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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fishy Hagadol - The BIG FISH


After Rosh Hashana I met Adam Ben Lavi – Fishy Hagadol for the first time. He told me some of his "Toras". He has a strong delivery and it was very entertaining. Fishy Hagadol told me that until he met Adi Ran he considered religion to be very external, and when he heard from Adi Ran that real Judaism is about the inside, at first he thought that Adi Ran was just trying to get his attention. Fishy feels very strongly that there is no room for the judgment of morality, God doesn't need anyone's good deeds and is not effected by peoples bad deeds (as it says explicitly in Job), the Tora and mitzvos that God gave us is for our sake alone (as if H"Y put us in a stage of a video game for us to play out), therefor it is senseless and base to judge people by their moral standards which is an issue between them and God. We must concern ourselves with bettering the world, extending ourselves to help others. Fishy Hagadol feels very strongly that everyone in Israel should be given the opportunity to own their own house (not at a million shekel, but at something much much more reasonable and attainable). Fishy says, how can we expect to make peace with others when we treat our own with such contempt. When he was a young teen in a gang, if there was a question of making an alliance with another gang, if the other gang was suffering from poor leadership or worse, with it's members not united loyalty under their leader, there was no way they would take their chances on making a healthy alliance. So too with the horrible horrid Israeli politics how can we expect anyone to consider making a meaningful alliance. He has many other ideas and concepts that he is very convinced and strong about. Even still Fishy is very down to earth and understands that the only real way to effect change is to promote Rabbainu, Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. The more we get the message of Rabbainu out in the world, the more people will see past themselves and will gain the correct attitude which is necessary to amend the havoc and things will begin to fall in place. So Fishy Hagadol, good to his word, is out in the street practicing what he preaches, promoting and spreading Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Fishy has a profile on Facebook with a large following, he is also looking into making a musical tour in the U.S. And Canada.

Fishy Hagadol told me that in 1997 he put out a platinum disc and has since performed with Scuzzy and many other famous musicians. Fishy is planning on getting together with Matisyahu who he claims has become Nanach. Fishy has spent years helping young delinquents and now sees Nanach as the answer and the cure for young and old. Fishy is very excited about the new Nanach bus which will feature beds and a kitchen and will welcome children who are living on the street. The Nanach bus will be the center stage for the Nanach concert on Succos in Nachal Chadaira on the night of 18 Tishrei – the anniversary of the passing of Rabbainu.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



rabbinatan said...

it would be great if fishy cames to toronto, nanach!

The villager said...

Stay is Israel- I want to see you in action and assit you- Your bus can spend shabboses at EBAY HA NACHAL and I want to make sure its the 5 star hotel thing!

Antichrist Thoth said...

Adam ben lawi is a big joke. He is a hasbeen who is lazy and manipulative. You dont know him personaly. I do. He is a spineless coward who thinks it is ok to be abusive towards wemen. I have screebshots of things he said to me that could destroy his career not to mejtion put him in jail for a long time. He is a joke.