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Friday, January 29, 2010

What does Rebbe Nosson have 2 say about his B-Day?

Born on Shabbos Shira, Tu B'Shevat 5540, Rebbe Nosson, the Moharanat, has the following to say about his birthday in Likutei Halachos Yoreh Deah (Volume 5 in the Keren printing) Hilchos Orlah 3:12 -

"This is the aspect of always reading the Shiras HaYam in the month of Shevat close to the 15th of Shevat which is the Rosh HaShana for trees. For the 15th of Shevat is always close to Shabbos Shira, AND AT TIMES, SHABBOS SHIRA FALLS OUT ON THE 15TH OF SHEVAT ITSELF. For the 15th of Shevat is the Rosh HaShana for trees regarding Orlah (fruits of the first three years) and Neta Reva'i (fruits of the fourth year), which is the aspect of the rectification of the sin of Odom HaRishon, which is accomplished through the voice which waters the garden which is the SHIR - POSHUT KOFUL MESHULOSH MERUBA etc. We merit this throuthg prayer having the aspect of justice of the one who has power (Ba'al Ko-ach), etc."

"All this is the aspect of Krias Yam Suf, the aspect of "You shattered the sea with Your might" etc. (Tehillim 74:13) as explained well earlier (in Hilchos Orlah). And this is the aspect of the Shiras HaYam, for through the rod of strength, did Krias Yam Suf happen. Through this, we merit for the Shira which is the aspect of SHIR - POSHUT, etc. Therefore, we read the Shiras HaYam on the Shabbos which falls within a week of Tu B'Shevat which is the Rosh HaShana for treeswhich is the aspect of this rectification (of the sin of Odom HaRishon). "

As a synopsis, Rebbe Nosson mentions in the paragraph before this that the aspect of the "Four Roshei Chodoshim of the year" (as mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh HaShana) - 1 Nissan, 1 Elul, 1 Tishrei & 1 or 15 Shevat - is the aspect of the Shir - Poshut Koful Meshulosh Meruba which we merit through prayer of the Ba'al Ko-ach who uses this prayer on the four Roshei Chodoshim in order to sort out the knowledge of holiness from the husks (Kelipos) in order to rectify and complete the knowledge of holiness which is the aspect of Rosh (head), the aspect of Roshei Shonim (the Roshei Chodoshim).

In practical terms, Rebbe Nachman & Rebbe Nosson, whose birthdays are the 1st & last of the list of these Roshei Chodoshim - 1 Nissan & 15 Shevat - respectively, are the ultimate Rebbes - as Rebbe is the Roshei Taivos for Rosh Bnei Yisroel (Likutei Moharan 1:111) whose teachings which will be the final rectification of the sin of Odom HaRishon which will usher the era of Moshiach, as Odom's name is the Roshei Taivos of Odom, Dovid, Moshiach. And the one to bring these teachings to the world at large via printing them is the Ba'al HaPetek which contains the Shir - Poshut Koful Meshulosh Meruba (Shir Chodosh), Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser, also known as Saba, who also is responsible for being the one to publicize the Shir Chodosh.

Speaking of prayer, it is Rebbe Nosson, the birthday boy, who composed the Likutei Tefillos which have given hope to so many who found the words to express themselves, helping them easier to speak to Hashem through Hisbodedus. But what is unique about his composed prayers compared to others, though also very holy, such as the Tefillos of the Chida & the Ben Ish Chai, is that they are directly related to the teachings of the founding Sefer of Breslov Chasidus - Likutei Moharan - whose author Rebbe Nachman said that Moshiach in the future will deliver a Peirush to his Sefer. Just as the Torahs are "converted" into Tefillos as what the Likutei Tefillos does with the teachings of Likutei Moharan, so it is mentioned in Breslov Chasidus that the Tefillos of Rosh HaShana accomplishes the same thing, particularly in the Mussaf Shemoneh Esrei where there is a special concept of mentioning 10 Pesukim each for Malchuyos, Zicronos, & Shofaros.

Speaking of Tefilla & Shabbos Shira, the words Shira & Tefilla have the same Gematria of 515! Also note that the word VaEschanan, the name of the 45th Parsha of the Chumash (the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman - 354), is also the Gematria of 515. Along the above lines, Odom's name is the Gematria of 45, as VaEschanan is the 45th Parsha. In fact, the only time that Odom's name is mentioned in the Chumash outside of Parshas Bereishis is in this very Parsha (see Devorim 4:32). And the name for the Shabbos in which we read Parshas VaEschana is called Shabbos Nachamu, after the Haftara read for that Shabbos that begins Nachamu Nachamu, the 1st of the 7 Shiv'a D'Nechamasa Haftoras read on the last seven Shabbosim of the year beginning from Rosh HaShana; the word Nachamu which is cognate with the name of Rabbi Nachman.

NOTE: For more Torah on Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, from the birthday boy, you can also refer to a little later on in Likutei Halachos - Hilchos Orlah 5:6, which I translated or made a synopsis of, a year ago on this site.

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