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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Matisyahu "Late Night In The Field"

Issur of Tolaim (Prohibition of eating worms, insects, etc.)

Once, someone approached the Chofetz Chaim, and telling him of his close affinity with Chasidus, wanted to know which branch of Chasidus would be the best to follow.

Now, bear in mind that the Chofetz Chaim was strictly Litvish, though as the one who wrote the book on the Issur of Loshon Hora, you would never call him a Misnaged, because he did not speak Loshon Hora about other Jews.

The Chofetz Chaim answered the guy in return, speaking strictly from a Halachic perspective. "If you are going to follow a Chasidic branch, it should be Breslov, because its Chasidim keep the Shulchan Aruch, and fulfill what is written in it".

Now, knowing how careful the Chofetz Chaim was with his speech, this reply may have seemed to denote that all other Chasidim aren't so careful following the Shulchan Aruch. But this can be easily answered. You see, the questioner was earnestly seeking a path in Avodas Hashem; and accordingly, the Chofetz Chaim had to give him an honest answer about it. Though he himself was not into Chasidus, no doubt that not only he knew what he was talking about, but he weighed every word before saying it, and his intention was not to bad mouth other Chasidic groups, but to point out which group would be the best to follow.

It seems that the Chofetz Chayim's words are true until today. To begin with, there is a special emphasis in Breslov to learn Halacha - especially Shulchan Aruch - EVERY DAY. While there may be those who will fault Ba'alei Teshvos who join a particular Chasidic group when becoming religious who seem to emphasize one thing related to the particular Chasidic group while not being very familiar with Halacha, perhaps some of these critics would feel a little differently if they knew that Breslov as a group in particular is very strict with not only learning Halacha every day, but also keeping the Halacha.

I will relate to you two incidents which will illustrate my point. The first is what prompts me to writing this blog. Knowing of a Seuda Shelishis which was going to include fruit for Tu B'Shevat at a Beis Midrash that I never came to before, I came there especially in honor of this. Little did I know that in fact it was a Breslov place, though you would never know it from the advertisement that they placed everywhere. Anyways, I observed when the fruit was all brought out - as well as nuts and... strawberries. Though there is a way of washing strawberries very well, which includes using soap, to ensure that there will not be any insects, what I saw this Shabbos is something I never saw anywhere else - regardless of religious environment. At this event, I saw more than one guy (they seemed to be Breslov) using a knife to peel off the outer skin of the strawberry. Though it can be assumed that the strawberries would have been washed prior to this not to cause a Michshol - stumbling block for those who would not know the difference, removing the outer skin where small insects could possibly reside is certainly a safe way to avoid any chance of eating Tolaim.

The second incident happened a year and a half ago when I was working at a restaurant in Tel Aviv - in fact, it was my last night there, right before I moved to Ebay HaNachal where I used to live. Though there was a regular Mashgiach for the evening time, on this evening as well as other times, there was a substitute Breslov guy (we became quite friendly when I was working there). Though he didn't have much to do as far as working in the kitchen is concerned, he did a little more than just loaf around the whole time. On this particular evening, he decided to check - perhaps he noticed this by chance - the cashew nuts which were used at times for a certain menu. Lo and behold, he opened one and found... a worm. Some of these nuts seems to be OK, but some others clearly had a worm, though tiny. Do bear in mind that this was in the late summer, and insects tend to be relatively more common in nuts, including walnuts, during the summer.

It's easy to take for granted that a Kosher restaurant is supposed to be a Kosher restaurant, especially if there is a Mashgiach on the premises. While the main emphasis from the particular Kashrus supervision company, seems to be on the meat and other items that could possibly come from a non-kosher source, the Kashrus organization head or manager is not going to be at the particular food outlet all the time - it is the Mashgiach on the premises who has to be very familiar with the Halachos, as well as knowing how to remove insects where applicable. And then for the certified Kosher restuarants who do not have a Mashgiach on the premises all the time when it's only the Kosher company that checks here and there to make sure that everything is "under control", while the owner or workers are clearly not Shomer Shabbos or non-Jews (and in Israel, Arabs work in a good percentage of these Kosher restaurants), who is to know what is really happening, especially when one orders let's say a falafel sandwich, and they stuff it with let's say lettuce?

In the States, I worked as a Mashgiach over different periods of time. From experience, I can tell you that even when the Mashgiach knows what to do and takes care of what needs to be done, there is really no guarantee that something won't go wrong. Regardless of who provides the Hashgacha, no less than a G-d fearing Mashgiach who knows the Halachos well will assure that everything is "under control". But at least if a good Mashgiach is always on the premises, this is as good as it gets, and a customer should not hesitate to ask for the Mashgiach for any concerns he/she will have about the Kashrus, and at the same time, can feel what type of guy the Mashgiach is, and not only what he answers, but HOW he answers which will be a good clue as to the integrity of this Mashgiach.

For everyone's information, eating a whole insect (even accidentally doesn't excuse one from an Aveira and Timtum HaLev - just the degree of how liable one is considered to be) is WORSE than eating a slice of ham. You see, a whole creature - a Beriya - that is eaten is considered significant eating according to the Torah, even if it less than a K'zayis - olive amount. However, eating part of a non-kosher animal, at least if it less than a K'zayis, is not as big of an Aveira than that tiny insect that you did not expect to be loafing around. While one who purposely eats non-kosher is in the long run far more spiritually removed from Hashem than one who eats something non-kosher accidentally, one who is learned enough in Torah to know there could be a problem with certain foods regarding insects but is lax in learning the Halachos regarding this or doesn't care to worry about "details" will hardly be excused by Hashem any less, even if he/she would never want insects as part of the menu if asked.

Now enjoy your Tolaim-less meal the next time you plan to eat from a food joint.

Rebbe Nosson & the 16th Parsha

The very first word of the Shiras HaYom read on Shabbos Parshas Beshalach/Shabbos Shira - the Shabbos of Rebbe Nosson's birth - is "Ashira", having the Gematria of 516. This is also the very first word of the Tefilla for the Tikkun HaKelali (which is customarily recited after the Tikkun HaKelali), which was composed by Rebbe Nosson.

Interestingly, Rebbe Nosson's name is the Gematria of 500 and he was born on the Shabbos when the 16th Parsha of the Torah is read. So, when you add 500 and 16, presto! 516 - the Gematria of "Ashira" the beginning word of the Shiras HaYam read on the Shabbos of Rebbe Nosson's birth, and the beginning word of the Tefilla for the Tikkun HaKelali which was composed by Rebbe Nosson.

Oh yes, the square root of 16 is 4, or 4*4. The number four is very connected with Rabbeinu whose main Talmid was Rebbe Nosson, and the Shiras HaYam as connected before with Rebbe Nosson is part of the 4th Aliyah, and as we know, Rabbeinu was customarily given the honor of the 4th Aliyah, in contrast to most other rabbis who are either honored with the 3rd Aliyah, 6th Aliyah, or Maftir.

Nanachs Tel Aviv

Exactly 200 Years Apart - Part 3

Having mentioned in a previous blog before Shabbos that exactly 200 years after Rebbe Nosson's birth on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, the Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi began also on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, there is another thing to mention pertaining to the number 200.

Near the end of SHIR HASHIRIM, it states "TWO HUNDRED for those who guard its (of the vineyard's) FRUIT" (8:12), which is referring to the fruit of Torah. It's interesting to note that the 200 years apart from Rebbe Nosson's birth to the birth of studying Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi both occurring on Tu B'Shevat seems to be hinted in this very phrase as the number 200 is related here to FRUIT as is most connected with TU B'Shevat! The word FRUIT is related to PRU U'RVU "Be FRUITFUL and multiply", the very first Mitzva of the Torah. Hence, this hints to the BIRTH of Rebbe Nosson, and then 200 years later, was the BIRTH of a new study program of Torah, being hinted in the real meaning of FRUIT in this Posuk which refers to the Torah.

And speaking of Talmud Yerushalmi - the JERUSALEM Talmud, the Midrash Zuta states that there are 40 names for Jerusalem/Yerushalayim. The FORTIETH and last of these is called Har Marom. And guess what? Har Marom shares the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman -491! (See my next blog as you scroll down for a further connection of 491 as related to Tu B'Shevat). And what are the final words of the Haftora for Parshas Beshalach/Shabbos Shira - and as it fell this year on Tu B'Shevat? "The land (of Israel) was quiet for FORTY years! Also, it mentions in this Parshas Beshalach that the Jews ate the manna for FORTY years until they entered Israel. And as I had mentioned before, the Hebrew word for manna - Mon, is the 2nd half of Rabbeinu Nachmon's name.

Now, getting back to the Posuk from Shir Hashirim, it says right before this HaElef Lecha Shlomo - "The ONE THOUSAND will be yours, Shlomo". Now, as I had mentioned in a blog over a year ago, the three Masechtos - Bava Kama, Bava Metizah, & Bava Basra - each contain 10 chapters. Now, 10*10*10 equals 1,000 - ONE THOUSAND. These three Masechtos, which at one time was one large Masechta called Nezikin/Damages until divided as we have it presently, make up the beginning of Seder Nezikin, the FOURTH order of the Mishnayos. Bearing in mind that Rabbeinu was very connected with the number FOUR, the phrase Seder Nezikin has the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman - 491! And as it is worded in the Posuk - "The ONE THOUSAND will be yours, Shlomo, and TWO HUNDRED for those who guard its fruit", the Hebrew word for TWO HUNDRED - Mohsayim, is also the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

And the Gemara (Talmud Bavli) for these three Masechtos contains 411 Dafim, corresponding to which, there are exactly 411 chapters in Rabbeinu's magnum opus Likutei Moharan (286 in the first part, and 125 in the second part)! And for the number 1,000, the words Ebay (from the phrase Ebay HaNachal, which comes from Shir HaShirim and is the name of the Sefer containing letters that Saba wrote to Shazar), Uman, Breslov & Yerushalayim together have the Gematria of 1,000! (This is bearing in mind that the word Ebay - Alef, Beis, Yud, is the Roshei Taivos for the words Uman, Breslov, Yerushalayim - the respective burial places of Rabbeinu, Rebbe Nosson, & Saba). (NOTE: You can read more in detail as related to this blog to the ones that I wrote for October 31, '08).

The FOURTH Masechta of the FOURTH order of the Mishnayos that is called Seder Nezikin having the same Gamatria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is called Sanhedrin. And as you will scroll down for my following blog, you will see the connection of the Sanhedrin to Rabbeinu & Rebbe Nosson. And while we are at it, the first Sanhedrin was formed as mentioned in Sefer Bamidbar - the FOURTH Sefer of the Chumash.

And as I mention in this coming blog (Part 2) that there were 200 Roshei Sanhedrin from Shevet Yissochor, and that it mentions in this Posuk in Shir Hashirim about 200 in connection with fruit, it's most worthy to note that just as there are 379 "closed" Parshiyos & 290 "open" Parshiyos in the Chumash (as per the spaces between sections in the Sefer Torah), so too, Sanhedrein is the Gematria of 379 and Pri/fruit is the Gematria of 290. Also, just like it makes FIVE times 200 to equal 1,000, so too there are FIVE books to the Chumash. And yes, the letter Reish having the Gematria of 200 can be found in both words - Sanhedrin & Pri, and is the beginning letter of the words Rebbe & Rosh (as in Rosh Bnei Yisroel, the words of the Roshei Taivos for Rebbe).

Exactly 200 Years Apart - Part 2

Having mentioned in a previous blog before Shabbos that exactly 200 years after Rebbe Nosson's birth on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, the Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi began also on Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat, there is another thing to mention pertaining to the number 200.

Referring to the Sanhedrin, there is a Posuk that states (1 Divrei HaYomim 12:33) "Of the children of Yissochor, men with understanding of the times, to know what Yisroel (the Jews) should do - TWO HUNDRED chiefs, with all of their kinsmen following their counsel". This is saying that there were 200 heads of the Sanhedrin that were descended from Shevet Yissochor who were responsible for deciding how the Jewish year would be as per sighting the monthly moon along with leap years. Hence, they had the key for deciding Jewish time, and as we see in Gemara Rosh Hashana, Hashem tells the angels that it is Rosh Hashana when the Jews decide when it should be (whether the 30th or 31st day from 1 Elul - but nowadays, it's always the 30th day from 1 Elul).

With this being said, Rabbeinu had said that Rosh Hashana is his whole Metzius, and was born on the first of the four Rosh Hashanahs mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh Hashana - 1 Nissan - the very date about which Hashem first told Moshe & Aharon about the Mitzva of Kiddush HaChodesh which would henceforth by decided by Bnei Yisroel via the Sanhedrin, stating "This month (Nissan) will be for you the head of the months, it will be the first of the months of the year" (Shemos 12:2).

And speaking of Rosh, the word Rebbe is the Roshei Teivos of Rosh Bnei Yisroel (Likutei Moharan 1:111). Hence, as Rabbeinu is the final Rebbe from his time until Moshiach comes "My fire will be lit until the coming of Moshiach", it was most fitting for him to be born on the FIRST day of the FIRST month of the year, when the Mitzva of Kiddush Levana was first commanded (shortly before sunset of the eve of 1 Nissan) and took place. And as related to the 200 Roshei Sanhedrin from Shevet Yissochor, the Hebrew word for 200 is Mohsayim which in turn is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman - 491!

This would not be complete without mentioning the Chasidic Sefer "Bnei Yissoschor" who states regarding Tu B'Shevat - the birthday of Rabbeinu's main Talmid, Rebbe Nosson - that it is the Reishis Yesod HaTzemicha "beginning of the foundation of sprouting" in reference to praying on this day for a beautiful Esrog on Sukkos. It's interesting to note that Rabbeinu's last Mitzva on earth was taking the Lulav & Esrog (the four Minim - also related to Rabbeinu who was very connected with the number four). And as related to Tzemicha/sprouting, the 491st word in the Torah is Yitzmach, which in turn is the Gematria of Rabbeinu's name Nachman - 148!

And here is the full connection. In the context where this word is mentioned, the Torah states that when Hashem created the herbage of the field, it "had yet to sprout", because it had yet to rain and no one was around to work the ground. Rashi comments on this that when Adam saw that the herbage was necessary, he PRAYED for this upon which it rained and then the TREES and vegetation SRPOUTED. Hence, there is a direct connection here to Tu B'Shevat - the ROSH HASHANAH for TREES being the birthday of Rabbeinu Nachman's main Talmid Rebbe Nosson who compiled the LIKUTEI TEFILLOS upon the request of Rabbeinu.

And as Tu B'Shevat is called Reishis Yesod HaTzemicha, the word Reishis (beginning) has the same letters as Alef (the letter) Tishrei - the date for (the 1st of ) Rosh HaShanah. And indeed it was on Rosh HaShanah when Adam was created, and on that same day, he first prayed for rain so the fruits and vegetation WOULD SPROUT - Yitzmach.

And as we mentioned Yissachar, it is mentioned in the Haftorah for the 2nd day of Rosh HaShanah that when Rochel Imeinu cried for the return of Bnei Yisroel from Golus, Hashem replied, "Refrain from crying and your eyes from tears for YESH SACHAR - THERE IS REWARD for your accomplishment..." (Yirmiyah 31:15). The words Yesh Sachar when spelled together spells Yissachar (Note: This also hints to the fact that had Rachel not given up the mandrakes to Leah, she would have been the one to have given birth to Yissachar, but the details on this are beyond the scope of this blog), and the name Rochel is the Roshei Taivos of Roshei Chodoshim L'Amcha, the beginning words of the middle blessing of the Mussaf Rosh Chodesh Shemoneh Esrei. Rochel Imeinu's Yahrzeit of 11 Cheshvan always falls out on the same day of the week as the past Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Rabbeinu's birthday. And this particular year is the 238th year from Rabbeinu's birth, bearing in mind that Rochel is the Gematria of 238.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Likutay Halachos

New graphic on for the page of Likutay Halachos.

Likutay Tefilos

New graphic on for the page of Likutay Tefilos.

Do Not Learn Likutay Maharan

A number of years back when Y.B. first decided to come to Eretz Yisroel he first went to say good bye to his well renown and respected litvish community Rabbi. The Rabbi first sat down and gave him all his little pieces of advice and then he gave him a big warning "No matter what you do not learn the book called Likutay Maharan."

Yisroel never heard of the book before and this was the first time he even heard of the name Likutay Maharan. B"H since then Yisroel has merited to learn much Likutay Maharan as well as be Mafitz many Sefri Rabbanue. He even had the honer of going back to his home shul wearing his Na Nach kipah, showing all that he was indeed converted to the Na Nach cult.

Modern Day Breslov Chasidim

A large Israeli TV station recently ran a segment on Breslov Chasidim. Towrds the end they said "and here are some modern day Breslov Chasidim" and showed the clip of Gidalya smoking the petek.

Look a Misnaged

Yosef Nanach was walking through the streets of Tzfat along with his little son. He passed by a chasidish guy who was also holding a kid in his arm. Look said the chasid to his kid, pointing at Yosef, a Nach Nach. He then repeated himself a number of times, despite the fact that he was embarrassing Yosef to his face in front of his own son.

Yosef turned to his son and pointed at the chasidish guy "Look a Misnaged, Look a Shakran, Look an Apikores."

Friday, January 29, 2010

Saba Daily

There is no joy in the world-only the holy Torah and the Mitzvot. With the Torah and the Mitzvot-thereis life, there is all good..... (Israel Saba conversations 377)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

One should ask Hashem for the will (Kisufim and Gaguim) to go to Eretz yisroel till he merits getting to the holy land (Likutay etzit eretz yisroel-15)

Mordechais wedding, Moshiach's coming!

Dancing After Prayers

The custom amongst Chasidim is to dance after the prayers. Anyone who every prayed with intensity knows that exultation that follows and that probably how the custom began. Even still, regardless of how hard you prayed it is very worthwhile to dance strongly. First of all this will remind you of how you should have prayed, also the very fact that in today's day and age you prayed at all is a great feat worth celebrating, and in general it is important to dance as much as possible – as Rabbi Nussun writes that whenever an opportunity presents itself to motivate him to dance, he is dancing!
The main thing is to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!


Previously we discussed that after screaming hard to H”Y one can fatigued C”V. Saba often needed hours to recuperate from some of his devotions, like his 310 full dips (not just with the finger and not just in and out) in boiling hot water or very very cold water (leaving him blue), he would like on the bench half-dead. No one should risk there health, each person according to their real faith in the Absolute Dominion of the One Holy Merciful God should be strong and brazen to do what he/she feels should be done for His Glory.
The main thing is to proclaim Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Final Stages

B”H this winter was the mildest I can remember (except for Chanuka in the Ukraine). This past week was the coldest and B”H this signifies the last throws of winter before it's over. Rabbi Nussun often explains that when something is about to be finished it strengthens itself to resist and it fights harder. The end of the winter is thus the coldest, because aside from the accumulated cold in the atmosphere, the winter gives it's last efforts. Rabbi Nussun often says that this true of the final redemption. The satan knows that this is the end, so aside from all the accumulated evils he has filled the world with, he strengthens himself to give us all he's got (evidenced in many ways, better not spoken of, those who have tasted it and are aware of it, know it, and those that haven't are suffering so much from it that they are completely oblivious of their plight), may the Holy Merciful One God have compassion on us.
On a similar vein we find that there are great precautions upon who is privy to know the special name of God, lest the person be unworthy and use it to kill someone. This is hard to understand why we should suspect someone of murder. The reason I think is that anyone with true knowledge of the Divine is going to be exposed to great opposition from the 'other side', and it is known that the 'other side' dresses (inhibits) itself in people. Someone unworthy may feel that he should use God's name to kill them, but that is not God's desire, only to rectify through prayer and to reverse everything to good. May H”Y help us.

LM 4 English Booklet - Parashat Yitro!

Likutei Moharan #4 in English much improved.
Prints on 3 sheets of paper, double sided and folds in half (with staple) to make a 12-page booklet.
Comes out of your printer (print "manual duplex").
Learning, doing, printing, distributing -- is kodesh kodeshim!

chazaq weematz beavodatekha,
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman!

FINAL "Noon" of Rabbeinu - FINAL Shir (HaGeula)

The Midrash Tanchuma states that the five final letters or ending letters of a word within the Alef Beis - Kaf Sofis, Mem Sofis, Noon Sofis, Pei Sofis, Tzadi Sofis - correspond to five double wording phrases in the Tnach that are related to the Geula.

Now, as mentioned in Tikkunei Zohar, there are 10 Shiros in history - the 1st being the Shiras HaYam in this week's Parshas Beshalach, read on this Shabbos Shira, the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, coinciding with Tu B'Shevat - the 4th and FINAL of the four New Years as mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh HaShanah - and the last of the 10 being the Shir HaGeula consisting of 10 letters. In the context of the Zohar, it is Hashem's name Y YK YKV YKVK. As the name of the Tzadik is considered the name of Hashem - first exemplified as Moshe's name which spells Hashem - "The Name" - backwards, the name of Rabbeinu whose Yahrzeit is on the 4th day of Sukkos, the day of the Ushpizin of Moshe, is spelled the same way in the Petek as Na Nach Nachma Nachman.

Hence, it is the 10th and final letter of the Shir HaGeula of Rabbeinu's name - the Noon Sofis or final Noon, that corresponds to the 10th and final Shir HaGeula. And as we mentioned the Midrash Tanchuma in reference to double wording phrases related to the Sofis or final letters of the Alef Beis, the phrase for the Noon Sofis is Nachamu Nachamu, the beginning words of the Haftora for Shabbos Nachanu - the 1st of the 7 Shiv'a D'Nechemasa read on the last seven Shabbosos of the year starting from Rosh HaShanah - on which Parshas VaEschanan is always read. And in this Parsha, the 2nd version of Aseres HaDibros - "The TEN (Commandments) Statements" is written, which has 17 more words than that of the original Aseres HaDibros.

Small wonder then, the date of 17 Tamuz on which the original Luchos of the Aseres HaDibros were shattered by Moshe upon the sin of the Eigel HaZahav, which led to the 2nd Luchos in which 17 more words are mentioned - is mentioned in the same Petek as the Shir HaGeula is written. Moreover, the phrase Nachamu Nachamu is the Gematria of 208, the amount of letters in the Petek (see the Sefer Shir Chadash by Rabbi Bezenson)! Also, the word Nachamu is the Gemaria of the word for the letter Tzadi - 104 (which is the letter that corresponds to the month of Shevat, on which we read the first Shira of Shiras HaYam, and Rebbe Nosson's birthday). Hence, the word Tzadi twice also has the Gematria of 208, whose letter is represented by the double phrasing of Tzemach Yitzmach for the Tzadi Sofis as related to the Geula. the Shir HaGeula of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is the Gematria of 491, the first mention of the word Yitzmach in Tnach (Bereishis 2:5) is the 491st word in the Chumash, which is the same Gematria as Rabbeinu's name Nachman - 148! Moreover, the word Chumash is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman; and the number of the amount of Pesukim in the Chumash - 5845, is hinted in the name Nachman, where the corresponding Gematrios of the letters of this name 50,8,40,50 when you remove the zeros and put the remaining numbers together, spells the same number 5845!

As a side note, the second half of Rabbeinu's name spells Mon, the very word for the manna that rained down for the Jews for 40 years in the merit of Moshe, mentioned in the same Parsha as the Shiras HaYam, read on the Shabbos on which Rebbe Nosson was born. Moreover, the beginning words of the Hakdama to Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan, are Reu Es Dvar Hashem, mentioned by Yirmiyahu HaNavi who was referring to the manna as Rashi notes on this Parsha.

May the FINAL Shir, as represented by the FINAL "Noon" of Rabbeinu's name, immediately usher in the FINAL Geula - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

NOTE: As an act of Hashgacha Peratis, the time posted for this blog is 4:00 AM. As we know, Rabbeinu is most connected with the number four, as I mentioned in this post of his passing on the 4th day of Sukkos. Also, his name consists of four letters, and unlike other rabbis who are honored to the Torah with Shelishi, Shishi, or Maftir, he was honored particularly with the 4th Aliyah. These series of blogs that I wrote tonight concluding with this one are based on the theme of Tu B'Shevat being the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, which is the 4th and FINAL of the four New Years as mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh Hashanah.

Rabbeinu's Name Connected with Tu B'Shevat

As in the order of the four Rosh Hashanahs mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh Hashana - 1 Nissan, 1 Elul, 1 Tishrei, & 1 or 15 Shevat - these correspond with the Shir Chodosh of Na Nach Nachma Nachman (see my upcoming blogs as you scroll down). It's interesting to note that it is particularly 1 or 15 Shevat that corresponds to the FULL name of Nachman, or the completion of Rabbeinu's name.

Along these lines, 1 Shevat is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover, who compiled teachings of Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan to learn in memory of the departed, and 15 Shevat is the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, who was responsible for Rabbeinu's teachings; for as Rabbeinu said, if it wasn't for Rebbe Nosson, not a single word of Rabbeinu's teachings would have been around. As mentoned in the Breslov Sefer Cochvei Ohr, Rebbe Nosson's teachings are in fact Rabbeinu's teachings (as especially exemplified by the fact that the Likutei Halachos of Rebbe Nosson are based on Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan). Also, both Rabbeinu's & Rebbe Nosson's names begin with a Noon and end with a Noon Sofis. Hence, it makes most sense that it is particularly Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, the 4th and final of the Arba Roshei Shonim, which corresponds with the 4th and final of the Shir Chodosh - the full name of Nachman.

Noting the significance of the fact that the Halacha follows the New Year of Trees to be on 15 Shevat according to Beis Hillel, rather than on 1 Shevat according to Beis Shammai, seems to show that Rabbeinu prefers birthdays of Tzadikim, rather than Yahrzeits of Tzadikim...

Connection of the 4 Rosh HaShanahs

As mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh HaShanah, there are four Roshei Shonim or Chodoshim - four "New Years" falling out on four different Rosh Chodeshs - that have significant Halachic ramifications - 1 Nissan, 1 Elul, 1 Tishrei, & 1 or 15 Shevat.

Technically, we have five mentioned here, though they are categorized as four. As noted at the end of the first Mishna there, there is a Machlokes between Beis Shammai & Beis Hillel as to when the 4th of the Roshei Shonim take place - 1 Shevat or 15 Shevat respectively.

Knowing the history of Breslov Chasidus, Rabbeinu the founder of Breslov Chasidus and author of the teachings of Likutei Moharan, was born on the FIRST of the Roshei Shonim - the FIRST of Nissan. The last of the four is either 1 Shevat - the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover, who composed a booklet of teachings from Likutei Moharan based on the letters of the Alef Beis to learn in memory of the departed, hence a full cycle in terms of Likutei Moharan from Rabbeinu to Rabbi Moshe Breslover; or 15 Shevat which is the birthday of Rabbeinu's Talmid Muvhak (main disciple) Rebbe Nosson. Between these two Rabbis - it is their teachings that comprise the teachings of Breslov, noting that all of Rebbe Nosson's teachings are in fact Rabbeinu's teachings, but just in a step closer to the reach of people's knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, eating fruit on Tu B'Shevat is in fact a Tikkun for the sin of eating from the Eitz Ha'Daas - Tree of Knowledge, according to Kabbala (scroll down to see my blog quoting from Likutei Halachos in reference to Tu B'Shevat). Hence, it is the teachings presented through Rebbe Nosson - the spiritual fruit - that will be the final set of Torah teachings that will rectify the sin of the Eitz Ha'Daas.

Now as we know, the sin of the Eitz Ha'Daas took place on the same day as Odom HaRishon was created - on Rosh Hashana or 1 Tishrei. Thirty days earlier, as a preparation for the big day of Rosh Hashana, is Rosh Chodesh Elul - 1 Elul (NOTE: In today's calendar there are only 29 days in the month of Elul, but Rosh Chodesh Elul begins on 30 Av, hence 30 days before Rosh HaShana). It was on Rosh Chodesh Elul - 1 Elul, that Moshe Rabbeinu came up on Har Sinai with the 2nd Luchos for Hashem to reinscribe the Aseres HaDibros following the shattering of the 1st Luchos due to the sin of the Eigel HaZahav.

Now connecting the last of the dots of the Roshei Shonim, the sin of the Eitz Ha'Daas brought an impurity into the world leading to death. With Matan Torah when the Aseres HaDibros were pronounced by Hashem, this impurity was taken away from Bnei Yisroel, and would have remained living without death had it not been for their sin of the Eigel HaZahav 40 days later when Moshe Rabbeinu came down with the 1st Luchos with the inscription of the Aseres HaDibros. As Moshe shattered the first ones, he carved out new Luchos which he brought up on Har Sinai on 1 Elul. It was on these Luchos that Hashem inscribed the Aseres HaDibros as mentioned in Parshas V'Eschanan (NOTE: scroll down to a latter blog that I wrote mentionining the connection of this Parsha with Odom HaRishon and Tefilla).

While the impurity that led to death was returned upon the sin of the Eigel HaZahav which took place on 17 Tamuz; however, the 2nd Luchos was the beginning process for the ultimate return of goodness to the Jewish people. You see, this version of the Aseres HaDibros in fact consists of 17 more words than the original Aseres HaDibros, bearing in mind that 17 is the Gematria of Tov - good(ness). Also, when you put the words of the date of Tu B'Shevat together, you can read this also as Tov Shevat, the goodness of Shevat!

Now, as the final step of the process of the goodness being returned to Bnei Yisroel that began with the 2nd Luchos of 17 more words, Saba discovered the Petek following his depression which began on 17 Tamuz, and it is this very date that is mentioned in the Petek. Moreover, in the Yiddish part of the Petek, there is a word Biz - Beis Yud Zayin - which means until, that is, Rabbeinu's fire will continue burning UNTIL the coming of Moshicah. Another way of reading this word is B'Yud Zayin "with 17"!

With this being said, now you can see the connection between the four/five dates being the Roshei Shonim. Even though the Halacha does not follow Beis Shammai who say that the Rosh HaShana for trees is on 1 Shevat, this is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover who compiled teachings of Rabbeinu to be learned in memory of those who have died, hence showing the connection of making a Tikkun in connection with death which was brought through the sins of the Eitz Ha'Daas that took place on 1 Tishrei and the Eigel HaZahav which took place on 17 Tammuz.

May the final Tikkun of the Shir HaGeula of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman usher in the era when death will be a thing of the past following Techiyas HaMeisim.

Exactly 200 Years Apart

On Shabbos Shira, 15 Shevat 5540 (1780), Rabbi Nosson Sternhartz, main disciple of the founding Rabbi of Breslov Chasidus known as Rabbi Nachman - was born. He would be the one responsible for the writings of Breslov Chasidus, which in the words of Rabbi Nachman, would not have happened if not for Rabbi Nosson. His unique accomplishments included writing a Chasidic commentary on the entire Shulchan Aruch, and composed prayers on every spiritual and physical need.

On Shabbos Shira, 15 Shevat 5740 (1980), Grand Rabbi Simcha Bunim Alter of Gur - the 5th Gerrer Rebbe - started the daily learning of Daf Yomi, daily page of Talmud Yerushalmi, the Jerusalem Talmud. While not widely studed as its counterpart - the Talmud Bavli, the Babylonian Talmud, it is considered a higher and holier form of learning, especially since the content is the teachings of the rabbis who were living in the Holy Land. Presently, there is an ongoing translation of this Talmud both in English and Hebrew (the original language being in Aramaic) from Artscroll

Coincidence? Exactly 200 years apart on Tu B'Shevat from Rebbe Nosson's birth to the beginning of the worldwide study of Talmud Yerushalmi, falling out on the same day of the week - Shabbos Shira of all times - there has to be some type of connection here.

The number 200 is especially significant in Nanach, because the Hebrew word for this number is Mohsayim, which in turn as a word is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman (491) the Shir Chodosh that Rebbe Nosson mentions especially in connection with Tu B'Shevat where he mentions that at times, this date falls out on Shabbos Shira! It is unique to note that this year when Shabbos Shira also falls out on Tu B'Shevat, it falls out during the 200th year from the passing of Rabbi Nachman.

Noting that this Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat will mark 30 years since the beginning of this public learning of Talmud Yerushalmi, the number 30 is the Gematria of the letter Lamed, cognate of the word Talmud as well as Lilmod U'Lelamed - learning and teaching Torah, the Mitzva of the Torah which is equal to all other Mitzvos of the Torah (which means that one receives eternal reward for each word of Torah learnt or taught which equals all the other Mitzvos!)

It's interesting to note that the Talmud Yerushalmi, though with the name of Yerushalayim, was not composed in Yerushalayim at all, but in Tiveria, the very city in which Saba found the Petek in which the Shir Chodosh is mentioned! However, in honor of Yerushalayim, this Talmud was named after this most holy city in the world.

In a Nanach booklet promoting the concept of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman B'Yerushalayim, it is noted that the middle words of Shir L'Yom of the beginning Posuk for the Shir Shel Yom of Shabbos - Mizmor Shir L'Yom HaShabbos, are the same letters as Yerushalayim. Hence, the beginning process of the Shir - the Shir Chodosh - which will usher in the Messianic era which is close to the 7th millenium corresponding to Shabbos (see the end of Maseches Tamid where the source of the Shir Shel Yom is mentioned ending of with Shabbos Menucha L'Chayei HaOlamim - the eternal Shabbos of rest), began in Tiveria and has/will conclude(d) in Yerushalayim.

As a side note, we are presently in the 43rd year from the liberation of Yerushalayim which included the Temple Mount and Western Wall, the holiest area in the world on 28 Iyar 5727/1967, on the 43rd day of the Sefira. Noting the two mentions of 43 year in connection with Yerushalayim, the first two letters of the word Gemara, the other word for Talmud, are also the letters for the number 43 in Hebrew.

The name for Deutronomy - Sefer Devarim - which represents the concept of Torah She'b'Al Peh as the Talmud, as this Sefer consists of Moshe Rabbeinu delivering over the Torah in his sermons through word of mouth, is the Gematria of Yerushalayim/Yerushalmi (596), and this Sefer consists of 11 Parshiyos. Now, add this to the word Talmud which is the Gematria of 480, and presto! The Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

And yes, noting that this Shabbos Shira/Tu B'Shevat - the FINAL one of the four Rosh Hashanahs - will mark 230 years since the birth of Rebbe Nosson, 230 is the Gematria of the word Miketz, the name of the Parsha of which the beginning took place on Rosh HaShanah of Pharaoh's dreams and Yosef HaTzadik solving them leading him to head Egypt and ultimately sustaining his family, the ancestors of the future Jewish people. Miketz is cognate of the word Ketz, which means end in the sense of the end or FINAL phase of Golus, and the beginning of our Geula, which will be ushered by the Shir HaGeula, the FINAL of the 10 Shiros - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

What does Rebbe Nosson have 2 say about his B-Day?

Born on Shabbos Shira, Tu B'Shevat 5540, Rebbe Nosson, the Moharanat, has the following to say about his birthday in Likutei Halachos Yoreh Deah (Volume 5 in the Keren printing) Hilchos Orlah 3:12 -

"This is the aspect of always reading the Shiras HaYam in the month of Shevat close to the 15th of Shevat which is the Rosh HaShana for trees. For the 15th of Shevat is always close to Shabbos Shira, AND AT TIMES, SHABBOS SHIRA FALLS OUT ON THE 15TH OF SHEVAT ITSELF. For the 15th of Shevat is the Rosh HaShana for trees regarding Orlah (fruits of the first three years) and Neta Reva'i (fruits of the fourth year), which is the aspect of the rectification of the sin of Odom HaRishon, which is accomplished through the voice which waters the garden which is the SHIR - POSHUT KOFUL MESHULOSH MERUBA etc. We merit this throuthg prayer having the aspect of justice of the one who has power (Ba'al Ko-ach), etc."

"All this is the aspect of Krias Yam Suf, the aspect of "You shattered the sea with Your might" etc. (Tehillim 74:13) as explained well earlier (in Hilchos Orlah). And this is the aspect of the Shiras HaYam, for through the rod of strength, did Krias Yam Suf happen. Through this, we merit for the Shira which is the aspect of SHIR - POSHUT, etc. Therefore, we read the Shiras HaYam on the Shabbos which falls within a week of Tu B'Shevat which is the Rosh HaShana for treeswhich is the aspect of this rectification (of the sin of Odom HaRishon). "

As a synopsis, Rebbe Nosson mentions in the paragraph before this that the aspect of the "Four Roshei Chodoshim of the year" (as mentioned in the beginning of Maseches Rosh HaShana) - 1 Nissan, 1 Elul, 1 Tishrei & 1 or 15 Shevat - is the aspect of the Shir - Poshut Koful Meshulosh Meruba which we merit through prayer of the Ba'al Ko-ach who uses this prayer on the four Roshei Chodoshim in order to sort out the knowledge of holiness from the husks (Kelipos) in order to rectify and complete the knowledge of holiness which is the aspect of Rosh (head), the aspect of Roshei Shonim (the Roshei Chodoshim).

In practical terms, Rebbe Nachman & Rebbe Nosson, whose birthdays are the 1st & last of the list of these Roshei Chodoshim - 1 Nissan & 15 Shevat - respectively, are the ultimate Rebbes - as Rebbe is the Roshei Taivos for Rosh Bnei Yisroel (Likutei Moharan 1:111) whose teachings which will be the final rectification of the sin of Odom HaRishon which will usher the era of Moshiach, as Odom's name is the Roshei Taivos of Odom, Dovid, Moshiach. And the one to bring these teachings to the world at large via printing them is the Ba'al HaPetek which contains the Shir - Poshut Koful Meshulosh Meruba (Shir Chodosh), Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser, also known as Saba, who also is responsible for being the one to publicize the Shir Chodosh.

Speaking of prayer, it is Rebbe Nosson, the birthday boy, who composed the Likutei Tefillos which have given hope to so many who found the words to express themselves, helping them easier to speak to Hashem through Hisbodedus. But what is unique about his composed prayers compared to others, though also very holy, such as the Tefillos of the Chida & the Ben Ish Chai, is that they are directly related to the teachings of the founding Sefer of Breslov Chasidus - Likutei Moharan - whose author Rebbe Nachman said that Moshiach in the future will deliver a Peirush to his Sefer. Just as the Torahs are "converted" into Tefillos as what the Likutei Tefillos does with the teachings of Likutei Moharan, so it is mentioned in Breslov Chasidus that the Tefillos of Rosh HaShana accomplishes the same thing, particularly in the Mussaf Shemoneh Esrei where there is a special concept of mentioning 10 Pesukim each for Malchuyos, Zicronos, & Shofaros.

Speaking of Tefilla & Shabbos Shira, the words Shira & Tefilla have the same Gematria of 515! Also note that the word VaEschanan, the name of the 45th Parsha of the Chumash (the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman - 354), is also the Gematria of 515. Along the above lines, Odom's name is the Gematria of 45, as VaEschanan is the 45th Parsha. In fact, the only time that Odom's name is mentioned in the Chumash outside of Parshas Bereishis is in this very Parsha (see Devorim 4:32). And the name for the Shabbos in which we read Parshas VaEschana is called Shabbos Nachamu, after the Haftara read for that Shabbos that begins Nachamu Nachamu, the 1st of the 7 Shiv'a D'Nechamasa Haftoras read on the last seven Shabbosim of the year beginning from Rosh HaShana; the word Nachamu which is cognate with the name of Rabbi Nachman.

NOTE: For more Torah on Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, from the birthday boy, you can also refer to a little later on in Likutei Halachos - Hilchos Orlah 5:6, which I translated or made a synopsis of, a year ago on this site.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Toubeshvat party at the shook

Friday is the big day and THIS friday is really big. You can even dress up as a fruit!

Seriously, I am in love with the new EBAY HA NACHAL of Nissim Chayat and need 16 at 10:30 tomorrow. Can anyone deliver them ? - Nissim gets the money from me. He lives in Beit Shemesh. They are small, practical and covered with a plastic and cost 15 sk each no matter how many you buy.

You are welcome to join the fun.

Pray for Moshe ben Shulamis (Matisyahu)

Rumor has it that the Ukrainians stabbed him in the heart.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Honor Eminent Dead by making a "burning"

There was an ancient practice to make a great “burning” to honor a king upon his death (As was done for King Assa (Chronicles 2:16:14) and not done for his grandson (Chronicles 2:21:19). Rabbainu who revealed that he ruled over the world (Likutay Moharan Tora 56) also had a great burning upon his death, the burning of all his private writings. This burning also has to do with what Rabbainu revealed that upon the death of a Tzadik fires break out.

Keep screaming Nanach!

Everyone is urged to keep screaming with all they got to the Holy Merciful One God to redeem us and draw us close to His Light and affection. One should be careful when doing the 70 screams, as explained previously a woman giving birth screams 70 times, from what I understand few men experience pain equivalent to that of childbirth. Obviously it is very exerting, women giving birth usually need a few days to recuperate. So if you screamed 70 times and just resumed your regular life then you didn't really put your heart into the screaming. On the other hand, if you are new to screaming you may want to build up your stamina by screaming 35 times or however many that you feel begin to tax your health. 70 good screams could knock really knock you out God forbid – so we've been told by someone with first hand experience. You might want to start a spiritual version of those breathing exorcise that pregnant woman practice, Rabbainu teaches that shortness of breath is caused by the attractions to physical beauty, so begin to yearn and appreciate spiritual beauty and to detest the physical. The main thing is to say, Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

B"H still more to come on this topic.

Fly to Uman (Faith)!

This morning at the kosel (by the coffee and cake) there was a fly disturbing people, so there was a Breslover Chusid (so I'm told) who said that Rabbainu says in Sefer Hamidos that from deficiency of Faith there is a proliferation of flies in the world, and thus saying the Chusid commenced to pray to God, Please God give us Faith, immediately thereafter the fly flew into a coffee and drowned. So too should all our enemies be destroyed immediately, Amen.

Nanach life in the J.Q. of Jerusalem

Yesterday Duvid Dreskin visited us in the Keren's Nanach in the Rova, bringing a small party and goat yogurt, we also had cake Y.B. Brought from a pidyon habain (the redeeming of a first born son, eating from the festive meal is equivelant to fasting 84 fasts, for this reason they give out garlic which people cook large quantities of food thus spreading the holiness). We also had other special Nanach guests, including our re'staman Dan Rusow and our new Nanach from Shlomo Carlbach's Yeshuv (forgot his name).

How Loud Is the Nanach Music in Jerusalem?

The joke was that in Chevron people went over to the Nanach (Sholom Nusson and friends) and asked them to turn down the music, to which they replied, it is not us, it's coming from Yerushalayim (as we find in the Sages that in the time of the temple parts of the Service were heard).

Connection Between Likutei Moharan & Likutei Halachos

There is a basic connection between the first chapters of the main works of Rabbi Nachman & Rabbi Nosson - Likutei Moharan & Likutei Halachos - respectively. For more information, check out my latest blog - Post #58 - at

Saba Daily

I was here, the dog came in my direction. This was by the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess. The dog came toward me and wanted to bite me, and it was as if someone was preventing the dog from reaching me. That is really how it was. (Saba Israel converstions page 79)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The grave site of a true Tzaddik has the Kedushah mamash as Eretz Yisroel (Likutay Etzot bris-70) NaNach Nachma Nachman Mayuman!!!!!

We're playing music tomorrow in the shuk by agrippas...

(bli neder).

a nanach music sensation we all know, me, and Michael (new guy...Old City Simcha met him).

prolly like 10 am - 2 pm.

come on by!

Ephraim 050 7109 740

ps- we're planning on popping by Saba's kever beforehand...

pps- how strict are the nanach police here? is Carlebach allowed?

here is a nice Shlomo Katz music vid...

i guess i'll find out...:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Joy at the Nanach center in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem

Today about 4 mayfitzim were in the Nanach store and they mustered up holy brazeness to express great joy and happiness, so they pumped up the volume to one of the Na Nach songs (available on our music site, Hazamir, Bagiuela Ani Esmach) and they started dancing. This Nanach was outside the store dancing - and the music was LOUD (although we could still use louder - even still our chilled out neighbor - the one with the antique store sporting the holy Petek in the window display got a little upset....) Shay (Nanach manager) was also outside speaking on his cellphone. The people around also started to rejoice and two women bought books and CD's. One of the local police came in a hurry, and he took Shai with him to the station. He told Shai about all the complaints he gets from the Zilbermans and Chabad, he said that they often send the children to complain. He said the kids (who come to get stickers from us and general attention and Nanach fun...) are scared of us - to which he told them - he's only dancing - to which they replied that they don't know that because holy people aren't known to dance!? Shai developed some type of relationship with him (don't have the desire to get into the whole conversation, but we had a good laugh B"H). In the meantime keep screaming to H"Y because we need a lot of Nanach, alot of alot of alot of Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



Beautiful Nanach graffiti


Today i had a small meeting i was suppost to go to.And i prayed to Hashem
saying "O Hashem you no how much i dislike this place, please Hashem dont let me half to go to this place today i beg of you" and so i went on with the rest of the
morning praying untill my rid came i got in the car and we got on the high way and started driving this place is like 4miles away from were i live. and so were driving and i said to myself well this is going to be along drive so i started talking to Hashem and again saying "O Hashem you no how much i dislike this place, please Hashem dont let me half to go to this place today i beg of you"
and then i just started saying NNNNM......... over and over again and then, the person who was driving me there said does this place look familiar at all we were still driving down the highway at the time and i said no, we got off the next exit and he went to 2 gas stations he asked for directions and no 1 could tell him were to go
so he came back and he said well were lost... and he said were just turn around and ill take you home.And as soon as we got off the exit it sunk in and i realized that Hashem had just answered my pray and the biggest smile you could imagine came upon my face.


My dear fellow-Jew whatever U may be faced with make a firm stand.Let nothin break U.
Accustom yourself to be patient and dont engage in any fights with those who cause U sorrow.Belive in G-d with simple faith that He rules the universe that everything is from Him and that even those who trouble & humilate U are from Him they are merely His
agents.There4 why should these people who harass U lead you to sadness & anger? Rather,run to G-d speak with Him and pray to Him.This will fill U with faith,and faith will bring U to great patience regarding each facet of UR life.

Nanach video taken by someone I'm not familiar with

Rebbe Nasons Handwritting

Na Nach Bomb

Saba Daily

I remember how Rabbi Israel Karduner cried, how he cried at the grave of Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai. It was like someone pouring several barrels of water, the tears he cried to God, yes. (Israel Saba conversations page 229)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Through Hisbodidut one has a salvation (hisbodidut means talking to Hashem in your own way as one talks to a friend) Sefer Hamidot yeshuah 4

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In All Directions Nanach

Riddle about flesh and bones

The mitsvahs are like the flesh (in numbers) the bones are not accounted for, however the sins are engraved in the bones in the form of letters in codes. What remains forever in this world are not the mitsvahs but the bones! This presents a problem, due to the accumulation of "touma".

There is a solution.

Rabbi Nachman can rearrange the order of the letters making the descent an ascent. In practical terms if you now practice for the Tzaddik what you once learned in order to fulfill your "lusts", you can reach the highest levels. Unfortunatly, if you simply ignore these skills, you are compared by Saba to H.tler. It's simple, if you work for the Tzaddik you are part of him and vice versa. There are only two teams out there not 50 000!

During Purim the world was really doomed (today it's actually worse) when Haman said AM MORDECAI he connected everyone to the Tzaddik of The Generation. Noah isn't Avraham, but you need to compare him to his generation to understand his greatness.

Saba is NOT with us because we are NOT united enough. If Saba is not with us, then we need more suffering until we pull it together and those that will betray the Tzaddik all join the other side. Saba has all the time! I am sick of looking at the statistics and being responsable for them, aren't you?

Why should my bones join the pile of touma and create more work for the next generation? Rabbi Nachman is working full time allready, but the bad guys are using him just like Pharoh did in Egypt- they probably know more about him then you or me, because they have to defeat a formidable opponent "G-d"!

Am I really using all my skills and praying without any distractions?
G-d give me the insight and skills not to make mistakes and be a true FRIEND and Brother to overcome FEAR and trust in the allmighty at all times.

Say Amen for your brother

New Book from Yayin Hungari

NaNach Store Tzfat #12

Song of Peace

Saba Daily

God created everything and he creates new things. Faith, faith, I transgressed the Torah, but with faith-in an instint I return, I regret, I return, enough, finished. The main thing is not to lose hope, only to start at every moment anew,"from this point on I am a Jew"!I already recieved the Torah, I will do everything to keep the Torah and the mitzvot, yes. (Israel Saba english 393)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The world is created for every single person. Therefore each person must fill up the voids of this world and daven for the world (Likutay Moharan 5)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Action needed!

When the shekel changes it's face, it's value is going to change. The three faces on the Shekel connect Am Israel and the world economy and political/military stability to the holy bones of the Tzaddik even though they are located in what can very rapidly become Naziland.

When this happens if Rabbi Nachman is here, Am Israel connects directly to Rabbenu and the Ukraine gets a "stabilizing" USD 100 000 000 a year so they can help inspire Russia with their democratic "ambitions" instead of falling back into fascisim.

The Palestinian-Israel conflict stop becoming the unifying "politically correct" struggle uniting the Arab world, mabe the talk on the Arab streets will be how Rabbi Nachman is in fact pro Bedwin (he refers to camels and bedwins as "love").
I think they like to say Na Nach! Mabe we will see more Arab tourists and they will see that the Palestinians are quite happy as opposed to what they are being told. The Arabs might learn to unite peacefully to do good stuff like plant trees and push back the desert.

But what makes us believe that WE can bring Rabbi Nachman? Only Moshe Rabbenu could bring Josef out.. So why did he ask for help? Only Rabbi Israel can bring Rabbenu out... so why does he ask for help? He asked one person while he was alive. Now he is asking all of us... TO UNITE AND BE NEIGHBORS FRIENDS BROTHERS ASSOCIATES that way he can be with us and finish the work of bringing Rabbi Nachman's MOST PRECIOUS OF ALL MATERIAL CREATION bones to their final resting place in the City of Rest of King David.

At Purim it was Haman that tied all of Israel to the Tzaddik (" Mordecai..."). Today it is the Mafitsim, but "who will unite the Mafitsim"?

I suggest 27 vacant rooms at Ebay Ha Nachal are a significant "foot vote" to tie ones life up inside the Hafatsa. Who will be elected president is much less important then who is a member of this valiant group. No I am not dreaming. If you have an alternative IDEA, please reveal it, there can be several Kibboutzes, but it's not good to abandon USD 2 000 000,- (very cheap estimate) of prime biblical land etc..with the name Ebay Ha Nachal and 9 new caravans because we cannot get it together!

But who cares, in a few months, the economy will tank and chaos will claim millions of lives making slaves of everyone else, so everyone will forget that there even WAS a possibility to avoid the new rise of the Facists.

More Great Music

B"H more than 10 great songs of Shlomo Carlbach have been added to his files on the music site.

Enjoy Nanach!

The Hilula of the Rishash

Many times the Rishash merited to have Nanach written on his tzion, unfortunately for him and all of us the Erev Rav erase the Kedusha. Even still it was a very nice party and many Nanach attended.
Recently I found a new book of Kaavunos of the Rishash with a gathering of advice and teachings of Rabbainu about prayer. The guy that put it out tries to insuate that Rabbainu's trip to the Holy Land had something to do with the Rishash, but I couldn't figure out what he was getting at. The guy also feels that many people are on the level that Rabbainu speaks about where the Kaavanos are the simple meaning of the words, and he got approbations from many MFSS.
When the Rishash came to Jerusalem he served as a shamash (servant) for the Yeshiva of the Kabalists. When they had questions they couldn't solve, the Rishash would write anonymous notes answering their delemas. The Kabalists searched after the author of the notes until they discovered him. The Rishash had very high levels of Ruach Hakodesh and he was very very wise, certainly he knew that he was going to be discovered, so obviously he wanted to introduced to the people in this fashion. This is more like the simplicity of Rabbainu contrary to the MFSS.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach in Portugese

B"H Singer, one of readers will begin to translate Rabbainu's holy teachings into Portugese.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Blow the Shofar Loud and Clear, Blow the Shofar Right Here! Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

There are two more songs I just put on the youtube B"H that I'm not posting here.

Another GIVALD Yidish Nanach song

The translation can be found on the description to the video on the youtube.

Nanach on the Wikipedia

B"H recently Moshe Nanach and myself have devoted much time and effort to fixing up the Wikipedia on Nanach. There is alot of work to be done and we encourage everyone to contribute.
To give you an example of some of the things we are contending with: Until today Wiki defined Nanach as mantra, and even after we explained that anything can be used as a mantra, but that doesn't define it to be a mantra - is that too hard to understand???!!! - there are people persistent to keep that as the definition of Nanach.

You may find some of these arguements amusing:

Discussion page of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Discussion page of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

There are also other pages that need alot of work, like "Na Nach".

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MiUman!

NaNach Store Tzfat #11

Spiritual Walk

Saba Daily

Thank God, we merited to know of Rabbeinu, who instills such faith in us, faith that is new, we only need to accept it. (Israel Saba english page 268)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Let us merit to true faith in you Hashem, to trust in you and in the Tzaddikim who follow your way. (prayer from Likutay Tefilot 18)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Urgent Message to Singles

There are 6 newly refurbished caravanes in Ebay Ha Nachal (Saba's village)another three in good conditions (total of 9)which are empty as of Friday!

Room for 27 singles each with his own room. Since most of the single mafitsim today are English speaking I suggest rapidly regrouping here. There are thousands of advantages including fulfilling the will of Saba that we "should be neighbors, that way he can be with us".

If he is with us, then important things like the arrival of Rabbi Nachman and of the Messiah are a certainty!

It's a good idea for Americans to be together since we can defend our culture like every other group does. America was supposed to be the "New Israel" as a protest to the excesses of the English Nobility in 1776 and earlier- so our "independence signed in blood in the constitution" goes way back! We DO have a common heritage and precedent to all modern (70 children of Israel) nations, but there is one that is even more ancient and it's a greater novelty: Na Nach!

Call this number and leave a message, I will get back ASAP 02 930 9623

NaNach Store Tzfat #10

Tikkun Klali

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saba Daily

We need several vehicles and students who will learn to drive. We will write on the car: "A new fashion, the selling of the books of Rebbe Nachman!. This is something new. (Israel Saba english page 490)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Even if God forbid we sinned, however we are still called children of Hashem, and hashem still continues giving us love. (Mishivat Nefesh 4)

NaNach Store Tzfat #9

A Parable of Nanach

Chayee Moharan, Service of G-d, 603
I was told a parable in the Rebbe's name regarding how he works with his followers.
There is a bird that lays a very large number of eggs that it cannot possibly sit on until they all hatch. So G-d gave it an instinct to discreetly scatter its eggs in the nests of other birds. These birds are unaware that these eggs are not theirs, so they sit on them until they hatch. In the meanwhile, the mother bird sits on the eggs which she had retained for herself, and when they hatch, she goes out flying with them and chirping. Her children who were hatched in all those scattered nests hear the chirping and recognize the voice, and are immediately drawn to their biological mother.

The allusion is obvious to anyone who has any grasp of how the Rebbe works to attract followers.

From Yayin Hungari

Nanach Joy


Smilly Nanach

Thursday, January 21, 2010


please go to this website and click the button everyday to
help the people of Haiti!
Great Blessings Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! =]

Na Nach!!!

Im certain that this website is the only charedi website allowed  be running lol!


Say Nanach to relieve the world of suffering

Just found on the internet a (care2 - a prayer for Haiti from a chasid that chants Na Nach Nachmah Nachman Meuman, and awaits Mushiach.

We all gonna sing the same song

and that song is Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

Nanach interview

Yesterday a journalist from the National Post - Montreal, interviewed Y.B. and myself, she was assigned to write about the Sudanese refugees but after seeing Nanach everywhere she got fascinated by Nanach and spent many hours on and wants to do a story on Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman, B"H.

Nanach in the Old City of Jerusalem

B"H the Nanach store in the Jewish Quarter is getting many compliments, it is also doing major hafatza on locals and tourists. The following mayfitzim frequent the store and are constantly enhancing it: Elroa-ey Abuchatzaira, Yisroel Blumenthal, Yaron Gur Arye, Ilan, Mayan. One day Shay Alphey brought a crew, Droor (who also comes by sometimes), Yochanan (usually at the second Nanach store), and some other guys and they did major renovations.

Do to renovations at Jaffa Gate the Nanach store (a second store) was relocated a little down the road - opposite the "kishle" (police). It seems that the city is now completely opposed to having the Nanach return to Jaffa Gate, so we need a lot of prayer and Heavenly help to procede accordingly.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

NaNach Store Tzfat #8

Saba Daily

The main point is the liquid of Wissotzky tea, have no fear, it will immediately heal, renew, everything! (Israel Saba english page 390)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Through prayer one can attain secrets of the Tohra. (Likutay Etzot tefillah-40)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Nanach clothes colors

contact Simcha Nanach in Jerusalem for stuff in Israel (052-784-2437)
or Israel Airan in Montreal, Canada 514-804-1772.

Thinking about bones..

Went to Erez Levanon again..LM38/7 "erez fell in Levanon instead of us""Bat Ayn" and was zoche to realize during Hafatsa on the way to Ashkelon what Rabbenu meant when he said that our sins get marked on our bones.

Each "pgam" is marked in indellible ink on the bones as letters. This is why we say tikkun ha klalli at the grave of Rabbi Nachman, because he takes these "blemishes" (letters)(is this why he keeps on growing after his death?). Another place he says that the bones ARE the individual himself (from the Hebrew similarity of the two words, bones/self). Bones outlast flesh, the same way parchement outlasts the cow. The black in the ink is made with dog excrement (sins)and the white comes from the parchement (white from red/daas from taavote). Rabbi Nachman expresses suprise that people kiss the Tora and not the scholar! A "white" parchement with no letters cannot be considered a Tora, so the ups and downs are needed to produce the holy writ!

If one spends all his days only distributing the Petek, Ebay ha Nachal and NaNach stickers/cameas his "bones" have NaNach written all over them, no matter what his flesh or cloths look like!

new colours on my hoodies !!!

made some new colours on the hoodies i put out a couple months ago.
i dont know how to upload the vid here (uzi uploaded the first one)
so just go to youtube and type "nanach clothes 2 (the sequel)"
and go from there.
hope u like...
i got kids sizes too in some of the colours...
be in touch and let me know if u want anything.
514-804-1772 or
i sent some stuff to simcha nanach (jerusalem) and nachmun kruper (tsfat) so u can reach them for stuff too.

all the best ppl !
may Hashem give u all u need everyday.

More music at the Nanach music site

B"H just uploaded 17 songs of Shlomo Carlbach ZT"L OB"M, some of which I've never heard before. B"H there's more on the way.

Enjoy Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Better to be a simple Nanach then a mega "holy man"

Yesterday the Nanach were conversing in the Nanach store in the Rova (Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem) and I was telling them how even after I was very into Nanach, and I was even screaming Nanach in the streets, I still fell under the persuasion of a Meforsam Shel Sheker (this is a term for people who give advice other than pure Nanach) after seeing that he had the ability to go into awesome trances and that he had very strong 'hasagos' (spiritual perception and conception) – much much greater than all the renown famous rabbis/charlatons. Only after apx. Two years of chasing him did I come to the conclusion that he wasn't helping me get any closer to the One All Merciful God, not helping me at all. When I finished with him I was thus finished with all the MSS (because I still consider this guy to be much more powerful than the rest).

So another Nanach told us that he has a friend that also has amazing hasagos, far greater than the famous renown rabbis/charlatons. This Nanach fell under his persuasion, eventually giving up his own sense of self and decision depending completely on his friend. The would go to holy place together and go to hisbodidus together, and our Nanach felt completely worthless. Everything he did was like a puppet being held by it's master. There is much more to be said but the upshot is that eventually it got to a point where the guy really messed up his life to the extent that he was jarred out of the spell. Now he is happy being a simple Nanach.

In a letter from Shmuel Horowitz (4) he writes that the satan is willing to give a person high levels of sanctity and holiness (to the observer, but eventually R”L he uproots the person from both worlds – someone who seperates himself from Rabbainu, as we saw with our eyes many such cases) , all just so that he shouldn't follow Rabbainu. Therefor a person must be set his mind very strong to forgo (forgive) to the satan everything (sanctities that the satan wants to confuse a person with, showing the person how distant he is from them and how much he is losing from drawing close to Rabbainu Z”L) and to make his utter priority to draw close to Rabbainu (and naturaly he will be drawn to the Holy Blessed Name....).

This is the power of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman, to give you the courage, strength and ability to be who you really should be, as only you can take yourself there. Only the real Tzadik has the ability to lead us on this new path which is in fact a very ancient path.

The Holy Pitka in electro beats, by Nuduv (he had a whole folder at our Nanach music site).

A video to a song of Nadav (he has a whole folder at our Nanach music site).

NaNach Store Tzfat #7

Braita Rabi Akiva

For the Nanach toolkit -- what do you do if you're stuck without minyan for barechu? You read the braita of Rabi Akiva before Aleinu in the morning, and before "maariv aravim" at night.

Ben Ish Chai א Wayigash אות יח: כתבו האחרונים כשמתפלל ביחיד יאמר ברייתא זו אחר ישבתח
אמר רבי עקיבא חיה אחת עומדת ברקיע ושמה ישראל, וחקוק על מצחה ישראל, עומדת באמצע הרקיע ואומרת ברכו את ה' המבורך, וכל גדודי מעלה עונים ואומרים ברוך ה' המבורך לעולם ועד,
ובסה"ק מקבציאל כתבתי דיאן להפסיק באגדה זו בין ישתבח ליוצר אפילו באונס גדול, ודלא כמ"ש בחס"ל אלא יאמר אגדה זו קודם עלינו לשבח, וכן בריש תפלת ערבית קודם הברכה:
But one is not allowed to read it “Ad-nai,” rather say “Hashem,” for we do not read the Name as Ad-nai when reading from Shas. See Midrash Ruth where it says the soul that leaves during sleep does not return to the body until answering Barchu; and other places. Therefore this is a precious eitzah for those unable to daven with minyan.
For refuat Rafael Tzvi ben Malka
I have na nach hoodies for sale in new york. size large. $15 each. i'm located in west hempstead on long island.
e-mail me at

Na Nach

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saba Daily

I saw Rabbi Israel Karduner, how he was so very attached to Rabbeinu, to Likutay Moharan, he learned the lessens of Likutay Moharan which all shed wondrous light on how to be a Jew. (Israel Saba english page 362)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

The main weapon of a Jew is prayer. (Likutay Etzot tefillah-2) Today is also the Yurtziet of the Baba Sali, people have said that a Likutay Moharan never left his table.

start em early

The kids in my Mom's Montessori Gan learned a Na Nach song today. She told the kids, if you every don't feel well, get out of bed, dance and clap, and sing Na Nach:)

Nikudos Tovos

There are beautiful holy Nanach books published by Nikudos Tovos, a Nanach in Beit Shemesh. You can order directly from him:
02 999 5063
054 550 3546
052 832 5207
Shmuel Gayzee also sells them from his house in Jerusalem - 50 Malchay Yisroel.
02 537 5689
050 449 1502
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

NaNach Store Tzfat #6

Saba Daily

Rabbeinu came to Uman after all his greatness, he withdrew, he had Hitbodedut. He spoke with God and said to him,"How does one merit to be a Jew, help me, how does one merit to be Jewish?" (Isreal Saba english page 528)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Shia Tevilot 310 Mikvah dips takes away fear. (Sefer Hamidot Pachad-18)

Monday, January 18, 2010

planet Nanach

Mazal Tov -- A girl

Chana bat Nissim and Devorah Leah was born Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Shvat.
Mazal tov l'chol am Israel; simcha, Torah, shalom and Nanach!

Nanach van


NaNach Store Tzfat #5

just Nanaching

Saba Daily

Rabbeinu says, to draw close to me is very difficult. There is a question Why must the work be so hard? I want to draw close, why must it be hard, why must i suffer? No... Rabbeinu said, i like fried chassids! (Saba Israel english page 436)

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Today was the Yurtziet of R' Zeshe of Anapoli. R' Zeshe told his chassidim to go to someone who accepts Viduy, so he told his chassidim to go to Rabaynu Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Nanach Wedding


i no we still have awhile before Purim but i saw this video
and though it was funny so i though i would post it up.

Movement at Ebay Ha Nachal

For those of you who don't know there is a village by the name of Ebay Ha Nachal created for Mafitsim to be able to do Shabbos and drive in and out on their mission of selling books. It is located in the most "biblical" central Israel and with very cheap rent, our own shul and mikve and mayan. we hoped 12 years ago it would become a base for hafatsa and kibboutz of haverim.

Since the vans never showed up to set up camp, 5 of the deserted caravans are being refurbished to welcome non Nanach families. Still, one caravan is available for one or several hafatsa teams. If this one caravan could serve it's purpous, there is a good chance that the 5 new non-Nanach families will decide to convert!

It would be a shame for the movement to loose a property worth over 1 000 000,- because of lack of discipline. We are 14-20 minutes from Talpiot Jerusalem (no traffic- new roads) without moving we have empty space til Hevron, Jerusalem, Ein Gedi and Metzad which can all be seen without moving an inch. This is a DELUX piece of realestate and a test to see what NaNach is made of.

NaNach Store Tzfat #4

Friday, January 15, 2010

nachal novea makor chochma

Nanach celebration of Chanuka in Chevron

Nanach Does Not Bend to Sheker

There is a big bevrage company called 'Red Bull'. Recently they approached different groups in Nanach including Keren Rebbe Yisroel, Nanach Company and probably others as well and offered them large sums of money to create a series of commercials for their drink and to carry their logo on the Hafatza vans. To their surprise they got a big No for an answer.

"Na Nachs do not get their energy from Red Bull. Red Bull gets its energy from Na Nach."