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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Hilula of the Rishash

Many times the Rishash merited to have Nanach written on his tzion, unfortunately for him and all of us the Erev Rav erase the Kedusha. Even still it was a very nice party and many Nanach attended.
Recently I found a new book of Kaavunos of the Rishash with a gathering of advice and teachings of Rabbainu about prayer. The guy that put it out tries to insuate that Rabbainu's trip to the Holy Land had something to do with the Rishash, but I couldn't figure out what he was getting at. The guy also feels that many people are on the level that Rabbainu speaks about where the Kaavanos are the simple meaning of the words, and he got approbations from many MFSS.
When the Rishash came to Jerusalem he served as a shamash (servant) for the Yeshiva of the Kabalists. When they had questions they couldn't solve, the Rishash would write anonymous notes answering their delemas. The Kabalists searched after the author of the notes until they discovered him. The Rishash had very high levels of Ruach Hakodesh and he was very very wise, certainly he knew that he was going to be discovered, so obviously he wanted to introduced to the people in this fashion. This is more like the simplicity of Rabbainu contrary to the MFSS.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

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