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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How great is Esther Ha Malka!?

She asks the nation to fast like 9th of Av for three days for HER, so She will find favor in the eyes of The King. Jehoshua seems to have gotten punished for alot less, Moses didn't make such a request...

Later she "ups the antee" by telling the King that she wants another Purim for the "fortified" cities. It was in her power to ask for the immediate coronation of Mordecai and the Geula, why did't she do this?

In 1948 we had a "second day" indication with the Nuremberg lynchings, and truely it is a stretch of Halacha to kill people and hang them a day later! So the second Purim is NOW.

The miracle of Purim is unfortunatly for Hashem alot more his work then ours, since it is Haman that declared that the Nation was united behind Mordecai and He was going to grant them the mitsvah of dying for the Tzaddik (even against their own will).

Esther, could have been the Queen of the Geula, but she stepped down, preferring to

This is why the Hafatsa of Na Nach is SOOOO important. Am Israel has to unite with the Tzaddik for the world to unite behind G-d.

This is Why Esther can ask for a three days fast for HERSELF and NOT be punished! She understands the importance of her Husband and also of her creator and she isn't ready to make ANY compromises even if they are.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Shabos, Good Purim, Good Nanach!

Where ever you might be ...

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Alim Litrufa

New Graphic on on the page of Alim Letrufa
The site is now functioning and we have already started sending orders.

Order Your Sefri Rabbanue Today

Nanach #1 website of the week

my kinda new website "" just got named
the #1 website of the week.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nanach on French TV

B"H this is the link to the short clip the French TV did on Nanach, (use at your own risk - the part on Nanach is at the end of the clip, it's OK, but I can't vouch for the rest).

Nanach on French TV

Nanach Chicken

New Music

B"H there is now new music available for free on our music site. B"H there are many new songs put up in different places, and there is also a complete new album from
It seems that this Album is geared to delinquent youth, but everyone can enjoy and gain from the music, prose, and messages.
In addition, B"H There's a new Trance album - Lihodia, which you can find in Ponpon's folder.
We also have more stuff which we are planning to upload B"H as soon as possible.
Also remember there is a new album of PURIM music in the Ponpon folder, and there are also songs from Purimm who invite everyone to join them Sunday afternoon in some pub at Kikar Hadavidka - Yerushalayim.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saba Daily

Without Rabbeinu, one is like an orphan! He is missing the primary point! (Israel Saba conversations 403)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Have lot of fun and party alot on Purim because Rebbe Nachman gives a nice list of great things you can accomplish on Purim just by having fun and dancing singing......We take away Amalek, we erase Avodah Zara, and kifirah, we erase all bad judgement...and more. We get a lot of Emunah, we get Holy wisdom, long life.(Liutay Etzot purim-1)

King Nanach Trance

New Nanach Purim Music from Ponpon

B"H we have uploaded the entire new Nanach Purim music disk from Ponpon onto the Nanach Music Site for free download.

Here is the new folder (sub folder under Ponpon)

Amazing Torah on Taanit Ester

Taanit Ester/Fast of Ester (today, Thursday), is a remedy for the craving of food... to rectify the blemish of the Altar, which is what Haman feeds off of. Likutei Halakhot on Purim.

The difference between being alive and dead only has any meaning for someone caught up in his appetite for food and drink. For him death is a reality. It is different for the Tzaddik who has conquered his inclination and is always in complete control of himself, even in things which are permitted to him. The Tzaddik is... always alive, even after his death. For him there is no difference . LM 144.

Purim suppresses and casts down Haman the wicked, i.e. haughtiness. Purim is oppression of klipat Amalek who is the main orlah surrounding the brit kodesh. Purim is the main suppression of the Sitra Achra which is zuhamat hanachash/filth of the Snake. LH.

The main way to suppress Hanam-Amalek is by fasting, therefore the main way Haman and Amalek are defeated is via the shekalim, for the root of the fast is zedaka/charity, like igra d'taanita zidkata/ the letter proclamining the fast was her charity. LH


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter from Rabbi Nachman

Yesterday, Aron Chai of the Keren's Nanach Store in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, made an astounding remark: Rabbainu writes in a letter:
I am disgusted by the Breslov Yeshiva!  [קצתי בישיבת ברסלב!]
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach in Italy

There's a guy in Italy looking for Nanach's, does anyone know any Nanachs in Italy?

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Weapons of Mashiach

Was learning from the 1806 Ostraha (first print) Likutei Moharan and noticed it says "Umisham ikar chiuto W'KLI (not W"KOL as is commonly printed) milchamto sheyaaseh. W'kol hakvishot sheyikvosh hakol misham..." -- "And that is where the root of his (mashiach's) vitality and of the WEAPONS that he will make is. And all the conquests that he will conquer -- all is from there..."

Does anyone know anything about this?

The whole sefer, amazing, is available for download from HU:
Requires the DJVu reader, which can be downloaded.

Saba Daily

God should help us that we will merit together to be involved with the words of Rebbe Nachman, who is the Redeemer, and gives life to all Israel, to each Jew as he is, as we are! (Israel Saba conversations page 103)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The main Amalek in every generation is to go against Hashem. (Likutay Halachot shabbos-7)
The saying goes actions speak louder than words. We may try to sell the books of Rabenu or give over the teachings, but in the end people look at you. I believe the teaching that truth will prevail, so I believe Nanachs will grow and realize the meforsamim may be a little amalek, but if we get rid of our amalek, then and only then, can we take on other forms of amalek. Saba wanted us to grow not take on wars that were only his to fight. I was not deleted from the blog, so I will choose to believe Nanachs will grow and become healthy, and find the right wars to fight Update

B"H almost all of the books have been loaded up to the actual site and there is no need to use the backend of the site to make orders any longer. We have already begun sending out orders and whoever would like to order should do so.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prayer Please

Say a little Tefilah for my brother who is going to court for a big matter.(Ron) Reuven Ben Hanya Malka Rachel and please say Na Nach Nachma Nachman mayuman for his merit thanks.

New Nanach website

I posted awhile ago about the New NNNNM website
just a quick update that ive added alot more stuff
to it and hope everyone will go check it out and enjoy it.
tell me what you think so far as well as if you have suggestions
on how to make it better!
Todah Rabbah!
Link below

Na Nach Mishloach Manos

Na Nach Purim 2010

Saba Daily

There were no Breslov chassids in Tzvat, and suddenly I became a Breslov chassid. Everyone knew that Rabbi Israel was a Breslov chassid, and I learned with Rabbi Israel and suffered with him, it was very "happy". (Israel Saba conversations page 91)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

If you drink wine on Shabbos, or Yom Tov, or at a wedding or any party of Mitzvah, Properly and with good intentions (Lishem Shamayim), and because of this you dance, you nullify all the bad and receive all good.(Likutay Etzot Simchah 12)

New Music

Just put up two new songs on the Nanch Music Site that were sent to us by Menachem Nanach.

First song the petek can be found in his folder.

Here is the second song

Crossing the Bridge

Despair does not exist
There is a way you can get through this
You got to hold on and pray through another day.

You see the trouble with life is this
You got to struggle hard with it
But there's a Light that shines bright to guide your way


The bridge may be narrow
But to cross it there is no fear
For Hashem is the one to lead you
He is very dear, He is very near
The desert we may wander
But the Promised Land is in sight
Joy is our destination
And the pain we leave behind

Worry pain and misery
They don't have any part of me
For I know every second is a brand new day
I can turn my life around
Keep the smile and lose the frown
For I know His light guides my way


New Wall Paper

Needs more work but it is a start


Monday, February 22, 2010

Meforsam dances with my Nanach kipa

Last week at a family wedding, R' Zelig Weinberg a talmid (pupil) of the Brisker Rav donned my Nanach beanie to dance at the wedding. People were quite astounded, and I broke my rule of not dancing with people to dance with him, mida kineged mida.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


French TV aired the Nanach interview!

B"H a few hours ago Jeff Seidel of the Old City of Jerusalem told me that he saw my interview on French Television. B"H the link will be forthcoming.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



so the Yidden die twice at Har Sinai unable to take the holiness of Direct Revelation from the ALmighty. right? Everyone that is, except for Moshe Rabbeini. But the question remains, Why couldn't we take the light? We were at that time k'Ish Echad b'Lev Echad(like one man, one heart), all the souls of Israel unified and corresponding to the Torah should have been able to recieve the Torah Hashem intended for us.
it occurred to me this morning.. that we couldn't take the light, because we were not enough like Moshe Rabbeinu himself. Chazal teach us that we are only close to those we resemble. We can only be close to Hashem because we are made with the Tzelem Elokim, a.k.a. Free Choice.
After the Baal Shem Tov left this world, it is said that R' Mendle of Vitebsk said, 'we should just be friends', No ReBBe Trip. Rabbeinu drove that point much stronger, as do all precious students of Rabbeinu (especially Saba).
But what's the problem with the Rebbe trip?
Once I am batel to the Rebbe, I lose my own power to recieve light from the Almighty myself. The Rebbe might be great, and he'll stay alive, but i've already become toast(chas v'shalom).
Only as holy friends respectful of each one's personal connection and communication with the Almighty, can we recieve the Higher Light Directly, personally, and collectively.
Moshe Rabbeinu, Rabbeinu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, can recieve the Light because they aren't looking for anyone else to do it for them. WE resemble the Tzaddik Yesod Olam by being like him.
Rabbeinu tells us,"all of you can be like me".

New Na Nach website

Ive recently just made a new Na Nach website the first one ive made in almost a year now.This website is still under construction but is up and running if anyone has request for this website to make it better...ect please leave a comment below.
Ill try to keep everyone updated on this website,and i will be soon posting up Na Nach events all around the world if you know of any Na Nach events that are coming up please contact me and let me know.
the link to the website is below.
I hope everyone enjoys it!

Saba Daily

Without the Torah there is no life. We, thank God, bless God every day and say to him: "Blessed are you, Lord our God, king of the world, that you made me a Jew." Is there anything better than the Torah and the Mitzvot? Thank God we are Jew, the people of the Torah. (Israel Saba conversations page 253)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Just from the fact of seeing a Tzadik ones Ruchniyut can be elevated. (Likuaty Halachot tefilin halacha 6) {and based on Likutay Moharan 4}

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joel Gallis (Yosef Ben Yaakov) Z"L - Believer in the Emes

A few weeks ago on 16 Shevat, the world incurred a loss with the passing of a Jew who spread the truth of Hashem with inspiring messages of doing Teshuva. Joel Gallis, of blessed memory, whose Hebrew name Yosef Ben Yaakov is the same as the Biblical Joseph who fought sexual temptation, while a professional in the accounting field, did more in serving Hashem and helping others do the same than many with the title of rabbi.

Together with Dr. Robert Wolf, they authored a few Torah books, including Light out of Darkness & two volumes of Between the Lines, focusing on Hidden Codes of the Torah & Gematrios to relay timely messages and to prepare the world for Moshiach. They also have a website, in which they have broadcasted on 18 radio shows
pertaining to these issues.

At the end of the 16th show (download #16) in the above website (press on radio broadcasts), they mention the secret formula for cleansing sins, which is what they mentioned as Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's 10 Psalms (of the Tikkun HaKelali). And in their blog, they mention the story behind the Petek, mentioning their original Torah thoughts on this - particularly on Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, as related to Sefer Daniel and the End of Days* It should be noted that Joel Gallis co-authored this particular blog article (their blogspot is not even a year old) only several months before his passing; no doubt having fulfilled his mission in this world doing the real Tikkun Olam (and it's now up to us to continue help spread the message of the Petek & Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman as per this link).

Yes, Joel Gallis of blessed memory may have not been known as a rabbi or a Chosid. However, in his quest for truth and spreading it, he was certainly Zoche along with his partner Dr. Robert Wolf to recognize the Emes of Rabbeinu, Saba, and the Holy Petek, having the same name of Yosef Ben Yaakov as the one who is known as Yosef HaTzadik, who in turn was one of the few called Tzadik as part of his title for totally conquering the Yetzer Hara, especially in the area of sexual temptations, the ultimate goal of Rabbeinu's teachings.

For those who are interested in studying Mishnayos in memory of Yosef Ben Yaakov, a true believer in the teachings of the Tzadik Ha'Amiti, please turn to here Even if you only have a chance to start learning a Masechta of Mishnayos in his memory during the Sheloshim, you can continue studying it during the first year of the Niftar's passing.

May we merit to witness the day of Techiyas HaMeisim when all the believers and followers of the Tzadik Ha'Amiti will once again come back to life.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman

*P.S. As today is 7 Adar, the birthday and Yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, one of the comments to the blog article about the Petek is from "mosestorah", whose own blogspot which describes in clear detail about the evolution of Breslov Chasidus from the beginning of time to Moshe Rabbeinu to Rabbeinu to Saba can be found here

Nanachs jamming

I was told that do to nasty comments my post was removed, I unfortunately did not see the comments, so I can not really have a idea of the sad state of nanachs out there, and am glad to not have anything to do with this site anymore or people that call themselves truthful, as a song of mine says "those that say they have the truth stay away from them"

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Chassid & The Gun

Are sages said that we should treat all favorably,and when we go out on are journeys we should be prepared for three things.
Once two Rabbis were walking down a trail and they saw a man who looked like a Chassid wrapped in a Tallit with a gun in his hand.And the Rabbis remembered treat all favorably as they came face to face with the Chassid they said Shalom Aleichem but the Chassid did not answer so the to Rabbis started to talk about Torah.And then the Chassid said Aleichem Shalom,The Chassid said what did you think when I first did not answer you,The Rabbis said i though you mite be praying,the Chassid said indeed I was,but I did not answer you because I did not know if you were righteous untill you spoke of Torah.For the Torah says there is know peace for the wicked thats why I could not great you,The Chassid said once I was walking and i saw a man on the side of the street and i went to great him but he was a robber and when i said Shalom Aleichem he jumped on me and tried to still my stuff so i was left with only to defend myself other wise i would have been badly hurt.This is why i did not at first great you for i didnt know if you were righteous men or not.


The goodness of posting Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!
Awhile back i used to post NNNNM on every comment board
on and i just read what all this people were saying
about it.
And I just read what this one person said "I was puzzled and
didnt understand what this meant so i looked it up on wikipedia
and they found out all about what NNNNM was."
So a big thank you to all the guys who worked on the wikipedia definition
of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!


LM1 Revised and improved!

easy to print, on 2 sheets, glue or staple and you have a booklet.

Likutei Moharan #1
Happy are they whose way is perfect, who walk in the Torah (instruction) of Hashem (Name of the Lord, YHWH). (Ps. 119)
Know! Specifically via the Torah are all the prayers and all the requests received that we request and pray. And the grace/favor (חן) and the importance/primacy (חשיבות) of Israel are raised and heightened for all who need, whether in spiritual [things or] in physical. Because now, due to our many sins, the true favor and primacy of Israel have fallen. Because now, the primacy and favor is mostly with the others. But by means of the Torah the grace and importance of Israel are raised, for the Torah is called: "A lovely hind and a graceful doe (ya`ALat CheN)" (Prov. 5:19), for she bestows grace (ma`ALah CheN) on those who study her (Eruvin 54). And by means of this are received all the prayers and the requests:

yehi ratzon we merit to torah and tefilah
and nanach asher nanach beat down the waves of taavot and sheker!
gut shabes, 4nm

Saba Daily

We need to sanctify our speech, everything we say should have holiness and the holiness of the Torah and God and truth and faith. Also, when one speaks in a foreign tongue, it impurifies the man. It changes, impurifies the man. (Israel Saba conversations page 288)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Its a Mitzvah to be happy all the time. And to push away depression. (Likutay Moharan tinyanah 24)

big Nanach sticker

Thursday, February 18, 2010


B"H this Sunday is the 7th of Adar, the birthday and yurtzheit of Moshe Rabbainu.
From what I hear it will also be the anniversary of the murder of Erez Livunon, by his arab neighbors in Bat Eyen, there will be some sort of gathering and commemeration in Bat Eyen for him.
Also Bezenson will be putting on an art exhibit in Toronto - if your interested!/event.php?eid=276063663655.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach makes drugs look like cabbage patch dolls

Today, once again, I was searched twice by a cop who was convinced I was on drugs R"L, I told him I just smoke Na Nach.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Wishing Sabanar a safe trip and great success at Rabbainu

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saba Daily

I have seen the whole world, and all the varieties of atheism, I knew only a drop in the sea of what is in this,that the darkness will be annulled, the impurity will be annulled. I saw the force of Rabbeinu, that he transforms everything and it becomes something else, a new world is made. (Israel Saba conversations page 187)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Each generation has its own holy Tzadikim that can bring a full redemption. But the reason why the redemption doesn't come is because there's always a fight of who the Tzaddik is. (Likutay Halachot)

huge Nanach poster being hanged on side of building

Nanach on billboard Update

A lot of work done on the backend of the site

Almost all books now have the size and cover as part of the discription. A lot of the books have been weighed as well. B"H we will soon be switching to more acurate weight based shipping.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B"H This Nanach Just Returned to Yerushalayim

B"H wasn't on the internet for a few days. Looking forward to resuming the Nanach blitzing on the web. Also to adressing some of the issues raised.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

New Na Nach Stickers

Five new Na Nach designer stickers. Find them all at THIS NEW WEBSITE.

Saba Daily

If Rabbeinu wanted to come to Israel, no action at all would be needed, all the government and all the world would agree to it. They would receive him in joy and bring him on a plane. So, we will see.... (Israel Saba conversations page 323)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The 11th story of Sipuray Maasiyot talks about "The Master of Prayer". He lived away from everyone, and would go to the city and tell people the purpose of life... There's much more to the story so check it out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Save Martin Grossman

Might be included in Hatzalas Nefashos to sign the petition. If everyone has an extra minute they should sign.

Shabbos of Rebbe Nachman

Around 100 new PDF parsha sheets have been uploded to the Shabbos of Rebbe Nachman page. These were old archives from 9-10 years ago. Some parshas have up to 11 versions that you can now choose from.

Saba Daily

Someone came from France, he found Likutay Tefilot at the Western Wall, and he said, "Wow, this is very good, this is all my vitality!".
They said to him, "But you don't know what you are you saying, that is a book of Breslev!".
He said to them, "So let it be Breslev, but it is very good. I want also to pass it on, (to let people know) what is in the world". (Israel Saba conversations 299)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Rebbe Nachman talks about finding good points in yourself and others, these good points can bring yourself and others to full Teshuvah (Likutay Moharan 282)

Kung Fu Nanach

Monday, February 15, 2010

This Na Nach scene above Itamar in the Shomron is really awesome.

It's a great place to roam the mountains alone.

'The primary time for hitbodedut is at night,

when everyone is sleeping,

outside of the city and along a private path,

that is,

a place where people do not go even by day.

By practicing hitbodedut at night in a place where there are no other people,

emptying one's heart and mind of all wordly matters and forgetting about everything...

one's soul then becomes absorbed within the Oneness of the Inifinite G-d'.

- Outpouring of the Soul, Keren Translation

The scene up here feels extremely balanced and healthy in a very natural way. the place is very open and easy going. Visitors are very welcome. You can call me about details.

050 7109 740

Simcha Nanaching

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nanachs near Gaza

For Adam Melek -- Rabbeinu on the Power of the Lungs

This is for our friend Adam Melek. I was working on it last week when I read that Adam is having a serious issue with his lungs. May the merit of this Torah study be for the healing of our good friend.

A Meditation from Rebbe Nachman
Avraham Chaim Apatow

The perfection of God consciousness (הדעת) is an aspect of the lungs because God consciousness and the power of the mind/brain comes by means of the oils of the body. For Intellect is enlightened like a candle by means of the oils of the body, and the lungs are that which elevate the oils to the mind/brain by means of the breath. Also the breath supports the existence of all the oils of the body, and this is the main thing that supports the Intellegence. Therefore the mind/brain is called soul, in the aspect "for it is the breath of God that gives man understanding."(Job) For the main thing of the mind/brain is God consciousness -- and this is developed by means of the breath, as stated above. And this is the aspect of "The soul of man is the candle of God,” (Proverbs) for the intellect is the candle that is enlightened by means of the oily fluids of the body, that supports and elevates it to the mind/brain by means of the breath of the lungs. And so this is the main support establishing God consciousness, by means of the lungs... (L.M. II, 8)

In order to understand this passage, we need to explain it in context and to clarify Rebbe Nachman’s key terms. Daat is the state of consciousness in which we see God's providence and wisdom directing all things. This is the perception of the world to come, when no longer will things seem both good and bad, all will be revealed as good.

In Rabbeinu's teaching this is not a time to wait for, but a goal that we need to strive towards. The purpose of life is to cultivate the ability to share in this vision. This is the vision of the True Tzaddik, this is the vision of Moshe Rabbeinu. This soul of Moshe and the True Tzaddik in each generation is the neshama klali of all Israel. Each of our souls is connected like a large family and the spiritual patriarch of the family of souls is the soul of the True Tzaddik. This is the soul of Moshe and in each generation there is an incarnation of a Tzaddik who brings this light into the world. Our work is to follow in the path of the teaching of the True Tzaddik and the more we come close to his purity and wisdom, the more we can participate in this light, because this light and wisdom is the spiritual heritage of each of us as the children of Israel. This wisdom is the Tzaddik's consciousness of God.

The remarkable thing about this Torah of Rabbeinu is that he says that God consciousness comes from the power of the lungs. In other words, this state of mind depends on physical aspects of our life.

This comment comes in the context of a Torah that discusses prophecy. Prophecy comes through the power of imagination. In order to share in the light of prophecy, one has to purify this power. However, in general, our imaginations are filled with the images of this world and its illusions. We are drawn by images of our desires for the pleasures and enticements of money, sex, and food. The world of advertising and media utilizes this desire to entice us through a multi-billion dollar industry that bombards the world with images. The work of a Jew is to free oneself from the influence of these three primary desires.

Rabbeinu explains in this Torah and others that this repair is done through the three festivals, Pesach being for money, Shavuot for sex, and Sukkot for desire for food. The main point is that each of our desires must be subordinated to a holy purpose, through wealth we elevate its power to give honor to God through building His dwelling, and serving Him there with the offering of sacrifices. Today this is done through prayer and the giving of charity. Shavuout we receive the Torah and this relationship is said to be like the marriage of man and wife. The pleasure of sexual unity is something that is to be santified through marriage which is also a building of a home where God's presence can dwell in our personal lives. In Sukkot we bless God for the bounties of the harvest and every time we eat we bless God for his kindness in sustaining our lives. The enjoyment of the physical world and its pleasures must be done in the context of our work to elevate the spiritual aspects of physical life back to their source by enjoying pleasure within the limits set forth by the Torah and for the purpose of connecting our lives with the Will of our Creator.

The images of pleasure and desire have the power to dominate our imaginations. When they do, their energy dominates our mental images which are created in our brains and then takes over our physical bodies. The desires heat up the lower elements of the body and they seek to use the energy of the body for their fulfillment.

In our body the head is the captain of our ship, and the fantasy images come to hijack the ship and use it towards the fulfillment of lower, animalistic desires. The ship has engines and these engines are fueled by gasoline. In our body, our engine is the physical organs and those organs are fueled by what Rabbeinu calls the oily fluids of the body. (As we know today, there are certain chemicals like serotonin that do fuel the brain.) The work of the Tzaddik is to purify the imagination of these "hijackers" so that the energy of the body can be directed towards holy purpose. This is done through the power of the lungs.

The Sepher Yitzirah describes the three primary regions of the body corresponding to three elements. The head is fire, the lungs are air and the stomach is water. When the lower element is heated up, the water boils and this creates physical desires for food and sex. The breath comes to cool these desires so that the fire of the mind can be directed beyond physical desires towards holy purpose and the fulfilling of God's will.

The head is created from fire
The belly is created from water
and the chest from (created) from breath
decides between them. (S.Y. 3:6)

The chest or as Rabbeinu says, the lungs, are the power that makes balance between the two extremes of fire's heat and water's coolness. The lungs and the power of breath or nishima are the rythym of the body that determines our emotional state and the quality of our soul (neshama).

When the imagination is purified, the energy of the body can be used to illuminate the power of intellect. The lungs generate air which cools and calms the body, bringing it into a state of harmony and unity. Then it can elevate the energy of the body in a proper way to fuel the inelligence like a the oil of a lamp fuels the candle's wick. And thus, Rabbeinu quotes Shlomo HaMelek, "The candle of God is the soul of man."

When the intellect is powered by the energy of the body, and the light of the pure intellect is free to shine, the light it radiates is the light of God. God's candle is always shining because its light is the light of our soul, as Shlomo HaMelek says. When that light is directed towards physical desires, we lose awareness of the Godly nature of consciousness. But when we work to free our souls from the traps of the world, the light of Godly consciousness that is always present is revealed. This is the power of meditation and the purification of the breath of the lungs -- for the purification of nishima (breath) is the key to the purification of the neshama (soul).

The culmination of this process is the expression of the Godly light of the intellect through the purity of breath in voice, and the praise and prayer of the Holy One Blessed Be He. Rabbeinu says that voice is an aspect of the river flowing through the Garden of Eden nourishing its trees. And so our purified bodies, minds and souls express themselves in the holy name of single, double, triple and quadruple that the Tikune Zohar tells us is the song of redemption, the name of 72. 72 is the gematria of chesed, love. The Shir Chadash Rebbe Nachman says is the new song that reveals the everpresent love that fills the world. Rabbeinu teaches us that this Holy name of God is in partnership with the name of the Tzaddik who reveals the perfection of Godly consciousness so that we can all behold the splendid wisdom and love of the Creator in every moment and breath of life.

Please visit my new blog on Jewish Meditation:

The Same Song!

A while back i said i would make a video with Nanachs singing to this song
and B"H i just finished it,I hope everyone enjoys it.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Just Dance NaNach

This video has done a lot of Hafatzah in the past couple of days B"H. Its gotten on to a German site and I think a French site too. The main thing is, that on the sites they recognize something called Na Nach! NA NACH MACHMA MACHMAN MAYUMAN!

Was a Secret Nanach Hired 4 This?

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Koof

Chodesh Tov, everyone!

The following is a translation from the Sefer Ner L'Tzadik, a compilation of teachings from Likutei Moharan in Alef Beis order compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover for learning in memory of the Niftar beginning with the letters of his/her name. As Kabblisticly, the letter Koof represents the month of Adar, the following is a teaching that begins with the letter Koof.


KOHSHIM - Difficult is the sustenance (making a living) - twice the amount of birthpangs, for a lady giving birth screams 70 times, while with sustenance - it's 140 screams. For we need to go through the filtering hole of the desire for money before meriting making money by faith, that is, making profit and giving birth (so to speak) to money of holiness. Meaning, that during making a living, we need to go through the challenge of not falling to the desire for money at all, G-d forbid.

The only proper way of doing this (not falling to the desire for money) is through truth and faith, and braking as well as nullifying all thoughts, confusion, and desire for money coming his way. His only intention should be for the Blessed One only, in order to merit serving Him by the money that he profits by, and to give charity to strengthen those learning Torah and serving Hashem. Because of this, making a living is twice as hard as birthpangs, for the birth mother needs to tolerate the birthpangs, and needs to scream 70 times before giving birth, but here there are 140 screams that the Divine Presence cries out, G-d forbid, "Disgrace to my head, disgrace to my arms, due to those who fall for the desire of money."

Before profiting, we need to go through the filtering hole of these 140 screams. We need to scream out and pray to the Blessed One to pass through these screams in peace and be saved from them. Therefore, one's sustenance is twice as hard as birthpangs, for it is 140 screams versus 70 screams. Understand this.

(Likutei Moharan Part One: Torah 23 - Letter Hei (5)).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rabbeinu's Message - Who Told Who

Last week as I was walking on Shlomtzion HaMalka Street in Yerushalayim, there was a guy dressed in Yerushalmi style with a Sefer open who seemed to have a little more of a frown than a smile. Meanwhile, there was a Chiloni looking guy who was passing by who noticed him and told him, "Rabbeinu, Al Tityaeish, Yihyeh B'Seder" (means "Rabbeinu, don't loose hope, it will be O.K.").

Friday, February 12, 2010

The original Nanach scene

Ambash once had a radio station, the Vaad Olami of B. (now B"H nullified), broke in after dusk on a Friday night and did their destroying thing.
There's a great deal more to be told (Ben-Tzion Grant N"Y), Mushiach will tell us great Nanach stories of heroism and self sacrifice, especially from the early era, the dawn of the Nanach.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Moshe Lizer invites all the Nanach to his ufruf this Shabos in Nekuda Tova

B"H Davening is called for 8:30, I think, so figure that the Kidush (big chulent in the making) won't start before 11.
The wedding is IY"H in Ginat Egoz (mamash the inyan of Nanach, Ebay Hanachal...) on Sunday night.
There's another N.T. wedding Tuesday night (the son of the Israeli dude whose brewing the chulent).
B"H Wednesday night A.W.'s son is having a bar mitzva party.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saba Daily

The time is coming when entirely new things will be revealed in the world, the time will come when the world will undergo a revolution. It is not far away, it will be soon, very soon, that everyone will be totally, totally transformed..... (Israel Saba conversations 221)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Even if someone is in a spiritual or physical Galut, Hashem is still there with you reminding you of his presents and love. (Mishivat Nafesh 26)

Na Nach School

welcome class,today we will watch the video of R fellow Nanachs bring Joy to the IDF!
A+ for everyone who says Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! =]

Stuart Matlins on Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Thursday, February 11, 2010 commends Irena Brenner from Ohio for Spreading Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman on the Web.

You can chek it out on the petition site (Care2 - I think).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Fishi Hagadol

Really Feeling Fishi's new song, "Shomer Shabbat."
Its not a brand new song, but its new on the music site,
and its not found under the New Songs subfolder,
rather under the main Fishi folder.
Only one download so far. Highly Recommended.


Rebbe Nachman song

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Dance NaNach

New Nanach Music!

B"H there's a lot more new music free on the Nanach music site. Including 1 new GIVALD song from Raanaan, 3 from Fishy Hagadol, and dozens from R' Shlomo Carlbach.
Enjoy Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Adam Melech

Id like to ask everyone to please say a prayer for Adam Ben Shoshanna
who is fighting a collapsed lung, please keep him in mind.
Ani Modeh/Moda Lekah
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saba Daily

One who gives his attention to this in truth and in faith sees it with his own eyes. Nothing else is needed. He sees with his eyes what is Likutay Tefilot, what is Likutay Moharan, what is Likutay Halachot. (Israel Saba conversations page 520)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Hashem protect us and save us from any fights or Machloket. And Machloket shouldnt harm us physically or spiritually. (prayer 89 Likutay Tefilot)

Sefer Hamedos

New graphic on for the page of Sefer Hamedos.

Saba Daily

It is disclosed in the Petek that I have understandings in the matter of Rosh Hashanah more than all he world..... (Israel Saba conversations page 155)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Everyone has hardships and troubles even rich people. The Etzah is to run to Hashem and to learn Torah. (Likutay moharan tinyana 119)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nanach TV Interview

B"H today I spent a lot of time with the "Observers" from France, they plan on making a short video about Nanach for television. B"H it went very well.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



I just want to clarify, all im doing is "kashering" or mixing in saba vocals to trance I used to listen to. These are not MY SONGS. They were just old favorites.

Its like virtual Graffiti Art, but in the realm of sound. Each sound paints a visual picture in your mind, a structure or a scene. What im attempting to do (with the help of Hashem) is change the overall spiritual vibration of the picture to resonate with kedusha, instead of hevel.

And not just stam kedusha, but going from the lowest-low hedonistic club music, to the highest high, the top of "crown" of the "Yud", (cough)Nanach(cough)(cough).
Those who understand will understand.

Merely putting a single NaNach vocal into a sound, completely changes the context of the rest of that song, as the rest of that song suddenly becomes relative to that single point of light, and the rest of the song becomes a mirror for it.


New Music for Purim

This morning in the Nanach store of the Rova,  we were visited by Jonathan Fialka of Nachlaot. Jonathan has a band called Purimm. He has just put out a disc for Purim, called Adeloyoda, and we're selling it for him for 15 Shekel (pending the go ahead from the management). J.F. gave permission to offer his new album for FREE download on our music site. So far I've managed B"H to upload the first two songs, you can find them in his folder: Purimm/Adeloyoda. invites everyone to join them at Kikar Duvidka (forgot the name of the pub) on the first day of Purim, starting at about 1 PM. If things go well they may have a Megilla reading there. To be in touch with them you can email
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Moshe Matisyahu

Two weeks ago we posted to pray for Moshe Matisyahu, this is apparently what happened. He got into a fight with some goyim in the bus station in Uman. One of them stabbed him in the heart also breaking a rib or two. Moshe underwent open heart surgery and will B"H recover completely. It was too expensive to fly him back to Israel with medical care, so he did everything there.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saba Daily

The main point is Rabbeinu. This needs to be shown to all the world, all of Israel. All the time that it is still not revealed-there is nothing, we have nothing!
Our hearts, our hearts are enough for us, he gives us a light and vitality in every matter, in all the words of the Torah, only truth and faith. Na Nach Nachma Nachman meUman gives life and renews and rectifies all of Israel. (Israel Saba conversations page 468)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

One should daven to Hashem that he should grasp hidden secrets of the Torha, until he gets from level to level. (Likutay Etzot simcha-7)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saba Trance

There are between 6 and 10 songs that I would like to saba-fy into saba-psy(trance).

I am looking for some good source audio files to rip some saba dialogue / vocals from. Dun Aryeh gave me some suggestions which I promptly forgot, but if anyone could point me in the direction of either youtube vids (for audio ripping) or vocal source from the music site, it would be much appreciated.


Uman Vs. Yerushalaim

Last night at the Melava Malka of the Keren Gathering, Nachman Horowitz spoke. He said very clearly that one of the main things is to avoid any controversy within Nanach and that the subject of Uman vs. Yerushalaim should not even be brought up if it would lead to arguments and Machlokes. He even went as far as to state "Whoever talks about and makes an issue of Uman vs. Yerushalim is not part of the Keren."

He said that his father Amram Horowitz z"l never took sides in this issue, although he clearly held that people should continue going to Uman. He said that himself and his brother Shmuel, that now lead the Keren are also not taking any sides in this argument, although they clearly personally hold that the truth is going to Uman.

He said that everyone is entitled to their personal opinion and it is no one elses business to get involved and cause machlokes one way or the other.

Another Yeshiva Boy is kicked out for being Nanach

Last week a Yeshiva in Jerusalem kicked out one of it's finest attendents for his complete commitment to the ways of the Nanach.

B"H H"Y had mercy on him, and now he is even more free to begin to serve H"Y properly and help bring the final redemption, may it be very soon, amen!

Shabos Gathering of the Nanach

B”H Shabos was great at the Keren’s Nanach Kibutz. There were probably over 100 mayfitzim.
There is a difference of opinion in how hafatza should be done. Meir Yimini OB”M and YBCLC Aron Patz, who were with the Saba for a considerable amount of time, and others, are of the opinion that we should concentrate all our efforts on hafatza (and not to be involved with other business to raise money), and that Rabbi Nachman’s holy books should be given out for free. There are many mayfitzim that feel that the books should not be given for free, except maybe in extenuating circumstances. The two obvious reasons for this are 1. So that there is money to keep printing the books, and 2. They feel that people that don’t pay for the books don’t appreciate them. Today, for many, hafatza has extended to side businesses to finance the hafatza.
Aron Patz was with us for Shabos. He was very happy. He said that tears kept coming to his eyes from what he was experiencing, and that this is something we should do much more often. He told over stories of the Saba and hafatza but I didn’t catch very well most of his words. He told over a few cases where he and other mayfitzim saw clearly that when they gave out the books for free, they would give out a few and then someone would come along and give them more than enough money to cover all the books. The main thing is to have complete faith, conviction, and self sacrifice to be mayfitz Rabbainu, and just Rabbainu. Even still he greatly enjoyed the Shabos with many mayfitzim of other opinions.
The Keren has just given out a form asking people what their preferred hafatza is: going around in a van, personal hafatza, selling books and products in the North or in Jerusalem, collecting money, office work, collecting charity boxes. First choice, second, and third.
One of the last things spoken about was not to take issue with different factions in the Nanach, especially with regard to those that do not merit to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana. The main thing is to try to illuminate the world with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman, and we should really try to love one another and work together as much as possible.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Friday, February 5, 2010

Nanach Gathering in Tsfas

B"H this Nanach made it!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Lipa Na Nach

Saba Daily

We need to rejoice and dance in every place, this is the main point of everything, the main point and the foundation and the root of everything, this is the rectification! (Israel Saba conversations page 490)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Anything that a person truly desires, can be brought into action (can happen) but you have to have a real desire.( Likutay Moharan 66)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fwd: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman Interview

This article was originaly posted in French, I used the web to translate it, according to the translation the Nanach convert people? So I asked the editor, and he sent me the correct translation:

"Na Nachs" travel around Israel by truck with the aim of bringing joy and happiness to everyone they come cross... their method for spreading this joy is encouraging people to dance to "spiritual" techno music. And while they're at it, they also try to enlighten people about their particular brand of Judaism."
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman! 

Nanach in Itamar

There is a new Nanach yeshiva/community/scene in Itamar - a yishuv in the are of Shechem. From what I hear, there are about 10 bochurim there, including Kfir, Shivi Keller's son. Our friend K.R. also moved there.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach Gathering

B"H this Shabas the Keren is making a Nanach gathering in Tsfas, in the Central Hotel, cost is only 50 shekel.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Saba Daily

Just one word from Sippurei Maasiot rises above everything. Above all the Torah, above all the wisdoms. One word! never before was there such a wonder like this in the world! (Israel Saba conversations page 265)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

It's good for a person to go through all the holy Sefarim (books). And in the next world they remind him what he learned in this world. (Sichot Haran 28)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

French Nanach Interview

As I posted in a comment, I was interviewed by a French paper.

Here is a link to the article.

They will soon translate it into English, I have no idea what it says so far but it looks nice.

Wikipedia on Nanach

So what does the Wiki have to say about Nanach?

Although Na Nach Nachma is based on the name of Rebbe Nachman, he himself did not use it, and it was unknown in his day. However, he did say that repeating one word over and over was an effective form of meditation (Likutei Moharan Tinyana #96). His own personal mantra was Ribono shel Olam (Master of the Universe) which he pronounced with the Yiddish intonation as: Ree-BOY-noy shell OY-lahm. Many Breslover Hasidim today still prefer this mantra.(yonina)

This article gives me joy every time I see it, what is important to know about Nanach is that in Yidish one says: Ree-BOY-noy shell OY-lahm!

Every time we try to post something sensible on this article yonina is reverting it back to this very important information, that in Yidish one says: Ree-BOY-noy shel )Y-lahm!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!
There's great discussion about Nanach at this site, check it out and contribute to the fun:

Great blessings of NNNNM!

Saba Daily

Rabbeinu said,"When a person is lying on his deathbed-then he deeply regrets not having listened to me!" Well, fortunate is one who listens to Rabbeinu and strenghens himself to stand in opposition to the whole world!

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Even if someone dies and his Neshama (soul) goes to where it goes, he must leave in this world children or students in order to connect his soul to both this world and the next world (Likutay Moharan tinyanah-7)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nanach interview

i was asked to do a Nanach interview with
a French journalist who works for
the interview is suppost to be a phone interview
but i dont own a phone i cant contact him
is there some one who could please do this interview
for me i will give you his email and name and everything
just leave your email in the comments and ill send you it
you would be doing a great thing who ever is up for it.
Great Blessings Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Saba Daily

One time a relative from Paris came to us, and she told the whole family and my mother, "In Paris there is an icebox that makes ice, and one does not need to buy it". I knew that I went to buy ice at the factory, how could such a thing be possible to make ice in ones house? (Israel Saba conversations page 498)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

If you feel that your so far from Hashem that you cant get closer to him. (You should say nanach...) and you should know that wherever you are Hashem is with you. (Likutay Etzot Daas 21)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Likutay Maharan

Background is Rabbanues handwriting and Shar is from the first printing of Likutay Maharan.

New graphic on for the page of Likutay Maharan.

Mishivas Nefesh

New graphic on for the page of Mishivas Nefesh.

Hishtapchus Hanefesh

New graphic on for the page of Hishtapchus Hanefesh.
Hello people!

I have been tracking down the NaNach 'ol timers' one by one, and it's been epic like something or other.

The Villager also 'broke me in' as a hafutznik, and, although it was a somewhat challenging process, I have been properly initiated and prepared for future gigs.

Master of the field, "Baal Hagan" matisyahu

Master of the field, "Baal Hagan" matisyahu talks about soul rectification hes talking of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman.

Saba Daily

Happy are we, that we are the people of Israel, we have faith in God and in the Torah, we need to be strong and to yearn that we will merit also to serve God in truth. (Israel Saba conversations page 240)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Rebbe Nachman said, one should daven with strength, and renew himself with the words hes saying. (Likutay Etzot tefilah-15)