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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thinking about bones..

Went to Erez Levanon again..LM38/7 "erez fell in Levanon instead of us""Bat Ayn" and was zoche to realize during Hafatsa on the way to Ashkelon what Rabbenu meant when he said that our sins get marked on our bones.

Each "pgam" is marked in indellible ink on the bones as letters. This is why we say tikkun ha klalli at the grave of Rabbi Nachman, because he takes these "blemishes" (letters)(is this why he keeps on growing after his death?). Another place he says that the bones ARE the individual himself (from the Hebrew similarity of the two words, bones/self). Bones outlast flesh, the same way parchement outlasts the cow. The black in the ink is made with dog excrement (sins)and the white comes from the parchement (white from red/daas from taavote). Rabbi Nachman expresses suprise that people kiss the Tora and not the scholar! A "white" parchement with no letters cannot be considered a Tora, so the ups and downs are needed to produce the holy writ!

If one spends all his days only distributing the Petek, Ebay ha Nachal and NaNach stickers/cameas his "bones" have NaNach written all over them, no matter what his flesh or cloths look like!

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The villager said...

For Erez a slightly less then PERFECT mitsvah or prayer was a big "downfall". For King Joshafat any sort of mitsvah accomplished was a big "lift". Likutey Moharan's final verse is about King Joshafat (not Erez). After 17 years I did my sioum of Likutey Moharan in Bat Ayn after having been to Erez Levanon for the first time! Who cares what came first- the chiken or the egg! You cannot have one without the other.