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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rabbi Nachman reveals Saba and NaNach i detail

I haven't even finished reading LM one time, (soon I will) it took 17 years.. But going over the end of LMohran Tanyana 66 and the beginning of 67, it was unavoidable. It's ALL THERE! The full explanation on the song and of Saba .. and I am not finished, but you are probably faster then me so take a look please.

Rabbi Nachman saw all of creation in the wink of an eye, so why not put a little light into today's darkness to give humankind a chance!

You will learn if you study these Torah's that someone who messes with a NaNach is offending G-d as if he was messing with the creator himself!


shimonmatisyahu said...

Hey, my friend, you are almost finished since most of the Torahs in the 2nd part of LM are relatively shorter than the earlier ones in LM. When you do finish, it would be a great idea to make a Siyum and use it as an opportunity to let everyone know what you have learned from this most holy Sefer. Just please don't forget to invite me.

The villager said...

ok buddy, I'll post it on the Net and invite everyone for Shabbos, but to give a drasha- a prepared one... Naase ve Nishma-
It's logical, that it took 17 years to do before I could read, otherwise I could not have understood anything!~