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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitzur Likutei Moharan 2 #23

When someone is happy, then the melancholy and afflictions are lifted aside. But a higher level than this is — to boldly pursue the melancholy specifically and reverse it to joy. Like one who goes into a celebration — then due to the greatness of the celebration and joy he reverses all his worries and sadness and melancholy to happiness. And an understanding mind can easily find in each pain and affliction and worry some expanse through which he can turn all the melancholy to happiness — and this is the root of perfecting happiness!

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nnnnm said...

KLM II #24
It is a great mitzvah to be always joyous and to overcome and distance the sadness and melancholy with all his might and be always happy. And this is healing for all kinds of illness. For all kinds of illness, Heaven spare us, all of them come from sorrow and melancholy. So we need to make ourselves happy with all kinds of tactics. And mostly through nonsense things specifically, as is brought in another place. Even though a broken heart is a good thing, this is only for designating some hour of the day to break his heart and spread his speech out before the Blessed One, as brought by us, but the whole day one needs to be happy. For from a broken heart one can easily come to melancholy, more than one can stumble through joy to come to some lightheadedness God forbid. Therefore one needs to be always joyous. Just in some special hour to have a broken heart.