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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Story about Saba in Shivcho Shel Tzadik

There is a book which is incredelous (too good to be true?), set up alphabeticly to the names of very famous Rabbis it quotes them and relates their great veneration for Rabbainu and Breslov. The author is adamnent that the stories are true. In any event someone told me that under the entry of the Lelover Rebbe (don't know which one, but one of them just passed away) there is a story about a Breslover "Yisroel Dov", I don't have the sefer, so maybe someone can look into this and post it.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



In Uman I met a guy who started a site called Glattube which makes sure that none of it's videos have any females in them. A few days before Rosh Hashona he was picking  out videos from the Youtube and he found a Nanach video about Uman, while watching it he decided right then and there that he had to go to Rabbainu, and so I met him in Uman a few days later. He said I am here just because of you (meaning Nanach).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

New Muic on the Nanach Music Site from Yichye

B"H in Uman I met with Yichye and he gave me permission to put up 4 of his songs. B"H 3 songs (besides his "gurgooloo") have already been put in his folder, enjoy. The fourth song, I'm trying to decide between: prayer, Shabbat, and Be Happy (he sings that it is an obligation, and I like to stick with 'mitzva' - a good deed). Also I only have one of his CDs. It is called Archangels of Peace (Malachay Hashalom) and I believe it was recorded live from a concert he did in Tel Aviv many years ago (amazing that so far back he was singing Nanach on stage).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



I finally made the big trip to Uman, Boruch Hashem, at least in terms of a spiritual accomplishment in my life. On the same day, I merited to be not only at the Tziyun of Rabbeinu, but also of Rebbe Nosson & the Ba'al Shem Tov.

Have to admit that I saw some Hashgacha Peratis while there. I stayed at the Ohalim, place of the public tents which included room and board, one place where I will not stay again if I were to return visiting Uman. But meanwhile, two weeks ago on Wednesday morning, I got on the van that was supposed to take us to the Tziyun. Meanwhile, someone else comes on board, sits down next to me, and while I didn't remember who he was, he remembered me from where he saw me eat on Shabbos at a Chasidishe family in Yerushalayim where I used to eat every Shabbos when I first made Aliyah. Being on his fourth trip, it made me feel much more at ease for him to tell me where everything was at, including the Mikvas, without me needing to approach a few people whom I didn't know.

A little later after I had a chance to approach hands-on at the Tziyun with my heartfelt prayers, I walked on Pushkina street looking for a ride to the other Tziyunim. After a couple of minutes, I noticed a car with two passengers which seemed ready to take off, but I approached it soon enough. As it turned out, the two passengers were two Israeli cousins, and so joining them helped everyone pay a little less for the fare, having each paid only $70. The trip was for like a total of 10 hours, not having returned until 10:45 at night, during which part of the time, the driver had some Rasha-ian or Yuck-Ra-nian music being sung by a guy with a grouchy voice. Anyways, after having visited the Tziyunim of Rebbe Nosson & the Ba'al Shem Tov, it took like four hours to return to Uman, which included the driver being stopped and given a ticket for speeding, and a stop at a store that included babushkas (Russian dolls).

Was at the Tikkun HaKelali gathering on Erev Rosh Hashana; and despite a stomach virus which I caught as many others had - for davening, I was in the room of the Tziyun where you have the Sephardic Minyan for the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, and then for the two days of Krias HaTorah, and the second day for Tekias Shofar until the end. When I walked over on the second day of RH, I stopped by the Uman clinic where I was given some pills to help ease my stomach, though I don't know how much good it actually did. One thing you have to admit - you mix Sephardim with Rabbeinu, and magic! It is a real sight to see their excitement by Rabbeinu, singing for a while at the start of Rosh Hashana. I know when I arrived a little earlier on the second day; for over 20 minutes before Krias HaTorah, they were singing non-stop, and the only thing that stopped it was when the Krias HaTorah actually began. If you didn't know that it was RH, you would have thought that it was Simchas Torah. One song included Ein Kamocha Baolam, which is about Rabbeinu. I remember the good ol' Lubavitch days when in 770 (I was thinking this in terms of this year of 5770) on Simchas Torah, they were singing the same song except in different words which was about the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Anyways, when it comes to Simcha and the Sephardim's great respect for Tzadikim, we Ashkenazim have much to learn from them. It is no wonder why they have the Zechus (excuse me, Zechut) to be the ones to have their Minyan (aside from the dozen other Minyanim outside) especially in the room of the Tziyun itself!

It is too bad that thanks to this stomach virus, I wasn't able to attend the big Tashlich gathering or join in the post Rosh Hashana singing and dancing celebrations where I probably would have met quite a few more people that I know or wanted to meet. But Boruch Hashem, I was finally able to take care of this bug properly once I returned home (thanks Shani for the hostel stopover in Turkey overnight, it was a very good relief for me!) when I finally felt fine by Thursday morning of last week.

After all is said and done, I can't say that I will be coming again to Uman for Rosh Hashanah or another time to a third world country such as the Ukraine (the two computers at the airport in Odessa where several dozen people where waiting forever on line looked like from 20 years ago!), and certainly not in such a public place where I had stayed which made it so much easier to get sick, which was only because I wanted to make sure to secure a place for myself, but at least I finally made it to THE PLACE for at least once in my life, including getting Rabbeinu's Tikkun for Rosh Hashanah. But I want to warn everyone - DO NOT RELY ON MIRACLES. Last year, there was no Chanuka miracle for a Nanach guy who came for a very cold Shabbos Chanuka in Uman, and because of no nearby place of medical treatment for an asthma condition that he had, he didn't make it to age 30, Lo Aleinu. Be prepared BEFORE coming to another country and be aware of what medical treatments are available, especially with the outbreak of new viruses out there, especially if you have a medical condition. I wasn't sick like this for many years, and since Bar Mitzva age, I can't remember a Yom Tov being sick like this and not having appetite to eat until this Rosh Hashanah, in which I probably would have been fine had I decided just to be with the Kibbutz in Yerushalayim where I was for the previous three years on RH. So stay spiritually healthy AND physically healthy.

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Lamed

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since each of the 12 months correspond to one of the letters of the Alef Beis, the following is a teaching starting with the letter Lamed that corresponds with this month of Tishrei.


L'INYAN - Regarding the subject of stray thoughts during praying: It's already known that each and every thought is a complete structure. Rabbeinu said that when a person stands and prays the way he/she is supposed to and doesn't pay attention to the stray thoughts that are attempting to occupy his mind; through this, he/she overpowers and removes them. (As explained elsewhere, we don't need to pay close attention to them at all, only to move on praying as one is supposed to without looking behind at all. Through this, these stray thoughts will leave). As one moves along during praying, he makes these stray thoughts fall down as in a war in which one may cut off a hand from one person, a foot from another person, etc.

In explanation of the above, this is comparable to a physical war where one needs to pass in between murderers and those hiding in ambush. One who is strong and passes between them, on the way, he makes these people fall down, cutting off a hand from one, a foot from another, etc. Well, this is the same way that works with prayer. When one prays properly without paying attention to stray thoughts; on the contrary, he/she pushes them away and makes them fall, such a person in effect is spiritually knocking off a hand or a foot from these stray thoughts. For each stray thought is an impure shell, and is in fact a complete structure. One who overcomes these thoughts by praying properly without paying attention to them is killing them or cutting them off limb by limb. (LM 2:122)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

na nach in new york

For anyone in the New York City area, there will be a study/discussion group this thursday night (Oct. 1) based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and of Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser. It will be at Earth Matters cafe on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (177 Ludlow St., between Houston and Stanton) and will begin around 9pm.

Na Nach!

Hashem Melekh - Selichot Erev Rosh Hashanah at Rabbi Nachman's

Nanach on Yom Kipur


There were a handful of obvious Nanach at the Western Wall for Yom Kippur as well as many Nanach sympathizers, but we did not have any organized minyan. B"H next time.

(There wasn't a minyan at Kever Rochel, don't know why, but B"H I didn't go, but M.O. did, he got back to the Kosel a few minutes before shkia).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach Martial Arts with Yehoshua Sofer

Many of you might have heard about Yehoshua Sofer, a Nanach who spent time with the Saba, and is a master of a unique style of martial arts based on the Aleph Bais (Hebrew ABC). Recently I spoke with a friend who has been a black belt for 20 years and spent some time training with Yehoshua Sofer and he told me that Sofer is unbelievable, above and beyond. Those familiar with advanced martial arts, yoga, and the like know that they have roots in idol worship and other depressing, corrupt, and crooked philosophies and beliefs. Here Sofers' style really shines through, giving the practitioner a pure art based in holiness, which at the same time is at least competitive if not superior to the others. Sofer keeps a little to himself, so I am not so familiar with his approach (a few years ago I did meet with him shortly in Uman), but I have heard that he is an ardent Nanach very much loyal to Rabbainu as he received from the Saba. B"H I think we should add a link on to the "Abir"s site.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Fishy Hagadol - The BIG FISH


After Rosh Hashana I met Adam Ben Lavi – Fishy Hagadol for the first time. He told me some of his "Toras". He has a strong delivery and it was very entertaining. Fishy Hagadol told me that until he met Adi Ran he considered religion to be very external, and when he heard from Adi Ran that real Judaism is about the inside, at first he thought that Adi Ran was just trying to get his attention. Fishy feels very strongly that there is no room for the judgment of morality, God doesn't need anyone's good deeds and is not effected by peoples bad deeds (as it says explicitly in Job), the Tora and mitzvos that God gave us is for our sake alone (as if H"Y put us in a stage of a video game for us to play out), therefor it is senseless and base to judge people by their moral standards which is an issue between them and God. We must concern ourselves with bettering the world, extending ourselves to help others. Fishy Hagadol feels very strongly that everyone in Israel should be given the opportunity to own their own house (not at a million shekel, but at something much much more reasonable and attainable). Fishy says, how can we expect to make peace with others when we treat our own with such contempt. When he was a young teen in a gang, if there was a question of making an alliance with another gang, if the other gang was suffering from poor leadership or worse, with it's members not united loyalty under their leader, there was no way they would take their chances on making a healthy alliance. So too with the horrible horrid Israeli politics how can we expect anyone to consider making a meaningful alliance. He has many other ideas and concepts that he is very convinced and strong about. Even still Fishy is very down to earth and understands that the only real way to effect change is to promote Rabbainu, Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. The more we get the message of Rabbainu out in the world, the more people will see past themselves and will gain the correct attitude which is necessary to amend the havoc and things will begin to fall in place. So Fishy Hagadol, good to his word, is out in the street practicing what he preaches, promoting and spreading Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Fishy has a profile on Facebook with a large following, he is also looking into making a musical tour in the U.S. And Canada.

Fishy Hagadol told me that in 1997 he put out a platinum disc and has since performed with Scuzzy and many other famous musicians. Fishy is planning on getting together with Matisyahu who he claims has become Nanach. Fishy has spent years helping young delinquents and now sees Nanach as the answer and the cure for young and old. Fishy is very excited about the new Nanach bus which will feature beds and a kitchen and will welcome children who are living on the street. The Nanach bus will be the center stage for the Nanach concert on Succos in Nachal Chadaira on the night of 18 Tishrei – the anniversary of the passing of Rabbainu.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Journalist from Holland


Last Wednesday by the Holy Tzion of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman I spent probably over 3 hours with a journalist from Holland teaching him about how Na Nach started and what Nanach is about. He took profuse notes.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


An article about Nanach

Just found an article about Uman and Nanach, if anyone cares enough to reply: The writer claims that in Europe Breslov was known as the Silent Chasidim, and thus Nanach isn't faithful to that tradition. Hhe's probably referring to the nick name: toite which means dead, this was referring to the fact that the only Rebbe that Breslov has or had is Rabbi Nachman who already passed on to the next world. In this way Nanach are almost the only chasidim that are faithful.The writer is a proffesor in Yiddish so he should know better. If in fact Breslov was called silent, it would be referring to the fact that they don't reply to the many insults hurled at them (see Likutay Moran Tora 6), this also has nothing to do with singing and even shouting Nanach (Rabbainu encouraged all holy exclamations and noises explaining that they are holy brazeness).
Fortunately the author of the article made it to Uman for the New Years, B"H Rabbainu will straighten out his attitude. 

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Piska Tova

It is the custom in these times for Jews to wish each other "Piska Tova" referring to the final stage of the New Year's edict.
Thank God we definitely have the Piska Tova!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nadav Etlinger new song and Uman 2009 pics

nanach uman

great to see all nanach friends!@!!!! great energy,luv, nanach!!

the last minute i met simcha rodes, he gave me shmirat habrit panflet, + tikun haklali and i am giving here in toronto, and explaining to old/young people the importance of shmirat habrit, the importance of the tikkun haklali, the greatness to sing/say na nach nachma nachman meuman

thanks 2 all!!!

uman 5770

uman na nach nachma nachman meuman 5770

Shabba in Ebay Ha Nachal- The greatness of Mordecai

We are suggested to drink wine until we say Baruch Haman, Aruch Mordecai.

Yom KI-Pour only exists because of Purim, so if you think Moshe's 5 books are "superior" because they come from the mouth of G-d to our greatest profet- please put your supposition through your noodle one more time! There is still alot to learn.

Mordecai was pretty desperate because his Generation had completely fallen into Gluttony (epic-cure isn't the cure!) The wine he served was a courageous and faithful attempt, but according to Halacha, it could not save that generation (yayin hungari?). WRONG! The Halacha be what it is, THIS ACT DID SAVE THE GENERATION.

Others had given up, the situation was beyond all repair. Mordecai persisted and did something which seemed not to be the Halacha at all, the opposite Ma-Mache!
Because of his Narchon like act, in defying the Halach to save the nation, he had a double reason to defy Haman (the Halacha defy and not the Rasha?).

As a result Mordecai merited for Haman to get so infuriated at Mordecais brazen-ness that Haman Cursed AM MORDECAI and connected them all to G-ds chosen Tzaddik! (not Am Yehuda or Am Israel) Unwillingly, they were to pay for his brazenness with their very lives, which made them "de facto" One Nation United under One Tzaddik.

May we be Zoche to unite with NaNach because of our meritous acts alone and give up our idolizing of money! The opposite of Idol worship is praising the Tzaddik.

The quickest way to get everyone to praise the Tzaddik (1 000 000 people) is to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shabbas in Ebay Ha Nachal- 600 000 NaNachs

I opened the end of Devarim, and there it was parasha Vayehi instead of Zot Ha Bracha!

The two have many similarities, one is the end of Devarim while the other is the end of Bereshit. Both bless the 12 tribes and conclude with the death of the Tzaddik. (Josef or Moses)

Someone reading my blogs will see a Huge connection between Josef and Moses (a connection I compare to Rabbi Nachman of Breslev and Rabbi Na Nach). In the Chomash, here the comparison is very detailed. To really understand all this Mordecai ha Yehudi ish Benyamini must be taken into the discussion.

The last two brachas of the 12 are assigned to Josef and Benyamin, why?
Mabe because Bereshit concludes the period before Am Israel becomes the "Nation of the Torah and Rabbanut" in Israel and Megilla Esther occures when Israel becomes the "Nation of the Torah and Rabbanut" outside Israel (because they fail to become the "nation of the Tzaddik"- except by a comment G-d put in the mouth of Haman).

We haven't yet managed to become the "Nation of the Tzaddik", for this we had to wait until Rabbi Nachman!

Today, Rabbi NaNach tells us it is easy for the Tzaddik to cure us of all our sins, what he cannot do for us is abolish the FEUD against the Tzaddik.

Josef could not overtake Pharoh because the 12 were not united. Mordecai could not overtake Achashverosh because the 70 were not united. Since 600 000 will unite soon behind Rabbi NaNach, things will happen VERY FAST!

All three leaders unlike Moses and the prophets, are not dealing with Israel as a nation, but with Humanity at large. Even if more then 600 000 people are trading with Shekels which (mamash) represent NaNach (previous blog), since they are doing it without free will and even unconsciously, this is (I suppose) only enougth to save them from the sin of idol worship, but does not represent becoming "Am Mordecai".

How can we MUSTER UP 600 000 NaNachs??? A Tzaddik, no matter how great cannot posek against a united group, even if they are being misslead. A group that unites behind the Tzaddik can overthrow ALL EVIL!

Blossom of the spring

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eliyahu Silivan; Nanach seer in L.A.

Somehow I just found out about this now, but it's been going on for some time (at least a few months and maybe 2 years), Eliyahu Silivan a decendant of a great Mekubal (Kabalist) became Nanach, and he was given extra senses from heaven that make him privy to the inside of other peoples lives. As a Nanach he uses these powers only to draw people close to Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. Recently he has had great influence on a very famous actress Jennifer Aniston, who aside for paying his ticket to Uman for Rosh Hashona, has began to wear the Nanach Kumaya (amulet), and has since decided to "break up" with her girl friend and is looking to get married (her girl friend also came to this holy decision). There are some other amazing stories, as many of the most famous Hollywood stars have begun to seek his council, and have seen great salvations as they follow his directions in the ways of the Nanach. B"H, I'll try to post them.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Back in Jerusalem

B"H this Nanach has had the awesome privelege of spending 2 weeks in Uman by the Holy Tzion of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. 2 weeks free of the internet, I just couldn't detach, but now B"H I'll be posting again.
There were a large number of NEW shining happy Nanach at Uman B"H. Rabbainu has awesome new recruits! Rabbainu is slowly conquering....

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


uman 2009

uman 2009

uman 2009

uman 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

na nach in new york

I am trying to put together a weekly learning/discussion group in the new york city/long island area, centered around the teaching of Rebbe Nachman, Saba, and Na Nach. If anybody is interested in helping to put this together, please e-mail me at

Na Nach!

uman 2009

uman 2009

uman 2009

uman 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shana Tova, about the akeda in Jerusalem....

We are all "saved" those that were in Jerusalem the "Makom" where the akaida took place (read the Rosh Hashana Parasha) and those that were by the "makom chel ha olam" rabbi Nachman himself (LM 1 Tanina towards end).

"Ani ha NIssayon ha asiri" (I am the tenth test of Abraham). I see a clear connection to the "sin" of the 10 brothers. I would tend to say that this behavior came as a direct result of the experience of Avraham- would the brothers be willing to sacrifice the "perfect" Josef, just because he is wrong about the Halacha? Avraham could do that if he thought like them that this was G-ds will! Josef who was compleatly pure from birth and had NO EVIL thoughts could not understand his brothers behavior and had to consult his father to grasp something that was beyond him. Due to these missunderstandings they were justified in doing what they did- Avraham had set the example!

Rabbi Nachman sees the mistake of the brothers..(I can't find it now) It is self evident that if you don't stand in the place of the other you shouldn't judge them. I don't think the brothers had Ayn Ha Ra on Joseph, because he is the Antidote to ayn ha Ra, so that seems impossible.

Rabbi Nachman's explanation is therefore deeper then all this, but he clearly states, the brothers were wrong.

May the experience of showing the Tzaddik our will to travel to Uman or to spend large amounts of money in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana and gather in a peaceful kibbutz- prove that we, like Josefs brothers atone for our lack of understanding of and towards the the Tzaddik, who is the essence of purity and whose prayer is all powerful.

May we proove our good intentions by studying dilligently this year until we also gain a pure and holy mind like our master.

Conclusion:(they must have MOCKED him since they became THEMSELVES Josef's slaves, this Avraham didn't do and therefore their prayers were UN-ANSWERED. They were wrong)

uman 2009 nanach basta

fishy hagadol and nadav etlinger in uman 2009

nadav etlinger has a bunch of trance nanach cds

fishy hagadol in Uman 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank all you Bnei Moshe for a great productive year

The term Bnei Moshe was coined by Rabbi Nachman in LM Torah 273 (don't be foolish look it up).

Was it only this year that and were set up? The manager of the Keren Rav Amram Horowitz Zlb. also left us with many accomplishments, including the village of EBAY Ha Nachal and new versions of the book Ebay Ha Nachal.

What is most interesting to me are the revelations of Torah that came in this year. Probably, most of mine can be found right in this site!@

I am writing from the US Embassy Library courtesy and a gift of The United States of America who Saba only named "Malchut Chel Chessed" and in no other way.

For those of you who are convinced that the US is the capital of the lust for money, then you need to know that we in Israel are saved because as "Bnei Alia" we transact in Shekels which is the only currency which connects people to Na Nach and NOT to Gold (Go-d/Go l d/good). Israelis are very lucky to have had a Tzaddik like Rav Israel or they would be idol worshipers like the rest of the world.

For those of you who want to help Na Nach, ask the creator of heaven and earth that you should merit to make the right choices and to be in some kind of "Rabbenu Fan Club" for the "head of the year"

Who knows maybe in the future Peace Center which will open in Honor of Rabbenu in Jerusalem, high level Nanachs like Ben Tsvi of different nations will merit to be printed on their own currencies and idolatry will cease throughout the world!

Shana Tova


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


from Israel Saba:

Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Israel (Karduner) - the Messiah would be here already if it were not for those who mocked and disparaged Breslov. Rabbi Israel was always worried about the Jewish People. He always felt pain for them. "Where, where are the Jewish people? Where is the Torah, where?"

How can we rest and eat and sleep with the suffering, these pains of the Jewish People? And today he is the Leader of Israel! They take all the money and all the glory and greatness of Brelov and I - I am the leader!

There are many leaders, but that is not Breslov. Breslov has very small numbers. But that is good. "A little is good for the tzaddik!"

Oy, we need to go to all the liars, that they should know of this. On Rosh Hashana, the opposers were humiliated. They came to throw stones. But when they heard our Rosh Hashana prayers, and the melodies and the songs, they put down the stones. Fear fell upon them.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Nanach dancing with bears

how to graff. Nanach

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fear of heaven leads to a long life...

Everybody wants to be wealthy. Some want it so they can have a "normal" life, others so they can help people around them and be independent. Rabbi Nachman says that some paths of Torah are reserved for the very wealthy only!

A saying from Sichot Haran is relevant: "fear of heaven leads to a long life which leads to wealth".

If wealth comes from a long life then only the wealth mentionned by Rabbi Nachman concerns us here. How to save money in the old age home, for how long and why. Of course the money could be used to start a keren while the Tzaddik could reach the degree of eternal life and his money according to his will keeps on growing forever!

What does this have to do with fear of heaven?

My suggestion:

The Baal Davar tempts people and they are considered dead during their lifetime (to steal from others) while the G-d fearing eventually inherit all their own possessions back manyfold. By the time they get their possessions back they have enough experience to know the value and the use of all these things. Not only were they were protected from miss-managing the ressources, but they get access to new paths in Torah!

Pidyon Text and Prayer

May it be His will that we merit to give pidyon to true talmidei chachamim yirei shamayim and not mefursamei shel sheker, or to be on the level to receive and do pidyons for those who need:

Behold, this we found in the handwriting of Rabbeinu, of blessed memory, and it is the heads of paragraphs from the concept of pidyon (see Likutei Moharan 180) with a short prayer at its end, and it is fitting to offer it here [at the end of Likutei Tefilot Vol. I]:

He puts his hands on the money and says:

The money and “the possessions that [keep them] on their feet” are called Tzedeq/righteousness for his foot. Righteousness is the holy country (Malkhut). The law of the country is the law. The root of the harsh decrees is Binah/understanding. “I am Binah, power is mine” (Prov. 8:14). A decree is only sweetened at its root. There are three hands in Binah: The great hand (Chesed/kindness), the strong hand (Gevurah/Strength), the high hand (Tiferet/Beauty). Three times YaD (hand) has gematria of the 42-Letter Name. 42 in the world of Yetzirah is the name Ana Bekoach.... 42 in the world of Creation is two times EHYH. 42 in the world of Emanation is YHWH with its filling [Yod He Waw He] and the filling of the filling [YodWawDlt HeAlf WawAlfWaw HeAlf] [Total=42 letters].

May it be Your Will that the hard decrees and forces should be sweetened off of [Person son of Person] through high wonder, which is great kindnesses and complete simple compassions with no mix of harsh decree in it at all. Amen.

[Torah 180 explains one should be careful to not be stingy, that the harsh decrees (since money is like decree) should not stay by him, and one needs "extra chochmah" [Nanach? Since the ultimate chochmah is not be a chacham at all, and just be simple and happy which we can reach by singing and dancing Nanach.] for this, to know how much one needs to give so the dinim do not stay by him. Yehi ratzon it counts to Hashem Yitbarach as if we do it in all the right aspects.]

( יניח ידיו על המעות ויאמר:

מעות ואת היקום אשר ברגליהם צדק יקראו לרגלו. צדק מלכותא קדישא: דינא דמלכותא דינא. שורש הדינים בינה. אני בינה לי גבורה. אין הדין נמתק אלא בשרשו. שלשה ידים בבינה: יד הגדולה, יד החזקה, יד הרמה. ג' פעמים יד גימטריא שם של מ"ב. מ"ב שביצירה שם של אנא בכח. מ"ב שבבריאה שני פעמים אקי"ק. מ"ב שבאצילות הוי"ה פשוט, במלואו, ומלוי דמלוי:

יהי רצון מלפניך שיומתקו הדינים והגבורות הקשות מעל: (פלוני בן פלוני) על ידי פלא עליון שהוא חסדים גדולים ורחמים גמורים ופשוטים שאין בו תערובת דין כלל. אמן.

פדיון הוא המתקת הדינים,והוא מושיע מכל הצרות,

כי עיקר הרפואה על ידי פדיון דוקא, כי "ורפא ירפא"

(עם שתי התבות) מספר "פדיון נפש": (לקוטי מוהר"ן ח"ב תורה ג)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Circumcision in Netanya

Nanach Art

Friday, September 11, 2009

drugs sheker wafle emet

you are correct nanach oi there are no references in any written sorce english or hebrew for saba saying drugs are worse than neuf. But is well known torah shell bal pey from a number of reliable chaveriim. Say no to drugs yes to na nach chazak veematz

drugs are sheker

a number of different people have quoted to me that Saba had once said that doing drugs is worse than niuf.
i am curious to know if anybody knows if there is a source for this as I have not seen one in any of the english publications.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Bus Campaign

Here is a ad to be displayed in the new bus campaign by Reuven, Sharon and


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

This cover another year for the Na Nach music site. It must be great merit to uphold the Nanach music site for an entire years, with hundreds of life saving Nanac
h songs being downloaded.

saba punk

come check out na nach-torah-hardcore-punk band Moshiach Oi! tonight in nyc.
at Fontana's, 105 Eldridge st., lower east side NYC.
will be selling na nach books stickers and propaganda at the show.
seven dollars to get in, but even if you just come and do hafatza thats very good.
na nach!!!!!

Nanach on MySpace

Just discovered an old MySpace blog by Alexander the Great Nanach, he has a link on it to sign up to get Nanach SMS messages to your phone. You can find this blog by searching for: Asher Jay, or go directly:
Enjoy Nanach!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


For the right price the misnagdim are willing to go to Uman

Here in Jerusalem there are a group of strong opposers to Rabbainu. In order to raise money they offer to have all their Avreichem (married students) pray for 40 days for a person, mentioning his/her name and needs. The students sit at the Kosel each with a thick stack of papers diligently reading out the names and needs (this is really more of a Chasidishe approach, and thus they come one step closer...) [- while little Nanach like myself are busy saying the holy and delightful name: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman]! This morning one of the students told me that there is one contributer who has asked for them to pray that he makes it to Uman....
Not through force, just through My Spirit, says the Lord.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Nanach is going to Rabbainu in Uman Tomorrow B"H.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

uvechen tzadikim nanach

uzi nanaj, flute

New Nanach Music

B"H there is a talented Nanach guitarist that has made a new song with me, because he wishes to remain anonymous and for other reasons, I have named our new file (on our music site in my file) "with an invisable Nanach guitarist". Enjoy.
Also I have opened a new file for The Great Alexander Nanach - Enjoy.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Not to be in debt

Rabbainu says in Sichos Huran that there is a certain transgression which causes a person to have debts, but he did not reveal which. Recently I found (in Sefer Hamidos, I think) from Rabbainu that by not receiving rebuke properly one will fall into debts. Maybe this is THE transgression that Rabbainu was refferring to. In any case we have to strengthen ourselves with the only proper way of rebuking: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!
May H"Y save us from all sin, particularly sin that causes debts.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Jumping in Prayer

Does anyone know what Rabbainu says about jumping during prayer? Rabbainu extolled the way of prayer of the early Chasidim, who definitely did alot of jumping, but in his Tora's he seems only to elaborate on clapping, unless jumping is considered dancing.... In any event we should merit to clap, jump, dance, and of course the deep sighs when we raise our hands to the Holy Merciful One in prayer.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Nanach - The Way To Eretz Yisroel [The Holy Land of Israel]


The wondrous ways of the Nanach may seem, to the ignorant, to be unprecedented in history. In reality, as Rabbi Nachman said, his way is a very ancient one, yet it is completely new. There is a very famous story of how the Maharal of Prague gave a nobleman and his entourage to see the sons of Jacob, on condition that they would not laugh. The assembly were able to control themselves until they saw Naftoli who was running and skipping, he was red haired and freckled and was rushing free as a gazelle. This is very reminiscent of the complete purity and freedom of spirit that nowadays is attainable only through Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman. It is a spirit that brings great happiness, and often scoffing - when perceived by those who are bottled up in their lusts, desires, or trappings of honor and self importance. The Holy Merciful One desires that everyday we see ourselves set free from the servitude of Egypt, the reliance and expectancy of money and the capitulance to lust and promiscuity. Everyday we are to receive the holy Tora new, brand new. Before the giving of the Tora the world functioned based solely on the kindness of the Holy Merciful One. The holy Tora is our justification, our reason d'etre, that the Holy Merciful One has chosen us to fulfill his desire, and it is certification that the Holy Land is our (see the first comment of Rash"i on the Tora). Rabbainu explains (Likutay Moharan II Tora 78) that everyone, even the greatest Tzadik, has times that he reverts to "before the Tora", when one can not find his holiness and project himself to fulfill the great role the Holy Merciful One has set. In these times one must live "prustik" frugal and base yet strong in faith, as the world is maintained by the sheer Kindness of the Holy Merciful One. This is like a child who has not learned etiquitte, and his lack of pretenses allow his openness, purity, and faith in the goodness of those around him really shine. This is how one can come to the Holy Land. The Holy Land is not attained through the merit of good deeds, only through the complete benevolence of the Holy Merciful One. Thus when the Tzadik has set out to conquer the Holy Land he must be know the Way, he must know how to serve the Holy Merciful One - "prustik". This is what Moshe Rabbainu asked from the Holy Merciful One - "vu-eschanan", for a free gift to go to Israel (I.e not because of any merit or reward). This word read from left to right, reads Nanach! This portion of the Tora is read on Shabos Nachamu Nachamu (see the last volume of Likutay Halachos the last laws of a paid watcher)! Thus we find that Rabbainu, on his way to the Holy Land, did away with all honors and bearings. Rabbainu did away with his outer attire and even his hat. Rabbainu ran around in the streets playing war games with the youth. The simplicity, purity, and freedom of spirit of a child, like Naftoli bounding around.

"Always the eyes of Hashem your God are on the Eretz Yisroel", only little children can get away with staring at someone for an unlimitted time, and you can only stare at little children for a long time, try staring at an adult they will either get angry, look away, or at the very least they will get very uncomfortable. Only children are happy with endless staring. Children are ready for the Holy Land.

When we take a Tora scroll, we accompany it with great festivity, singing, dancing, frolicking, and great merriment. As we find King David carrying on so that his wife Michal, the daughter of the humble King Saul thought his conduct despicable, and despised him. This is the "Derech Eretz Shekudma LaTora" - the Way that comes before the Tora. This is the innocence, openness, excitement, and freedom of spirit of the early years before the Law is forced upon them, and similarly the early years of the wold before the giving of the Tora when the world functioned solely on the Kindness of the Holy Merciful One. Michal was punished by not having children, measure for measure for her inability to recognize and value their important function in the world, in all the people of the world, in all of God's creation.

When the Tora was given the Jews were crowned with honor. Honor is only the Tora (Ethics of our Fathers). There are certain standards and protocols, bearings of honor that a Tora Scholar must uphold. In the times of exile, "her kings and noble are amongst the gentiles, there is no Tora" Rabbainu explained this verse about the "kings" - rabbis of his time, that they do not know the Tora so they are forced to act like kings (not to mention those that did not have any connection to the Tora because they acted like the gentiles). We have reached a time in history where we really do not know the Tora, we have reached the time when we must make our way to the Holy Land, the Way Before the Tora. This is the way of the Nanach. דרך ארץ ישראל – The Way [to] the Land of Israel, has the acronym – יד"א – which is the acronym for Yisroel Dov Odesser, the precious student of Rabbainu who received the Holy Petek which was signed Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman! (It also spells out – A Yid – A Jew, because this is what real Judiasm is about!) Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser – Saba, testified that he was completely pure of desires of this world. Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser when he was already over 90 years old, showed the Way to Eretz Yisroel, he showed the way of being free and open, to be unconstrained, to dance and be excited with the purity and innocence of young children. The Nanach are the holy children of God who look to Him expectantly, that He should teach us His Tora and bring us to the Holy Land, and they are dancing all the way there.

It follows that the Nanach are all very interested in bringing the Holy Tzion (burial site) of Rabbainu to Eretz Yisroel (Israel), because the Nanach are the ones making Israel available to the Jewish people, they are involved and have set out on the Way to the Holy Land.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

בעל שם טוב: שנת חד"ש

Yes, a new beginning. It is 311 years from the birth of Rabbi Yisroel Ba'al Shem Tov - 18 Elul. This means that we are now in the beginning of the 312th year from the Ba'al Shem Tov's birth. As I started with, it is a NEW beginning. In Hebrew, new is CHODOSH, which is the Gematria of 312. It is also the same spelling as CHODESH - month (in some places, you may find it spelled with a Vov in the middle, but in the Torah, it is always spelled without a Vov). Thus, you can say that this very day - 18 Elul 5769 - is what you can figuratively call "Rosh Chodesh" - the head of the year of Chodesh. Speaking of Rosh Chodesh, Rabbeinu, a great grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov, was indeed born on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, which is the first day of the beginning of the months. And of course, speaking of Chodosh in Nanach, this reminds us of the Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman. And as brought down in sources, in the name of Yisroel - the Ba'al Shem Tov's name - it is composed of two words: Shir E-l.

In relationship to this concept of Chodosh, as I had posted several months back on Tu B'Shvat, the birthday of Rabbeinu's Talmid - Rebbe Nosson, also known as the Moharanat, among the writings of his Likutei Halochos is a section of Hilchos Chodosh, pertaining to new grain that could not be eaten until the Omer barley offering was brought on the day of the 16th of Nissan. (Nowadays, this Mitzva also technically applies. Refer to the Shulchan Aruch - Yoreh Deah, or in the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Chapter 172). I began a translation of this at that time, and now I wish to continue this, G-d willing, in this 312th year until next 18 Elul. I have trouble copying and pasting this piece. Click on Feb 2009 on the right side of this site, and get to the post with the heading Beginning Translation of Likutei Halachos Hilchos Chodosh posted on February 9. My next translation segment, B'Ezras Hashem, will be after returning from Uman.

P.S. Another notation pertaining to this 312th year - the number in Hebrew for 312 is Shin Yud Beis. One of the common titles of the Ba'al Shem Tov is Rabbi Yisroel Ba'al Shem. The three letters of Shin Yud Beis, when rearranged, are the Roshei Taivos of Yisroel Ba'al Shem.

Ba'al Shem Tov - 311 Years

Exactly 311 years ago on 18 Elul 5458, the founder of Chasidus, Rabbi Yisroel Ba'al Shem Tov was born, which was also on Yom Sheni as it is this year. To note, the first letters of the words his title - Ba'al Shem Tov - add up to the Gematria of 311. Among his numerous descendants was a great grandson Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who founded the Breslov sect of Chasidus.

In Kabbala, it's mentioned that the beginning is rooted in the end, and the end is rooted in the beginning. You see, the last word of the Ba'al Shem Tov's title is Tov which is the Gematria of 17. It is the number 17 that is favored in the Petek. Besides the mention of 17 Tamuz, there are a few Yiddish words, which includes the word Biz, which means until, is spelled Beis Yud Zayin, which can also mean on the 17th. In the original context, it mentions that Rabbeinu's fire will burn UNTIL the coming of Moshiach. And as we know, it is the Nanach sect of Breslov, represented by Saba and the Petek, that will be the final stage in bringing Moshiach. Thus, the beginning and end of the accomplishment of Chasidus is about Tov - goodness.

Many months back on, someone mentioned about being a MAN, which is Ish in Hebrew, consisting of the letters Alef, Yud, Shin. Spelled backwards, it is the number 311. It was pointed out then that when the three letters of this word/number is spelled out, it's:
אלף יוד שין=נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן=491



Nanach plane banner

Nanach neon sign


Great song by an almost Nanach

Now that he's married we can safely offer you some of our friends great stuff.

To Our Eyes - Avenge the Spilled Blood of Your Servants

I Love Nanach - composed for the soldiers visiting the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem before Shabos

Saturday, September 5, 2009

שבת שלום

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nanach on Har Habayis - Temple Mount

This week someone told me that a few years ago he gave a whole stack of stickers: "Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman LiYirushalayim" to a soldier positioned on Har Habayis - Temple Mount, the soldier put them in all types of hidden places.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Amalek vs. Moshe, Gog vs. Nanach!

People are concerned about Obama. Is he Gog/Magog? (BHO=GOG, OBAMA=MAGOG, seems in gematria). In any case, the cure against Amalek was Moshe Rabbeinu, the cure against Gog is Moshe-Mashiach NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MEUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petek of Yoel Ashkinazi

There exists some deniers of the holy Petek that claim that the Petek was a written by some karlin chosid named Yoel Ashkinazi and he was the one that placed it in Saba's sefer. Their justification of the claim is that his daughter once told over that her father put a petek in one of Sabas sefarim.

While there are many ways to refute this ridicules claim, I just want to point out something from the holy book Yisroel Saba....

"Oy, laughter like that I have never heard again to this day, I still haven’t heard laughter like that. And he was a major opposer, he said to me: “Israel Ber, do you believe that this fell from the sky? What do you think?” I said “Yes.”

He said to me, “If so, I will show you that you are mistaken! I will show you who wrote this.”

I said to him: “Good, show me who put this in the book.” He said, “I’ll show you.”

Then he went and researched the matter. He made a check of all the “expert” yeshiva students, who one might think would do such a thing, and also even the simple ones – the whole yeshiva, he examined and checked and researched, and nobody knew even one word from what was written on the Petek*, they did not know a thing about it. Then he was embarrassed before me, then he said to me: “I investigated it, and did not find anyone. If so, Israel Ber has a Petek*, he has a letter from Rabbi Nachman, so from this time on, I annul my opposition to Breslov!”

And he had been a terrible opposer….. it was fearful, G-d save us. I do not want to repeat what he said. He was their leader, all of them were opposed, and he said to them: “Whether you like it or not, do what you want. I am not opposed. I annulled my opposition to Breslov. What can I say, he received a letter from Rebbe Nachman!”

Everyone said, “Yes, one can get so happy from a letter? We will make many letters.” Then I started finding letters in all my books. They saw that no joy and no sadness came of it (laughs)……"

It says there specifically that after Motil of Slonim ran the investigation a number of clowns started putting many various petek in all of the Saba's sefarim. Yoel Ashkinazi was probably one of those losers and that was the confession that he made to his daughter.

hip hop Uman Rosh Hashana NNNNM =]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Tzadikim Unite Under Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman

B"H today I merited to be by many holy tzadikim (in Chok Breslov the
Likutay Tefilos addresses itself to the Tzadikim especially Rashb"i).
First I was at R' Menachem Mendel Mishkalov a student of the Vilna
Goan (GR"A), I was delighted to see that Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman
was displayed prominently on his tombstone. (This Tzadik, aside from
the vast knoweldge he had of all Tora including the secrets of the
Tora – and amazing seforim he left, was also a big Tzadik, he borrowed
huge amounts of money at exorbitant interest rates to feed starving
people in Israel, relying solely on H"Y). Next I arrived at the Or
Hachaim, who is said to have the Ruach of Mushiach, here too I was
delighted to see Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman displayed prominently!
Next I visited the Pri Chudush, and here too - - Na Nach Nachmu
Nachman Meuman!!! Next I was at the ReSha"Sh and the Ben Ish Chai (the
Ben Ish Chai was rely buried outside of Israel but people say that his
body was brought over – good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). [Originally I had
some foreboding about Ben Ish Chai because in one place he favors the
way of the Vilna Goan over the Baal Shem Tov, but later I realized
that in the point he is talking about (which I don't want to get into
here) definitely he would go with Rabbainu, so he was correct in
feeling a deficiency in the way of the Besh"t, and since he didn't
know about Rabbainu he didn't know any other way.] Next I made it to
Shlomo Carlbach where I read some amazing stories from and about R'
Shlomo (in the magazine Chevra, 13 years after his passing. It seems
to me from there that Moshe Good Shabos, who was the Breslover Chusid,
the first person to indoctrine R' Shlomo in the ways of Rabbainu and
made an indelible and deep impression which shaped his whole life,
was the son of the Kap. (don't remember the name exactly or if it was
a son or other family relation) Rebbe. From there I made it to, Saba
Yisroel, where there was a steady flow of visitors; bochurim, women,
and mayfitzim, including the Chusun (he's getting married B"H next
week) who came with two fancy video cameras and took some footage –
also from on top of a moving Nanach van.
MO told me that he wanted to go with me to the Saba, but when I
came to get him he said that he wanted to stay longer at the Kosel, on
my to Har Hamenuchos he calls me up to tell me that the police picked
him up [some guy at the Kosel, probably on drugs, started arguing with
him and almost hit him, people called the police, and he got in
trouble. At R' Shlomo I read a story about how R' Shlomo was almost
thrown out of Kosel a couple of times, and he had a meeting with the
Rabbi of the Kosel which he left very depressed and said that they
would just have to do without him. So I realized that R' Shlomo didn't
have the power to help in this case (unless you apply the rule –
Tzadikim are greater in death...)], they forbade him to go to the
Kosel for 30 days. This is a clear lesson.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Their Grandchildren Become "Nachman"!

Today I met Rabbi Adler, a former principal of a day school in
Toronto, he has since made the wise decision of moving to the Holy
Land, so I was trying to help him to go all the way and go to Uman for
Rosh Hashuna and get into Nanach, it was not in vain, for at the very
least I elicited from him that he has a grandson that became a
"Nachman", Yishtabach Shimo!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Sayings from are Holy Teacher Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Gevald!!!!!!! Never give up hope.

sur meyra va'ase tov(psalms 34) "Leave evil and do good". Occupy yourself with doing
good deeds and the bad will automatically fall away.

True faith can be acheved only by attaining a solid faith in the Tzaddikim.

The main mitzvah that is entitled "doing" is the act of charity.

Every Jew has a portion in the Holy Land.

A persons clothes shall always be whole and neat.

No one is ever given an obstacle that he cannot overcome.

Drunkedness causes a person to forget the will of G-d.

Faith may be on the lowest level,but only through faith one can attain the highest
of all levels.

A student was once complaining to Rabbi Nachman about his lack of accomplishment in serving G-d.He said that he wanted very much to serve G-d.Rabbi Nachman said to him
"Do you truly want to desire?"

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nanach Music

This month gave out over 10 GIG of free music, that's probably over 200 hours! This is just the beginning, we are expecting to double the volume in the very near future B"H.
We need $80 to proceed.
Please help Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!



Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]



Nanach =]

Be Happy Be Nanach!!

נ נח

Just say it!

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman
Na Nah Nahma Nahman Me Ouman
Na Naj Najma Najman Meuman
it doesnt matter how you spell it or how you say it
as long as you say it!

Paris Nanach