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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bring Rabbi Nachman Home...

corruption and strife are still increasing...

How many court systems, and cops do you need, when it all boils down to money and power? The money we are talking about is the hard metal, the type the knife is made of, the one you have to take off the table in order to make the blessing (the knife itself is not the problem, the metal is). With gold at way over $ 1000,- an ounce what does this mean?

Gold in Arameic is the word ahava which means love in Hebrew and can only be attained through humility in the service of others- the value of Moses.
Silver in Hebrew is Cessef which is Ca-Yosef and implies purity of pure silver like the purity of the bris of Josef HA Tzaddikk.
I hear that gold has twelv times the value of silver(gemarra).
We learn from the relationships of Jacov, Ishmael, Esav and Ketoret that all of these fathered 12 offspring; in other words, gold fathers twelve silvers. The humble servant can have 12 holy sons (who hopefully will each merit to reach the level of gold during their lifetime).

Who is pure and who is humble: Saba? Rabbenu?

You cannot mix the two into some new metal! Moses needed the bones of Josef, just the way a father needs a son- don't tell me the twelve tribes were up to the level then, don't tell me they are up to the level now.

Rabbi Nachman MUST be brought home. It's simple. Anyone who cops out coput! I am must clarifying the unescapable. No one in this generation has the merit, we need to bring his bones!

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