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Monday, September 7, 2009

Nanach - The Way To Eretz Yisroel [The Holy Land of Israel]


The wondrous ways of the Nanach may seem, to the ignorant, to be unprecedented in history. In reality, as Rabbi Nachman said, his way is a very ancient one, yet it is completely new. There is a very famous story of how the Maharal of Prague gave a nobleman and his entourage to see the sons of Jacob, on condition that they would not laugh. The assembly were able to control themselves until they saw Naftoli who was running and skipping, he was red haired and freckled and was rushing free as a gazelle. This is very reminiscent of the complete purity and freedom of spirit that nowadays is attainable only through Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. It is a spirit that brings great happiness, and often scoffing - when perceived by those who are bottled up in their lusts, desires, or trappings of honor and self importance. The Holy Merciful One desires that everyday we see ourselves set free from the servitude of Egypt, the reliance and expectancy of money and the capitulance to lust and promiscuity. Everyday we are to receive the holy Tora new, brand new. Before the giving of the Tora the world functioned based solely on the kindness of the Holy Merciful One. The holy Tora is our justification, our reason d'etre, that the Holy Merciful One has chosen us to fulfill his desire, and it is certification that the Holy Land is our (see the first comment of Rash"i on the Tora). Rabbainu explains (Likutay Moharan II Tora 78) that everyone, even the greatest Tzadik, has times that he reverts to "before the Tora", when one can not find his holiness and project himself to fulfill the great role the Holy Merciful One has set. In these times one must live "prustik" frugal and base yet strong in faith, as the world is maintained by the sheer Kindness of the Holy Merciful One. This is like a child who has not learned etiquitte, and his lack of pretenses allow his openness, purity, and faith in the goodness of those around him really shine. This is how one can come to the Holy Land. The Holy Land is not attained through the merit of good deeds, only through the complete benevolence of the Holy Merciful One. Thus when the Tzadik has set out to conquer the Holy Land he must be know the Way, he must know how to serve the Holy Merciful One - "prustik". This is what Moshe Rabbainu asked from the Holy Merciful One - "vu-eschanan", for a free gift to go to Israel (I.e not because of any merit or reward). This word read from left to right, reads Nanach! This portion of the Tora is read on Shabos Nachamu Nachamu (see the last volume of Likutay Halachos the last laws of a paid watcher)! Thus we find that Rabbainu, on his way to the Holy Land, did away with all honors and bearings. Rabbainu did away with his outer attire and even his hat. Rabbainu ran around in the streets playing war games with the youth. The simplicity, purity, and freedom of spirit of a child, like Naftoli bounding around.

"Always the eyes of Hashem your God are on the Eretz Yisroel", only little children can get away with staring at someone for an unlimitted time, and you can only stare at little children for a long time, try staring at an adult they will either get angry, look away, or at the very least they will get very uncomfortable. Only children are happy with endless staring. Children are ready for the Holy Land.

When we take a Tora scroll, we accompany it with great festivity, singing, dancing, frolicking, and great merriment. As we find King David carrying on so that his wife Michal, the daughter of the humble King Saul thought his conduct despicable, and despised him. This is the "Derech Eretz Shekudma LaTora" - the Way that comes before the Tora. This is the innocence, openness, excitement, and freedom of spirit of the early years before the Law is forced upon them, and similarly the early years of the wold before the giving of the Tora when the world functioned solely on the Kindness of the Holy Merciful One. Michal was punished by not having children, measure for measure for her inability to recognize and value their important function in the world, in all the people of the world, in all of God's creation.

When the Tora was given the Jews were crowned with honor. Honor is only the Tora (Ethics of our Fathers). There are certain standards and protocols, bearings of honor that a Tora Scholar must uphold. In the times of exile, "her kings and noble are amongst the gentiles, there is no Tora" Rabbainu explained this verse about the "kings" - rabbis of his time, that they do not know the Tora so they are forced to act like kings (not to mention those that did not have any connection to the Tora because they acted like the gentiles). We have reached a time in history where we really do not know the Tora, we have reached the time when we must make our way to the Holy Land, the Way Before the Tora. This is the way of the Nanach. דרך ארץ ישראל – The Way [to] the Land of Israel, has the acronym – יד"א – which is the acronym for Yisroel Dov Odesser, the precious student of Rabbainu who received the Holy Petek which was signed Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman! (It also spells out – A Yid – A Jew, because this is what real Judiasm is about!) Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser – Saba, testified that he was completely pure of desires of this world. Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser when he was already over 90 years old, showed the Way to Eretz Yisroel, he showed the way of being free and open, to be unconstrained, to dance and be excited with the purity and innocence of young children. The Nanach are the holy children of God who look to Him expectantly, that He should teach us His Tora and bring us to the Holy Land, and they are dancing all the way there.

It follows that the Nanach are all very interested in bringing the Holy Tzion (burial site) of Rabbainu to Eretz Yisroel (Israel), because the Nanach are the ones making Israel available to the Jewish people, they are involved and have set out on the Way to the Holy Land.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



shimonmatisyahu said...

It's interesting that you mentioned the Maharal of Prague of all rabbis, because on the day that you wrote this - 18 Elul - is the 400th Yahrzeit of the Maharal of Prague.

The villager said...

Out of egypt and bondage is truely out of the lust for women- which is the reason why men are bound to money which is precisely what we are still in Galut for. Those going to Uman are therefore truely doing a great tikkun. I am doing my part here at the village of EBAY (yes it still exists!), by putting stones to build homes...for women, it is true, not necessarily mine, and for children, not mine either. All of them disciples and wives and children of disciples of Rabbi Na Nach! And I love doing this!