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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Secrets of the torah revealed through Na Nach

Rebbe Nachman is the only one today that can help us reveal the hidden torah, only through the hidden torah one can shed light on the revealed, receive awe and love for hashem and the true tzaddikim who only want the good for am yisrael and that's rectification and the ultimate connection to the next world, the world of prayer and thankfulness. Rebbe Nachman in chaye Moharan said now that they revealed to me the ultimate rectification (the ten types of song: tikkunei Zohar page 3: says this is related to the quadruple song: page 51b: says that the one who reveals the quadruple song can redeem the torah…and the congregants of Israel), everyone needs to follow only my advise and do my rectification. Not only for those today and till the coming of the messiah but also from Adam until now all need me for rectification.

How hashem helped me to reveal the reason Eliezer asked Rivkah for water and she suggested giving to the ten camels water.
The midrash says that a camel drinks enough water for a month. A camel drinks 20 gallons of water. If the bucket Rivkah had held two gallons that's one hundred buckets Rivkah had to fetch. This was all taking place right by sundown, wouldn't her parents be worried why Rivkah was coming late. The answer is that the camels came the same day and they didn't need to drink. Eliezer wanted to prove that he came the same day from Eretz Yisrael to Iraq and this was proof which caused Rivka to agree to come back with Eliezer alone.
Shavua Tov,

Na Nach helps us to understand the hidden torah" Tikkunei Zohar page 51b the one who will reveal the quadruple song can redeem the torah the prayers and the congregants of Israel
Chaye Moharan 279 worth looking up, your hairs will spike on your head.
Biur haliikutym at the end of torah 22: Rebbe Nachman is the last reincarnated soul of Moses'. The main redemption is through the revelation of the torah which comes from Shaar Nun (fiftieth gate); only through this gate can we be redeemed.
Saba told me, in the name of Rabbenu Hakadosh, that Moses' soul was reincarnated five times 1. Moses 2. Rashb"y 3. Ari Tz"l 4. Baal shem Tov 5. Rebbe Nachman Hakadosh

The letter from heaven shows Saba today is Na Nach and this caused Rabbenu to go to the higher level; the level of the seventy two strings. Saba will sing the song on the seventy two strings: the name of havayah in ascending form.

NaYod NaYodNachKay NaYodNachKayNachmaVov

Rabbenu Hakadosh is on the level havayah Beachorayim (ascending form).
Sichos Haran 95: Havaya is not God but the action of how the world was created in Ten Maamarot(prayers), ten spheres of emanation, ten Commandments ten types of song and the final complete creation where no exile will follow is the QUADRUPLE SONG. (because it's on the shaar nun fiftieth gate the complete and ultimate revelation that can heal the whole congregants of Israel)

When Saba would go to Uman, he told me we must go back right away to Israel after Rosh Hashana.
I never asked him why, but there's a discourse in Chaye Moharan that states in the end of times the only thing that will be left from Russia is a valley and a tree stump. Today in our regrettable Nuclear age we can phantom Rabbenu Hakadosh's implications.


Anonymous said...

maybe I'm slow, but I don't get the "implication"....are you trying to say now we're supposed to be in Yerushalayim for Rosh Hashana or something?

Dun Aryeh said...
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Unknown said...

We have to know rosh hashana is dependant on the shofar which is the acronym for the quadruple song if we don't connect to saba who is the song we will not merit to Rabbenu who is Torat chesed, numerical value of chesed is 72. the 72 strings that the quadruple song will be sung on.
the sound of the shofar waters the garden and causes a fragrance to arise from the field which inturn causes fear and love of rebbe Nachman and the true tzaddikim the true followers of Rabbenu which is saba the master of the petek.
The watering of the garden is caused by the sound of the shofar which has the same sound one's semen, the sound of the shooting arows. Rabbenu can draw the arows back to the brain where the semen originates and thereby rectifying the true followers....

The villager said...

The hiddush about the camels was excellent. oleh 72, the value of the song maybe b'z from bet youd zayn just before "moshiah vedkomen" (it can be read in both directions) I believe the kamea should cost 72. Why does it cost 72??? It's the value of a full sanhedrin- the type that can put a person to death by unanimous vote.
I think the moshiah doesn't need to wait 70 years between sentences!
72- chessed how strange!

Anonymous said...

i heard saba said that we shouldn't go to uman, is that true?

Anonymous said...

of course you should go to uman. Whoever does not is a fool.

SP said...

dear anonymous and rabeinu2israel,
I was going to Uman after Saba passed away. What surprised me was in Uman during Mussaf (I do not recall if it was first or second day of rosh hashana) I felt the books being opened to decree my slate for that year. Low and behold Saba came to my rescue and I heard him saying to the Bais Din "He's from my followers" and they immediately gave me a good slate for that year..
Later on I heard from those that saw and served Saba who told me that Saba said Uman is over...until I started cleaning my chocmas. Afterwards, I realized the balance that Saba is Na Nach and Rabbenu Hakadosh reached the higher ultimate zivug with yod kay...the seventy two strings
In the sefer Nechunia ben Hakana, first perek at the end it says that the Cohen Gadol who entered on yom Kippur in the holy of Holies was considered the zivug(shechina) to havaya and upon mentioning the 72 letter name of hashem Am Yisrae was attoned.
Furthermore, Biur Halikutim, maamar tanina 125 at the end, says in the name of Rebbe Noson z'l that Rabbenu cannot rectify himself completely or the souls that are buried in Uman until Rabbenu comes to Israel.
We know Saba worked to bring Rabbenu to Eretz yisrael. I actually went to uman about 18 times. Every person needs to go to Uman one time,(biur halekutim maamar 22, at the end) until Klal Yisroel merits Rabbenu to come to Eretz Yisroel and where millions of Jews will get their rectification and this would the immediate revelation of Messiah, amen.
Lastly, a ticket to Uman supposedly should be 100 to 200 dollars max. The supposedly charedim buy out the tickets and sell them for a great profit " Ish Baal Yeadar…" this is not the way of Rabbenu and abbenu never said to come to Uman on Rosh Hashana (Rabbi Shimon Wizenfeld agreed with me). Rabbenu appointed two witnesses starting whoever comes and recites the Tikkun Hakelali after his decease, never mentioned to come Rosh Hashana.
It was Rebbe Noson who added this from his own Daas (for the hour- just like Elyahu hanavy brought sacrifice outside of the temple causing Hashem to send a fire from Heaven to devour Elyahu's sacrifice thus proving that God is with him and not the idol worshippers).
Yossef levy organized 1000 people to go to Uman on Rosh Hashana (selling the tickets cheaper than the derech tzaddikim..). He was on his plane waiting to get on the run way, but the mafia didn't care a thousand poeple should go to Uman, and Yossef Levy's (he's a na nach) planes were cancelled….

Anonymous said...

i think that their both fine.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

asur lezalzel beretz yisrael