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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rabbeinu's Name Connected with Tu B'Shevat

As in the order of the four Rosh Hashanahs mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh Hashana - 1 Nissan, 1 Elul, 1 Tishrei, & 1 or 15 Shevat - these correspond with the Shir Chodosh of Na Nach Nachma Nachman (see my upcoming blogs as you scroll down). It's interesting to note that it is particularly 1 or 15 Shevat that corresponds to the FULL name of Nachman, or the completion of Rabbeinu's name.

Along these lines, 1 Shevat is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover, who compiled teachings of Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan to learn in memory of the departed, and 15 Shevat is the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, who was responsible for Rabbeinu's teachings; for as Rabbeinu said, if it wasn't for Rebbe Nosson, not a single word of Rabbeinu's teachings would have been around. As mentoned in the Breslov Sefer Cochvei Ohr, Rebbe Nosson's teachings are in fact Rabbeinu's teachings (as especially exemplified by the fact that the Likutei Halachos of Rebbe Nosson are based on Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan). Also, both Rabbeinu's & Rebbe Nosson's names begin with a Noon and end with a Noon Sofis. Hence, it makes most sense that it is particularly Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, the 4th and final of the Arba Roshei Shonim, which corresponds with the 4th and final of the Shir Chodosh - the full name of Nachman.

Noting the significance of the fact that the Halacha follows the New Year of Trees to be on 15 Shevat according to Beis Hillel, rather than on 1 Shevat according to Beis Shammai, seems to show that Rabbeinu prefers birthdays of Tzadikim, rather than Yahrzeits of Tzadikim...

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