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Friday, January 29, 2010

Final Stages

B”H this winter was the mildest I can remember (except for Chanuka in the Ukraine). This past week was the coldest and B”H this signifies the last throws of winter before it's over. Rabbi Nussun often explains that when something is about to be finished it strengthens itself to resist and it fights harder. The end of the winter is thus the coldest, because aside from the accumulated cold in the atmosphere, the winter gives it's last efforts. Rabbi Nussun often says that this true of the final redemption. The satan knows that this is the end, so aside from all the accumulated evils he has filled the world with, he strengthens himself to give us all he's got (evidenced in many ways, better not spoken of, those who have tasted it and are aware of it, know it, and those that haven't are suffering so much from it that they are completely oblivious of their plight), may the Holy Merciful One God have compassion on us.
On a similar vein we find that there are great precautions upon who is privy to know the special name of God, lest the person be unworthy and use it to kill someone. This is hard to understand why we should suspect someone of murder. The reason I think is that anyone with true knowledge of the Divine is going to be exposed to great opposition from the 'other side', and it is known that the 'other side' dresses (inhibits) itself in people. Someone unworthy may feel that he should use God's name to kill them, but that is not God's desire, only to rectify through prayer and to reverse everything to good. May H”Y help us.

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