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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exactly 200 Years Apart - Part 3

Having mentioned in a previous blog before Shabbos that exactly 200 years after Rebbe Nosson's birth on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, the Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi began also on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, there is another thing to mention pertaining to the number 200.

Near the end of SHIR HASHIRIM, it states "TWO HUNDRED for those who guard its (of the vineyard's) FRUIT" (8:12), which is referring to the fruit of Torah. It's interesting to note that the 200 years apart from Rebbe Nosson's birth to the birth of studying Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi both occurring on Tu B'Shevat seems to be hinted in this very phrase as the number 200 is related here to FRUIT as is most connected with TU B'Shevat! The word FRUIT is related to PRU U'RVU "Be FRUITFUL and multiply", the very first Mitzva of the Torah. Hence, this hints to the BIRTH of Rebbe Nosson, and then 200 years later, was the BIRTH of a new study program of Torah, being hinted in the real meaning of FRUIT in this Posuk which refers to the Torah.

And speaking of Talmud Yerushalmi - the JERUSALEM Talmud, the Midrash Zuta states that there are 40 names for Jerusalem/Yerushalayim. The FORTIETH and last of these is called Har Marom. And guess what? Har Marom shares the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman -491! (See my next blog as you scroll down for a further connection of 491 as related to Tu B'Shevat). And what are the final words of the Haftora for Parshas Beshalach/Shabbos Shira - and as it fell this year on Tu B'Shevat? "The land (of Israel) was quiet for FORTY years! Also, it mentions in this Parshas Beshalach that the Jews ate the manna for FORTY years until they entered Israel. And as I had mentioned before, the Hebrew word for manna - Mon, is the 2nd half of Rabbeinu Nachmon's name.

Now, getting back to the Posuk from Shir Hashirim, it says right before this HaElef Lecha Shlomo - "The ONE THOUSAND will be yours, Shlomo". Now, as I had mentioned in a blog over a year ago, the three Masechtos - Bava Kama, Bava Metizah, & Bava Basra - each contain 10 chapters. Now, 10*10*10 equals 1,000 - ONE THOUSAND. These three Masechtos, which at one time was one large Masechta called Nezikin/Damages until divided as we have it presently, make up the beginning of Seder Nezikin, the FOURTH order of the Mishnayos. Bearing in mind that Rabbeinu was very connected with the number FOUR, the phrase Seder Nezikin has the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman - 491! And as it is worded in the Posuk - "The ONE THOUSAND will be yours, Shlomo, and TWO HUNDRED for those who guard its fruit", the Hebrew word for TWO HUNDRED - Mohsayim, is also the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

And the Gemara (Talmud Bavli) for these three Masechtos contains 411 Dafim, corresponding to which, there are exactly 411 chapters in Rabbeinu's magnum opus Likutei Moharan (286 in the first part, and 125 in the second part)! And for the number 1,000, the words Ebay (from the phrase Ebay HaNachal, which comes from Shir HaShirim and is the name of the Sefer containing letters that Saba wrote to Shazar), Uman, Breslov & Yerushalayim together have the Gematria of 1,000! (This is bearing in mind that the word Ebay - Alef, Beis, Yud, is the Roshei Taivos for the words Uman, Breslov, Yerushalayim - the respective burial places of Rabbeinu, Rebbe Nosson, & Saba). (NOTE: You can read more in detail as related to this blog to the ones that I wrote for October 31, '08).

The FOURTH Masechta of the FOURTH order of the Mishnayos that is called Seder Nezikin having the same Gamatria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is called Sanhedrin. And as you will scroll down for my following blog, you will see the connection of the Sanhedrin to Rabbeinu & Rebbe Nosson. And while we are at it, the first Sanhedrin was formed as mentioned in Sefer Bamidbar - the FOURTH Sefer of the Chumash.

And as I mention in this coming blog (Part 2) that there were 200 Roshei Sanhedrin from Shevet Yissochor, and that it mentions in this Posuk in Shir Hashirim about 200 in connection with fruit, it's most worthy to note that just as there are 379 "closed" Parshiyos & 290 "open" Parshiyos in the Chumash (as per the spaces between sections in the Sefer Torah), so too, Sanhedrein is the Gematria of 379 and Pri/fruit is the Gematria of 290. Also, just like it makes FIVE times 200 to equal 1,000, so too there are FIVE books to the Chumash. And yes, the letter Reish having the Gematria of 200 can be found in both words - Sanhedrin & Pri, and is the beginning letter of the words Rebbe & Rosh (as in Rosh Bnei Yisroel, the words of the Roshei Taivos for Rebbe).

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Gershon Wynschenk said...

Dear All
379 is the gematria of Aharon Ha-Cohen Godol and 290 Miriam