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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Samech

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since each of the 12 months correspond to one of the letters of the Alef Beis, the following is a teaching starting with the letter Samech that corresponds with this month of Kislev.


SEGULAH - A Segulah (I don't know if there is any one word in English that can adequately translate this properly; basically, it's an action that can possibly lead to a change in one's Mazel) for lasting children (Zera Kayama), is that the husband and wife, before marital relations, say the section in the Torah beginning with "UvRashei Chadsheichem" (about the Korbanos of Rosh Chodesh - read as the 4th & last of the Aliyos for Rosh Chodesh - Bamidbar 28:11-15), which they should also say if their child is sick, G-d forbid.

The reason for this Segulah is that the word Me'oros (luminaries - refering to the sun & moon) written in the Torah regarding the 4th day of Creation (Bereishis 1:14) (NOTE: This year, the 1st day of Kislev which is Rosh Chodesh is on the 4th day of the week) - is written lacking a Vov, unlike how it is usually spelled, for this letter Vov is the vitality of all things. Similarly, we see the phrase Kalos Moshe (Moshe finished) written in the Torah pertaining to the dedication of the Mishkan (around the beginning of what we read in the Torah for the 1st day of Chanuka that occurs in this month of Kislev - Bamidbar 7:1) lacking a Vov (the word Kalos normally spelled as Kof, Lamed, Vov, Sov) (Zohar Vayechi 236a and see Zohar Pinchas 254).

All this is the secret of the blemish of the moon, for from there is the aspect of Me'oros spelled without a Vov is drawn from, which is the sickness of croup/diphtheria for children, G-d forbid.
For the Vov is the vitality of all things, and so therefore, the lack of the Vov hints to the lick of this vitality, and it is from there that the death of little children, G-d forbid, is drawn from.

On Rosh Chodesh (as it is today and tomorrow), the moon begins to fill up and be rectified, as is known, for then it reaches the ultimate purpose of the blemish and lacking, so immediately on this day, the process of rectification and being filled begins. Hence, the word Kalos as spelled without a Vov, make up the beginning letters of the phrase (found in the beginning of the special text for the Mussaf Shemoneh Esrei of Rosh Chodesh) - Kaparah Lechol Toldosohm - "An atonement for all their generations". For it is on Rosh Chodesh that the aspect of Kalos Moshe is rectified and sweetened, which is the aspect of the moon, for then it begins to fill up, and then the "atonement for all their generations" is pulled from the aspect of Kalos Moshe, for atonement, forgiveness and sweetness is pulled out for all the generations of Jews, for it is a good and long life that is pulled for them. Therefore, the section of the Torah about the Korbanos of Rosh Chodesh is a Segulah for being able to have children. (LM 1:151)

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