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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nanach Celebrations

B”H last night YB, Ebay, and myself went to a bunch of Givald Happy Joyous Occasions of the Celebration of the holy mitzvos. 1st a bar mitzva at Kikar Shabos, then to a siyum by Rohey in Kiryat Yovel on Tractate Migeela, and then to the wedding of Jenny and Josh (Blain and Pittleman) in Bayit Vigan. We ascended in holyness since the siyum was by a Nanach and there was much rejoicing and dancing Nanach, and the wedding was especially Givald (the band was Yirmiyahu, even though his disc is slow melodies they played very lively music and the guests were all dancing in the Nanach fashion) it was quite clear why they merited to have Nanach hafatza at their wedding.

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aaron.nanach said...

i love reb simcha nanach who i had the priviledge to meet in toronto, he is a talmid chacham as well imho