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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Na Nach chulant

It started on the Yurtziet of Saba, and now it will be continuing weekly. The NaNach trance party Wednesday nights at the "CHUlent". The Holy Tzvi Levin has created a great gathering called the "Wednesday Night Chill" it presently goes down in Israel. Now America will have its owe version of the "chill". Tens of people flowed through the doors of Chulent, with food and beaverage and heavy trance it totally rocks. Chulent has become a new American Hafatza spot NA NACH NACHMANACHMAN MAYUMAN


Anonymous said...

This is good news ... now, how can we get the U.S. Na Nach van out of mothballs and back on the road? Chazak!

Anonymous said...

the last times i was at chulent..2 years ago
it was filled with horribale philosophical skeptics apikorsis. make sure theres an end to that well i guess its a perfect place for rabeinu bc only he knows how to help that disease.