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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rebbe Yitzchok of Tulshin

Everyone knows that Rebbe Yitzchok son of Rebbe Noson is buried right next to the Kever of Rebbe Yosef Karo, the Bais Yosef. (See image above, tall kever is Rebbe Yitzchok and one by the white wall is the Bais Yosef). However not many know the story behind this...

This Shabbos I heard from Lazer Nanach who heard from an old Breslover once while he was praying at the grave of Rebbe Yitzchock the following: Breslov was not a well liked group back in the days and when Rebbe Yitzchok passesd away the Chevrah Kadish planed to dump him in some far unnoticeable corner of the Tzfat cemetery. It came out that they had to bury him at night and in the pitch dark they mistakenly buried him in one of the best available plots of the Bais Hakvaros, right next to the Bais Yosef. When they came back the next day, they were very surprised to find out that they had mistakenly given him this prime location. They then realized that this was in merit of his father Rebbe Nasson, who reveled the great spiritual meaning of the teachings of the Bais Yosef, he therefore merited that that his son be buried right next to him.