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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Joy at the Nanach center in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem

Today about 4 mayfitzim were in the Nanach store and they mustered up holy brazeness to express great joy and happiness, so they pumped up the volume to one of the Na Nach songs (available on our music site, Hazamir, Bagiuela Ani Esmach) and they started dancing. This Nanach was outside the store dancing - and the music was LOUD (although we could still use louder - even still our chilled out neighbor - the one with the antique store sporting the holy Petek in the window display got a little upset....) Shay (Nanach manager) was also outside speaking on his cellphone. The people around also started to rejoice and two women bought books and CD's. One of the local police came in a hurry, and he took Shai with him to the station. He told Shai about all the complaints he gets from the Zilbermans and Chabad, he said that they often send the children to complain. He said the kids (who come to get stickers from us and general attention and Nanach fun...) are scared of us - to which he told them - he's only dancing - to which they replied that they don't know that because holy people aren't known to dance!? Shai developed some type of relationship with him (don't have the desire to get into the whole conversation, but we had a good laugh B"H). In the meantime keep screaming to H"Y because we need a lot of Nanach, alot of alot of alot of Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


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