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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why there are so many "religious" "leaders".

Eli-paz (my G-d is gold) accepted the arguement that if he took all of Jacov's money, Jacov was as good as dead. In other words Jacov's "G-d" was ridiculed and dead. Jacov then tells G-d: "If you make sure I alwayse have food and cloths, I will give you 10% of everything I make (bruto)". He is not accepting defeat, but he has been influenced by Elipaz.

Taking everything you can from someone is alot more the style of Elipaz (descendent of Amalek) then of Jacob, this much is certain!

Jacob cutting a deal with G-d in order to make a benefit is not very "tzadik-like". The number 10 is established- where did he get it from, what will be the consequence?

To understand this we need to go back to Lot and Avraham.

Avraham allowed his student to choose between taking on mission impossible of converting Sdom or establishing himself in the wilderness. Lot who saught to use the skills he had learned with Avraham took the challenge. It resulted in him reproducing himself into two wives by the means of a statue of salt. Zivougs are often opposites so he was the opposite of a statue of salt (pure pure water) and he looked like Avraham (like two drops of water look alike) From him and himself two nations were produced but Sdom and Amora were not converted.

Later, Avraham saved his precious student at great personal risk. Avraham HAD a student and for his own worldly possessions he had a slave that would take over- but who were his descendents supposed to be? His G-d unlike other G-ds kept his word and could alwayse be trusted so had he made a mistake, or was something weird going to happen like for Lot?

Avraham wanted Lot to succeed in his mission to "convert" Sdom. So he asked for 50, then 10, but the city was anihilated except for Lot. Jacob said 10, because G-d would have saved Sdom for 10 tzaddikim- what a mistake on Avraham's part (to believe there were tzaddikim), in Egypt, even Moses had "uncircumbsized lips". Avraham was simply on "another planet" there could not possibly be 1 tzaddik in Sdom (not even Lot). Why did G-d bargain with him if the issue was so misconceived?
The reason is that the 50 and the 10 were established as codes for "converting" people under desperate situations and to establish independence and control over angels.

So Jacov went straight to the number 10. Like Avraham, he also made a mistake. He didn't need to give G-d a percentage tith, G-d wanted him to be like Rabbi Nachman: NO FEAR AT ALL.

The punishment was that he got 10 very difficult sons. One later was elevated to become "governments (Juda)" another became "the priesthood (Levi)" the 70 souls represent the 70 nations. (Shimon and Levi needed to go into diaspora within the 10 tribes to prevent destruction)

The "perfect" result was only obtained when Jacob with his real zivoug, produced Josef. But he was confronted by his brothers.

The tikkun of all this is done by Rabbi Nachman ben Feige being buried in Uman passing away in the house of Nachman Natan Ra-pas-apporte (evil-not-bring). Rav Rappaport was a known "businessman" who died at the hands of stagecoach robbers, his body rotted so fast that it had to be buried on the spot. A large amount of gold was stolen from him.

The life work of Rav Nachman Natan was to create a beautiful home and he should have been buried there near the cemetary with honor. Instead it was Rabbi Nachman that benefitted from the home to establish a place of eternal holiness. This is as if Josef is served (instead of sold or serving) by his brothers, or Elipaz GIVES gold to Jacob..

When the tzaddik wants money from you, he is saying: you sold me, I am not YOUR slave, believe in G-d. Giving money to the tzaddik, means you are "fixing" all the blemishes mentioned above. Since a real tzaddik doesn't want money from evil people, this is somewhat of a compliment. On the other hand it means you are guilty. "my taking is giving"

Yes, but who is a tzaddik today? If Moses wasn't, and Saba was only at age 70, then who is a tzaddik today?

Lot confronted Sdom; from this came Josef's confrontation with his brothers; from this came Moses' confrontation with the world; from this came Rabbi Nachmans' confrontation with the 310 worlds; { from this came There is's confrontation with Vacant } Then everything will be G-d!

There is only ONE religious leader today and the rest of us are friends, no one big, no one small! The leader is not dead, contrary to popular belief, he is busy working on 310 worlds. He is still in charge and hasn't asked for replacements.

All those living off of tiths, and basing themselves on Galus law are ignoring by definition the existance of the new light revealed in the Petek. Today a person gives a "gift" to the tzaddik and it is entirely up to him how much, why and so on! Rabbi Israel left three missions: Printing & Sales/Housing & Talmud Tora for children/bringing R. Nachman. Use your own mind and Hitbodedute (with hand clapping and Na Nach singing) to guide you. All this being said the number 10 is probably correct, with no strings attached from the angels to you, rather the other way around, they will do what you ask them, so try to make it the will of the Tzaddik or you will be loosing them and yourself.

There are many "religious" "leaders" because 10% of brutto income, ("loss of food and clothing-abject poverty" is a threat people worry about), it also represents a huge market! Rabbi Nachman says HAVE NO FEAR AT ALL IF YOU ATTACH YOURSELVES TO ME. {AND THAT IS AN ORDER!}

Na Nach graff

Saba pictures


Be Strong - Be Nanach!

The general belief and tradition of the Nanach/Breslov Chasidim is that until the coming of the Mushiach all the really righteous people will be hidden, they will reveal themselves only to those who merit. That means that all the people, especially rabbis, dishing out there own advice, are definitely not teaching the ways of truth and holyness, they are definitely not reliable, and should be avoided and shunned.
When someone is serving the Holy Blessed Creator with all his ability, knowledge, and intent, according to the holy ways of the Nanach, he will then merit to hook up with some of the holy hidden Tzaddikim in order for them to open up his consciousness to higher service in the ways of the Nanach.
Rabbainu warns that often people want to have "mercy" on others and become their leader, Rabbainu says that this is a terrible mistake. People are always looking for the easy way out, and others are always looking to take control. Rabbainu says that every person should be his own Rabbi!
Everytime you say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman you are infused with more self confidence and courage to avoid the rabbis and make it on your own merit and strength.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Welcome Back

Ebay and YB came back yesterday from Uman. They were stuck in the airport in Kiev for 30 hours, ElAl didn't give them food or put them up or anything. The gentiles were so upset they tore down the clown they usually honor during these times, and instead of lighting up their heathen holiday lights everyone used the electricity to recharge their phones.
- The chevra did dip in the freezing Bug River that runs right by the holy grave site of Rabbi Nussun, and many saw them and followed their good example. About 2 years ago I did the dip and it took me a few hours and someone messaging my feet till I recuperated, but they said that this time the water was slightly warmer.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach store in Jaffa Gate

Yesterday the police asked us how it is we thought that Jaffa Gate is really Breslov Gate?! They listed all the neighbors; churches, arabs, zionists etc. etc. all of them who dream to extinguish the flame of Israel G"F. The police forbade us to display items outside of the actual room we are renting. H"Y rules forever, and His Tzadik Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Bar Mitzva tonight in Zvill

one of the Groskaut boys.
It should start at around 7.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saba Daily

Yes, to learn by the Kotel from all the books in the section of Breslov, in truth-not in falsehood, not like the liars. Thank God we merited in these generations to a light like this,a wonder like this. What we have in this generation....these are the days of the Messiah! (Israel Saba conversations of Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser page 301)

Nanach myspace

The Na Nach myspace has been updated with new
stuff enjoy.

Rebbe Nachman Daily

whats peace? we should always find Hashem in our lives, even if the situation is bad, we should be at peace with it, our Midot should accept it. (Likutay Moharan 33)

How babies form

Uncircumbcised Lips...The Kehouna become the source of holiness

What a shock,

the Hebrew version is "heavy mouth", why is the English so different?

The two happen to be related:

Rabenu (Nachman ben Fege), reveals that Moshe had to have heavy mouth, because he was in the galous of Egypt. Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzraim implying narrowness of the throat. A heavy mouth makes speech and even prayer very difficult. (related to clapping hands in order to have a mouth and for prayer to be accepted and receiving the 10 words-after 3 days, lungs of rabbenu etc...)

I came up with:

Moses knew who Josef was and by comparison, he realized that he was of uncircumbcised lips, he wasn't being humble, he was being honest and clever.
He asked G-d to choose someone else and a good thing he did...

G-d says: Your brother Ahron that loves you is coming to meet you.
So later when Zimri challenges Moses on the issue of the Brit, Moses cannot react and a descendent of Ahron, Pinchas steps forward and defends the honor of the one chosen by G-d to head his nation. Because of this act Pinchas and all his descendents become the holy Cohen. Holiness is a direct result of keeping the brit, (which comes from having true joy). Here he defended the brit from further deprivation, for G-d that was plenty, definitly good enougth!

What has happened is that under Egyptian conditions, keeping the brit (perfectly) per say is an impossibility and is replaced by "jealously" guarding the honor of the Divinely appointed leader. This is what makes a person's prayers effective and instead of the angels guiding the Cohen, he guides them.

With Josef in the Ahron, Aharon himself becomes the priest (as long as his "ribs"(gaf) are not blemished), because of his jealous attachment to the Tzaddik. Where is separation of "church and state"?

Na Nach is shorthand for all of this mamash, (CLUE: 350+4 or 5x5 x2 x 7)

The power of Na Nach is so great that without fear you can "kosherize" everything on the planet (at least).

Rabbi Nachman Returns

Nanach Bris Mila This Morning By Shimon Hatzadik

B"H this Nanach was there. Rachamim named his newborn son:..... NACHMAN! everyone cheared.

Special guests were the Sharon Stickers guys.

Mazal Tov!

Na Nach graff


Please send me the video link you wanted me to post
on through email.
keep up the great work spread Nanach!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shining Happy Nanach faces

Yesterday in the Nanach store, Rusow Rasta and the guys were learning the Collection of our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman (Tora 23), how there are shining light faces and God forbid dark faces. The general rule of thumb is: stick with Nanach and you'Ll be ok, you"ll be shining and glowing and you're enemies will go into "face".
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman

It is very good to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
It is very healthy to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
It is very intelligent to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
It is very rewarding to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
You too can say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Rebbeinu Pwns Los Angeles

A little hafatza hillula for Reb Nosson ZT"L, 2009 Remarkable Quotes: 4:27 "Everyone go to Uman!" 4:33 "No Watching Movies!" 4:43 "Learn Rebbe Nachmans Books!"

Monday, December 28, 2009

Very Meaningful Interview with a Nanach

Deep lessons on happiness.


Nanach graff

Bruce Nanach&The Petek

New Synagogue in Israel

One of the Jews who fought in the war in Israel in 1967
over the eastern part of Jerusalem has been working
on making a Synagogue at The Western Wall in front
of the muslim mosque that will raise from the
bottom of The Western Wall untill it covers the
mosque behind it


I have only ONE message for the world:

R a k R e b b e i n u.
R a k R e b b e i n u.
R a k R e b b e i n u !

Everything else is, unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, sheker gamur.

Dont learn it the hard way!

Although they (books, experts, drugs, chochmot, pritzut, taavot, technology, philosophy, websites) all claim otherwise, No one else will, with perfect kindness, drag you up out of your own disgusting filth, toivel you, wash you till you sweat perfume, clothe you warm in expensive 'peltz', feed you soul food, Wine you 'Hungari style', Teach you TRUTH for the first time in your miserable life, restore your dignity, and take you from bottomless pits of depravity to The King's private chambers, for regular, private audiences with His Majesty, your Creator.

Ashreinu Legamrei, Chelkeinu Hu Chelek Achi Tov, U'goraleinu Manayaim mikol hashamayim.

any suffering, no matter how extreme, is worth finding Rebbeinu's Light, even if it means growing up Litvish ( joke, joke).

Na (heh) Nach

A Message from EG Nanach: Nanach makes drugs look like cabbage patch dolls (or uglier - if possible).

Contrary to popular methology, Nanach is anti drugs. In point of fact Saba said the drugs are worse than adultery.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach Rasta

B"H today at the Kosel Efraim and I hooked up with Russo Rasta and we had good Nanach times till midnight at Moshes house.
B"H tomorrow we're going to hook up for some more Nanach and some major Nanach jamming.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Breslov

The Uniqueness of Rabbi Nathan Sternhartz - Moreinu HaRav Nosson Ben Naftali (15 Shevat 5540 - 10 Teves 5605)

"Behold, this man Moreinu HaRav Rabbi Nosson, may his memory be for a blessing, didn't give sleep to his eyes nor slumber to his eyelids. His whole life was occuped only with this matter of drawing and drinking from the Torah - the spiritual waters - of his Rebbe (Rabbeinu) to others, and spreading his Rebbe's great and holy name in the world. He involved himself with this with very great devotion and enormous self sacrifice which is beyond belief to recount. The merit of his holy master helped him to merit a most high level of service of Hashem and comprehending the holy Torah. All of this was accomplished with complete wholesomeness and simpleness, and true submission and complete humility, which is impossible to be fathomed at all. This is impossible to be explain the details of this in writing nor orally."

"He (Rabbi Nosson) was a very wonderous and awesome novelty. For he merited to learn much in simpleness - Talmud, Halachic works, Midrashim, the holy Zohar, books of Kabbala, and other holy books to such an extent that whoever would hear only a bit of his learning schedule could only come to the conclusion that the only way that this was possible is if this is the only thing he would be doing day and night. Besides all this, he was very much involved with Avodas Hashem which is prayer, for he used to pray with tremendous power, a great burning sensation, and wondrous devotion. He was also very much involved with prayer and supplications with great wholesomeness and simpleness. For he used to regularly say every day many psalms of Tehillim with great arousal, powerful crying, big and varied voices and screams, and a broken heart; indeed, too unbelievable to be told. Whoever would hear him pray would have ringing in their own ears as a result, including many Jews who were not followers of Rabbi Nosson in the slightest or hardly knew how he looked like at all." (Alim L'Terufa, Part 1 - Introduction)

Asara B'Teves in Likutei Halachos

As today - Asara B'Teves - is the Yahrzeit of Rebbe Nosson, it would be most noteworthy to point out where in his magnum opus, Likutei Halachos, it mentions his Yahrzeit of Asara B'Teves as one of the fast days. There are at least two such places in Likutei Halachos, both located in the Orach Chaim section. They are Hilchos Krias Shema 4:12 & Hilchos Ta'anis 4:4.

Both Saba & Kahane agreed on the NACH

It's a thought that just came to mind. Both Saba & Rabbi Meir Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood, share the same Yahrzeit of 18 Cheshvan. On a more universal level, both were most concerned about spreading truth - putting aside reputation, finances, and comforts.

With Saba, the truth concerned NaNach. With Kahane, about his strict views of Yishuv Ha'aretz and chasing out our enemies from our Promised Land, he stressed learning TeNach. He lamented about the lack of learning Nach - though the second Hebrew letter is a Chof rather than a Cheis - in Yeshivos. It is true that a little earlier back in Europe where the Haskala/Enlightment movement stressed learning Tenach - the Bible, as opposed to learning the Talmud/Gemara (see Likutei Halachos - Hilchos Krias Shema 4:12), the religious world shunned away from things that would possibly give credibility to this sect that threatened the existance of Yiddishkeit. However, with the complete TeNach - which is not just the Chumash, but also Nevi'im & Kesuvim, which was learned in its entirety thousands of years ago by children from age 5 until 10 (Ben Chamesh Shanim L'Mikra), one can first of all can a much better understanding of the Talmud, especially when it quotes verses from all over the TeNach. But perhaps just as important if not more so is the proper Hashkafa that comes along with learning the complete TeNach. This includes complete Emuna in Hashem and realizing how to properly deal with today's problems related to Eretz Yisrael which is the opposite of what is being done by a Communist run government.

It's interesting that I just thought of this connection on this day of Asara B'Teves. It was on this very day - the day of his passing - that Rebbe Nosson asked an assistant for Kol Tuv "every good". When his assistant couldn't figure out what he meant by this, Rebbe Nosson answered that he should give him the Tenach which is "Kol Tuv".

Yes, the truth may hurt many people's conscience. But whether you call it NaNach or TeNach, it is the way to go if one is truly seeking the Truth of Hashem.

And for today's date of Asara B'Teves which is the Yahrzeit of Rebbe Nosson, who found the truth upon meeting Rabbeinu despite his past background of opposing Chasidus, it would be most noteworthy to note that the story of the siege of Jerusalem that occured on this date can be found in several places in the Nach - including Sefer Melachim/Yirmiyah/Yechezkel/Divrei HaYamim.

Particularly in Sefer Yirmiyah - Chapters 39 & 52, it mentions the year that the events of the siege of Jerusalem on Asara B'Teves as Bashana HaTeshi'is - "the 9th year" of Tzidkiyahu HaMelech, the last king of Judea. In Hebrew, the first four letters of HaTeshi'is spells Hei, Tov, Shin, Ayin - the number of this very year 5770! Hence, this can be read as BaShana Hei Tov Shin Ayin "In Year 5770". Could it be that we are just about ready for Moshiach's coming?

Hafatza In LA

Baruch Hashem, we were zoche tonight, Reb Nosson's Hillula, to do some hafataza in the Pico LA area. Coming Shortly: Videos of Simcha, Adam, and myself trying to let LA know that rebbeinu exists.


Na Nach legos

Uno Das Concert

Shidduch Time

With the number of Breslovers/Nanachs increasing multifold, Kein Yirbu, the need of singles needing Shidduchim have increased accordingly. Boruch Hashem, I just got married a couple of weeks ago. One way that I can pay back Hashem for what He has granted me is to help others find Shidduchim. Well, for those who are seriously looking, and want a mate who is or likes Breslov/Nanach, turn to this link Hatzlacha!

What does the Moharanat have 2 say about the Shir Chadash?

Being that I am presently in my 491st month (the month of Teves) as 491 is the Gematria of the Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, I would like to quote a piece of Likutei Halachos written by Rebbe Nosson, the main Talmid of Rabbeinu, also known as the Moharanat, whose Yahrzeit is today - Asara B'Teves, as translated in English in the publication "The Song of Redemption" that I received as a wedding gift from the translator (from the Hebrew for this Sefer) Dovid Tz.

"Then the New Song, the Song of Kindness, will be awakened - the aspect of "Cohen", who is called "kindness". As Rabbeinu said (Likutei Tinyana, Chap. 8): "In the future, we will merit the Song of Kindness, the essential completeness of the Ten Types of Melody, the aspect of a song that is single, doubled, tripled and quadrupled, whose gematria is 72, the same as the gematria of the word kindness". "

"For at the present, all of the melodies and songs of the world are only a reflection of the Ten Types of Melody, for now the essence of song is from the side of the Levites, which is the aspect of judgment, held in the grip of the "female side". However, in the future, the New Song, expressed in the masculine, will be awakened...For then, agony and suffering will be annulled completely, and all will be transformed to joy. Then, we will merit to hear the Voice of the Song, drawn from the "Straight Voice" itself, which is the aspect of the Cohen, the aspect of kindness."

"That is the aspect of the overwhelming magnification of joy of the Time to Come, the aspect of the "satiating joy of Your Countenance", and other such expressions from Scripture. Happy is the one who will merit to this happiness, and to this Song of Kindness, the melody which will be played on 72 strings, when all the sins of Israel will be transformed to merits, which is itself the transforming of sadness and pain to joy." (Even HaEzer - Hilchot Ishut, Halacha 4, Paragraph 30).

NOTE: In the Zohar, the Shir Chadash as the Gematria of 72 is referring to Hashem's name of YKVK, where Y YK YKV YKVK equals 72. As per this, the name of the Tzadik is compared to Hashem's name, and hence, the Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman (Meuman) is the ultimate fulfillment of the Shir Chadash as prophesized by the Zohar. And being that the Moharanat's Yahrzeit is Asara B'Teves, which is the 10th day of the 10th month (from Nissan), it's a most appropriate time to mention a Torah teaching from the Moharanat on his Yahrzeit pertaining to the Shir Chadash which consists of 10 letters.

P.S. As per the above, the translator who gave me this Sefer for my wedding present is a Cohen and I am a Levi(te).

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Ayin

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since each of the 12 months correspond to one of the letters of the Alef Beis, the following is a teaching beginning with the letter Ayin that corresponds with this month of Teves. (NOTE: The number of this Hebrew year ends with the letter Ayin).


EIDUT - "The testimony of Hashem is trustworthy" etc. (Tehillim 19:8):

It seems difficult to understand how the Torah, which is called a woman, is able to testify, when according to Halacha, a woman is disqualified from giving testimony in Beis Din. The answer to this are the following words of the above verse that the Torah makes the simple one wise. It is because of this reason that the Torah is able to testify, as mentioned by the Rama in Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat - Laws of Testimony (Chapter 35, Law 14): It is an institution by the early ones that where men aren't familiar with certain issues that women are trustworthy to give testimony about these issues (for example, women's clothing).

It is known that the main desires are fulfilled in secret, the concept of (Mishlei 9:17): "Stolen waters are sweet" etc., where people aren't regularly around. However, the Torah stands there and calls it in the previous verse: "Whoever is simple should turn here" etc. (Mishlei 9:16) (Zohar Acharei, page 58). Due to his longing for his desire or pleasure, he doesn't listen to the Torah's calling, but afterwards, he immediately feels its calling and immediately regrets the sin.

Now this regret is the concept of "making the simple one wise", for when doing the sin, he had within him the spirit of foolishness, and following the sin, he turned his ear to the saying of the Torah, upon which he became wise and regreted his sin. Because of this, the Torah, although it is a "woman", is able to testify, for it stands in a place where people are normally not around, as mentioned above. (LM 1:146)

Rebbe Nosson of Breslov Yurtziet

The 10th of Tevet is Rabbi Nosson of Breslovs Yurtiet NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MAYUMAN

Friday, December 25, 2009

NNNNM graff

B"H This Nanach is back in the Holy City of Yerushalayim

just need help from ahigh to get me into action.
Brought back a bunch of long sleeve Nanach tee-shirts designed by Airan in Montreal, and one Rosh Hashuna (North Face) Uman hoody. They are for sale: $11 and $16.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach Tshirts in LA

Today we got our large package of Nanach Tshirts and sweatshirts here in Los Angeles from Airan.

B"H I was able to already sell 3 of the Nanach Tshirts.

Nanach Kibutz in Los Angeles

We were not zoche to do much Hafatza so far but yesterday we had a nice Nanach Kibutz with myself, Adam Melech, Ilan and Aaron here in LA.

NANACH - Moshe Levi

Rebbe Nachman Daily

A tip how we can gain strength is through our speech. We can talk to Hashem to get us up, even if we are far from holiness.(Mishivat Nafesh 21)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Simcha Nanachs

Na Nachs in space

spreading Nanach through the skys

Mikve Music

Its brought down that saba used to dip in the mikve 310 times.
Here, in the darkest klipa - only Saba's mikve is effective.
Here in Los Angeles, the area code is 310.
Thank you sabba for providing the tiikun to mebatel klipos here!!!

Also New sabapsy song uploaded to .
(Main page, no subfolder)
Featuring vocals from saba, simcha, and yosef!

Song is called "Lift me up 1 Nanach"

NaNach :p

optimus prime goes Nanach

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Congratulations Rabbi Nachman

This site is emanating REAL torah, be simcha and be kedusha- sheker free.
The material is getting better and better. A big thanks to all the brothers (and sisters supporting the brothers and taking care of the kinderlach and the Holy Shabbos). This is no easy task as (may his name be erased) is certanly doing his best to prevent this site. Only one reason we are here: some people really know how to pray - no doubt the many holy brothers that died in these past years.
Meir Yamini, Josef Matof, Erez Levanon, Oded and Moshe- times are very tough indeed. Ayn Yeouch!

Survival in the USA

After being in the USA for almost 2 weeks I could not imagine how survival is possible here but now I see that through, and it is possible for a person to remain inspired and attached to Rabanue.

good stuff! powerful!

Hilchot Shabbat:
The main power needed to fight Amalek and to erase
his name and memory from the world, is through
Shabbat, which is the name of the Holy One, Blessed
be He. For the main war of Amalek in every
generation is against the name of Hashem,
which is the name of the True Tzaddik, for the name
of Hashem is joined with that of the True Tzaddik.
This Tzaddik is the glory and beauty and splendor of
the whole world. He is the true grace of the world. He
is the aspect of the simple foundation, the river that
flows out of Eden, from which are drawn all four
elements which are the basis of all the worlds. For all
of them are drawn from (this river), and all their lifeforce
is drawn from it So everyone who is included in
the true name of this Tzaddik, looks upon himself
through all four elements - which include all the
dimensions – and merits to return in repentance to
And if this True Tzaddik were to be revealed, and all
the world drew close to him in truth, the world would
already be totally repaired. For this Tzaddik has the
power to fix the whole world, if not for the attempts of
the Other Side to hide him. For in every generation
there is the aspect of the war of Amalek. The core of
his struggle, may his name be erased, is specifically
against the True Tzaddik, who is the "Head of the
For Amalek is the aspect of the Head of the Other
Side, as in "The first of the nations is Amalek."
Therefore, his entire war is only against the true Head
of the House, from whom all the generations are
drawn. In the aspect of "Call the generations from the
For Amalek has no interest in waging war with any
other leader - large or small - aside from the Head
himself. However, against the Head of the House, he
has no power to wage war. For that True Tzaddik - the
Head of the House - has already merited to defeat and
break him completely, since he has no selfish
motivations at all. For he has already broken all his
desires and negative traits with such an absolute
completeness, that beyond it there is no more final
He has annulled completely from himself the
"impurity of the Snake", which is the impurity of
Amalek, the Other Side, until there remains with him
not a trace of evil at all. Furthermore, he continues,
after this, to dedicate his entire being every day for
Hashem, and accepts upon himself suffering intense
and more bitter than death to sanctify the name of
Hashem, and for His people Israel. Therefore,
certainly Amalek has no chance to wage war against
this Tzaddik himself Consequently, his entire war
hinges upon how he confuses the world at every
moment, and creates a great attack at all times against
this True Tzaddik, who is the Head of the House, in
order to distance Israel from him, so that they will not
return to Hashem through this True Tzaddik, who has
the power to return the whole world to a state of
And this is the evil husk, who is Haman-Amalek,
whose every plan and whose entire war is to hide and
cover up the name of this True Tzaddik, who is the
true Head of the House. For Amalek is quite pleased
that the people of Israel will come close to all the
leaders of the world: for example, to the philosophers
and the heretics. For also in these groups, there are
leaders who teach them the crooked ideas that uproot
them from this world and the next. And that people
should draw close to these leaders, is certainly a great
joy to Amalek.
However, even those leaders who have a share in
holiness, who are Torah individuals and even
tzaddikim, only that they are still held to some degree
by the forces of Evil... Amalek is very satisfied that
these leaders will be powerful and famous, have a
great name in the world, and have a great following.
All his evil intention is only to hide through this the
true Head of the House, who is the Head of all the
Heads in the world...
All the four elements are called "heads". As it is
written: "And it (the river flowing from Eden) became
four heads." And these further divided into many
smaller heads throughout the world. And even within
holiness there are many heads.
For each one according to his share, in that he
succeeded in purifying some part from the four
elements through perfecting his traits and overcoming
his desires, so he merits some part in leadership drawn
from purifying the four elements. However, none of
these leaders have succeeded in purifying the four
elements completely, to the zenith of purity. For they
are still gripped to some degree by certain desires and
negative traits that they have not overcome And as I
heard directly from Rabbeinu, that there are a number
of tzaddikim who have on the whole broken their
desires, yet there still remains with them some trace of
them. And these tzaddikim do not have the power to
bring the children of Israel back in repentance.
This power resides only with the True Tzaddik, the
True Head of the House, who has merited to annul the
evil in him completely. For since there is no evil in
him at all, he has the power to fix all the souls that
draw close to him, to return them to Hashem, may His
name be praised.
Therefore, the Evil One girds himself especially, and
extends himself from one end of the world to the
other, to hide the name, greatness and glory of this
True Tzaddik, and creates around him a fierce
controversy. And he strives in his schemes to raise up
leaders in the world, whose names are drawn from the
Impure Side, and to glorify their names to a great
And sometimes, when he sees that it is impossible to
overturn the truth completely, and to cause a complete
sinner to become a famed Torah leader - for certainly
the Jews would not follow such a man – consequently
he clothes himself within a basically upright person, or
a tzaddik who is not complete, and plants in his heart
the will to attack the aforementioned True Tzaddik,
the True Head of the House. And the Evil One
aggrandizes the name of this attacker; he glorifies him
and makes him exceedingly wellknown.
For Amalek is pleased that all the world will come
close to these leaders - even though they are only
tzaddikim to a small degree - in order to distance them
from the Great Tzaddik, the True Head of the House,
upon whom depends the rectification of all the souls
of Israel, and of the entire world. And this is hinted at
in the passage:
"and he (Amalek) cut off all the weak ones behind
you". "Cut off", or "veizanav" in Hebrew, is derived
from the root word "zanav", tail. The sages
commented on this: "Amalek cut off the tails and
threw them skyward." For the people, in relation to the
True Tzaddik, are the aspect of tails - for they are
secondary to him, for he is the head. However, it is
certainly better to be a tail in relation to him, rather
than a head somewhere else. As the sages said, "Be a
tail of a lion, and don't be a head to foxes."
And as they said, "One who is attached to a pure
source, is also pure". However, Amalek, in his twisted
schemes, cuts off the tails and throws them skyward,
turning them into heads. That is, he takes those who
are small in stature - who are like a tail in relation to
the Head of the House, and ought to be subdued to
He takes these "tails", cuts them off - that is to say,
distances them from the true Head. And throws them
skyward - that is to say, he makes them leaders and
raises them very high, and magnifies their name
exceedingly. He plants in their hearts to attack the
True Tzaddik. All in order to hide the name of the
True Tzaddik, the true Head of the House. Thus, it is
said in the Torah:
"The war of Hashem against Amalek is in every
generation." For in every generation, Amalek
maintains his attack, since in every generation, the
Redemption is ready to come through this Head of the
House, who is the aspect of Moshe-Mashiach - the
highest tzaddik of each generation. The primary
obstacle is through this tremendous controversy,
which itself is the War of Amalek, whose entire war is
to hide and obscure the name of this Tzaddik.
In Moshe's war with Amalek, he specifically sent
Yehoshua to fight him, and did not enter the war
himself. For since the entire war of Amalek is against
Moshe, the true Head of the House, Moshe himself
cannot contend with him. For "He who is in prison
cannot free himself." The Tzaddik cannot glorify and
publicize his own name, for it would not
appear appropriate. Therefore, Moshe commanded
Yehoshua to go and wage the war.
For the aspect of Yehoshua - the student - all his
efforts and schemes are to publicize and glorify the
holy and awesome name of the Tzaddik in this world.
As Rabbeinu wrote, "Specifically through the students
of the Tzaddik, one can know his greatness." And
certainly, all Yehoshua's power to fight Amalek, is
only from the Tzaddik himself, who is the aspect of
Moshe. For surely, Yehoshua, the aspect of "student",
does not have the power to wage a war so tremendous
and awesome as this. So it is written:
"And it was, when Moshe would raise his arms, Israel
would triumph, etc." For certainly, the primary force
of the battle came from Moshe himself. However,
even so, the war itself – to overcome Amalek, to
glorify and publicize the name of the Tzaddik - must
be carried out by Yehoshua, the student. As it is
written in the Zohar (Beshalach, chapt. 65, sect. 2),
specifically Yehoshua was fit for this war.
(Orach Chaim III, Halacha 5, Paragraphs 9, 10)

Comple Teshuva

It is brought down that complete teshuva, is not just refraining from the bad midah, it is actually taking that middah and using it to serve Hashem.

One of the hardest things for me in making Teshuva was leaving my music behind - and now I am going back and doing a bigger tiikun, i'm going through all my music, and selecting a few of my favorites to make into sabatrance! sabapsy?

Anyway, One song is up so far - on the MAIN 4 shared page, (no subfolder, would someone please create one for me?)

"Nanach Planet" is the song name.

(no dont ask me what the original was, i edited out a lot of it for good reason.)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nanach in Budapest on my way back to the Holy Land B"H

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach Wedding

On our Hebrew Nanach site someone posted the National Geographic video of Dovid Dreskin's wedding.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

yosef hochman + simantov orchestra = nanach

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We believe that the graphics in this video may scare young children.

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Hello naanaach,

The video you uploaded recently, entitled Rav Na Nach &quot;Be Happy&quot; , has been declined for the following reason:

We believe that the video can be perceived as frightening to a child due to the graphics. Please understand that we are trying to make FrumTube as family-friendly as possible.

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Yavneh and Yevanim (greeks)

What similar sounding words! To build just requires one point added Yebane because in Hebrew Ve becomes Be when you add the dot or "nekuda". This could be the missing Nekuda Tovah or good individual point that exists in every bnei Adam (G-d's gift to Humans).

The Romans allowed Jewish studies to survive is they were done in Yavneh- Read: in Greek style. The Romans had defeated the Greeks also but they appreciated their scholars and would also allow Jewish scholars to persue their studies- yet I am sure it had to be done according to Roman regulation, which amounted to using the Greek-(Roman) principles.

The "nekuda" (individual- unique divine point) was therefore lost until Rabbi Nachman LM 282. The Baal Shem Tov was right the simple Jew is NO LESS then the scholar, (me age 13: since his piece of infinity is no less infinite then his piece). With the "nekudah tovah" point Yavneh can become Boneh and the Temple will be rebuilt! This is what happens when you bring a Jew back to himself or back to life! Notice that Avon (sin) becomes Even (stone) and Banim (sons) becomes Bonim (builders). Spread in the field the stones are a nuisance, but when the sons start to gather them in, by repenting together, they become builders and create a house of prayer.

Josef-Moshe connection similar to Rabbi Nachman-Rabbi Odesser (nanach)

Many people are starting to realize that Moshe without Josef is just not the
Go-el (no going to G-d). Even Moshe needed the bones of Josef, here are a few "proofs":

1 Yam Sof has the hebrew letters of Josef with a "M" inside. The M is for

2 Rabbi Nachman brings that only THE PURE tzaddik can bring forth waters that are pure and that can push off the contaminated waters (idolatrous philosofies, that cut the head from the body).LH seuda 5. (Who merited the Torah at Mt. Sinai? 3 days of separation? Josef waited 35 years under intolerable conditions, and even then, who knows...).

3 Moses says I am of "uncircumbcised lips" what he means is "I am NOT like Josef!" But by uniting with Josef he did have circumbcised lips, being as humble as he really was he was able to nullify himself to Josef. Rabbi Natan could write instead of Rabbi Nachman because (I don't doubt) he had reached this attribute.

4 Observe that Na CH Ma N spells out CHAM inside two letter N this is to say that Cham which represents NIOUF is controlled by the two N's. So Am Israel doesn't need to be erased (exodus 32,32) because Nachman will surround the Cham in us (A.I.) just like Josef surrounded the M (Egyptian) in Moses.

I'm sorry if this is a little unclear, but with a little patience it is deciferable. I hope it facilitates your studies.

Why we are in Galut

The Saba says on page תלז of Israel Saba in summary, that the whole galut and all our suffering is because of the evil and murderous rabbis that hide the true wisdom of the Tzaddik Emet from the world.

It is easy to complain about the condition of our people and its false leaders. It is a bigger challenge to accept this reality, which we are all partly responsible for, to look at it directly and understand it and how it has engulfed the Torah observant world. Then we must have the courage to remain true to Rabbeinu and the light of his Torah and do our small efforts to keep that light shinning in these last days of galut.

I say this all as a preface to a new blog that my friend has started that is speaking out the honest and simple truth that few have the courage to speak about today:

Be Happy Be Nanach

Na Nach(Knock Knock)

Na Nach,
whos there?,
Nachma Nachman,
Nachma Nachman who?,
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! =]

Kemah/Nanach stickers


Shalom Alechem - Its good to be here.

Just joined the members list..

thought id say Nanach..

I am noticing that not many on here have filled out profiles..
which is ok...
but id like to encourage it, makes it more friendly...

My take on the rejections from "frum" tube

While some of the recent rejections of submitted Nanach videos to may seem to be justified based on funky style scenarios or too hot for children to view, this is where "Hashem Yireh Laleivav" - Hashem seems the true intention - comes into play. As we know, Simcha is a key component in fulfilling the Mitzvos properly. The recent video showing a Nanach dancing with Simcha while wearing Tefillin shows the ultimate example of serving Hashem with Simcha. While few today may feel this level of Simcha while wearing Tefillin, especially in view of the fact that many are "on the go", as they rush straight from Shul to work; my friends, in all my years of learning, I NEVER came across anywhere - in Shulchan Aruch or elsewhere - that it is forbidden to dance while wearing Tefillin. The fact that this is virtually not done today doesn't prove that this is forbidden. "Some may find dancing while wearing Tefillin to be offensive" is nothing short of a lack of understanding of the proper observance of Mitzvos at best, and Sinas Chinam for Nanachs at worst. Thank G-d, we already have what we call the Nanach tube - such as the videos of saba-noon. From now on folks, we promote Nanach tube, promoting all videos that show Simcha while performing Mitzvos - perhaps even making a contest of this to promote this concept. Now, who are the ones who truly perform Mitzvos the way that they are supposed to be performed according to the Shulchan Aruch?! (The Chofetz Chaim, when asked by someone as to what Chasidus he should be a follower of, he answered that if he wants to follow a Chasidic group, it should be Breslov, because it is Breslover Chasidim who "observe the Shulchan Aruch as it is written, and fulfill it").

Hakoras HaTov to the Nanachs

I want to thank all the Nanachs (partly in thanks to Simcha "Naanaach") who showed up and made my Chasuna very lively with their singing and dancing. While I couldn't invite all the Nanachs that I have met from the past to my great Simcha being that I had to keep it to a small affair, the extra Simcha that only Nanachs can give to a Chasuna made up for the small affair in Gashmiyus - making it to a BIG affair in Ruchniyus. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

The 491th word in the Torah

Being that I am now in my 491st month of my life - this month of Teves (I was born on a Rosh Chodesh - the first of the month), I was curious shortly before this time as to what the 491st word in the Torah is, being that this is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman. Knowing already that there are 469 words in the account of the week of Creation, the number of which is the Gematria of the word Chasuna (so was my Chasuna on a Sunday of last week, the beginning of my Sheva Berachos week which concluded on Shabbos), it didn't take me long to count the 491st word. This is the word Yitzmach - "would sprout" (Bereishis 2:5) - its letters Yud Tzadi Mem Cheis adding up to...148, the Gematria of Rabbeinu's name!
Bear in mind that the root word of Yitzmach is Tzemach, the Gematria of Menachem (138) , one of the names of Moshiach (not necessarily literally, but in a spiritual sense denoting his comforting the Jewish people), which can indeed be spelled as such within the phrase Na Nach Nachman Nachman Meuman when putting this phrase's 15 letters together with no spaces in between.

Also on a personal level, as the last two days of my Sheva Berachos week began on my 491st month - the month of Teves - it was nothing short of Hashgacha Peratis that "the villager" showed up at my Sheva Berachos on the night of 1 Teves, the beginning of my 491st month, who was the only Nanach who showed up (on his own, he asked me about coming to a Sheva Berachos of mine, besides having been at my Chasuna). It's interesting to point that being that the word Teves is the connotation of the word Tov=17, his favorite theme in Nanach is the Petek which is the whole concept of the number 17. And as the phrase from Mishlei goes - Matza Isha Matza Tov, which certainly applies to me. Thanks for showing up for my Sheva Berachos, my friend. You really lit up the evening for everyone in attendance with your songs on the guitar!

Monday, December 21, 2009

patah eliahu in english
translated by reb zalman


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Perfect Lullaby.

Why is saying "Na Nach" such a Givald, reassuring thing to say, especially to your kinderlach?

Na = Please, With NACHaS Ruach, Gracefully
Nach = Rest (Your worries)!

Nach Ma? = What should I put to rest (into my mind), (Why should I be calmed?)

Nachman = That Rebbeinu, the one who is menachem (comforts) us-

Mayuman = is trustworthy / Is Emunah / Is one who Trusts in Hashem.
(so we just need to plug in.)

The Message: By this be calmed: through having emunah.

Drive this into the depths of your subconscious and into the minds of your children, so that they will grow up with emunah as one of their basic life skills, so that sheker will never set roots in their minds, as they will always be going back to the basics-to emunah pshuta al pi derech rebbeinu! Let THIS take root into their young minds.

my friend Shimon B. his story ."the petek saved him"

i would like to thank God publicly for saving me. And R Nachman, he was involved too :)

got randomly searched by a cop and he stopped searching when he found a petek sticker i forgot about.


has 2 new songs out called 7 beggars,& Master of the field

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Israeli Economy in serious peril (under fireil)

The ministery of the Treasury has decided to "outdate" todays figures on the 200,100,50 NIS (ness). Menachem Begin is a must for them even though his family doesn't want it, Moshe Sharet's son doesn't mind Moshe Sharet being removed- (neither do I) The other two that go on are: Hertzel and Ben Gurion??

This is a very serious offensive attack against Israel. All Israelis are today students of Rabbi Nachman, wether they know it or not...the reason:

They work for shekels, pray for shekels, are happy when they get Shekels, heck some even believe in Shekels.

As long as the piece of paper is an advertisment for Ebay Ha Nachal (since the three are co-authors with RABBI NA NACH of the book) and Rabbi Nachman- it represent a very powerful "Petek" and it is the OPPOSITE of Avoda Zara.
The people using Shekalim are tzadik or rasha --- ve tov lo!]

By changing the people on the money Breslev looses 6 000 000 chassids! At least.


Please answer these three questions:

Who opened his bag first to feed his donkey at the "hotel"on the first retun to Jacov?
Who said, G-d sent me ahead for your sakes?
Why did Josef "kidnap" three of Jacob's sons?

PS if you don't have the answer, it's time to ask your four year old!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hafatza in LA

I am currently in Los Angeles anyone who wants to contact me regarding Hafatza should please do so.

Confessions of the Gidolim

Na Nach

Opening Heavens Gate

Rebbe Nachman suggested a number of ways
for opening Heavens gate, including: standard
and spontaneous prayer; Hitbodedut, his
unique form of meditation, and the silent
The Rebbe said:when do I have my meditation?
when everyone is around me, thats when i
seclude myself with G-d.I know how to cry
out in silent scream. what i say is heard
from one end of the world to the other,yet
those around me hear nothing! Anyone can do
this. imagine the sound of such scream in your
mind. just as the throat brings sound from your
lungs to your lips, there are nerves that draw
sound into your head. when you do this, you are
shouting inside your brain. direct that shout to
the One above and it will open Heavens gate.

Kung Fu Nanach

Rebbe Nachman Daily

Rebbe Nachman said, I am a river that cleanses all stains (Chayah Moharan 332)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ani Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Nanach in Budapest

B"H here in Budapest in the airport singing Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
Today was the first time I remember that I really danced Nanach on a plane while it was flying, even still I wasn't jumping etc. I still have ways to go B"H.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Holy Nanach Lineage

A passerby told me that in the Israeli Newspaper Hamivaser they had an article of people and families in Jerusalem with important lineage (it might have been in a special Friday edition, the last two weeks). They featured a picture of Saba and his whole family tree.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

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Hello naanaach,

The video you uploaded recently, entitled Smoking Na Nach , has been declined for the following reason:

The video was found not to be in line with our standards of hashkafa.

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New Na Nach store in Safed

The New Na Nach "concept store" is now officially open (during unofficial hours) in the Kikar Meganim in Safed. The Keren is renting the two fronts that was formally "Living Art". the bigger store front is now open to sell books, hoodies,Cd's and other Na Nach things. The smaller store on the left will be a Na Nach coffee house. More Details with video to follow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haman, Ahaman and Hannukka OIL

It all begins with...PURIM

We Greaked out on GREESEEE OILEEE fleshy epicurian feasts. The flames were high! Then Mordecai served us poisonous (Kosher) wine in order to save us. His brazenness to go against the Halacha to save us was mabe embarassing but hey it worked because after what he was willing to do to save our skins, he didn't bat an eye about not bowing to HAY-MAN. The result, Haman blamed him for H-mans ambitious (and righteous) plan to harvest all the blubber on the Jews.

If Ahaman is becoming the undefeated leader of the Oil producers, with the unavoidable and resenting (temporary) support of the Chinese, it is because we are still lusting after our imagination (olam ha ze). Will he point out who the messiah is, therfore terminating all marloket and solving the major issue dividing our nation, like the last time around? NO WAY, G-d doesn't play repeats.

Folks, the leader is Rabbi Nachman and his disciples. That's US!

Are you ready to take on all these AHAMANS? Let them unite through our sins, so we can wipe them out once and for all. We don't even need bullets to do the job- just Rabenu! They are not afraid? Lovely! Let's unite out of our common love of the creation and the creator and our zeal to serve HIM the way Rabbenu reveals to us. This is a triple bond that cannot be shattered!

Either you are with NA NACH or you are not, it is entirely YOUR problem, no bullets, no secret service, nothing, just the truth! All those that resist Na Nach thank you for AHAMAN, because with out you we would never have found him!

Rabbi Nachman has it down Pat.

I have no doubts left that Rabbennu has it all figured out to the micron and all we need to do is bring the stones and mortar. He's the builder and it's a house of prayer! The whole creation is participating in the grandiose, but very private enterprise and I am more and more amazed by it every single day!
Just be of good cheer, so you don't loose focus during the good sceens!

KLM II 66-67 Happy Chanukah!

Kitzur Likutei Moharan II 66-67
by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev
66. 1. The Tzaddik is required to do teshuvah on behalf of all Israel. Because all the punishments that the Lord, Blessed-be-He, punishes a man, are as if they afflict the Lord, Blessed-be-He, for “In all their affliction He was afflicted.” [Isa. 63:9] Likewise they afflict the Tzaddik too. Because all the four foundation-elements (yesodot) that a man was created from are drawn from the basic element, which is the concept of the Tzaddik, as in “but the Tzaddik is the foundation-element of the world” [Prov. 10:25]. Therefore “Also to punish the Tzaddik is not good,” [Prov. 17:26] for when he punishes someone it afflicts the Tzaddik himself. Therefore the closer people are to the Tzaddik, the easier their teshuvah is. Because the Tzaddik does teshuvah for them.
2. All the traits come from the four elements. Therefore when a man sees the Tzaddik, who is the aspect of the basic element from which all the four elements are drawn, it is fitting for him to look and feel via this how he is holding with all the traits that come from the four elements that are drawn from the Tzaddik, who is the aspect of the basic element. And it is fitting for him to return in complete teshuvah on them.
3. Why is the day after Yom Kipur called “Shem Hashem [The Name of God]”? Because all the punishments for sins affect the name of the Blessed One. And after Yom Hakipurim, when the Lord, Blessed-be-He forgives Israel their faults, via this they are automatically saved from all the punishments and from all the harsh decrees. And this is the main way His name is magnified. Therefore they call the day after Yom Hakipurim “Shem Hashem,” for through the erasing and forgiveness done on Yom Hakippurim the name of the Lord is magnified.
67. 1. The true Tzaddik is the glory and the beauty and the charm of the whole entire world, and he is the master of the house of the whole entire world. And he is the aspect of the master of the house of the Holy Temple. For he lights up the Holy Temple and the whole entire world. For he is the light and the glory and the beauty and the charm of the whole world. And when this Tzaddik is publicized and his name is magnified in the world, through this the name of the Lord, blessed-be-He, is magnified. And the more his name is magnified and glorified, the more the name of the Lord, blessed-be-He, is magnified and glorified. And whoever is included in the name of truth, which is the glory and the charm and the truth of the whole world, as mentioned, i.e. whoever draws close to him and is included in his name — through this his eyes are opened and he begins to look at himself, at all the traits, how he is holding with them, and to return in teshuvah on all the bad traits that he blemished, and merits to look at the greatness of the blessed Creator and to look into repair of the world, and merits that holy and pure brains are drawn onto him from this holy name of the true Tzaddik.
2. And on the opposite, Heaven forbid, when the name of the true Tzaddik is hidden and goes away from the world, and big phony rabbis (mefursamei shel sheker) are magnified, who do not have the name of the Lord in them at all. Through this, as it were, the name of the Lord is reduced and hidden. And then enchanters and sorcerers are magnified, and there come upon the world things that cannot be helped except by names of impurity, Heaven forbid. And through this fires come to the world, Heaven spare us. And the light of the eyes mentioned above goes away. And this is the aspect of the burning of the Holy Temple, which was also due to removal of the light luminaries (meorei or), which allowed fire luminaries (meorei esh — see LM 67) to overcome. So when the true Tzaddik goes away from the world it is like the burning of the Holy Temple, and then the children of Israel and considered as if they are rolling around outside, Heaven forbid.
3. At these times, when the exile has already been so long, and the Lord, Blessed-be-He, looks out at all times to return to us and come back and rebuild our Holy Temple, it is fitting for us to not hold up, Heaven forbid, the building of the Holy Temple; we should only make effort for its building. Therefore we very very much need to rise for Tikkun Chatzot every night, and very much mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple. For perhaps in an earlier incarnation he was the one who caused the Holy Temple to be destroyed; but even if not, perhaps now he is holding back construction of the Holy Temple by his sins, and is considered also as if he caused its destruction. And on this he should cry and mourn very much every night at midnight, and through this it will be considered as if he made effort for the Holy Temple’s reconstruction, and through this he should merit to draw close to the truth, i.e. draw close to true Tzaddikim who are God-fearing and kosher, who are the main glory and charm and beauty, the truth of the world*, and through this his eyes will be opened and the will look at himself in all the traits and return in teshuvah on all the bad traits, and merit to know and recognize the great name of the Blessed One.
4. By rising at midnight and mourning the destruction of the Holy Temple, one is saved from fires.
*[It appears this is the meaning of the juxtaposition of the verses “At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto you because of your righteous judgments. I am a companion of all them that fear you…” (Ps. 119:62-63)]

Nanach store

B"H the Keren's Nanach store is seeing alot of action recently. You too can get into the action.... Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

ShinShinMem-Hanaros Hallallu

Rebbe Nachman Daily

One should start new every day(Mishivat Nafesh 12) NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MAYUMAN

shin shin mem sings Hallel

na nach chanukah chill

chanukah 2008

Where is the 7 Brachot tonight ?

I just completed Likutey Moharan after 17 years and it has alot to do with Shimon 4 sure. (He was living at my place and working with Joshafat). Shimon try to invite Joshafat. I don't have a pelephone now (as you know) so we need to rely on alot of Hannukka Miracles.

Isn't it a coincidence that in G-d's good country of Dennemark, the nations are trying to agree on LESS pollution which is like saying: Someone is trying to get the Greeks to use Kosher Oil, the problem is they haven't caught on that Nanach is just that: Shem N. Also the "Azout" of the flesh, needs to be delt with in a merciful way and that can only be done by the Bones of the Tzaddikkim (torah dealing with flesh/bones/spirit 2ond to last in or something (LM)).

Since many of us have already left for Uman...I want to point out that Rabbenu wanted to die by Kiddush Hashem (and maybe different ways, including capital punishment) all in order to serve G-d "b shlemout". So the grave of Erez Levanon in Bat Ayin represents this aspect of Rabbenu- and why not go there for Hannukka? If you are going out that way to Hafatsa, it represents an alternative to Jerusalem.

"ayn gedolim ve ayn ketanim, koulanou chaverim"

Even Napoleon (lhavdil) realized that a good footsoldier was just as honorable as the ranking officers, and should have all the rights.

This is another aspect of why Moshe might have wanted to keep his gravesite unknown= He and Josef were not the same, but HE and ONLY HE could bring Josefs bones, in other words, he was ALSO zoche as if they were his.

I want this for Saba!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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From: FrumTube <>
Date: Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 7:48 PM
Subject: Your Video Declined from

Hello naanaach,

The video you uploaded recently, entitled na nach draidel , has been declined for the following reason:

We believe that some people may find the image of someone dancing while wearing their tefillin to be offensive to them.

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Don't give up!! Keep the videos coming!!

FrumTube Approval Team


Sheva Brachos for Shimon Boyer at Moshe Nanach

B"H we are now saying the Seven Blessings. Moshe Nanach hosted a gourmet meal plus, and we merited to great rejoicing of the Groom and Bride and Chanuka.

- some of the jelly donuts weren't up to standard, so we went back to the store and brought back the guys that run the place, with a few more cakes, and gave them a taste of Nanach.

B"H soon to be in Uman!


These Lights We Kindle Are About Miracles

This was already published but since it got moved down to the next page I'm republishing it in honor of Chanuka. If you like the song you can download it - without the video - as published previously.

8 Days of Chanuka We Rejoice In The Light

This was already published but since it got moved down to the next page I'm republishing it in honor of Chanuka. If you like the song you can download it - without the video - as published previously.

na nach draidel

Rebbe Nachman Daily

As far as one has fallen a person should grab even a little bit of good for his soul.(Mishivat Nafesh 116)



Monday, December 14, 2009

dont worry be Nanach! be Happy!

Sheva Brachos for SMB tonight B"H at Elrohey Abuchatzaira in Givat Shaul

Please be in touch if you'd like to join the fun. Unfortunately I forgot my phone at home, but maybe I'll pick it up later, or email me, or call any of the Nanach.

Great Blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

Mazal Tov!

Shimon Matisyahu Boyers Wedding.

Yesterday we celebrated the GIVALD wedding of Shimon Matisyahu Boyer in Bais Choron. Elroey, YB, myself and anonymous Nanach set out to the wedding, by hashgacha we went to Mavoh Choron instead, there's a yeshiva there and we Nanach partied and gave them 2 Nanach posters. Then we finally figured out our mistake and we got directions to Bais Choron, we didn't follow them properly - so that we were zoche to go a few kilometers on the road of the Chashmonaim on Chanuka - and we had to take a longer way, thus finding Mordechai from Ebay Hanachal and his son Yonason. We arrived at the end of the Chupa. There was a crew of Bezenson Nanach playing some music, and then Elrohey took over with his electric guitar. It was GIVALD, B”H.

Yonason who before the chasuna didn't want to put on a Nanach beanie got “orot” (lights) during the wild dancing and donned the designer beanie.

After the chasuna we dipped in the cold spring by the Prophet Shmuel.

Mazal Tov!

True story

one of the Rabbis here in greensboro was talking about a Russian Jew who was put in to jail about 20years ago for no reason he was the only Jew in the prison and they took away his menorah and candles and on the last day of Chanukah he went to they leader of the jail and asked for his menorah and candles for the last day of Chanukah he got them back he celebrated with the jail leader and he said when i finsih you must say Amen he said a prayer"Blessed are You,Hashem,for allowing me to rejoice on this day of Chanukah,the holiday of our liberation,the holiday of our return to the way of our fathers.Blessed are You,Hashem,for allowing me to light these candles.May you allow me to light the Chanukah candles many times in your city,Jerusalem,with my wife,Avital,and my family and friends"and then he added in Hebrew"and may the day come when all our enemies,who today are planning our destruction,will stand before us and hear our prayers and say'Amen.' and the Prison grade yelled back Amen.He returned to his sell and told the story to all the inmates and soon it was the talk of the whole prison.
Happy Chanukah!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Burning OIL

As the world is focussing on Dennemark, where the Jews were NOT killed during WWII, and where the people live modestly and ECOLOGICALLY to the best of their abilities. They also tossed thousands of Muslems in jail the day after 911, ask questions later.

Our Prime Minister is not going-- Obama on the other hand, gets the "Norwegian" World Peace Prize.. While the nations are showing off in the "Kings New Cloths" to mark a point, mainly that humans are animals after all...or something like that.

I can understand that PM Netanyahu is not going, there are not only Danes over there, but many NGO's and contrary to popular belief here, I think they are heavily financed by the OIL INDUSTRY.

A few Sippourey Maasiote and letters from Ebay Ha Nachal could really save alot of Humanity over there. Why not Hitbodedut in the fields. They all know by now that technology cannot really solve the problems of corruption, violent crime or apathy. Unfortunatly for us and for them, they do for the most believe in witchcraft and have been completely brainwashed by Freud and others of his persuasion.

The solution:

Please read a letter from Ebay Ha Nachal every day and use your day to "bring it back up"=> I should also be zoche, AMEN. Mabe something good can come out of this.

Mazal tov on your wedding Shimon

It was really great being at a real wedding- not the showoffee Xpansoif thing. The food was good, the music was great and guess was real, it was warm, I loved it! Lot of Hatslacha!

Call for Hafatza in NY

I am now in Far Rockaway and invite anyone interested in Hafatza to call me 718-327-2644.

If anyone knows any Nanachs in the Far Rockaway area please let me know. I noticed some stickers around the city so there must be at least one Nanach associated person in the area.