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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H"Y tell Moshe: And Now Nanach the nation!

Many are familiar with the verse in Shemos 32:32 where Moshe tells H"Y that if H"Y doesn't forgive Israel H"Y should erase Moshe's name from the Tora, the acronym of these words spell MayUman and read from left to right they spell: I am Nachman.
Now take a look in verse 34 in H"Y's response to Moshe, "and now GO nichay the nation" the word GO has the numerical value of NUN and it is followed by the word nichay, that is Nach, so basicly H"Y was telling Moshe to Nanach the nation!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


IlaN-ach said...

Now that's some dank torah, fresh from the Etz haChaim.

Na nach!

aaron.nanach said...


Moishe Rabbeinu a'h was willing to give up his own name for the sake of Israel, so in since what you give is what you get and you ain't seen nothin yet etc. therefore it seems to me imho that Hashem said to Moishe, since you were willing to give up your name for Israel, therefore I am willing to give up My name for You, You will take My name in the eternal life!

The Saba zy'a said "I am Nachman, I am Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman there is no other, I have reached such a lowliness that there is no lowliness beyond it and there will not be another petek, I am the Rebbe of all of Israel, to make known to the governments etc. that I am him, there is no other... Through Na Nach all of Israel will be redeemed, Uman? Jerusalem! From now on Rabbeinu will be in Jerusalem! People will continue to travel to Uman since it will remain a holy place, however from how on Rabbeinu will be in Yerushalaiim - Jerusalem!
Yes - didan netzach!
Good Shabbos!

high on nanach said...

>Now that's some dank torah, fresh from the Etz haChaim.

"dank torah" --
had me cracking up all day

chazaq weematz beavodatekha