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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ultimate Chag

Chag HaPetek is the ultimate Chag that will lead to the Geula. The word Chag is the Gematria of 11, and indeed, there are 11 lines to the Petek!

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aaron.nanach said...


Shalom Javier (Shoshana), according to Rabbi David Aaron Shlita, the Divine Image was created both Male and Female. According to this Rabbi Men and Women are equal but different. The Divine Image is revealed through the Shalom (a name of Hashem) that exists between them when true soulmates are united, spiritually, emotionally and (then) physically, in kedusha (holiness) purity (tahara) and love (ahava). May it be the will of Hashem to please bless us with these lofty virtues and divine qualities among all of Israel and the Bnai Noah, with good health and happiness, and the blessings of eternal bliss in the eternal Shabbos of the world to come, amen.