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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nanach Developements

Yesterday at the Nanach store in the Rova we were visited by Dror (who used to live in Ebay Hanachal till about two weeks ago when he wasn't willing to endure any longer the rocks thrown at his family and other attrition), Elan (mayfitz from Meron), Yaron Elroaey (from Givat Shaul) and Mayon (regulars at the store), and Shiy (the right hand man of the Keren).

B”H we made some music.

The children of the Rova, especially the “zilbermans” have a great thirst for Nanach, and we are doing our best to teach them and illuminate for them the holy teachings and ways of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. Needless to say their parents aren't very pleased, but there's nothing that can stop Rabbainu from bringing all of H”Y's children back to the ways of holiness.

Last night I spent some time helping Shiy who is working on getting more and more Nanach in Jerusalem, especially in the vicinity of the Western Wall.

Shiy spent a lot of time with Amram – Amram was a grandson of the Saba Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser and was in charge of the Keren. Originally most of the Keren's focus was on hafatza (dissemination) in Meron by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Shortly (maybe even a year or two or more) before his passsing Amram told Shiy that Meron was on the descent and that they should start to build hafatza by the Kosel. Shiy spent three months doing hafatza in the inner room by the Kosel. When he told Amram about what he was doing, Amram told him that he didn't mean specifically by the Wall itself but in the whole area. This was the impetus for opening the Nanach store in the Rova, and B”H for many more unbelievable amazing projects in the making B”H.

Shiy also told me that not so long ago when the government started taking over Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and there was great fighting between the government and the chasidim, the chasidim said, let them try with the Nanach. The government rallied up for a confrontation with the Nanach, they
brought 500 policemen and tractors and all. Amram and Shiy shrunk the Nanach operation “live-dead” they closed everything and brought in a bus, fully licensed, and ran the hafatza from the bus, until the bad times and edicts passed over.

During those hard times, shmuel rabinowitz, the government rabbi in charge of all the holy places, wanted to meet with Amram, he was told that Amram was sick in the hospital and it was fitting for him to go visit and speak to him there, which he did. Shiy told me that Amram was very weak. First s.r. Was speaking for some time, when he seemed to have said his piece Amram asked him if he was finished, and the proceeded to tell him his own agenda. For 15 minutes Amram told him about his grandfather how great of a tzadik he was, amazing words, Shiy told me that he himself was greatly aroused and moved, after 15 minutes of telling the praises and holiness of his grandfather, Amram said, that was my grandfather Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz OB”M, I had another grandfather (Saba Yisroel) who was lishaim shumayim, of him you won't understand anything. That was all that Amram had to say to s.r. (may s.r. Merit not to be s.r.y).

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Miuman, sing and dance in the streets of Yirushalayim, sing and dance Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Miuman!

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