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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Until dawn

When we begin to pray,it is as if we were going into a field in spring and starting to pick letters,those magnificent flowers that we assemble to make a bouquet:the first word.Then,we go to other flowers to make other bouquets,and in this way we pick sprays of flowers.It is impossible to describe the splendor of the bouquets gathered by the man who begins to pray!Scarcely have we picked the first flower,barely have we uttered the first letter entreats our soul and entwines itself around it:

"How can you leave me? Do you not see my beauty? Do not leave me, do not abandon me!Pay attention to your words;let your ear hearken to what your mouth is saying! How could you wish to abandon me...?
Yes, I know that you must go on your way,but at least, try not to forget me! Wherever you go,remember me!"

This is how the prayer of the righteous man is described in Likoutry Moharan (I,LXV).This refers to the unity of prayer, to the highest extent. The Master of the field, has attained this unity and can invite souls to come to His field.Between these words,transparent yet real,dances the Chassidic soul - a fire that will surely continue to glow untill sunrise...
My dear brother, my dear sister,even if like me you never ever picked any of this kind of flower, I promise you that if you lean your heart towards them,on a day of unusual wind,some of their fragrance might reach the deepest part of you and awake you from a slumber that lasted perhaps for a few centuries.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman =]

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