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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Likutey Moharan 73 - reciting tehilim

The paragraph starting "mesougal la tchouva" goes on "because there are noun (50) gates of repentence and 49 gates that a man can reach himself... it goes on to say that 49 represents the 12 tribes, that "come to me and I will come to you.."

The 50th- (Shavouoth?) is G-d reaching down to us. 51 is 3x17 the value of the Petek ha Kadosh, how can this be?

If you look at tehillim 49 which in Hebrew spells the word "met" or dead, you will see that this whole psalm makes it clear that EVERY JEW dies a "baal tchouva"! This being said, all 12 tribes can be included (as above). G-d reaches down to us because of Rabbi Nachman in Israel - (the two nouns quoting the pasouk - "Vayehi binesoua aron va yomer...")At which point WE carry the Petek out to the world and bring them back to G-d.

49 -> 50 -> (17/17/17)

Rabbi Nachman explains that Shabbos food is worth 6 days of fasting. Someone who fasts is as dead. Therefore by doing Shabbos we are reaching the 49th gate- THIS WILL BRING RABBI NACHMAN TO ISRAEL.

From the story of the Burgher and the Pauper. You will see that until the Keiser does tchouva, there is no redemption. The Keiser who was the pauper was a very confused and damaging individual, but the world had to pay a dear price until he finally "got it". In other words EVERYONE must do SHABBOS!

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