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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Riddle about flesh and bones

The mitsvahs are like the flesh (in numbers) the bones are not accounted for, however the sins are engraved in the bones in the form of letters in codes. What remains forever in this world are not the mitsvahs but the bones! This presents a problem, due to the accumulation of "touma".

There is a solution.

Rabbi Nachman can rearrange the order of the letters making the descent an ascent. In practical terms if you now practice for the Tzaddik what you once learned in order to fulfill your "lusts", you can reach the highest levels. Unfortunatly, if you simply ignore these skills, you are compared by Saba to H.tler. It's simple, if you work for the Tzaddik you are part of him and vice versa. There are only two teams out there not 50 000!

During Purim the world was really doomed (today it's actually worse) when Haman said AM MORDECAI he connected everyone to the Tzaddik of The Generation. Noah isn't Avraham, but you need to compare him to his generation to understand his greatness.

Saba is NOT with us because we are NOT united enough. If Saba is not with us, then we need more suffering until we pull it together and those that will betray the Tzaddik all join the other side. Saba has all the time! I am sick of looking at the statistics and being responsable for them, aren't you?

Why should my bones join the pile of touma and create more work for the next generation? Rabbi Nachman is working full time allready, but the bad guys are using him just like Pharoh did in Egypt- they probably know more about him then you or me, because they have to defeat a formidable opponent "G-d"!

Am I really using all my skills and praying without any distractions?
G-d give me the insight and skills not to make mistakes and be a true FRIEND and Brother to overcome FEAR and trust in the allmighty at all times.

Say Amen for your brother

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