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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yosef Became King on Rosh Hashana in the Merit of Yitzchok

Many might know that Yosef was released from jail and ordained as the King of Egypt on Rosh Hashana. If you do the math, based on Rashi at the end of Parshas Toldos it comes out that that was the year that our Father Yitzchok died (wouldn't mind if someone double checks this). Yitzchok is the main theme of Rosh Hashana, so it is no surprise that upon his arrival in Olam Haba on Rosh Hashana he saw to the release and agrandizement of Yosef Hatzadik.


shimonmatisyahu said...

It's mentioned in Sefer HaYovelim (Book of Jubilees), a detailed historical account from Creation until Yetizas Mitzrayim (using a timetable based on a Jubilee cycle) that in the year that Yosef became viceroy, Yitzchok Avinu passed away.

The villager said...


I just emailed to a friend that the blindness of Israac and Jacob are related to Israacs' being lied to for years by Esav then eating a "seuda-bris" with the two "pious" Canaanites Abimelech and Piscol.

Rivka sister of Laban the liar saw right through it and tried to straighten the situation.

In Rabbi Nachman terms blindness comes from poverty- the well WAS dry!

That's what you get when you cohabit with sheker.

What a blessing for Josef that his brothers didn't let him eat with them, what a curse for Jacob to be lied to by 10 sons!

I thought poor Israac was done for but you guys saved his honor and showed me how he finally pulled out of the tail-spin Esav put him into.

The villager said...

I have to correct your statment:

It is because of the merit of Josef, TZADDIK ISOD OLAM or rather RABBI NACHMAN that Israac could finally rest in peace.