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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final struggles, number 3, easy as 1,2,3...

It took 3 days, for the three visitors to come, for finally getting THE SON. It took three patriarchs, (two dispossed "brothers"+one inheritor)=3 religions/ celebrating 3 days of the week. To fight Amalek on three "husks": Sex, Gluttony, Avarice.

Establishing a point and concluding a debate takes a third opignion, which is supposed to show the first two, that there really isn' t any conflict. In this way all three agree and the fact is established.

Three days without sex allowed us to have the Torah.
Three days without food/drink allowed us to have the Megilla.
Three Israeli Banknotes allowed us to connect Am Israel to the pureness of the Tzaddik instead of the meaningless idole called Gold(Amalekite love). for Silver is CA-Josef for it's purity and Gold is Ca-Ahava (Arameic) The love of the King which makes him more humble the the least of his subjects. When Moses didn't steal a donkey- you can imagine that he was saying that even a human donkey, never lost anything to him.

For the first time EVER we have a solution to the #1,2,3 sin: 1) I am NOT a slave to "men", 2) No Idols, 3) No using G-d for selfish pursuits. (first three commandments- relating to relationship with G-d)

Working for NIS (New Israeli Shekels) is equivalent to working for Ebay Ha Nachal and connects a person to the perfectness of Rabbi Nachman. It's like entering Noah's ark! The Tzaddik can bring his influence from it's holy root all the way back to the "harvester", just like the holy land produces holy fruit!

Since this is the way out of the third and final Husk, we need to be aware of this miracle and inform others. Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will certainly boost this mechanism, so please pass on this information, in your own words and with your own angle and vision.

The string of kindness has three strands, the opposit is certainly true as well. Two strands have been cut, but as long as one remains, they all seem to exist. This is not true, as soon as the third is cut, it will be clear to all that the first two have no strength at all in the world.

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