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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not in Rashi! + (a real suprise)

Don't eat with liars!

How could Israac consider Phiscol and Avimelech to be "brothers" and eat bread with them? They lied to him saying they were only good to him.(Baloomy) I guess he was used to Esav.

As a result they DID NOT find water in the well and he became POOR (and according to me BLIND- the fourth interpretation of why he became blind). As an example to proove this point: Blindness occured in Jacob after his sons LIED to him. Why did Josef eat with them? Because they had spoken the truth FINALLY?

So Rivka asked Jacob to trick his father- she was the sister of Laban, who coined the term "arami" (ramai- almost Romi- "con-man") so Rivka couldn't be fooled as easily as her husband. The tikkun needed to go through Israac being tricked be-keddusha!

With Hannukka just around the corner- lets try to eat with honest people and avoid those who LIE with their words and therefore should not even try to do TIKKUN HA BRIS which is a much more delicate level of truth.

The Maccabis, did defeat the Greeks but generations later, ended up siding with the Romans which is why they are hardly mentionned in the Gemarra. No matter what, the Jewish nation knows that there is a G-d and will not allow themselves to drown in heresies.

How important is it to be happy?

The Megilla makes it clear: Better to be stoned then to be sad!

Being stoned is really bad, but being sad is alot worse!
(you guys that took drugs, I never did, but I sympathize! I would never have thought I would be giving you thumbs up!)


Tzfat NaNach said...

M. sorry for the little change in the title. Keep the chidushim coming, they are great.


shimonmatisyahu said...

Hey, my friend, you are not far off. The truth is that the Gemara in the 2nd chapter of Maseches Shabbos devotes a few Dafim to Chanuka. However, it is the Mishna that hardly mentions the name Chanuka, let alone a separate Masechta like Maseches Megilla for Purim. The reason for this is because Rebbe (Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi) compiler of the Mishnayos and descendant of Dovid HaMelech, was upset that the Maccabbes later usurped the royal throne that is supposed to be exclusive to the Davidic dynasty instead of serving exclusively as Cohanim. Hence, the name Chanuka in the Mishna is mentioned only a handful of times.

The villager said...

Wait, Shimon M., are you saying they didn't side with the Romans?
If so I'm delighted, but are you sure?

The villager said...

Aristocracy of the sword versus aristocracy of the priesthood.

Today we recite David's psalms and remember the military feats of the priests.

Don't blame us for being confused!

Saba has the answer: just be together and "I" will be with you.