishenh through overcoming the war and Tikkun Habrit as mentioned above. And this is like the two cups that we drink after the meal when we say the second seder, like “two feed one” as mentioned above.
(2) And therefore chametz on pesach is forbidden in any amount. For all the prohibitions of the Torah are annulled by sixty parts, for via “the circle and the square” which is the aspect of Shabbat [which is like the Throne of Glory, round like the Samekh, and like justice, like the Breastplate of Judgment, square like the Mem -- see LM 59], they are annulled [the bad is annulled by the thrones of judgment], as is written there. But chametz which is like blemish of the Da`at has no annulment, for after the Da`at is blemished, by this is blemished the Shabbat, which is like the circle and the square, like annulment of the prohibition in sixty, for Shabbat receives power from the Da`at as mentioned above. And also the aspect of justice is spoiled i.e. the heat of the heart which burnt and annuls the bad. For the heat of the heart depends mainly of Knowledge (as Rabbeinu said in another place). Therefore chametz which is like spoiling the Knowledge, has no annulment; we just have to burn it out completely. As Rabbeinu said, that we must be very careful not to machmitz the brain with cravings and thoughts, for from that comes all the blemishes, for everything depends on the knowledge. Therefore we have to clear out completely all the bad thoughts which are like chametz as mentioned and to scold them as in “ge`or chayat kaneh” (scold the beast of the reeds) as is written there (in section 5). And therefore the time limit for chimutz is Chai/18 minutes. For chametz is the sitra demuta/side of death for it is blemish of the knowledge which is like life and therefore initially we need to be careful for even any instant for we need to flee from chametz much i.e. from bad thoughts as mentioned above, but the limit is 18 minutes for then it becomes chametz i.e. the side of death the opposite of life i.e. the knowledge as mentioned. And therefore the limit is equal to the limit for salting which is also 18 minutes, for salting is like Tikkun Habrit like Brit Melach Olam and by it gets extracted the aspect of menstrual blood i.e. blemish of the Brit. And therefore it is also 18 minutes like Tikkun Habrit which is like life like Tikkun HaDaat/Knowledge.
(3) And therefore right after the first night of Pesach we start to count Sefirat HaOmer for through matzah through which we merited to the aspect of Shabbat which is like the circle and the square through which the bad is annulled and therefore we being to count the Sefirat Haomer which is like annulling the bad as is known, for through sefirah we go out from the 49 gates of impurity to 49 gates of holiness i.e. through matzah i.e. through Tikun Hada`at as mentioned...

Our Weapon, Kol Yaakov

One of the secrets to spiritual strength is speech. However low you fall, in all circumstances, you still have the faculty of speech. You should use it! Speak words of truth: words of Torah, words of prayer and the fear of Heaven. You should speak to G_d. Speak also to your friend and especially to your teacher. The power of speech is such that at all times it enables you to remind yourself of the closeness to G_d, and so to bring strength to yourself, even in places which seem furthest from holiness.

Speech is the "mother of children" (tehillim 113:9). A mother goes everywhere with her children. She can never forget them, even if they are in the filthiest of places. In the same way the power of speech goes everywhere withe a person, even into the filthiest of places. There, too, one is able to utter words of holiness. The faculty of speech will never abandon a person or allow him to forget G_d. Understand this well if you truly desire to acquire your share in the world to come.

-Meshivas Nefesh

May we all be zoche to bring our battles with the yetzer out of our minds and down to our mouths, where we will surely be victorious.

Nanach plant - Yayin Hungari

Friday, March 19, 2010

On the way to the Kever of Saba

Saba Daily

Even for Rabbi Natan, no praises we could say would be fitting to him! He was the head of all the tzaddikim and all the Torah-Rabbi Natan! And Rabbi Nachman.....(conversations Israel Saba page 225)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Torah effects a person either right away, or over time. Just like medicine, some help right away, some take time. But in the end Torah works. (Sichot HaRan 207) Rebbe Nachman was talking about his own words.

Breslov Books Site

B"H we have started putting up pictures of the actual books on These will do until we get some professional pictures taken.

We are already shipping out orders so who ever wants Sefri Rabbanue Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman should place their orders.

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NaNachDotNet - yayin Hungari

Yayin Hungari

Adam Melechs lungs have gotten better!
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

At Tzion of Saba

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding Hishtapchus Hanefesh - Yayin Hungari

Saba Daily

No, God does not have mercy on those who do not repent. When one repents-He has mercy and forgives, but without repentance-death! Everything! (Israel Saba conversations page 553)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Tefilah (prayer) is a concept of "above nature". When we daven the Nature is changed. (Likutay Moharan 250)

new nanach zip hoodies

the same nanach graffiti hoodies i designed b4, now in a zip hoodie!
fresh and in full effect.
hope u like.
contact me here or thru the info on the vid.
514-804-1772 (montreal, cananda)

kol hayeshuot to all that need, specially in this holy month.
na nach nachma nachman m'uman !
sigh when u need to.
israel airan

nanach clothes from last month , new stuff comming soon

hi brothers ! nanach, here airan, yisrael peleg, from montreal, spreading nanach through clothes, so important .... so holy !
here is the clothes i made last month, new colours, new designs, new nanach, will post shortly!!! enjoy nissan, chodesh tov ve simcha always!
airan nanach

NNNNM beach

HardCore Nanachs

Na Nach Uman

Saba & Petek

Great Picture by Nanach10

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Saba Pay - Yayin Hungari

Soviet na nach

3 Dreams of Reuven Elston

I was asked by REUVEN ELSTON to post three dreams that he had recently...

The first occurred several months ago, and goes like this. I was amongst a gathering of the Keren at Amrams leviya. Everyone was gathered in one place And Amram was lying down in the front of everyone. Suddenly I was moved to stand up and speak. And said" Tell me what is the point of the whole petek, Other than to bring the Geula?. And what is the Geula? The Geula is only bringing Rabbeinu to Eretz Yisrael. Everyone was silent, and I realized I was heard. Then I remember I was looking at Amram and he was talking! He was saying something in Yiddish that I couldn’t understand, some response to what I said. I looked at Sharon and said" How can Amram be talking when he is no longer alive? Suddenly the dream ended and I woke up.

The second dream was more powerful and occurred just recently. I was in Jerusalem somewhere in a large auditorium. Rebbeinu was here and everyone Was talking about it. I saw the Aron and the Chevra Kadisha and everyone knew that Rabbi Nachman is finally here. For some reason I still doubted Was this really Rebbeinu himself or was this just hearsay. Then my wife mentioned to me that she saw the face for a second. I awoke suddenly being extremely happy that The Rebbe has infact arrived!

The third dream which was the last was several days ago. I was standing in a room talking to Moshe Azzizu and one other person was listening. Suddenly I said to Moshe "We have absolutely nothing". No Shiddukim, no Mosdot of Torah and where 'al ha panneim legamri". He shook his head and said your right! Then I said, until we have a group, a number that exists, where everyone is united, we have nothing in this world at all! The dream ended suddenly and I woke up very happy! Finally we have become a people! As I continued to think about this dream during the day I understood that we have to simply gather in one place together like the tribes and bring in one after One.. All people who believe that Saba is the King are part of his people and when we have a people, a nation, a number, then and only then the King can reveal Himself. Since there is no King without a kingdom. And the greater the people are the more the Kings Splendor will be.

na nach

read more tehilim and lekutei tefillote


The Rebbe once gave his old Tallis to one of his esteemed followers. He said,"Be very careful with this Tallis. I shed a tear for each thread in this Tallis until I understood the true meaning of a Tallis."


He passed away,The Rebbe said,"I have already reached such a level that I can no longer advance while still clothed in this earthly body."I yearn to put this body aside, for I cannot remain on one level."
Although the Rebbe attained the highest levels, he still strove to reach the next step. This was true throughout his life. He finally reached so high a level, that he could no longer advance while still in a mortal body. He therefore had to leave this world.He said,"I would like very much to remove this garment.For I cannot remain on one level.Ich valt shoin gegeren das hemdel ois ge-tan. Varein ich kan oif ein medregah nit shtein."

What is rashei teivot M'od Hayah Kasheh?

וְדַע שֶׁיֵּשׁ שֵׁם שֶׁכְּשֶׁרוֹצִין לַעֲשׂוֹת מֶלֶך מִשְׁתַּמְּשִׁין בְּזֶה הַשֵּׁם
וְהַשֵּׁם הוּא קמה
רָאשֵׁי תֵּבוֹת הַשְׁקִיפָה מִמְעוֹן קָדְשֶׁך
וְזֶה בְּחִינַת: "מְהַעְדֵּה מַלְכִין וּמְהָקֵם מַלְכִין"
וְזֶה שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר בְּיוֹסֵף: "וְהִנֵּה קָמָה אֲלֻמָּתִי".

(end of likutei moharan 234)

happy rosh chodesh hageulah
happy birthday Rosh Bnei Israel Nachman!

Hafatza Theater

NaNach Bomb - Yayin Hungari

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Petek - Yayin Hungari

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Hei

As kabbalistically, the letter Hei represents the month of Nissan, the following is a translation of a teaching of Likutei Moharan from Rabbeinu whose birthday is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and is from a collection of teachings from Likutei Moharan compiled in order of the Alef Beis by Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK'L in Ner L'Tzadik.


HaNosein Tzedaka: One who gives Tzedaka is saved from Aveiros. For anyone who has mercy on Hashem's creatures, Heaven has mercy on him/her (Shabbos 151b), while it is forbidden to have mercy on one who has no knowledge (Berachos 33). And since Heaven has mercy on him, it has to be that Heaven gives him knowledge, and thus such a person is saved from coming into the clutches of sin, for one does not sin unless a spirit of foolishness has entered him/her (Sotah 3), but when one has knowledge, he/she is saved from Aveiros. Amen, So may it be His will (Part 1:116)

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Alef

NOTE: Teaching from Rabbeinu who was born on Rosh Chodesh Nissan - Alef Nissan, from the collection of teachings from Likutei Moharan as compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK"L in order of the Alef Beis, entitled Ner L'Tzadik.


Eesah BaGemara: See in the Gemara - (Rabbi Nechunya Ben HaKana was asked) "In what merit did you live a long life?" The rabbi answered "I was easy going with my money". (Megillah 28a)

To explain this, we need to know what it says in the Zohar HaKadosh (Naso 123):

"Come and see: Each one of the six days of Creation has a replica of the spiritual level that leads it, and you don't find any day that does not have good in it..."

"Each day has its outside fence so that not anyone can just come in for the good that it contains; for example, anyone who consists of darkness that covers the light..."

"Because of this, one who is wicked while wishing to know the secrets of the Torah, will have his thoughts confused by angels of destruction who are called darkness and thick clouds, snakes and scorpions, who are called wild beasts of the field, in order to prevent this wicked person from entering a place where he does not belong."

"However, for one who is good, all of these angels protect him, as these prosecuting angels become his advocates, and they themselves bring him to the Hidden Good and say to Him: "Our Master, here is a person who is good, righteous and fearing of Heaven, and he wishes to enter in Your Presence"..."

"That Hidden Good will say to them: "Open up for him the gate that is called love" or "Open up for him the gate that is repentance." Every righteous person will enter a particular area according to his spiritual level."

There is no good but Torah (Avoda Zara 19b). When one wants to be immersed and think in Torah, meaning in the secrets of the Torah, there are "snakes and scorpions" that confuse his thoughts - these are the thoughts that come to a person. When a person wants and desires spirituality very much, and Hashem opens up the way for him, as mentioned in this piece of Zohar, then every day is by him very great, for he sees and comprehends the hidden goodness, meaning the secrets of the Torah that is connected with that particular day.

This is what the Tana asked: "In what merit did you live a long life?" Meaning, in what particular characteristic did you enter the hidden goodness, by which you lengthened your days that they should be great (as mentioned above). The rabbi answered him "I was easy going with my money".

This was the characteristic of Avraham Avinu, and it is the gate that is called Love, which is the right side. As stated in Tikunei Zohar (Tikun 70): "From the right side is the white part of the brain like money". Meaning, that all of the accusers and "snakes and scorpions", meaning, the foreign thoughts that confuse one's mind, become white like money. And so it says regarding Avraham (Bereishis 24) "Now Avraham was old, well on in years" (NOTE: This is part of a Posuk that is a Minhag to say on Rosh Chodesh immediately following Hallel), meaning that all of his days were complete and great, for the right side is the white part of the brain that is like money, and the accuser becomes the defender, and Avraham was able to come every day to the hidden goodness that he was connected with. (Part 1:84)

238 Years from Baby Nachman's Birth

Two hundred thirty eight years ago on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, a holy cry was sounded. And speaking of crying, Rochel Imeinu - whose name Rochel is the Gematria of 238, was the one who cried on behalf of Klal Yisrael in the past, and Hashem promised her that He will listen to her and bring her children out from exile.

On a more positive note, Rabbeinu's B-day, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, is the Rosh Chodesh of the Roshei Chodoshim. And the beginning words of the middle Beracha of the Mussaf Shemoneh Esrei begins Roshei Chodoshim L'Amcha - the Roshei Taivos of these words spell Rochel. Moreover, on whatever day of the week that Rosh Chodesh Nissan falls out on, the coming Yahrzeit of Rochel Imeinu of 11 Marcheshvan will fall out on that same day of the week.

And being that this is now the beginning of the 239th year from Rabbeinu's birth, it should be noted that the Roshei Taivos of the four wives of Yaakov Ovinu spell the word Barzel (iron) - Bilhah, Rochel, Zilpah, Leah, having the Gematria of 239 - Beis, Reish, Zayin, Lamed. It's mentioned that the significance of this word having the Roshei Taivos of these women is that in order for the Jewish nation to be "kashered", they had to go through the iron crucible of Mitzrayim, and it is this word forming the Roshei Taivos of the mothers of the Jewish nation that hints to this.

As it relates to Breslov and Nanach (not just this year with the significance of the number 239), the Jews left the iron crucible on Pesach, and the word Pesach is the same Gematria as Rabbeinu's name Nachman - 148. And if Jews wake up to the truth of the teachings of Rabbeinu Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, then we will not need to worry about another Iron/Iran Crucible, or Iron/Iran Crucible.

Boruch Hashem, I was Zoche...

The other Shabbos - Shabbos Ki Sisa, I was given the Aliyah where Rabbeinu's name is hinted in Shemos 32:32 - Ani Nachman Meuman. It is true that this was the Levi Aliyah, and I was given it as I am a Levi. After all, it was the Levi'im who sang in the Beis HaMikdash, pertaining to which we say the Shir Shel Yom, and as mentioned in the last Mishna of Maseches Tamid. And the ultimate Shir is...the Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

Comment on the following Blog about the 10 Crowns

Rabbeinu's name is TEN letters when spelled as Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba - Na Nach Nachma Nachman.
Also, Rabbeinu's name begins and ends with a Noon, just as the name of Nachshon Prince of Judah who brought the Korbonos on behalf of his Tribe on the day that in the future would be Rabbeinu's B-day.

Along these lines, Yehudah - the name of the Tribe that Nachshon brought the Korbonos on behalf of -contains the Shem Havaya (YKVK), which is also spelled as TEN letters as Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba, the original Shir Chadash as mentioned in Tikkunei Zohar.

Ten Crowns of Rosh Chodesh Nisan

The Sanctuary in the wilderness was inaugurated on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and this auspicious day has ten crowns: (1) On that day the Creation was complete; (2) Nachshon Prince of Judah brought his offering to Moses' wilderness Sanctuary; (3) Aaron began his duties as High Priest; (4) The first communal offerings were brought; (5) Fire came down from heaven to the altar; (6) Sacrificial portions were eaten within designated limits; (7) The Shechinah dwelt among the people; (8) The Cohanim blessed the people; (9) It was henceforth forbidden to sacrifice on private altars; (10) This day was designated as Rosh Chodesh. Numerous sections of the Torah were revealed on 1 Nissan.

and the birthday of... Rebbe Nachman Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'Uman

I saw M. Matityahu today. Thank God he still lives.

The Mefursam Song

We already posted this song, but this clip has nice pictures to get the point across.

Nanach Video Art

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yayin Hungari

Story of the Thief - Yayin Hungari

Nanach Mikva Warrior

Saba Laughing at the Entire World


We all know that Rabbanue was against being obsessed with Chumros (extra halachic stringencies) with the exception of Shmiras Habris.

It is very interesting to know that the first sin, the sin of Adom was caused because of the use of Chumraos. Hashem told Adom that he could not eat from the tree of knowledge. Yet when Adom told over this commandment to his wife, he added an extra stringency from his own mind. He told Chava that not only was she not allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge, she was not even allowed to touch it.

It was from this that the sin originated, since the Snake leveraged this stringency against her to cause her to sin.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Monsey Na Nach Van

The Monsey NaNach van was started for the first time in 4 or 5 months. I started the engine and it went, a miracle. The van has to be moved because the property that its on is starting development very soon. Anyway a small Na Nach miracle thank God! Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman!!!!!!

What is the Breslev custom for matza?

Q: Do you eat only shemura matza throughout Pesah or only at the Seder? What is the Breslev or Sefardi custom?

A: An answer from our friend Rabbi Siegel:

Shalom, Nissim!

There is no such thing as a Breslover custom. Rabbeinu kept his customs secret, so as not to make them the main thing instead of his teachings (as unfortunately happens in many groups).

Some of the Gedolei Breslov throughout the generations had particular customs which were adopted by their students. Some are Ukrainian Jewish customs which happened to be observed in the area.

Sepharadi customs vary. Some eat only Shemura all Pesach. Some only for the Seder.

The Chashash of the BaCH that we can't rely on dough that has stood unbaked more than 18 minutes, even though it was constantly kneaded, was never accepted by Sepharadim.

The Matzot Peshutot are completely kosher according to Maran, even for the seder, but shemura is preferable. (Even peshutot are shemura mishe'at techinah, which is sufficient according to Maran; but he prefers shemurah mishe'at ketzira l'chatchilah.)

I use peshutot except for the sedarim.

Whether machine shemurah or hand shemurah is preferable, is a machloket for the last hundred years. I use hand shemura for the sedarim. If they were unavailable I would use machine shemurah. If these, too, were unavailable, I would use peshutot (with a berachah) even for the sedarim.

I hope this helps,

Yaakov Siegel

click on "Comments" to see more on what is shemura, and questions regarding machine and peshuta...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Na Nach stickers

Five new Na Nach designer stickers. Find them all at THIS NEW WEBSITE.

Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan

To come on Ziyun of Sabba and crown and accept him as our King. 12 in the afternoon

Nanach World Peace Drawing


everyone is invited to the wedding of Yishai and Daniella.
Monday March 15 at 6:30pm. Chuppa at 7:30pm.
at Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst
8 spruce street
cedarhurst, ny

na nach

NC Nanachs

A call out for all Nanachs living in NC
to please contact me!

This World is Nothing

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Baal Shem Tov

"I Am the King", with English Translation

Spread The Holy Name!

Nanach Purim

A Nananch is Born

Photo Colloge

From Ranan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My Entire Life is Nanach

A great song from Ranan, you can find it in his folder on the nanach music site.

A Mefursam Shel Sheker

Great Picture from Gamaba Nanach

The Tzavah (Will)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ana (P) from Portuguese Nanach has donated another $60 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

New Saba(trance) Uploaded

Folder: Ilan Nanach

Saba says "Ani NNNNM... Zehu!" (at 1:03 in the song)
That zehu is priceless.


Nanach on American tv

today i was watching and Israeli document and saw this so i ran and got the camra and recorded it and though i would share it with you guys, although its short it still shows how big of a impact NNNNM is making,and those 10sec made this day even better.

Hungarian Wine

NaNach Land

Spray paint water tanks

Theres a Givald Nanach that was commissioned to spray paint water tanks - a very familiar presence in Israel usually on the roofs of houses, some of his work is on display in a museum in Tel Aviv.
Na Nach

Azamra Nanach

Na Nach UK

B"H are Na Nach brothers in the UK have done and amazing job with spreading NNNNM
and have the first Na Nach van ever to set foot in the UK.They also have a blog
Keep up the amazing work!

Great Blessings Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Super Saba Trance

The disk Super Saba is now available for download on the Nanach Music Site look for a sub folder under Ponpon.

Nanch in England

This year Purim became a little lively in the UK, when a group of boys went around the city in a realistic looking Nanach car.

They even made a website

Keep up the good work,
the UK needs a lot of Na Nach

Ebay Hanachal

New Graphic on on the page of Ebay Hanachal
The site is now functioning and we have already started sending orders.

Na Nach another dimension

Terrible Crime against Nananch

This Purim a Nanach had a hafatza table set up on Malchi Yisroel Street in Yerushalaim. Some Yeshiva boys came over and asked him to get rid of the table. When the mafitz refused they got into a car and drove straight into the table sending the entire thing flying. The mafitz was thrown into the air and landed on top of the car and was dragged for many feet. He has been hospitalized and a few of his kids had been wounded.

This is a call to bring those Misnagdim to Justice.
Anyone that has any information about this crime, witnessed it or has any pictures of videos of it is urged to immediately call 0506797114 with this information.

Tiveria, mayim, kol hashem, shir chadash, safah berurah

I was reading the info below on Wikipedia on Tiberian Hebrew.

The fact the mesora of diacritics and taamim owes to Tiveria, seems to give extra credence to the Petek Hakadosh, which fell in Tiveria.

Why should Tiveria be mesugal for all this? Could it be its association with water (Tiveria being one of the Four Holy Cities (bechinat four elements) of the Land of Israel: Jerusalem-fire, Hebron-earth, Tiberias-water, and Safed-air.

And Rabeinu associates kol/voice with nahar yotze me`eden/"a river went out from eden" (genesis 2) in LM II:8 where he writes about the future song y yk ykw ykwk. As is written: kol hashem al hamayim (ps. 29).

And water is Torah.

May we merit to the complete safah berurah soon!

Ki miztion tetze Torah... but ki mitveria yatzta pitka!

where did baruch sheamar fall?

Tiberian Hebrew designates the... traditional medieval pronunciation committed to writing by Masoretic scholars based in the Jewish community of Tiberias in the period ca. 750-950 CE. This written form employed diacritics added to the Hebrew letters: vowel signs and consonant diacritics (nequdot) and the so-called accents (two related systems of cantillation signs or te'amim), which together with the marginal notes (masora magna and masora parva) make up the Tiberian apparatus. (Though the written vowels and accents only came into use ca. 750 CE, the oral tradition they reflect is many centuries older, with ancient roots.)

While the Tiberian systems of vocalization and accentuation for the Hebrew scriptures represented a regional pronunciation, localized to Tiberias, Tiberian Hebrew was universally acknowledged as superior to other reading traditions....

As mentioned above, the Tiberian points were designed to reflect a specific oral tradition for reading the Tanakh. Later they were applied to other texts (one of the earliest being the Mishnah), and used widely by Jews in other places with different oral traditions for how to read Hebrew. Thus the Tiberian vowel points and cantillation signs became a common part of Hebrew writing...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Names32/32 Moshe's mother?

Who says there is no Red cow in this generation?

Moshe took Josef Imo (with him-his mother) but 32/32 ANI NACHMANI IMI and Moshe does it again, this time his "mother" is Rabbi Nachman.

G-d carved (onkelous- comments)the letter, the letter (in addition to the tablets)- does this refer to the Petek? YOU BET!

Why is Josef the Mother of Moses...I am not BatYa to consider the Nile to be a "mother" but is Moshe: Tovia ben Yocheved or is he Moshe ben Batya (Bat YKVK).
Josef was in the Nile at the time the real mother?

The purpous of the Red Cow is to purify from Death what relation has death with the Golden Calf? He who believes in Gold etc.. is dead like his idol. He who believes in Josef as the True Tzaddik of his generation is alive like the Tzaddik.

Saba merited to be really tested for his faith, like Avraham who was not married to Sarah 127 for no reason (mother of).. 127 represent all his children, the whole world or all that believe in kindness (a world of Chassids). Jacob with the truth, hasn't managed to get 10 sons to accept the truth, that Josef is the Taddik, this is why we cannot pull out of the touma (defilement of death and depression).


Uniting to the Tzaddik, we are bringing real change to the world (about time?) Finally, Jacob (truth) becomes King and the Red Cow becomes obsolete since the real "mother" are the bones of the totally pure Tzaddik. The Mother of the Moshiah she (the bones) is the oposite of dead since she is the source of life inside the Torah. No Tzaddik - NO Torah, No Kemach, No Torah. Looting Egypt is to bring Rabbenu to Jerusalem!

Hope the Nanach's accept the fact that Zalman Shazar, Ben Zvi and Shai Agnon as well as the current Israeli Shekel are PURE! All are connected to Names 32/32! There is DOUGH there is LAW!