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Monday, November 16, 2009

bitul habechira

Mishlei chapter (31,26) " Torat chesed al leshona"-
chesed =72
al leshona =491
The torah of Rabbenu who reached the level of the name of hashem beachorayim(numerical value 72 yod yod kay...)
491 is the numerical value of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, which will be sung on the 72 strings (instrument).

To elaborate A little more read on:
The benevelant graceful advice, which are on her lips." Surprisingly, Torat chesed, chesed is numerical value of 72, inferring to the fiftieth gate of the hidden torah which will be revealed by the one who knows, the the quadruple song(Tikun Zohar page 51-Biur Halekutim at the end of torah 22) that can rectify the whole congregants of Israel.
The sentence continues:"Al Leshona"-(on her lips) is the same numerical value: 491 the same numerical value as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman( Meuman with the vov- I heard in Saba's name one can read the petek Meuman with or without a vov). Torat chesed of the fiftieth gate which according to the Tikkunei Zohar, the one who reveals the shir pashut.., who is Saba yisroel the Master of the Letter which was sent to him by Rebbe Nachman Hakadosh will be sung on the seventy two strings and that's Rabbenu's new name.
The torah is only compiled by names of Havaya: Torat Moshe, Torat chesed.

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