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Friday, November 27, 2009


While YY Nanach and myself were dancing Nanach in the tunnel by the Western Wall, just around the corner at the WW itself our friend Mordichai the manager of the Nanach cave was collecting tzedaka and an undercover policeman asked him to come with him, Mordichai asked him who he was and he replied, come with me to the station and you'll see. So Mordichai ran away from him, the Kosel was packed with people (Thursday morning bar mitzvas) and everyone was supporting him as he ran wildly around throwing shtenders and chairs in the way of the klipa chasing him. Mordichai Eash Hakosel was yelling (in Hebrew) "Leave Him Alone!" a bunch of more police came and after about 15 minutes (so I'm told) they finally caught him. Because they were completely in the wrong they were afraid to take him to the Kishle, so in their nearby building they asked him to sign the charges, and knowing his rights he refused, they tried to scare him and all their tactics of attrition but Mordichai would not bow... so they wanted to photograph him, knowing his rights he refused, they tried anyway, so M. put his jacket over his head and sat that way for a half hour during which they sent all types of officers, to no avail, finally they gave up and let him go.
One of the many morals of this story, and of course the main one is that it's very very very beneficial to sing and dance Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Anonymous said...

Today posts are really cool. Love, Shalom Mordechai NaNach

nissim said...

b'h chazaq we'eematz!
what did they try to charge and can you explain the right about not photographing? nnnnm