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Monday, January 25, 2010

Action needed!

When the shekel changes it's face, it's value is going to change. The three faces on the Shekel connect Am Israel and the world economy and political/military stability to the holy bones of the Tzaddik even though they are located in what can very rapidly become Naziland.

When this happens if Rabbi Nachman is here, Am Israel connects directly to Rabbenu and the Ukraine gets a "stabilizing" USD 100 000 000 a year so they can help inspire Russia with their democratic "ambitions" instead of falling back into fascisim.

The Palestinian-Israel conflict stop becoming the unifying "politically correct" struggle uniting the Arab world, mabe the talk on the Arab streets will be how Rabbi Nachman is in fact pro Bedwin (he refers to camels and bedwins as "love").
I think they like to say Na Nach! Mabe we will see more Arab tourists and they will see that the Palestinians are quite happy as opposed to what they are being told. The Arabs might learn to unite peacefully to do good stuff like plant trees and push back the desert.

But what makes us believe that WE can bring Rabbi Nachman? Only Moshe Rabbenu could bring Josef out.. So why did he ask for help? Only Rabbi Israel can bring Rabbenu out... so why does he ask for help? He asked one person while he was alive. Now he is asking all of us... TO UNITE AND BE NEIGHBORS FRIENDS BROTHERS ASSOCIATES that way he can be with us and finish the work of bringing Rabbi Nachman's MOST PRECIOUS OF ALL MATERIAL CREATION bones to their final resting place in the City of Rest of King David.

At Purim it was Haman that tied all of Israel to the Tzaddik (" Mordecai..."). Today it is the Mafitsim, but "who will unite the Mafitsim"?

I suggest 27 vacant rooms at Ebay Ha Nachal are a significant "foot vote" to tie ones life up inside the Hafatsa. Who will be elected president is much less important then who is a member of this valiant group. No I am not dreaming. If you have an alternative IDEA, please reveal it, there can be several Kibboutzes, but it's not good to abandon USD 2 000 000,- (very cheap estimate) of prime biblical land etc..with the name Ebay Ha Nachal and 9 new caravans because we cannot get it together!

But who cares, in a few months, the economy will tank and chaos will claim millions of lives making slaves of everyone else, so everyone will forget that there even WAS a possibility to avoid the new rise of the Facists.

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